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not only the color is dark

's lamb is very strange, what the pot will Piaoqi a very thick layer of oil, and eat lamb unique taste in the mouth, the taste and lamb is not quite the same,mulberry handbags sale, which what is the meat Reporters shopping surveys found that even unscrupulous traders sell duck posing as mutton. Recently,air jordan pas cher, the public Wang phoned reflected Not long ago, he and his friends in the Heping District,abercrombie pas cher, a self-service hot pot restaurant for dinner, think the hotel mutton taste is not quite right. Mr. Wang told reporters: "This mutton and lamb others, not only the color is dark, and the meat thick, fleshy rough. And basically nothing mutton taste that does not taste really like lamb." Reporter then went to This pot shop, see the wall that read "45 yuan a meat unlimited" waiter on two lamb, reporter saw these lamb indeed, as Mr. Wang described, and a cook in the pan float a layer of oil. Reporter for businesses to forget about,air jordan femme, and now the lamb on the market price of the most expensive but also more than 50 yuan per kilogram, plus vegetables, wages and salaries, overhead, only 45 yuan will be able to eat real lamb, but not limited, which is obviously is not reasonable. However,abercrombie france, when the reporter asked the waiter whether it is true lamb,abercrombie france, the waiter always insisted that this is "authentic lamb. 15 reporters to the identity of the hot pot shop owner, came within a farm produce wholesale market in Xiqing District Haitai Road unannounced visits. There are many traders butcher,ナイキ ジョーダン, the reporter walked into a shop, inquire about the boss: "I have just opened a hot pot restaurant, mutton you how a wholesale law " The boss said: "If you want cheap or expensive "cheapest how much a pound used to look." Subsequently, the name of the boss took out several plastic bags filled with lamb,abercrombie, turning from the freezer, said to reporters: "10 dollars a pound this bag slightly better point of 13 dollars, 15 dollars, look at what you want. reporter asked the boss: "This is really mutton how does not look it." boss smile said: "a look at you is to just do it,abercrombie, can I buy 10 dollars a pound, the true lamb tell you the truth, these cheap duck, your little duck dip suet real lamb less have more than 20 blocks. "reporter then also visited several other butcher in the market, many a reporter is to open a pot shop, cheap mutton (duck) recommended to the reporter, saying" You cheap lamb right now so much competition in the market,mulberry outlet uk, you have to really sell authentic lamb if not lose dead pigs fly. ": Bohai Morning Post</p>

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his face left a scar about 4 cm long. "Now every time out

'clock in the evening on August 18 last year,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, Hemou together with friends to near Gaoshengqiao, a hot pot restaurant for dinner. Late, the restaurant waiter eager to work, started doing the mopping and cleaning. Slippery floor caused by water, oil, Hemou got up to go to the toilet, just out of the two or three steps to the ground. His chair in a friend's arm, Hemou rest, Hemou then start nosebleeds. Hemou was rushed to the hospital, treated and diagnosed the right cheekbone zygomatic arch fracture, belonging to the facial fractures. Identified,ナイキ ジョーダン, belonging to seven disabled. The Hemou agents that the pot shop there is a serious fault, resulting in Hemou falls,abercrombie, relevant judicial interpretations in accordance with the highest law in the case of consumers there is no fault, the food and beverage industry to ensure the safety of consumer. Plaintiff therefore apply to the Court for, decree of the pot shop Hemou pay disability compensation, lost wages, care, mental solatium total of 16 million yuan. Court, this hot pot shop agent argued that Hemou an accident, the the pot shop staff did not clean, not slippery ground, Hemou reason why fall is caused due to fatigue. In addition,モンクレール アウトレット, the hot pot shop "Beware of slippery reminder flag set in a prominent position, Hemou should bear the loss. The Hemou 1.2 million in hospitalization costs,franklin marshall pas cher, pot shop could be considered compensation. Dare laugh do not want to go out more than an hour of trial,doudoune moncler, the two sides due to the issue of compensation has not been able to reach an agreement, but both sides expressed their willingness to accept mediation. After the adjournment of the case will choose a sentencing date. Yesterday afternoon,mulberry outlet uk, the reporter called Hemou phone. "Now, my mouth can not Zhang too, can not laugh, can not yell." Over the phone,frankin and marshall, Hemou speak some "knotted. She said that after the accident received the first surgery, a steel plate in her right cheek cheekbone pad, his face left a scar about 4 cm long. "Now every time out,abercrombie france, I have to cover with hair to cover the insufficiency due face scars sake, Hemou always feel some psychological obstacles, her original like shopping,air jordan femme, now try to stay indoors. Hemou feel now speak less agile, "three years after the demolition of the steel plate, and hope to be able to restore." Martial law Morning Post reporter Li Hu

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000. In addition

's copy of ID card,abercrombie france, school recommendation form, a copy of the student card, a one inch photo. Ryu to take these materials,doudoune moncler, re-emphasized his identity,abercrombie, also referred to his father and grandfather were both senior cadres to do this no problem, but the need to spend money,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, want to go to Changping the IESS work To 30,000 into Beijing IESS The work will have 50,000. In addition, you need to take care fee of 10,000 yuan,abercrombie, the things people eat. Zhang said that no money,abercrombie pas cher, only gave him 5,000 yuan. 11:00 the same day, Zhang Liu sent Nanshao subway station, but just arrived around 13:00, Ryu on the phone said, has dined near Xidan,ナイキ ジョーダン, spent 3,モンクレール アウトレット,000 yuan. Zhang family feeling at the wrong time,abercrombie france, the police immediately. According to Liu confessed that the identity of his own series,franklin marshall pas cher, whose grandfather was once a military doctor, had died last year. Himself also did not work, did not work in the Ministry of Justice.

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wife want from him

's Day". According to Mr. Fu recalled the night of February 5, he and Ms. Lee as usual in Anzhoudadaobei Cloudview Trust Mart door florist to see his wife kept her phone QQ laugh, he was very curious, they want to take over to take a look at Ms. Lee, the result was rejected. Mr. Fu snatched the phone, found that Ms. Lee is very ambiguous chat,ナイキ ジョーダン, chats and a strange man,frankin and marshall, the duo also commensurate with the "husband" and "wife". See in her wife courtship and others, Mr. Fu mood immediately became excited,air jordan pas cher, and kept on holding Ms. Lee is beaten meal, until passers-by called the police before he let go. Out of the police station in the evening,mulberry handbags sale, Ms. Lee did not go home again, from not disappeared,air jordan femme, Mr. Fu around looking and do not have a clue. According to Mr. Fu said he and his wife have been married for 14 years, a 12-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, more than a decade in Guangzhou rely flower livelihood, and the feelings of the couple has been very good. However, since the last two months, he found his wife and children he becomes not so hard, kids winter socks do not care all day,モンクレール アウトレット, play against the phone. His wife was gone, the face of the empty house and crying for her mother's children, calm down Mr.Fu began regretting, regretted too impulsive, unhappy all day long, every day, drunk. The night before he was found in the online courtship of the man and his wife Zhang (not his real name), wife want from him, and hope that Zhang be able to let go and allow the family to remain intact,abercrombie, but were Zhang refused. Mr. Fu told reporters that the wife wrong earlier, but he had been too impulsive,abercrombie pas cher, she should not fight,mulberry outlet uk, then head look congestion was shivering with anger ". During the interview, Mr. Fu was very emotional, he said,doudoune moncler, if the wife of Valentine's Day is not back yet, he went to jump from a building, in order to exchange for his wife's forgiveness.

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's Broadcasting Station

's Broadcasting Station,doudoune moncler

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arrest. Yesterday afternoon

's attorney said yesterday returned to the case after two supplementary investigation of the police, the Haidian Procuratorate before the defendant Mary (a pseudonym) made the decision not to prosecute,air jordan femme, Mary has been more than eight months in custody were acquitted. Mary was formerly Lijiang Naxi girl in a high school. In October 2009, Mary and a few students walk in Lijiang Square,doudoune moncler, get to know her 26-year-old to come alone Lijiang tourism professor at Peking University Qinmou. The two had a good talk, that night will determine the couple's relationship. Followed by Mary several times to Beijing, is still a way back burns feet tryst in a hotel or the other at home and professor,ナイキ ジョーダン, and thus missed with college entrance. Professor promised to help her on Peking, Mary hesitate to tell him a good two years, but ultimately failed Yuantaixuemeng. April 22, 2011, Mary in Professor Qin failed to honor the promise to college, then proposed to allow the professor to its 30 million trouble, otherwise it will instigate One high school and Yi male classmates with guns kill professor of family. Professor Qin did not expect this plot using a mobile phone recording and alarm, followed by Mary to the alleged extortion criminal detention, arrest. Yesterday afternoon, Mary's attorney, Xu Xi-Long,abercrombie france, Beijing Dacheng Law Firm lawyer microblogging revealed: "Mary in the door to the last day of 2011, finally out of the detention center, embracing and greet her loved ones. After a lengthy investigation and prosecution procedures,abercrombie, the Public Prosecution finally for non-prosecution deal with the case. "According to reports, the lawyer Xu Xi-Long last year that Mary poor family, a substantial reduction of the attorneys' fees, trustee for Mary defense. When the case is transferred for examination and prosecution lawyers promise to the Public Prosecution Service: the case due to Mary and Professor Qin special emotional entanglements, the identity of the brand-name professor at the University of Mary inexperienced indulge in by the special relationship between the university this an unrealistic dream,frankin and marshall. After Mary out of desperation and anger, only in case of irrational Professor Qin were verbal threats, but this is the spur of the moment Panic,abercrombie france. Xu Xi-Long,モンクレール アウトレット, the final Mary did not get 30 million Mary the reason to the point where today, with the identity of the Peking University professor and Qin Mouli playing with girls of immoral behavior inseparable. Later, Professor Qin Mary behavior be understanding, and issue a written understanding to seek a love letter. Departure from the the Modesty principles of criminal law,abercrombie pas cher, Mary's behavior should not be criminalized, and recommended for immunity from prosecution to deal with. Haidian Procuratorate supplementary investigation after secondary refunded police decision not to prosecute was made on December 31, 2011,franklin marshall pas cher. So far more than eight months in custody Mary finally acquitted. Case reported by the media last year, Beijing University to the community about, involved Professor of behavior is a serious breach of the teacher of the people should have the moral quality requirements, tarnished the reputation of the school, causing a bad influence the work of the teachers, the school has stopped and the lifting of the duties of their teachers.

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LIN An town

'clock, the netizen "Boy A following the" microblogging broke the news: "sent to train a doctor, not ill have to go malingering ah,air jordan pas cher!" The users with microblogging under a amplitude diagram, Figure on an outpatient LED screen clearly shows: "Assisting the Spring Festival travel season,mulberry handbags sale, a doctor would send the train. The slogan is now causing users concern,ナイキ ジョーダン. 8 at 2 pm,air jordan femme, the reporter went to friends broke the news in Cangshan District, Fuzhou hospital door, and she saw the hospital on the LED screen display "Assisting the Spring Festival travel season, a doctor would send the train. Reporters on the scene to take pictures, results break two people, forcibly taken away from the hospital, the reporter's camera and take pictures deleted. A man claiming to be the person in charge of the outpatient middle-aged men,abercrombie pas cher, they just do promotions, outpatient side to the train station queuing network booked for patients in lieu of buying train tickets. The reporter saw a "Tao Tao - Amoy" friends made micro-Bo said: "Just from that intersection go through, seeing is believing, photographed also up Xiong Baba asked me is doing,frankin and marshall! Phone almost They confiscated slightly. want me to delete the photos before let me go,doudoune moncler. "3 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter once again came to the hospital door, the LED screen is no longer displayed when the train," the doctor would send word. However,franklin marshall pas cher, the reporter from hospital blog still see: "Where, during the event, in the hospital,abercrombie france, doctor migrant workers to return home can be set by the hospital on behalf of the Spring Festival train ticket at the same time,abercrombie france, the amount spent in the hospital to reach 2,000 yuan patients can be presented by the hospital a return home to train. "the reporter whether consultation with the staff on the front desk to see a doctor on the grounds doctor really can gift this train, the other is still said to be able to. (LIN An town, Fuzhou Evening News reporter intern Huang Weiping text / photo)

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