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"That cold when she had saved up

'clock that morning, she went to the Yongchuan city the Chuandong farmers market wholesale a load of water chestnuts, pick a river to wash the mud outside the market. Fruit facade away from the river about 100 meters there, the boss called Wei Zhaojun. He to hear Sister Tam drowning cry for help, and immediately jumped into the river. Three or four minutes later,air jordan, Tan Sister was put ashore, foaming at the mouth, shivering. Yesterday,jordan, Wei Zhaojun pulled out a piece of paper, and said that three consecutive sleepless nights after the rescue, he wrote the diary. My discontent: 120 twelfth lunar month,バーバリー, the ninth day, I heard that some people fell in the water near the river,burberry, quickly ran to the river, took off his coat to save the drowning person from the middle of the river on the shore. Before me into the water, there are a lot of people hit 120. I drowning rescue to shore, the water is still Tubai Mo. Can 120 is yet to come, if 120 come, drowning person not died. I feel particularly sad. He told reporters: "That cold when she had saved up, I almost cold fainted she is still alive, however, one or two hundred people and other yo hope you 120 ambulances to the scene did not open last a large living abruptly froze to death. "semi the hours Panlai many business operators are eyewitness ambulance market. Talking about happened Sister Tam rescued,mulberry outlet, we are very angry. Witnesses said Xie Ping, Tan Sister rescued after the water vapor permeability of the underwear,モンクレール, it is difficult to take off quickly, she immediately got a batt Tan systemic wrapped. At that time, Tan Sister not dead. Wei Zhaojun's brother was one of the people dial 120. He said he made it clear to the operator the trouble hair specific location,air jordan, please ambulance as soon as possible to save lives. The other told him quickly to health care workers. Call 120 about 20 minutes after the district police station police car approaching. "Such as police, irritated to the 120 call, said" not to have to bear the responsibility. "Witnesses Mr. Zhao said. The Yongchuan District Police confirmed the emergency police car to go to the hospital,burberry, near the market encountered ambulance sent to Tan Sister, health care personnel on-site diagnosis Tan had died. the reporter interviewed eyewitnesses message: Tan rescued until police car encountered the ambulance about 30 minutes. ambulances on the road in case of "traffic jam" from the the Chuandong farmers' wholesale market is about 1 km, the Yongchuan District Hospital; 2 km local Second City Hospital. lot of presence does not want to understand: the distance is not far, why the half-hour did not see an ambulance yesterday afternoon, the reporter from a city hospital Chongqing Emergency Center Yongchuan sub-centers was informed that the locals Chongqing membership phone number or local landline call 120 sub-centers will be receiving help. the city hospital Yuanban message said,burberry pas cher, the sub-centers receiving help, usually notify the hospital ambulance to Tan Sister life flashes every second, sub-centers why not make an exception assigned from the scene near the Chinese medicine hospital sent a car to go to the city hospital Xuanjiao Ke's explanation is not affiliated hospital with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital relationship may be declined almost time even if the convergence with the Chinese medicine hospital immediately sent to the scene to rescue the other ambulance "to spend more than 10 minutes" to exit, and follow the city hospital ambulances City Second Hospital of Medical Services news : The same day, the hospital ambulance discharged time is 9:49, when he ran into a traffic jam. later encountered on the way the police car sent to Tan Sister death The investigation Tan. Finally, an ambulance back to the hospital. the Medical Services frankly,louboutin pas cher, The ambulance took 34 minutes out of the bus to return to hospital.</p>

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in addition to the 8-note hi in the second prize of 48

's house New Year,air jordan, nothing better to do, he purchased the current Lottery newspaper. Analysis,モンクレール, Zhang accumulated nearly a million in prize money due to the previous period period a winning opportunity,louboutin pas cher, therefore, he has increased the amount of bets,burberry, spent 200 yuan to buy a total of 100 Note 20 football lottery. Unexpectedly,air jordan, 100 Note in the lottery, not only to embrace a Note 496 million First into the pocket,burberry soldes, in addition to the 8-note hi in the second prize of 48,jordan,766 yuan bonus for each note,burberry pas cher, winning 5.35 million yuan in total. "Can finally get rid of the fate of the workers." Zhang said excitedly,air ジョーダン, he wants to use more than 500 million in home business,jordan, help more unemployed brothers and sisters like him employment. The reporter Zhang securinine intern Li Shu

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mother is only one opinion

's heart can not stand changed to "3000000". Mom urged to accept the award, and quickly be secured later, he finally put their own in the message of 70,060,000, and told my mom,burberry, mother is only one opinion: as soon as possible to receive the award, can be secured. So, yesterday, Xiao Ming arrived in Hangzhou. In front of reporters, the young man finally tell the many stories of their own to buy lottery tickets. He said that this lucky lottery "is indeed machine selection to that newsstand the proprietress Yao Shudan random break out to him, he confirmed, then purchased additional 8 times, a total cost of 24 yuan . Xiao Ming lottery numbers never "studies" always random buy, but he's Gambling history can be traced back to 11 years ago. When Xiao Ming is just a Hangzhou University students in school, he began to buy Lottery "6 +1" Over the years,air jordan, the times he bet cast also became a "weapon". Once Once, Xiao Ming Wen San Road,air jordan, Hangzhou,louboutin pas cher, a Lottery-point 4-fold buy "6 +1" cast, the outlets was really in a 4-fold Award, and he was once mistaken own. Do not buy a car, that they consider building hope primary school lucky in the end is what kind of person Yesterday he revealed that he is the SOHO, currently being entrepreneurial in. He has a small white-collar workers, a few years ago in Hangzhou,burberry pas cher, Shanghai's real estate sector, the media sector have worked. Speaking of the answer given by the sum large sums of money in the end will be used where respect for individuality, maverick Xiao Ming is very surprising. Seen through the Chinese property market, "he will not immediately buy a house, temporarily would not consider buying a car, but will not consider the purchase of more than 500,000 luxury car. The young man also revealed that he is "not marriages, and therefore will not immediately spend a lot of money to get married. Get the hands of more than 5600 million, will be the most valuable of the pot of gold in his life,ジョーダン, "Little said bring it as a cornerstone of life,jordan, investment, making the money" background in economics,バーバリー, he really understands how to make "chicken-and-egg and then hatching chickens ......" "But go back,burberry soldes, would consider was built in the name of the mother of an elementary school,mulberry outlet," he said earnestly.

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"Grand Theft Auto"

' time is the same only ferocious wildcat bites,mulberry sale. 72-year-old Rong Granny is the first to suffer,jordan, Rong Granny told reporters that day morning,バーバリー, as usual,louboutin pas cher, carrying a spittoon to a nearby pond cleaning,jordan. In the case of the absence of any signs of a curled up in the pond next to the yellow and white Wildcats suddenly jump out,burberry, according to her right calf is a. Subsequently, the family sent her to the hospital to fight the jab. On the same day, only Wildcats continued in the village, "Grand Theft Auto",air jordan, there are several villagers bitten. Bitten by one of the villagers, only Wildcats villagers with a hoe hit the "dead" discarded near a pond,air jordan. Villagers thought the only Wildcats have been "going to heaven" when, 9 o'clock yesterday morning,burberry soldes, this is only Wildcats again in farmland near to the villagers Wu students first "strike" Miss students first pole ruthless hit the head,burberry, the Wildcats this killed . Later, the villagers were confirmed within two days of continuous bitten five people is the same Wildcats. (South Jing North soldier Zhang Ling-fat)

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