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==BBC Country Profiles==
This tutorial introduces SQL as a query language. We will be using the SELECT command on the table bbc:
<table style='' border='1'><tr>
<td>South Asia</td>
<td align='right'>652225</td>
<td align='right'>26000000</td>
<td align='right'>28728</td>
<td align='right'>3200000</td>
<td align='right'>6656000000</td>
<td>Middle East</td>
<td align='right'>2400000</td>
<td align='right'>32900000</td>
<td align='right'>75012000000</td>
<td align='right'>468</td>
<td align='right'>64000</td>
<td colspan='5'>...</td>
Using the <code>SELECT</code> statement.
<qu id="1a" rows="3" cols="45">
<a href="1_1.htm">Read the notes about this table.</a>
Issue the command:
<code>SELECT name, region, population FROM bbc</code>.
Look at the output.
SELECT name, region, population FROM bbc
SELECT name, region, population FROM bbc

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