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Using the <code>SELECT</code> statement.
==Warming up==
==Warming up==

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BBC Country Profiles

This tutorial introduces SQL as a query language. We will be using the SELECT command on the table bbc:

name region area population gdp
Afghanistan South Asia 652225 26000000
Albania Europe 28728 3200000 6656000000
Algeria Middle East 2400000 32900000 75012000000
Andorra Europe 468 64000

Warming up

Read the notes about this table. Observe the result of running a simple SQL command.

SELECT name, region, population FROM bbc
SELECT name, region, population FROM bbc

Large Countries

Show the name for the countries that have a population of at least 200 million. (200 million is 200000000, there are eight zeros)

SELECT name FROM bbc
WHERE population>250000000
SELECT name FROM bbc
WHERE population>200000000
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