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's claims phone lied stolen car. January 25 last year

's claims phone lied stolen car,air jordan pas cher. January 25 last year,バーバリー 財布, the insurance company 21 million yuan to Zhang Jie insurance money,モンクレール ダウン. Learned the truth,burberry pas cher, insurance companies report to the public security organs,burberry soldes. In July last year,mulberry sale, the Zhang Jie is Danghuo to,mulberry outlet.</p>

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Dongguan Changan Xiaobian Lark Lane

's 19-year-old male employee Pingmou Wang lacerations to the neck to death, according to the company employees, the tragedy from the conflict Fengmou Wang and colleagues work. It is understood that the October 8, 2011 19 45 Xu, Chang'an Public Security Bureau received a report that a man was found injured lying on the ground in the Xiaobian Community Second Industrial Zone, Ssangyong Lark Lane, the Hongguang printing entrance road. After receiving the report, the duty of the branch leadership immediately arrange for police rushed to the scene, and notify 120 to rescue the injured died after death. Changan police after visited the learned, the name of the deceased Pingmou Wang (male, 19 years old, Runan County long Zhenxiao side community Yorkey Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. employees),louboutin pas cher. The initial investigations by the police, the dead line of others with a sharp lacerations and neck caused by excessive bleeding death. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the scene in the Second Industrial Zone, Dongguan Changan Xiaobian Lark Lane, roadside green belt on the grass, leaving the pool area of ​​about 0,burberry.5 square meters of blood,モンクレール ダウン, next to the left when the police handle the case is still under the five pairs of plastic gloves. Reporter Co., through Dongguan Yorkey light machine staff learned that working during the day on October 8, the Ping Mouwang with a colleague clashed, the other a grudge,burberry soldes. After work,jordan, Pingmou Wang usual walk on the road,バーバリー 財布. Suddenly, flashed a figure in a dark roadside, pulled out a knife, apart from anything else go out into the victim's throat cut knife,louboutin, "If you want to give him a lesson",air jordan pas cher. Unexpectedly,バーバリー コート, the victim hand over his throat, and fell by the wayside. According to the staff said, suspects that a draw knife in his throat gently up Fengmou Wang injured, not what human life. So,mulberry sale, his wounding, but also peace of mind to the factory near the cafes Internet went. Subsequently was arrested in the cafe,mulberry outlet. As of press time reporter, the case is still under further investigation,burberry pas cher.

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killing one person and injuring two

(Reporter) because drunken drag racing accident, killing one person and injuring two,バーバリー 財布, dared to brave correspondent Nie Liyan,burberry pas cher, Scenic Description cars knocked damage to and fled the scene, Deqing County Court has sentenced the crime of endangering public safety "Yumou 12 years in prison. It is the Supreme Court in September 2009 after the introduction of the "drunk driving criminal laws applicable guidance", Zhaoqing the first case of "the crime of endangering public safety" judgment for drunk driving. The afternoon of October 25, 2009, Yu Mou dinner drink a few glasses of wine, but after a meal is still walking on the road driving light trucks,mulberry outlet, in Deqing County Tak town Cannes Avenue to enter Jiefang when,louis vuitton outlet, liquor power attack Yumou control live light trucks, a pedestrian was knocked down, he continued at high speed to the Jiefang collided with a motorcycle, then has crashed into a bus and a car and a bicycle parked on the roadside. Drunken Yumou still did not stop, but driving along the river bank, seeing the Yu Mou LGV driving is about to enter the downtown Cannes Avenue, heard the news rushed Patrol quickly forced to stop the truck,louboutin, immediately approached Yumou arrested avoid more tragedies. The motorcycle driver was seriously injured in the accident to the hospital died a death,ジョーダン, a pedestrian injuries, the bus driver suffered minor injuries, multiple cars,バーバリー コート, motorcycles and a bicycle is subject to varying degrees of damage. After the incident, found in the blood of Yumou ethanol 144,air jordan pas cher.7 mg / 100 ml,mulberry sale, much larger than the testing standards of 80 mg / 100 ml,モンクレール ダウン, the case of drunk driving. After trial, the court held that the defendant Yumou drunk driving on roads,jordan, endangering public safety, resulting in the death of one person, one person slightly injured, one minor injury and property damage,burberry soldes, serious consequences, their actions constitute the crime of endangering public safety, sentenced the defendant to Yumou 12 years in prison and compensation for incidental civil plaintiff the loss of 39 million yuan.

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