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collusion and other illegal activities

's Political Consultative Conference, the "rice bag" is the governor of engineering, the "basket" Mayor works,abercrombie pas cher, as long as the emphasis on local government,air jordan femme, no impossible things. Its macro-control functions, and can make prices come down. Some members suggested by farmers, businesses and governments jointly funded the establishment of the agricultural market risk fund to subsidize the production of farmers, the market price dropped to a certain extent, to reduce the loss of farmers. At the same time,adizero f50, the cultivation of tax relief, booth rental fees, city management fees, logistics and other expenses. "Grasping rice bag governor,moncler, Mayor grasping basket" need to implement "Last year, fluctuations in the price of agricultural products concern, soaring pork prices in the first half of the year, prices of many agricultural products have prices,mercurial vapor, CPI hit a new high, but the second half of the year, appeared radish , cabbage, and other agricultural products unsalable. "member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Henan the Green Central Plains modern agriculture Songfeng Jiang said that he had submitted proposals for the establishment of stable the fresh agricultural market adjustment mechanism", recommended specifically mention the issue of agricultural prices. "Last year, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed the governor responsibility system 'rice bag' and 'basket' Mayor of responsibility, to fully implement." Interview with the Henan Business Daily reporter, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, CPPCC Vice Chairman of Henan Gong Liqun said, " rice bag "the governor arrested Engineering" basket "Mayor in charge of engineering, local governments need to be implemented. As long as the government attaches importance to, no impossible things, "as long as the government attaches importance to,doudoune moncler, there is no impossible, to establish a long-term protection mechanism can make prices come down." Gong Liqun said that the government should play the macro-control functions. Agricultural production cycle is long, the expected market information with a lot of uncertainty, and provide market information in advance will also increase the volatility of the supply of agricultural products, the results of the agricultural market loss is borne entirely by the farmers. "Songfeng Jiang said, should be establish shared responsibility mechanism of the agricultural market risk multiple subjects. Song Fengqiang that the intervention policy framework through the establishment of stable prices of agricultural products, integrated use of a variety of regulatory means, through the strengthening of the pre-control of price movements, and strengthen the government's ability to regulate and control the price. Recommended that farmers, businesses and governments jointly funded the establishment of the agricultural market risk fund Gong Liqun to a four-point proposal: First, the Government should strengthen guidance smooth flow of information to guide farmers to grow agricultural products, at the same time, but also improve the green channel of fresh produce transport policies to reduce agricultural byproduct circulation costs. At the same time, improve the price information release system,jordan, social stability is expected. Factors to strengthen macro-control, the establishment of security and risk mechanism is rescue mechanism, the decline in prices of agricultural products or encountered natural disasters and other irresistible factors, the government established a security fund. Songfeng Jiang also suggested that to establish the fresh agricultural market risk fund, jointly funded by farmers,air jordan, businesses and government, the establishment of a special fund agricultural market risk in the market price dropped to a certain extent, the use of the fund to subsidize the production of farmers, in order to reduce the farmers losses. The agricultural cultivation relief circulation taxes three tax relief policy. Agricultural cultivation is tax-free, but the cultivation of cash crops is not tax-free,adizero f50 pas cher, plus booth rental fees, city management fees, logistics costs, the only relief for these expenses, to the price down. Fourth, the acquisition order rectification of the main agricultural products, to strengthen agricultural futures and electronic trading market regulators to curb excessive speculation, and clamp down on illegal transactions. Gong Liqun think, not only to improve the price control laws and regulations, and increase the penalties for violations, but also to strengthen law enforcement, and focus on the fight against the malicious hoarding,abercrombie, drive up prices, disguised price increases and price collusion, collusion and other illegal activities, severely punished vicious speculation.</p>

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more than 2.5 billion years

​​31,246 square meters, and actively promote Lingfeng St. environment comprehensive improvement of the core scenic, to enhance scenic historical and cultural tourism atmosphere. Infrastructure, will invest 70 million yuan, the central area of ​​6.15 km road reconstruction growth, 12 meters wide, asphalt concrete pavement and quartzite pavement,doudoune moncler, all into the ground to the drainage,moncler, the strength of electrical pipe network,jordan, and install landscape street lights. In addition, the investment of 80 million yuan,abercrombie pas cher, the construction of the the Buddhist Heritage Museum and the Geological Museum, set the hall of Buddhist culture, the Geological Museum,air jordan femme, special exhibition gallery of intangible cultural heritage,air jordan, 4D ring screen cinema. In tourism development, Shanxi will invest 280 million yuan, the construction of a performing arts venues and configuration actor props,adizero f50 pas cher, including building area of ​​18,000 square meters, and employ the concept of the impression Art Development Co., Ltd. choreography performing arts program. In addition, forest fire monitoring, construction of bus transfer area, the construction of high-grade water toilet, digital scenic construction, primary and secondary schools project, Walking Street project, gasification Wutai Mountain scenic works, cableway light rail construction projects are the construction of focus. The overall project is the initial implementation period is from 2011 to 2013, individual projects to 2014. According to reports, Wutai Mountain existing seven dynasties since the Tang Dynasty style temple 68 witnessed the success of the process of evolution and the spread of the East Asian region nearly two thousand years of Buddhism in China, gave birth to the World Buddhist the Monju faith center. The highest mountains of the world known to the ancient strata constitute Wutai Mountain in turn, more than 2.5 billion years,moncler pas cher, have unique geological structure of the Earth's early stratigraphic section,abercrombie france, the remains of fossils,air jordan pas cher, Cenozoic planation surface and periglacial landforms complete record 700 million years of Earth Paleoproterozoic geological evolution of eastern Asia retain 29 kinds of the most typical ancient planation surface and periglacial glacial geomorphology. Wutai Mountain is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, is located in the northeastern part of Shanxi, the highest peak at 3,061 meters above sea level, "North Ridge" said Mount Wutai inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2009.

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's grass-roots political and legal work.

's grass-roots political and legal work.,louboutin pas cher

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obviously does not belong to a family. The future

'AN, July 6,adizero f50, Ta Kung Pao (Baoji Western Zhou Dynasty tomb archeology Xinhua survey) questions: "- Shaanxi Baoji of Shek Kwu Shanxi week tomb archaeological excavation results scanning Xinhua News Agency reporters Feng Guozhong and Duo Mingwen bronze ritual wine and meat" fragrance at archaeological miracle ,moncler pas cher, 3,000 years ago, wine, 3,000 years ago, "pot meat" ... the last few days, Baoji, Shaanxi, of Shek Kwu Shanxi weeks early Tombs of the Nobles latest archaeological discovery, not only demonstrates the "wine and meat picture of life 3,adizero f50 pas cher,000 years ago, the nobles also let people into the core political life of the early years of the Zhou Dynasty. Three thousand years ago, the "meat and wine" picture of life July 5 is a so Shaanxi archaeologists excited. The inscriptions on bronze ritual I found in one piece after the initial cleaning,air jordan pas cher, director of the Archaeological Institute of Baoji City, Liu Jun society from the hands of the archaeologists took over a sealed bronze wine container gently shaking when the accident: something, the sound of water, wine,jordan! "participate in archaeological excavations, deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology of Baoji City Xin Yihua said bronze wine container wine is no doubt China has so far saved the time the longest wine, although the specific The ingredient remains unclear, but the the bronze ritual of Prohibition - Bronze ban attendant at the archaeological reality, so that people could not help but reflect on the attitude of the owner of the tomb of wine should drink degrees ". Clean up a bowl full of half-Ding things bronze tripod, the experts are free to fiddle with a few found from which a shoulder blade-like animal bones, after three millennia of bronze rust dip, it has become a light green Green bones. " Bronze tripod in no doubt is "a pot of meat! The owner of the tomb underground power to enjoy the life of his lifetime "wine and meat! In fact, this idea is not groundless. In the year before the Xi'an airport Qin tomb archaeological, a 20 cm high, abdominal diameter 24.5 cm Tongding when the lid is opened,mercurial vapor, they were surprised to save half pot of soup bones, soup bronze table floating out of the volatile green spot rust material, liquor color opacity clear bones. Zoologist identified the blob of green bones Ding turned Gourou Tang. Wine and meat, as well as wine tasting utensils - Doo, MG and forbidden. Perhaps before the tomb of life has also been planning for underground life. Thus, people today also by the archaeological to glimpse three thousand years ago nobles "wine and meat picture of life. China three thousand years ago in the Shang dynasty, the prevalence of alcohol consumption,air jordan, even in the era of the late Shang "Jiuchiroulin" phenomenon. Behalf of the business into the sky of the Zhou Dynasty to punish businessmen drinking excessive acts of corruption is also the call of to the joint businessmen rule many tribes overthrow, but the obvious the businessman cultural heritage. Many inscriptions on bronze ritual history witnessed the Shang and Zhou bronze (Léi), the bronze (Yǎn), bronze disc, bronze statue, bronze MG ... As archaeologists carefully clean the the bronze ritual part of the body for nearly two days to finally "exposed" as shaping text - Clementi, like a golden Fasan Zhao golden breath. Involved in the archaeological excavation of the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology researcher Wang Zhankui introduced, in addition to the bronze in the East niches Inner wall (yǎn) found a 000 word outside the tomb West niches within the cast bronze disc Chen,abercrombie, Kuei more sub-Qiang, parent B "inscription, the first three words and a national emblem, bronze niches in the North (léi) are clearly marked with its bronze ritual businessman. Reporter saw the bronze "Million" word is like a giant chelation flexor tail scorpions attached to the inner wall, bronze disc minister, capric first "in the name with a small party of about twenty mouth constituted as the national emblem of the swastika or markers, along with the inner wall at the bottom of the shade cast on disk. According to statistics, in the tomb, 14, 30, bronze ritual vessels, five,doudoune moncler, six has been found that the the precious inscriptions - supplier Zhou Dynasty, obviously does not belong to a family. The future, with the bronze further clean-up protection, especially in the Museum laboratory and clear the rust scale and open bronzes cover work unfolds, although it does not recognize circular foot, on the inner wall of at least a bronze statue of two lines of text, will be a revealed its true capacity. Experts believe that, I believe there will be more people looking forward to the new discovery. The Shek Kwu Mountain owner of the tomb should be the Zhou king of "royal" accidentally discovered farmers to build houses since June 22 artifacts, especially the emergence of a large number of bronzes of the Shang Dynasty style experts have long suspected the tombs of the era should belong to the business end of the week In the beginning of the family of the owner of the tomb belongs surnamed Zhou people Surname Jiang Zhou people Or who have close ties with businessmen descendants do Reveal two typical unearthed tombs of the era secret, a "temperance" - Bronze ban a pottery - high collar bags foot Ge. If the first time in six decades Baoji the large bronze forbidden unearthed undoubtedly show the the Zhou dynasty provider sky early years of the era,air jordan femme, especially the Zhou Zhaogui family who advocate moderate alcohol consumption, did not forget there are many examples of institutionalized efforts, high collar bags foot Ge as typical representative of the culture of Jiang Rong, the only one pottery identity and many bronze ritual in the tomb niches accompanied at the significance of their cultural science is clear: the owner of the tomb belongs to Jiang Rong! Zhou Wang Ji Xing, the successive weeks advocate with propriety system world. However, an important support in the Zhou king ruled the world, that is, with Jiang Rong (also known Qiangrong) generations of marriage, like the Manchu royal family often marriage Mongolia generations to consolidate his rule. Since the owner of the tomb can be identified as Jiang Rong Group, the political relations through generations of marriage, then the owner of the tomb belonging to the the Zhou king of "royal" since not unexpected, and the tomb in the the bronze ritual also unearthed a large number of businessmen style can understand its source is nothing more than a gift into the offer, homemade, heritage or booty. In ancient times or the Bronze Age, bronze ritual production technology are "high-tech", as if today's the spacecraft generally not unusual person can make, and its use the rules of Zhouren only emperor Jiuding eight feasts, princes scholar with level fall from the sky. Xin Yihua said, long-term commitment to the Bronze Age archaeological six Ding six feasts of the tomb, obviously not very standardized. However, taking into account the many Shang bronzes can be inherited, can also be a source of superiors reward complex, and the owner of the tomb Willful "wine and meat" life, tomb headrest Qinling while foot Weihe Funeral ways, with Zhougongmiao The discovery of the tomb owner headrest northern foot of the Weihe Funeral, has a different kind of imply some kind of cultural studies.

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'clock last night, more than is to take the light rail passengers to call the newspaper. Li eyewitness,doudoune moncler, a young man was sitting on the light rail viaduct,louboutin, emotional,air jordan pas cher, firefighters quickly rushed to the scene, and in charge from the fire on the ground cushion. The Xunlimen station staff, 8 o'clock that night,mercurial, the man came Xunlimen Station,abercrombie, has been hovering at the station platform, trains after he did not fly. This abnormal situation has attracted the attention of the staff. I did not expect, in the evening 9:06, the moment of the train trip from the station, the man quickly crossed the fence into the interval. Well prepared site staff immediately photographed the emergency stop button and alarm. After 5 minutes,burberry soldes, the light rail police station and armed police,mercurial vapor, fire department personnel heard the news rushed to the scene. The face of police inquiries, the man became very excited, and several times threatened to jump off the range,burberry, firefighters timely laying on the road safety cushion. By the police and Metro staff pains to persuade men eventually return to the site at 9:45. Reporters rushed to the scene that night,chaussures air jordan, light rail just resumed operations. Wuhan Metro Operation Company,abercrombie france, after the incident,moncler, on the subway company to arrange for light rail passengers to get off, and apply for a refund. Until 9:50,burberry pas cher, the train resumed operations. It is understood that the man that night due to come into conflict with his family to make this move, the man has been transferred to the police.

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basic ticket prices before the Spring Festival in Harbin

'respect for the elderly, the handicapped room' rest, free water, and the staff for their purchasing tickets, by the person transmitting station." Beijing Railway Station responsible the person said. Often Boyle's son can no longer pulls over 60-year-old mother to love channel mouth. Anxious to volunteer to take over the normally aunt sent to the "Suping service group. Just one appearance for the elderly, young, girl came forward quickly, often Aunt ride trips to the station, the seats do not, with or without accompanying family content eleven registered. See often Boyle action is not very convenient pit stop. ARCHIVES launched a free wheelchair,abercrombie france, pushing often Aunt wheelchair accessibility helicopter ride from the pit mouth elevator served on the site (pictured). Send the elderly to the car. ARCHIVES conductor face handover,air jordan pas cher, fill in the "focus on travelers EIR. After the journey, often aunt will train staff to care. "Special travelers encounter, such as illness, disability, would also like to make some special confessed to the conductor, the conductor to arrange for their seats or sleeper. It's not finished, will often aunt sent cars. ARCHIVES also call to contact her relatives, informing them of the arrival time,burberry soldes, ready to pick-up the. Suping service group opened online microblogging announced service hotline. Pitted difficult to focus on travelers by car, advance reservation "Suping services group". Morning News reporter Chen Lin / of Wen Wang Wei / photo during Spring Festival Protect the Beijing West Railway Station: the case of the peak East Flyover out without Morning News (reporter Chen Lin) yesterday entered the spring before the holiday peak of about 50 million people to return home by railway. Beijing West Railway Station,louboutin, Beijing Railway Station to send passenger volume breakthrough peak, Beijing West Railway Station passenger traffic exceeded 240,000 passengers exceeded 130,000 people, the Beijing Railway Station. Yesterday, reporters saw at the Beijing West Railway Station North Square things overpass, two armed police one on either side of the flyover entrance does not disable the small speakers shouting, "crowded,louboutin, please choose underground passage detour." It is reported , enter the peak of the Spring Festival travel season,louboutin pas cher, every day will be based on the East passenger traffic flyover timesharing close the inlet to guide passengers diversion by armed police in this time the passenger through the bridge only a station can not be pitted. Beijing Railway Station: flyover retention limit line Morning News (Reporter Hao Tao) today, the Beijing Railway Station will usher during Spring Festival traffic peak. To prevent passengers being stranded, the prevention of unforeseen circumstances, the Beijing Railway Station police station on both sides of the East-West bridge across the street as well as Zhanqian setting three patrol vehicle. Found flyover retention phenomenon, east and west sides over Street flyover will limit line, the east side of the overpass outbound direction instead a single line, the west side instead pitted the direction of a single line, and guide travelers to detour traffic lights or underground passage. Nearby Huiwen primary, 125 secondary schools and within the boundary of the 63 Inn in unexpected situations as a buffer satisfied customers. Bus: Return of the peak night plus car Morning News (reporter Chen Lin) January 27 (the fifth day of the first month), the railway will welcome the return peak passenger flow. Bus Group will increase via Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station four major railway station and Liuliqiao Zhaogongkou, four benefits and other long-distance passenger hub surrounding the capacity of the bus lines, and was equipped with 150 vehicles . In addition, 11 lines each line passing through the north and south of the Beijing West Railway Station Square night with a 2-3 Department of Motor Vehicles, according to Linke train arrives schedule, the preparation of the plan of driving at night, CDB night plus car. The night bus line 8 via the train station, and each was equipped with 1-2 Department of Motor Vehicles,abercrombie, depending on passenger traffic situation plus car times. Airlines: Return Flights welcome reservations the Summit Morning News (reporter Wu Pavilion) Spring Festival travel home ticket booking has entered the final stage,mercurial, the popular airline tickets have been fully sold out. Return peak January 28, Return train ticket to enter the pre-sale period, return ticket price hikes. The go net ticket price trends analysis, basic ticket prices before the Spring Festival in Harbin,moncler pas cher, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Changsha,mercurial pas cher, Chongqing,louboutin pas cher, Nanchang to Beijing in less than 2%,doudoune moncler, with the return peak advent prices after January 28 are close to full price, some of the flights even in advance sold out.

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combine punishment and tackling the problem sooner

's social management,moncler, propulsion and firearms governance burst Provincial Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee, director of the provincial commission for Xiao Ruohai attend and speech, require heavy firearms system burst. Current Hainan involving firearms and explosives Crime is mainly reflected in: First, firearms, explosives and criminal activities can easily rebound; gun black poison "crime confluence of trends evident; the three non legal system Fanqiang burst activity occurred changes, some lawbreakers to reap huge profits, the low-cost imitation guns, the starting gun,doudoune moncler, Nailing converted into lethal firearms. Illegal mine sites,abercrombie france, a large number of private system to close the mine sites, private storage,adizero f50 pas cher, private explosives are quite prominent. Trafficking in firearms through the network and logistics channels have become increasingly prominent. At the meeting, Xiao Ruohai on the province and firearms Fire Department work to put forward three demands: a further unify their thinking, and fully understand the importance and urgency of further promote Hainan firearms Fire Department; further strengthen the special measures, advancing Ji gun Governance explosive special action to develop in depth. Further establish and improve sectoral linkage mechanism, promote Hainan firearms governance burst harmonization of the legal and social effects: First, it is necessary to strengthen the organization and leadership, to do a good job of coordination and cooperation. Second, we must strengthen the evaluations, grasp the responsibility to implement. Third,air jordan, it is necessary to strengthen co-ordination and a good grasp of the overall advancement. Xiaoruo Hai also pointed out that the province pledged to carry off the gun crucial action involving firearms and explosives and criminal activities firmly brazenness, always maintain the initiative to attack and strike hard high pressure situation involving firearms and explosives offenses. Focus on major cases, chasing the source, pound of dens, destroy networks, breaking sales quickly organize destroy gun crucial action, focusing on the fight against gun-related crime, and effectively form a large-scale anti-shock and awe effect. In recent years, the province has continued to carry out special rectification and firearms governance burst achieved a certain amount of experience and effectiveness. Recently, Haikou, Changjiang public security authorities have seized from illegal possession of ammonium nitrate and private manufacturing explosives cases, criminal suspects arrested 22 people and seized 127 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer,abercrombie, 114 tons of ammonium nitrate and diesel mixture, possession of explosives 65 boxes. Xiao Ruohai requirements, the province's public security organs at all levels should work closely with law enforcement investigators, and to strengthen the combing for clues involving firearms and explosives, and always maintain a high pressure situation crackdown criminal activities involving firearms and explosives,mercurial vapor, combine punishment and tackling the problem sooner, pay more attention to the source of prevention. Public security, national security, customs, postal and other relevant departments to implement the overall inquiry and control illegal gun burst resolutely blocked the channels of circulation of goods, make full use of the advantage of the functions of the various departments, and to adhere to the joint investigation, joint control, joint logistics,moncler pas cher, full Cha Du intercept illegal smuggling, trafficking of guns to explosive materials. Depth logistics, delivery companies to conduct on-site inspections, and strictly implement the acceptance testing, as system,jordan, establish and improve the report found that the system of incentives and accountability, resolutely blocked by posting and delivery logistics aspects of trafficking guns Explosives channels. Employees take the initiative,air jordan pas cher, take the initiative to report, significant trafficking guns seized explosive materials in the case, to be amply rewarded. Strengthen evaluations, and grasp the responsibility to implement. The work responsibilities not implemented to combat regulation is not in place, resulting in significant local area involving firearms and explosives cases, must be strictly down search accountable. In addition, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Report Measures announced to the public: a letter sent to the 9th Bin Ya Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province Public Security Bureau Public Security Police Corps, Postal Code: 570302; E-mail:; Report Phone: (Hainan Provincial Public Security Corps ). The report from the masses to receive up to two million in incentives.

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and even go on the road

's growth, also let me learn how to qualified for the post of "mother". Microblogging became known after a lively New Year's Eve, yesterday morning, when the grandparents to the daughter of Lee, daughter tilt orchid fingers, won Lee kept shaking, his face is "laugh toothless". Cute I could not help but kissed her. 11.00 on June 28, 2011, I somehow broken water. Lying down on the road to go to the hospital, her husband is not around, in addition to parents, friends do not know my situation. So,burberry pas cher, I have nothing else to login microblogging issued "my water breaks" before. Next, it got out of hand, more than 40 hours, I sometimes throes, the gap I on microblogging report. June 30, 2011, 4:00 pm, my daughter came to earth safely. The received burst sleeping colleagues phone, there shouted "You red it!" I still seems like a dream. Prompted to sign microblogging According to her, found numerous @ and comments quickly over a thousand fans. Colleagues turned out my microblogging records written reports by users as microblogging live production of the first person, "bib Mommy". Subsequently, the various types of media interview after another while to, had suddenly asked me: "you write online what, even my friends Changsha know how your children know almost nothing about the father of the online world "for a long time did not contact the primary school students are also Q on the message, and even go on the road, met a friend of the mother, they will be asked about this matter to me. Groping your mother with baby's career is not, however, such as write microblogging as smoothly than I have experienced any of the work is more challenging, more temper physical fitness and the will of the people. Daughter was born within a month or two, sleep is erratic, and often day and night reversed,burberry, I also will be, almost every night sleepless, and the final 19 days after nearly collapsed in bed; often out of gum after her daughter was born, after the diagnosis of tears the block, when its dredge nurse with a needle, the child's crying, so I grabbed her hand trembled, fearing their own decisions daughter would bring her irreparable consequences; over the past six months,moncler pas cher, and one after another cough and cold, fever to 39 ℃ symptoms of a disease and sleep well at night crying,abercrombie france, I had to get up to appease a hold of one or two hours, falling pain "hold baby hand. Than these small problems from time to time, however, the daughter of the daily growth of a little bit so I am especially pleased. Daughter was born on the 35th day, she swims great, the backstroke, breaststroke, will step on to do a space walk like; 48 days, will be watching her mother turned to the mother walking; 62 days, began to like dialogue with the people, and stop babbling; 68 days, can lie in bed playing 1-2 hours watching a moving bed bell; 80 days,burberry soldes, she can not wait to entire fist into her mouth smoke wah-wah whining and let people see what salivate ... these feelings, the book can not be put into words, and I record each and every microblogging. A ripple, mother-class fans to share their parenting experiences with me and accompany me to grow along with the baby. @ Users interact with friends, "qillsc": to be produced at home when the concern you, looking at you the whole process of live birth when the baby, along with anxious ah. Later, from the name to the doll,doudoune moncler, to see you take the baby to go to the hospital red tear ducts,abercrombie, I am distressed ah. Then I also have a baby, I experience the pain you experience with music step by step. I put you as me predecessors, friends, consult with your parenting experience to share with you my experience Taobao success. Also your doll with big eyes and my house doll eyes than to go. Then, you go to work, I work, I will let you milk family back with me, but you say that your career is not suitable for the back milk. I understand that as a mother's frustration and hard. In short, as a mother, with refueling. User the "Xiao home Hengheng: no longer fear the children, from the beginning of the microblogging see Chen Yang mother. I wish the cute little baby grow up healthy and happy. Friends "Rabbit Mom Parenting Diary: pre-production apprehension, all kinds of worry, do not know the face of what the situation into the delivery room, embarrassing, painful Their ability to withstand These question marks are answered you live microblogging and you cheered for each other are the unforgettable experience. Baby grow, microblogging Featured ● 2011-8-1 today with baby play first vaccine. The baby is good, the needle go in less than a minute to cry. Makes me sad,louboutin pas cher, because she always had gum, the doctor asked her to wash the eyes. I looked at a big bottle of syrup poured into her eyes, she wah-wah whining, so I'm good to feel bad,louboutin pas cher, but fortunately a stop, she will not cry. ● 2011-8-17 to baby urine as the two battle, the police Yan concept of color, waiting in the wings "to play with her surprise, unexpectedly. The end result is a wet, my pants just each the size is different. ● 2011-9-2 heard eyelashes cut long become longer again becomes pretty, I cruel and chief super careful to cut the baby eyelashes. Do not know if it works ● 2011-9-10 yesterday baby again return to his grandmother, the rest is adjusted. Two in the morning after drinking the milk does not sleep. I appease a half hour, an invalid, he tried to hug her,chaussures air jordan, she fell asleep, she may tamper with. Wait until nearly 4:00, I suddenly woke up, do not know when she has fallen asleep. , Zhenguai! ● 2011-10-4 baby too much fun. Her half a day without sleep,louboutin, that sucked the finger. Her grandmother out of hand for the potential fight her,louboutin, and asked: "What is it " She immediately responded with a sweet smile I respond. Her grandmother could not help laughing. Is really an expert! ● 2011-11-11 do not know when they started, and action imitation of the baby's ability to become so strong: my dad Paojiu shaking body, she saw Meng Huang also followed; I looked at her forefinger done brushing like her forefinger; Now I admire her thumbs, she was staring at me, before extending the index finger slightly bent, slowly expand thumb. ● 2011-11-18 on the day of class, the result of eight hours to leave the baby to hold the baby cord: home, she changed the previous hand gesture to forward, he turned to hold fast to my grandfather ...

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Jan. 10

's Daily Online, CHENGDU,burberry, Jan. 10 (Zhang, Yao Yongliang) January 10, Meishan City, Sichuan Province,doudoune moncler, announced through the local media, 111 Meishan City,abercrombie, the subordinates county leadership of the division of work between the mobile phone number in the city has already published on January 1 and January 9,louboutin, 34 municipal leaders and 131 municipal units,mercurial, the main person in charge of the mobile phone number. Reporter learned that, in June 2007,mercurial vapor, Meishan City, first published phone number of leading cadres, and this time, due to changes in general after part of the job of leading cadres, so cell phone number published in the media again. Before, the phone number published the first 34 city leaders to "lead the charge": Meishan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Jing,air jordan pas cher, Meishan Municipal Committee and Mayor Song Zhaohua, Meishan Municipal People's Congress main Renhe Wen, Meishan City, chairman of the CPPCC Wang Ying-tsung, the mobile phone number of the leading cadres of the division of work between the prominent position in the second edition of the January 1, 2011 Meishan Daily announced. "The Meishan announced leading cadres phone number has become the norm,burberry pas cher, our purpose is very simple, is to allow communication between the leadership cadres and the masses 'Zero',burberry soldes, Meishan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Jing said. Phone number is such a large-scale public leadership would not exist switched poor,abercrombie france, or no answer "formalism" Reporters randomly selected five phone numbers dialed. The reporter first called the City deputy secretary of Municipal Supervisory Bureau Wei Wenbiao phone. Then call the Municipal Economic and Information Technology the appointed master Ren Wangyue the phone was unanswered, but after a few minutes,moncler pas cher, Wang Yue will call back, was a meeting to explain to reporters. The reporters call City Intermediate People's Court, Liu Nan three leading mobile phone, answer all smooth and sincere attitude. It is reported that, in addition to the phone number public leadership,louboutin, Meishan City also opened the mayor calls Mayor mailbox, Meishan network in politics through train "green channel" to facilitate the masses consulting and reflect the concerns of.

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rescued Miss Yang denied rescued

'an District, two men on a motorcycle robbed a woman, he passed discovery pushes robbed girl. Things happen, his the plant manager Tan Zaijun drove through and rushed him to hospital. After emergency treatment, four stab wounds wounds of cattle governance Kang who has stitched injured and is still hospitalized for observation. But reporters also learned, rescued Miss Yang denied rescued, and police said "criminals is directed at cattle governance Kang go. Text / diagram: Reporter Cui Ningning cattle governance Sport: "I grabbed his clothes, he took out his dagger pierced me yesterday morning, reporters in Shajing People's Hospital inpatient Ministry saw cattle governance Kang him this year,mercurial pas cher, 25-year-old, Henan Province, Xinxiang City man, currently in street manhole Hung Tien Industrial Zone Instrument work. Cow rule Kang said the incident in of Shenzhen Kang big electric companies flower beds around the corner, at 7:50 on December 12, he came out of the dormitory to the factory, walked about 50 meters from the factory, almost with a girl and Qi walk, "I do not know who she is, but know a plant,louboutin pas cher." "suddenly darted from behind the two men, cattle governance Kang recalled,mercurial vapor, two men began to seize something girl who, cattle Governance Kang quickly pushed the girl. The robbers then turned to him and began to grab his things, cattle governance and Sport said: "There are individuals first get the tube towards my head hit the Yigun of,louboutin, and then I caught another person's clothes,moncler pas cher, he wanted to run with a knife stabbed me,burberry pas cher. "after two men Liantong cattle governance Kang knife, a motorcycle ran. Injured cattle governance Kang felt dizzy and then fell in a pool of blood. Half an hour later, the plant manager Tanzi Jun drove bring cattle governance and Sport to the People's Hospital out-patient department of the 107 national highway Nansha well. The hospital doctor said the cattle were seriously injured need referral first aid, they hurry on to the Shajing People's Hospital. Injury: four stab wounds have been stitched in the hospital for observation, "When I was in high school was grabbed once a time I wanted to,abercrombie, if you encounter someone after robbery must be intercepted,burberry." Lying on the bed cow governance Kang said with a smile , although he suffered stab wounds, but he did not regret. Fortunately, it is not life-threatening, cattle governance Kang. Bao'an District People's Hospital doctor Peng Dafu cattle governance Kang body a total of four stab wounds, the inside of the left thigh, scrotum and a right hip two. To the hospital after the wound suture. "Said Peng Dafu, these wounds are relatively shallow, scrotum, the inside of the left thigh, stabbed mild right hip two wound depth of about 3 cm. "Fortunately, nerves, blood vessels, muscles are not severely scratched, now been stable situation, being hospitalized for observation, no big problems can go home to rest,moncler." Rescued woman: criminals rushed him to go on the 12th afternoon, from the operating room, cattle governance Kang received a phone call robbed girl Miss Yang, "she asked me to catch criminals in case he is not have to go testify, asked retaliation will." cattle governance Kang said to her: "You have to give me to testify, ah,doudoune moncler, or I injured operator Gesha " Subsequently, company executives told cattle Governance Health, said Miss Yang said told him not. At this time, cattle governance Kang to know Miss Yang said when police recorded statements from their own do not know the situation at that time, saying the criminals is directed at cattle governance Kang go, and she's just a witness. Reporter interviewed cattle governance Kang factory stretched Ms. Lee, she revealed that, after the thing happened that morning, Miss Yang pale, "she said he was afraid to be revenge, want to leave the factory early to go home". After the incident the next day, November 14, Miss Yang to resign, had she until January 4,mercurial, 2012 are not due until departure. "I never expected so soon, and went away," Ms. Lee said. Public Security Bureau: not yet defined in the the courageous reporter called Baoan Public Security Bureau, the staff said because there was no eyewitness, also can not be sure the cattle are courageous, and personal injury cases can only be defined as "Miss Yang is also not clear what had occurred thing. " Meanwhile, said about cattle governance Kang, robbery, Baoan Public Security Bureau staff said that there is no sufficient evidence to prove the robbery. Baoan Branch on South police station in charge of the case, police told reporters that the scene is a fork in the road, the day facing the intersection surveillance camera head is broken, the police are than several other nearby surveillance video, to fight as soon as possible to solve the case. Cattle governance Kang father: son well hi the eyes of the cattle in his father even good-natured son, "courageous son well." In 2009, cattle governance Kang, work outside the home, the only home in the New Year only and only usually Gesanchaiwu call parents. The evening of the 12th, the Propaganda Department of Xinxiang City, Henan Huixian phone call even hi told cattle, said his children Samaritan injured. The anxious heart cattle even hi rushed to call his son, but cattle governance Kang on the phone a signle let old couple came to Shenzhen,chaussures air jordan. However, in 14 days, the parents of the cattle governance Kang funded flied Shenzhen. "Cattle came to Shenzhen through my introduction, chairman of the Shenzhen Transit human resources Limited, commander of the migrant workers fully compensated for that, Henan migrant youth so good, he felt very proud," the cost of medicines. will actively coordinate, to take responsibility. "

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