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   <li>and also non-public institutions</li>
   <li>and also non-public institutions</li>
== 00 last night ==
'clock in the morning, two excavators, a forklift, as well as four or five ten men to stay in the village. Four burly men broke into the homes of villagers Ms. Sun to drag her out. Shortly after,ugg ブーツ, with a burst of loud "rumbling" Ms. Sun's house excavator overturned. According to the parties Ms. Sun, the time of the incident she was sitting home Optional leeks, suddenly rushed over men, asking them to immediately move out,UGG, "I moved out to go live ah  House is my lifeline,ugg ブーツ!" Ms. Sun immediately rejected. Getting remark,モンクレール ダウン, more than their kicking,あぐ, punching and pushing and pull her out of the door. Regardless of begging continuing violence noon yesterday, Kuo Village eastern part of more than 10,000 square meters of housing has been demolished,abercrombie france, two excavators are clearing bricks Ms. Sun's houses have been razed to the ground. The same experience with Ms. Sun also villagers very fact. The very fact that, more than 8:00 in the morning, there were several big guy broke into the home, and also requires the relocation was denied,ルイヴィトン, they suddenly started to hit my head and kicked me in the stomach ", at the same time, their houses were forcibly removed. According to Mr. Sun memories aside and tried to mediate, multiplayer Ms. Zhang wrestled to the ground and impose fist,モンクレール, the very fact that the pain begging, but hit the process still lasted nearly half an hour, "group of people simply do not listen to discourage,モンクレール アウトレット, railing tried to mediate the villagers, "said Mr. Sun, the police rushed to the scene, several batterer fled. Ms,アグ. Zhang was taken to hospital for treatment. Chaoyang police investigation at noon yesterday,burberry pas cher, Ms. Sun Dongfang Hospital emergency room for examination, the very fact that lying in bed moaning, their disheveled clothes full of blemishes, has also lost the shoe on the right foot. The two now still in hospital observation and treatment, no danger. It is understood that Kuo village are now at the demolition stage. In the villagers produce "resettlement agreement", the Party Xiaohongmen vacate the resettlement office, come home to government management,abercrombie. Prior to the village a total of 68 villagers, Ms. Sun and Ms,moncler. Zhang's house was demolished three houses are still not removed,ヴィトン 財布. Yesterday afternoon, reporters repeatedly call government Xiaohongmen, the other said the matter has been reported to the leadership, and later to reply. As of 9:00 last night, the township government has not consistently respond to the matter. The police station Xiaohongmen has been involved in the investigation,UGG.</p><p>
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's behavior is a lie alarm situation

's behavior is a lie alarm situation,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, caused by the interference of police order,バーバリー 財布, and it is according to their administrative detention,モンクレール.</p>

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000 yuan deposit

's pension,louis vuitton outlet store, life was miserable,louis vuitton outlet, the most bitter or shadow in mind,louis vuitton outlet online. "December 4,michael kors outlet, 1995, was manager of foreign trade companies in Jianyang City Shi-Ming Yang, the use of 陆某 made a Xindu County Enterprise Board of Health funding company manager Min trust, with the signing of a 126 million worth of steel mining products order contract,michael kors outlet, agreed to pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan on December 20 of the year,michael kors outlet store. 2 days later,mulberry outlet uk, Shi-Ming Yang together 陆某 steel plate sold at a low price to Guanghan City flourished Industrial Co., Ltd. Wang,mulberry sale, received stolen money 850,000 yuan. The two suspects after payment of 200,000 yuan deposit,louis vuitton outlet online, the balance spoils absconded with money,michael kors outlet store. October 19 this year,mulberry outlet uk, the the Xindu District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Zhongshan Street in Jianyang City shiqiaozhen a rented room and arrested him other suspects 陆某 to October 23 in the China-Burma border he was arrested.

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but with a personal purpose

's decision on the sanction. This morning,バーバリー, Lee and the City Board of Education in the West Side Court court, Peking University as a third respondent court,ナイキ シューズ. City Board of Education hearing, evidence that the City Board of Education office, Lee has an original of the evidence submitted by the schools to eat. Female graduate students were reported the false papers 28-year-old Lee was admitted to Peking in 2005, a master's degree at the Institute of Clinical Oncology. September 26, 2007, mentor Zhang organize her thesis opening report. Subsequently,モンクレール, the mentor Report to the school,アディダス スニーカー, said Lee in the opening report suspected fraud, used the same laboratory, Dr,サッカー ユニフォーム. Xu's research results. Peking University in June of last year to make a decision for an extension to reply to Lee, a serious warning of punishment. Lee refused to accept the punishment, the appeal to the City Board of Education, but the result remained the original punishment. Lee refused to accept the prosecution to the court, the City Board of Education revoked the school decided their punishment. In court, the City Board of Education and Peking statements punishment of Lee: "Lee's mentor to her previous subject data questioned after the school has set up an investigation team, let Lee recognizable sign to confirm opening title being questioned report, Institute Professor Lee's opening title picture identification that is very similar to another student's scientific research, and the generation time but also later than the other students., but Lee also admitted her plagiarism. "school and The Board of Education believes that the school, Lee's deal with the fact that a clear legal procedures,バーバリー 財布. Board of Education investigation and evidence collection, Beijing University of punishment is not inappropriate, requested the court to dismiss the claim of Lee. "Lee insisted that she was innocent and does not recognize plagiarized others' research results, and there are procedural issues that the City Board of Education and the school's investigation, such as vote teacher of the hearing, both the investigating officers, is also hearing officer, and there is no cross-examination, This is a violation of hearing procedures,. Peking University was not recognized that procedural compliance Lee submitted a recording of her experiments, her experiment before the opening title but the City Board of Education,モンクレール アウトレット, said there does not key raw data images Board of Education, said female graduate students to eat the evidence in the trial, the City Board of Education submitted a recognizable by the Lee signed her slide opening report prints,モンクレール レディース, it is the report identified experts confirm which experimental data picture with another doctoral Xu's research the same rate as high as 80% and to prove that Lee really plagiarism. "Lee took a U disk with both electronic and print check 15 minutes , was signed. "Lee's agent recognized by this the prints really check the signature by Lee, but in teaching do notice Lee to sign, she did not think this teaching do print the report was tampered with her original data picture Diaobao become someone else's experimental results and the two pictures are very similar, and therefore was not found City Board of Education, said the complaint to the Board of Education in Lee, she used her inquiries schools to submit evidence on the grounds, in the office of the Board of Education will schools to submit this evidence, she signed a torn stomach to eat her behavior is intentional destruction of evidence, very bad, it is the performance of its guilty conscience. "The judge asked whether the plaintiffs acknowledged destruction of evidence,air ジョーダン, and sitting in the gallery in order to escape the media lens, Lee stood up and said," I do not know. BoE agents immediately retorted: "This is what I see on the spot, she can not be denied. "Female graduate student accused instructors retaliation for the City Board of Education also come to Lee to admit her opening report pictures others appropriation degree branch, but also its handwritten description of Lee,ヴィトン, said she was stopped two months after learning against admit the "error" Lee by the action originated from the mentor Zhang's Report. said City Board of Education, mentor Zhang submit a statement, said Lee using the image data is not the original records That is not after her experiments come to Lee, said her picture just remain in the computer lost. Zhang mentor Report she is not because the public mind, but with a personal purpose, Lee's agent, said: "tutor not a very angry, harassing told Lee Lee subsequently reported to the principal tutor,ナイキ スニーカー, so the instructors will be retaliation. "As of press time reporter, the trial is still in progress. Newspaper reporter Sun Ying

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King Edward VIII

's auction house to auction a 25-carat pink diamond ring, will be held November 16 in Geneva, Switzerland beat the price is expected to create a historical record. Few cases of "most" pink diamond ring main diamond weighing 24,グッチ.78 kt, both ends of the mosaic coat of colorless with diamond, with a silver ring. While this ring before making valuation of 27 million-38 million U.S,モンクレール ダウン. dollars, smooth shoot,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, will create history. The current record maintained Witt Bach "by a 35-carat blue diamond (Wit-telsbach diamond), diamond is the original Spanish royal family, sold for $ 24.3 million at Christie's auction house in 2008. Auction house Sotheby's international jewelry department in charge of David Bennett said: "This is the most exciting of my 35-year career of an auction,バーバリー 財布." "It appears at auction, most people want to have diamonds one, "he said," to see it from the first glance from years ago, its beauty has made me dreaming. "extremely rare British" Daily Mail "25,モンクレール アウトレット, citing Bennett then reported:" I can not describe While this is how rare diamond,ルイヴィトン. "American Gem Society Diamond color assessed as" Fancy Intense Pink "(fancy intense pink) Level. This color is extremely rare,ルイヴィトン バッグ, and was known as the most perfect pink,モンクレール. The experts believe that hundreds of millions of years ago of diamonds formed deep in the earth,air ジョーダン. Pink is rendered from diamonds in the lattice structure in the forming process is distorted, so that it absorbs light in a particular manner,ルイヴィトン. Also need to re-polish the piece diamond's clarity may be completely clean level. Completely clean level "is the highest clarity grade of the diamond. Bennett said: "pink diamonds represent extraordinary joy and soft, which makes it impossible to resist the temptation." So popular these days before the auction, the diamond in the world on display. Despite the high price,ヴィトン 財布, but has expressed interest in a lot of rich. The auction house expects this auction is bound to cause a sensation, the popularity comparable to 1987 Wallis Simpson property auction. Simpson is the wife of King Edward VIII, King Edward VIII, she was willing to give up the throne,バーバリー コート. That auction will attract many European king room and celebrities to participate. While pink diamond ring earliest American jeweler Harry Winston all. Winston rental jewelry since the 1920s to the budding Hollywood star, to decorate line head for them to attend the Academy Awards. 60 years ago, not a public identity private collector bought the diamond ring, has been preserved. Zhang Jin (Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper feature articles)

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named Ma

'clock in the evening of October 16, a taxi stopped at the,michael kors outlet online, Western Apple Street, Silver City, a business hall door, stumbling after a man got off the ground, witnesses immediately call 120 for help, but the medical staff rushed to the scene found that the The man had stopped breathing. 8:40 that evening,mulberry outlet uk, silver Public Security Bureau investigation,michael kors outlet, the deceased Xiemou,louis vuitton outlet online, 23-year-old,michael kors outlet online, the Department of Jiangsu to silver workers,mulberry sale, is now a construction site live silver Apple Street,mulberry outlet uk, West,michael kors outlet. According to the survey, 11 o'clock on the morning of October 16,louis vuitton outlet store, the silver district metallurgy Road female boss of a shop owner for its mobile phone theft suspect dead Xiemou a husband Wang then mustered Wenyou, Zoumou et al. Xiemou plugging in The store near bridgehead later the tree strips, PVC pipe and beaten,mulberry sale. After three people turn Xiemou Jiang line with nearby woods continued to beat to 3 pm, named Ma,michael kors outlet store, Zoumou duo left, Wang called to his brother with continued beating. 8 o'clock that night, Xiemou taxi return to the site on his way to death. At about 3:00 am on October 17, the suspect Wang brothers gave himself up to the silver Public Security Bureau,louis vuitton outlet. At currently four suspects have XingJu the.

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coma in the hospital for a whole week

's front teeth to play out "Event progress was hit head hospital unconscious for seven days" because of serious head injuries,ルイヴィトン バッグ, coma in the hospital for a whole week,グッチ バッグ, spent nearly a million medical expenses,モンクレール. "Anke yesterday took out a stack of hospital bills have been grieved. She said the good news is the friends and relatives to borrow money to help children through the gates of hell. The doctor has told her children suffered sexual assault of criminals,モンクレール ダウン. "See the scars of the child's body,ヴィトン, I am very worried about her psychological shadow,ジョーダン, afraid of gangsters door retaliation,グッチ 財布, still afraid to let her go,air ジョーダン." It is reported that the police have this violence cases placed on file. Reporters yesterday to the local police station about the merits,モンクレール ダウン, the answer is in the case is cracked,モンクレール. Small text where the Qingxin two small learning that she was being infringed,バーバリー コート, immediately sent the teacher rushed to the small text home visits and donated 1,000 yuan relief funds,ルイヴィトン.

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Emily arrest. Police said

's background know nothing about, simply does not know that she had the past four times married and divorced and any term "ex-husband". Visit to Scotland honeymoon husband 5 Baker,モンクレール ダウン, Emily finally confessed to the Baker "bigamy secret. When Baker learned that he was 5,モンクレール アウトレット, Emily's husband,ルイヴィトン, he was completely stunned, could not believe their ears. The trial "bigamy" Ultimately,モンクレール, the Manchester police found the strange, Emily arrest,モンクレール ダウン. Police said, with Emily are using a different name at the time of the marriage, so they could not discover,グッチ 財布. 22, the district court in Manchester finally trial of the case,バーバリー 財布. The court psychiatrist said Emily suffers from bipolar disorder,モンクレール, the mood is very unstable, and hope to be able to take into account her mental state court in the sentencing. Emily told the court that: "When I was young and uninhibited, I believe everyone will like this man who I hurt, I express our sincere apologies I now regret,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, but in any case,ルイヴィトン, in the past, let it passed I want all the unpleasant things behind,ヴィトン 財布. "court case in the July 27 to make a final judgment,グッチ バッグ, once established bigamy name, Emily will face more than one year sentence. Beam cedar Taiwan Wen (China Daily)

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when the test is successful

's Hospital CT Center doctor on duty after opening the CT machine room but surprise: six boxes worth 600 million yuan in the engine room of the Kodak CT The film was missing,michael kors outlet. The doctor on duty immediately to the Suichuan the police report. After receiving the alarm, Suichuan County Public Security Bureau immediately sent Interpol brigade personnel rushed to the scene of the detection technology for exploration. Investigation of the site found that the suspects should advance the Capitol,michael kors outlet online, a round wooden sticks to pry open the CT room behind the anti-theft window, then stole six boxes of CT film, should be at least two or more suspects. Police investigators visited informed that the CT Center doctor on duty working to 22:00 in the evening of March 16, the night in sleeping away from the CT machine room 12 meters away from the duty room in-depth investigation since been no night clinic. At about 3:00 am on March 17, a resident in the CT room behind Creek opposite get up early abnormal sound heard when they go out the CT room behind the house of the Medical Technology Building, due to the dense fog hazy morning could not see the shadows. The police investigators analysts believe that this time it is the suspect in the implementation of the crime. Police handling the case according to the incident time, focusing on query March 16 from 24 am to at 5:00 on the 17th, and out Suichuan County People's Hospital inpatient department of personnel and vehicles of the passage between the hospital the gatehouse and insurance company. Having access to the the Hospital video and speeding surveillance video data found about 3:40 that day, a Suichuan taxi from the hospital next to a channel inside out, then rapidly driving peasants and soldiers Avenue from east to west direction, acting very suspicious. □ investigation two mysterious man appeared surveillance video "to find bike suspicious taxi!" Police investigators the Suichuan taxi company taxi paging and telephone records investigation found that taxi owners surnamed Zhou. Zhou reflect to the police investigators, at 3:30 on March 17, he was driving a taxi to in Suichuan County near the People's Hospital set out a little old and two men and five or six boxes of goods go Guidong County. Road Zhou had also asked two strange men's names and where people,louis vuitton outlet online, both did not answer,mulberry outlet uk, obviously a bit unhappy older man said: "your car a good start, and what they should not pipe!" At this point, Find It a little old and two mysterious men has become the key to solve the case. Lot of Mo Pai,michael kors outlet store, a the "Kuang Fengsheng" ID card held by middle-aged man into the line of sight of police investigators, follow the line of investigation, police investigators found the case to a total of four suspects, including two main culprits are Chenzhou, Hunan City Yongxing County people,louis vuitton outlet store. Police investigators information about the analysis, rapid case Ji'an City " 11" Qingyuan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "3 13" Taihe County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the CT Film thefts string and to detect, expand people found the eighty-nine suspects partakers have combined to form a professional gang, thefts often go out to specialized medical CT film,mulberry sale. On the afternoon of March 23, police investigators rushed to Hunan Chenzhou City to carry out investigation work. With the deepening of the verification work □ insider Pirates CT film for refining silver, the relevant circumstances of the case gradually clear: the Yongxing County Department of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, suburban, under the jurisdiction of the county, the population over 70 million, known as "China Yindu" laudatory, the county has more than 100,000 personnel engaged in refining silver craft. Because of this, some lazy unemployed people across the country, fled to the theft of a variety of industrial raw materials. I do not know when it was found that the use of medical CT film can be refined silver, As a result, the county quickly someone do the test, when the test is successful, theft cases of medical CT glue avalanche occurred. According to the local police station,louis vuitton outlet, the Yongxing County Zhangshu Township, hundreds of people in the provinces over the theft of medical CT film, the the camphor tree rural sector Gyaincain become theft of medical CT film center of village as the fortune of the theft of medical CT film choice. Several major suspects of the case is the sector Gyaincain villagers theft medical CT film around the country over a long period of time, these suspects also accumulated a wealth of experience in anti-detection: First, all of the village outside perpetrator staff perpetrator used a special phone and a temporary phone number, even at home phone numbers are pseudonyms false registration; the camphor tree Township local fixed telephone are registered false identities households, people can not Find; Third, local people over the years has been to obstruct the public security organs to handle the house number for each household, resulting in the public security organs is impossible to find out where the villagers lived where Ho address; village are the villagers usually running errands carry brought use a fake ID to handle relevant affairs. □ arrest suspects committing the crime succeeded and he was arrested after police investigators through the make-up villages and investigation has learned that the Cao Chuanji several other suspects in the village, but the local police told the police investigators, because here folk swift and fierce, evil forces exist for a long time, 10 years, public security departments in Yongxing County never once a village to apprehend the suspect! March 29, police investigators found these suspects in Chenzhou City, a collection of ready to go out to commit crimes, at 8 o'clock on March 31 Xu, investigators found that some of the suspects in committing the crime succeed collection in Chenzhou City area through the analysis of relevant information, After the strong support of the relevant departments of Chenzhou City, Chenzhou police rapidly in Chenzhou City hydropower hotel will just returned from Guangzhou committing the crime back to the the Chenzhou five suspects arrested in one fell swoop. Noon on April 3, the bus station in the Yongxing County, is preparing to flight of Cao Chuanji, and Deng Xiaohua two main culprits were arrested. At this point, from the interprovincial King theft medical CT Series case by the the Suichuan police and Chenzhou police two days of the investigation finally successfully solved. □ trial of criminal gangs across five provinces Pirates of the CT Film Questioning revealed the evening of March 10, Cao Chuanji, Deng Xiaohua together Zhang Huaiyu Zhuanzhan to the Qingyuan District, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province Hospital of theft CT Film Zhang Huaiyu Tsing district hospital security the scene and arrested Cao Zhuanji, Deng Xiaohua two night fled to Jiangxi Province, Taihe County. They not only did not have accomplices caught convergence, but again ganged opportunistic crime still in Chenzhou City, CAO Chuan-hong et al night hit came the Taihe County with conspiring theft action plan. March 12, Caochuan Ji,louis vuitton outlet store, Deng Xiaohua two came Suichuan the Wanan Capitol. That night, two men came from Chenzhou City Cao Chuan-hong, Deng Aiguo, Li Jinsheng the trio rendezvous, and in the early morning of March 13, the the Taihe County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 20,000 worth multiple CT film stole. March 16, Cao Chuanji again ganged Deng Xiaohua, Deng Aiguo, Li Jinsheng the CT Film Suichuan County People's Hospital, 600 million yuan worth of stolen, and stolen goods to a total of two million yuan. Police initially verify the gang theft of more than a dozen hospitals in Shaanxi, Fujian, Guangdong,louis vuitton outlet, Hunan, Jiangxi Province, crazy,mulberry outlet uk, valued at more than twenty million yuan of the CT Film,michael kors outlet online. April 6, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, seven suspects per capita from solution escorted back to the the Suichuan county hearing. Case is still pending.

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require the company to compensate the more than 20

's salary and subsidy of 3,000 yuan. January 31 this year, Zhao from home with detonators, explosives came to Kunming, and the next day came to Jetstar, require the company to compensate the more than 20,000 yuan. Zhao believes that the labor law provisions: the resignation of economic compensation for the years of work by the workers in the unit, for each full year standard payment of one month's wages paid to the worker. Zhao worked for 12 years,モンクレール アウトレット, to resign when the wages of 2,400 yuan per month, this provision shall be paid to more than 20,000 yuan,ルイヴィトン. Zhao's request is not promised, he and the company responsible person has been in negotiation. 17:00, work, company people told Zhao again to discuss the next day. Zhao think in a perfunctory He then took out a banana water to Kunming buy. When we work together to stop Zhao, Zhao carry out a fruit knife stabbed in the back of the hand of an employee,モンクレール. Other employees called 110. Five Huagong An Branch Fengning police station rushed to the Zhao jump on the table, claiming not promise we must die and everyone. Persuaded the police, Zhao gradually calmed down,グッチ バッグ. The police seized from his jacket pocket, two detonators, and found in his backpack 18 barrel nitramine (gross weight 3.6 kg) of explosives, eight detonators, 12 fuse. Suspicion of the crime explosion, the Zhao is Jingfangxingju. Yesterday, Zhao was approved the arrest. Zhao: thought points explosives, just want to scare them Reporter: Why use extreme way of pay talks Zhao threatened me: because the leadership of the company. I just want back the money I should have done so. I am very angry, they do not want me, force me to resign. Now that I think really nothing wrong with explosives into the company. Reporter: Have you ever thought how to do the event really fried Zhao: not,バーバリー 財布. I have not thought about the points of explosives, just to scare them. I thought,モンクレール ダウン, if detonated the explosives, and that the entire Kunming Shi to Yunnan,モンクレール, the impact will be great; office more than 20 individuals,ヴィトン, and I, the family are old and small,モンクレール ダウン, and I will not let their families lose their,air ジョーダン. Reporter: I heard that you want to back their own money through legal means Zhao: I watched "Criminal Law" in the detention center this time,ルイヴィトン, to know that something very serious. I am now looking for a lawyer, but no money. Reporter: most want to do now is it Zhao: (bow silent child, red eyes) and just want to see his family,グッチ 財布. They still do not know my business. (City Times reporter Sun Wenjie)

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a pointing users

's Court for trial. Court, he believes he is a victim, I urge the court a lighter sentence. The case was not in court for sentencing. The 24-year-old guy Wangtian Hao Jilin,マーキュリアル, was far in the Beijing track and field club a race walking athlete, after the move to join the province Tigongdadui,ルイヴィトン. Wang Tianhao retired in October 2005,モンクレール アウトレット, have been engaged in the business making ring tones for mobile company. In March 2008, a pointing users, he found a way to get rich "shortcut": install a telephone, and then beat the "China International voice calls will get the amount of money rebate. In early April, he produced the pseudonym "Jiang Xuefei the fake ID, in focal Chichiawan a hostel office on behalf of room hire, and later used the pseudonym" fee sensitive "fake ID card copy, apply eight fixed telephone installation in and international long-distance call business opened by 10000. Next, he went through the labor agency, to a monthly salary of 1,700 yuan recruited three employees working as "attendant" and buy stopwatch prompt employees to improve work efficiency. At the same time, Wang Tianhao take the same trick six calls for installation of a hostel in Redhill root. Since then, three people with these phones day and night mad to dial outside pornography, personnel training and other types of voice telephone. Just 10 days to obtain rebate of $ 30,000. May 1, 2008,グッチ, the telecommunications company found clues immediately shut down, to the police report. After careful investigation, in July of the same year, the police in Wang Tianhao king maxiang rental housing within its captured. Telecommunications sector, according to statistics from the last year April 20 to April 30, Wang Tianhao installed 14, produced a total of 118 million yuan of huge amount of calls, resulting in the telecommunications sector, its paid all this part of the bill could not be recovered. It is understood that he allocated one minute,ヴィトン, you can receive an on-line rebate of 0.18 yuan. Review of the prosecution of Wang Tianhao contract fraud prosecution,ジョーダン. When the day of the trial, Wang Tianhao confessed to the allegations of the facts of the crime. At the same time, he repeatedly stressed the inexperienced deep before going astray, because the athletic training from the age of 10,ヴィトン, he began,グッチ バッグ, and rarely participate in cultural programs, going out only participate in the competition. Before the incident, he has also consult other dial telephone generates arrears whether a criminal offense, but did not definitely answer, so they confident this is a legitimate lucrative business. The defense lawyer also proposed, Wang Tianhao just the illegal overseas personnel for the crime of tools, he is also instigated by the people, by the people lied,モンクレール. The prosecution this respondent said malicious arrears calls to seek a non-profit undoubtedly thinking normal adults familiar with the basic common sense,バーバリー, and the defendant evasive consulting precisely that he has the subjective intent of the crime. According to investigators, the defendant in this case in the deception can often succeed, on the one hand drilled loopholes telecommunications company in the business, but on the other hand, the telecommunications company itself,モンクレール アウトレット, first of all, did not fulfill the strict review of the ID card system, resulting in Wang Tianhao can install the phone successfully using a fake ID. Secondly,バーバリー コート, the telecommunications construction workers on the same place at the same time install six or eight private telephone unusual phenomenon has not given a high degree of suspicion, results gave a liar commit crimes space. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future no longer the only act in strict accordance with rules and regulations in order to make a liar without loopholes.

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immoral Tang Chunyu accused the two men

■ Qingguo Du Ying Reporter / Wang Yaohui reported newspaper Tonghua On the afternoon of March 11,モンクレール アウトレット, the Tonghua two drunken man,モンクレール, also beaten by the police intercepted the Tang Chunyu,グッチ バッグ. At present, two drunken man has been Tonghua City police in accordance with the law in administrative detention and pay a fine. 13 pm the same day,バーバリー コート, two drunken men line to Tonghua City Longquan police station in front, under a large crowd with impunity to the police van parked at the police station in front of the pee police being Cleaning Tang Chunyu intercepted were two men abusive,グッチ, immoral Tang Chunyu accused the two men, a man actually blows. At this time,バーバリー, the police SHEN Xue Zhe ran to discourage this drunken man playing an electric gun, after the help of other police, two drunken men taken to the police station inventory and on the spot from the two men found in possession of controlled knives one,モンクレール, new and old Jing Guanzheng one each,ルイヴィトン. According to the survey, two Zhaoxiang Wei is of Xiang Wei Driving in Tonghua County is responsible for another person, He Lin Tonghua County,バーバリー 財布, Britain and the amount of cloth village,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー. Zhaoxiang Wei confessed,マーキュリアル, contact the Office of the wild advertising phone held by the two false Jing Guanzheng are posted by the street, units Tonghua Traffic Police Brigade for its Office Driving solicit business and go out driving use,ルイヴィトン. Severely injured police Tang Chunyu still in hospital receiving treatment, the two men had been the night by public security organs in accordance with the law and impose a fine of administrative detention.

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without any extra action

'm so good to you, how you hurt my heart when he neatly took out Vibrators, without any extra action, Rowan head flashed first thought is: rape! Later, he let her cleaning bath towels, kitchen table, washing powder "- she knew she was certainly not the first victim. He said to her, so that one has the most unspeakable - "You must be my people." Luo Yungang into the Shenzhen headquarters, fresh faces have heard Song record an audio conference, she only feels that in a large conference room, with only a man talking, and the rest are women, they go along with laughter. Uncertainty in the mind of his temper, they at least know that such a survival: obey him wholeheartedly for the sake of the company will benefit. Development path of some female executives has a special relationship with Song shuttle company seems to have confirmed this is that companies pay for employees - including to female staff wages card into the "special subsidies" transferred to other places when executives promised. Hill Wood Group before, they have many similarities: eager youth, lack of social experience, and does not constitute a competitive Diploma qualification. Many people have them carries to upgrade their desire to work exercise, especially wearing beautiful uniforms came to recruiting female staff assured to tell them: "Hill Wood worked out after a very sought-after." Eventually attract them into the company to work for many reasons, but it does have some people that an indigo color with the striped scarf similar stewardess uniforms temptation to live, the professional image of the company has been preached outline unlimited job under pressure for these girls possible. New employees before formal induction will undergo a period of training period, in addition to the Mountain wood culture,michael kors outlet online, the Basic Law of the mountain wood learning, the training also includes Station every morning for half an hour to practice standing,louis vuitton outlet store, basic etiquette training and deep Mountain Wood Company Features bow ceremony. After a week of training, employees complaining of harsh training content. , However, complain about here is prohibited - they were told to "complain will pass negative energy, negative energy will affect others. After the training, after the baptism employees assigned to all over the campus, singles out one was transported to the headquarters in Shenzhen. This selection itself is quite deep, young and beautiful is another major standard in addition to female employees who entered the company face palmistry backup file to Song Mountain wood in the allelopathy, under the guidance of the identity. Shenzhen region in the memories of some of the staff positions in the long-term saturation point, but every one to two months, there will be a steady flow of fresh faces to emerge,louis vuitton outlet online. Fresh also refers to newly graduated, no work experience. "Once had a 2012 work experience girl looks beautiful not want because SONG think the work experience girl sleek, effort,louis vuitton outlet, poor control". Officially entered into the first day of the company, these girls will be changed to a common surname: Gold. The Hill Wood Basic Law to be elected to the headquarters in Shenzhen, female employees will be required to do a 3-minute self-introduction by the company to arrange for specific positions. Song this professionalism involved just three minutes does not interest him interested in the problem is that parents do, "brothers and sisters". Out from the headquarters in Shenzhen, where the International Science and Technology Building, Futian Building, across the street, the dormitory of female employees at headquarters in there. Captive - which is a word that comes out in the mind of a female employee. The formal job, female employees have to face is a set of Song Mountain wood as a modern management system and their company are strictly limited in the Basic Law of Mountain wood up to 280 terms in part on their the instrument image from head to toe nuanced rules: comb the bangs to expose the forehead, do not allow the perm, wear heels higher than 3 cm, headquarters wearing a black stockings,michael kors outlet, the Segment wear flesh-colored stockings. The other part is a control on their speech, behavior and even thought, they were asked to work must ensure that the phone is turned off, employees are not allowed between each other to inquire into the other real name and income status, female employees are not allowed to love two years, prohibit phone numbers and other private information leaked to outsiders. Equipped with the harsh mountain wood Basic Law, with fines after each article measures,mulberry sale, ranging from 50 yuan to 200 yuan, some employees a week after taking more than 1000 yuan. In the company, say a word, do one thing,mulberry outlet uk, Song Mountain wood can know. Teaching point each classroom, office area equipped with monitoring, not sure that these images are brought together to the president of the computer, the only certainty is the company have ears and eyes, ears and eyes must have a Song I kind of special relationship. Everyone tacitly a female executives have a special relationship with Song, often instead of Song inquire into the state of mind of the staff - "at home", "boyfriend" is always the Song greatest concern. Of course, she is also the Song labor some special arrangements, such as playing the "special subsidies" to the the special female employees Cary, which also made between employees talking about income status to become a big taboo, and who do not know who Cary more a sum of money. Song separate meeting with female employees, asking personal life situations, a little independent-minded people will immediately discern the strange place, trying to leave the company. More female employees are still living in the Song closed kingdom for them to create and work more than 10 hours a day, one day a week or so off-duty,louis vuitton outlet online, they rarely have their own circle and Song of the idea is the core of their spiritual world content, they feel that the president eloquent, talented. For those early high school graduation, female employees responsible for most ordinary business of the company,michael kors outlet store, no skills, left the company means nothing. Moreover, fill them into the company's personnel information, but also clearly written on the phone, work units, and home address of parents; take some of whom were Song apartment to shoot interior shine. My life with people like King of Song Mountain wood once show the roots of a proud flag side cheek near the neck, many pieces arranged in a shape similar to a mole of the Big Dipper, which makes him even more convinced that the fate of some arrangements. "My life is like a king." He said. Shenzhen routine staff meeting every Monday morning 9 points 33 assigned to four or five in the afternoon between Song Mountain wood will appear in a staff meeting to make a speech, which many former employees is recognized as an important Hill Wood Group brainwashing link Song Mountain wood to imbue the staff personally own ideas, because no way to compare with the outside world, it has also become some female employees believe in the value system. He would often talk about their own deeply held feng shui and allelopathy principle, always move out all kinds of facts to prove his claim. His memory is good, I read a lot of books,mulberry outlet, which is part of the charisma in the eyes of the staff, he demonstrated. Scene in a staff meeting, everyone will attentively listen to the Song of speech, dozed off at this time will be fined the same money. He address him in a staff meeting as the president likes to say, "You do not know, but the president know, because the president is a research ..." He was good at telling stories, in particular, likes to tell the allusions, the employees know him worship Confucius. In his office, he had hung a portrait of Confucius. Campus in Jinan wall hanging from the Analects of Confucius "famous" Confucius "written on one line, the next line read," Hill Wood said. Song Mountain wood college,michael kors outlet store, fell in love with the camera. This hobby has been reserved to the later. His photographs are all related to the company's female employees, shot put, posture slightly contrived photos in Song seems there are no errors, very beautiful. Even more alarming number of thousands of interior photos. The so-called interior photos generally only shoot a girl. About the girl alone to the apartment, Song a little girl clothes off, the president will tell the girls own physical defects, and can not meet any women, but that's okay, and a variety of adult products hidden in his apartment, they are used in girls who have a few back with him - he did not want to leave evidence in the new body, and afterwards immediately asked the girl to clean the lower body. There was this girl resist obedience in return is violence: Someone smashed teeth, also been seven days in the dark room. He told the story in a staff meeting, the two monks in the river,mulberry outlet uk, and encountered the same girl to cross the river, the old monk carrying a girl across the river to reach the other side of the river after her down. The young monk asked the old monk, how do you make the girl to touch your body The old monk said, I have laid down, but you have not. He kept with employees to promote "good deeds, God will be visible. This is Rowan with most female employees of his initial impression. Until that night, he repeated the phrase, "people do things, God will be visible" Rowan think how terrible this before and after contrast. "Good complex," she said.

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00 last night

'bang', The girls are Zhuangfei to more than 20 meters, the ground there is a big puddle of blood." Single master, pointing to bloodstains said. The reporter saw bloodstains from the zebra crossing a distance of nearly 20 meters. SVA Group workers Miss Liu overtime that night, on the 14th floor itself, or hear a loud butt moment,モンクレール ダウン, and quickly ran down. Heavy bang muffled, our office people have heard! "The girl was Zhuangfei, head north feet south lying in the middle of the road, above the knee to the head, and spread with a big puddle of blood. Little Sisters seems not hurt to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation in next to her. Porsche is a fashionable men and women walking with residents, said Li Yan, was far away to hear the accelerated sound, with his wife, he was still talking about: "is not someone drag racing " Speaks,バーバリー, we heard a loud noise, Then she screams, and then the shrill sound of the brakes. He said with certainty: "Porsche's speed at the time, certainly over 80 yards." Public Strain Control has over 20 years of driving experience lived in the neighborhood, happened to be passing. He saw, from Porsche down a pair of young men and women, men and was sitting in the cab, the woman sat Vice cab look 20 years old, did not suffer any injury. "The man was wearing a yellow T-shirt, jeans,マーキュリアル, tall and thin; woman wearing a white vest, quite temperament, the two men, dressed in very fashionable." Ms. Liu said. Subsequently, the traffic police arrived,ヴィトン, two alcohol test. Near the Young Master heard a man and a woman and the traffic police a few conversations. "The woman took the initiative with the traffic police said the car she opened can I obviously just see her sitting in the front passenger seat,モンクレール, it's not lie to you " Porsche car, a Zhejiang University parking permit. Witnesses said a man claiming employees of Zhejiang University, that document is not a formal staff. Reporters on the scene saw the road speed limit to 60 yards. The 17-year-old Anhui girl died on the spot accident knocked the girl was sent to the Xinhua Hospital. 11:00 last night, the reporter arrived, the doctor has declared her death. According to reports, the deceased named Ma Fangfang, 17 years old this year, Anhui Fuyang. Chen emergency room physician said the girl to the hospital in 21:00, had no vital signs. The subsequent hospital 1 hour, eventually died due to severe head injuries. Reporters saw at the hospital, Ma Fangfang whole body covered with a white single, only the head exposed. Her long hair, face, Chifeng still remained many dark clot legs plywood reinforcement. In the hospital, the reporter saw the the Ma Fangfang boyfriend. In bed, he wept, he said she was in Hangzhou working. Currently, the hospital has informed the the Ma Fangfang family,ルイヴィトン. As of the reporter early morning press time, they have not yet arrived. Driver line male for drunk driving last night 0:00,ジョーダン, the reporter learned from the traffic police at the subject to verification, driving men Wei Zhigang. Reporters on the scene saw the traffic police alcohol test results, the Wei Zhigang alcohol content 0.227mg/ml Department of drunk driving. Gongshu traffic police brigade accident squadron commander Xu Yong said that the car is not the Wei Zhigang himself, he calls himself the car is his father. Wei Zhigang driving license is neck in 1999, the car two men claiming to be friends,ヴィトン, the woman surnamed Fan. ● news reader May 18, of Hangzhou first love zebra crossing was officially opened, located in the dense Garden Bridge intersection of Moganshan Road, opposite the Zhejiang Radio and Television Center. Original white line into yellow the IOUs and white, long as 14 meters, width from 4 meters to 7 meters, very conspicuous. Zebra crossing in the middle of the large and small red love pattern, the words "love the way, I have you" warm slogan,air ジョーダン. As of June 22, 8 "love" zebra crossing in Hangzhou Moganshan Road, front of SVA Group's first love zebra crossing outside the north exit of the Wushan Square in Hangzhou High School door, Huancheng West City Hospital door Huanglong Road, Huanglong Sports Center door Qingchun Road, near the emergency exit Zhijie, mark the primary entrance Moganshan Road and North Road Broken Bridge East port on the zebra crossing are painted on a big love. Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police release description about at 21:25 on August 4th, Wei Zhigang (29 years old, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province) driving Zhejiang A The 892E9 Cayenne brand small off-road passenger cars in the District of Hangzhou City Mogan mountain road traveling from south to north to the door of the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, collided with the young woman crossing the road, the woman Xinhua Hospital were unable to save died at 22:40. After receiving the alarm, Gongshu traffic police rushed to the scene organization to rescue the wounded, surveying the scene of the accident, after a preliminary investigation,グッチ バッグ. Wei Zhigang suspected of drunk driving, the blood samples to be tested, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. A netizen made posts on the forum just to see the moment, my legs and my colleague Ma out ...... saying about 9:30 when we are meeting, they are meeting the 14 House colleagues ran when suddenly heard a loud noise and felt the what, the meeting is interrupted, then we have to go downstairs, that time should look really happened is 5 minutes distance car accident. 14 House colleagues to see so distressed terrorist behind the scenes, estimated a little stand, so we came to the 10th floor of our office to tell us this matter. 10 minutes after our meeting ended. My colleagues and I just left the the Zhejiang GD compound the door, you feel that the atmosphere is not right. Later our way through the crowd to a person lying on the double yellow line, see Moganshan Road, around the pool of blood, a group of medical personnel arrived, they do lying first aid, and after a few minutes, the medical staff carried the prostrate man on the ambulance. The scene was a lot of confusion,グッチ 財布, all the cars are stuck on the television in front of a love zebra crossing, we can only be trapped in the middle. Point 10 meters away from the accident, we see a Cayenne car with two people sitting in the back of the car, the the vehicles front of glass crashing a chunk of two Cayenne car airbags pop up a. Later the traffic police car invited out, a man and a woman, all looked very young men look like I did not see the woman touches left me a deep impression, wearing a cloth does not count more skirts, hand and an advanced shopping bags, specific brand did not see, there is a might the LV or more advanced bag high heel looks very calm walk in the back of the traffic police. A man and a woman toward the police car, the police came to collect evidence. I was standing behind the eyewitness of several 100%, uncle, knocked a girl down his guidelines, we see on the sidewalk, you can still see the girl's two slippers in Kay The huge impact feast already parted ways. Uncle said the girl crossing the street, next to the car,ルイヴィトン, but the other cars are so pedestrian, the black Cayenne later I do not know how we came to hit a girl, then is a loud noise .... Then again, what I described at the beginning of those. [] Progress: media reports: Related reading:

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his wife died of electric shock. Three years ago

'clock in the evening of April 18, Deng Xi and relatives so after mahjong the rest back to the house, found that The pillow handbag was open, 1,500 yuan in cash stolen. We find four, no results. At the same time,グッチ バッグ, the 17-year-old son, Deng Peng also seen the figure. In the middle of the night, Deng Peng ran gone Son had previously repeatedly stole money from home to go to the Internet Dengxi You analyze, money may be the son stole away. Taking into account two hours away from home to the town, to catch up with it was too late, the crowd finally gave up to catch up. Cafes son figure Dengxi You, the morning of the 19th,グッチ 財布, the two siblings to the town ganchang, the way to find Deng Peng. Sister encountered both in the streets of East Town, the trio decided to the only cafes Hongfei cafes in the town to try their luck. 11 o'clock in the morning,バーバリー コート, the three arrived at the East Town Market on the 21st Hongfei cafes. Dengxi You went in search of straight, Deng Xi will hold Deng Peng photos on the phone asking the network management. At this time, Deng hope will find a "whoosh" out of a white figure from the Internet cafe curtains at the back, it is Deng Peng. Behind Dengxi You followed out. Motorbike taxi driver Zhou Chengwei chasing people witnessed the process: "The boy was wearing a white short-sleeved, wearing a pair of sports shoes. Rushed out from the cafe, he was flustered,モンクレール, behind 10 meters away, a middle-aged man pinching fist in the chase." 200 meters away is the fork in the road, the boy chose to go straight drilling in front of the alley, "the boy may indeed panic, perhaps carried away." to the left or to the right are the wide streets,バーバリー, got into the alley is a dead end - - alley behind is locally known as the gold and silver hole tens of meters high cliff. Died after falling off a cliff Dengxi You did not chase too tight, has maintained a distance of about 20 meters. Follow up the alley, Dengxi You hear a bang, was originally a locked wooden doors son forced to break open. Wooden doors is an idle small yard, the ground long moss, in addition to rely on the cliff side block walls, no other exports. The scene did not see his son, Deng Xiyou stepping on the wall of a pile of wood station walls, fresh traces scraped under the cliff. Deng Xiyou hearts of a cold. From the cliff down to the next lane, Dengxi You see son lying on the rocks leaves, mouth and nose bleeding, a broken arm, but there are gas. Quickly children loaded onto the highway, but Deng Peng has to die. Zhou Chengwei analysis, the child may be chasing anxious, standing on the fence and saw a raised stone wall of 10 meters under the Mid-Levels that can be settled to avoid the so wanted to jump on that stone, and the results did not expect the stone slippery does not stand. The father recalled his son the Internet long skull blacked out in the Deng family, the reporter saw 17-year-old Deng Peng has not buried, lying in front of the door panels, an electric fan blowing on his head and shoved,モンクレール アウトレット. Dengxi You stonemason, son 6 years old, his wife died of electric shock. Three years ago,バーバリー 財布, remarried, his wife has brought a child. Count of surviving parents, Dengxi You want to feed six people at home, long-term work in the the Qijiang county seat site. Dengxi You said Deng Peng character is not naughty, just not assertive,グッチ, easily manipulated, especially after junior high, stained with a strong addiction, and become acquainted with some dubious friends like to spend money on the operation and generous. Prior to this, he was twice stolen money from home online. Deng Peng, a 14-year-old sister, said his brother had repeatedly lied to her living expenses to go online. Early last year, Deng Peng three days before graduation, dropout learned from firewood dam,ルイヴィトン バッグ. In April, Deng Xiyou Trustee son to work in Guangdong, the results of children being bewitched, steal wires being arrested, detained for seven months, until the beginning of the year to pick up in Chongqing. "I am ready to send him to a technical school after the child reaches the age of 18, did not expect this. Dengxi You say, any normal person, can not jump so high cliff," he is certainly Internet time is too long, faint skull was made a foolish decision. the teacher analysis weariness fun + beatings education = tragedy firewood dam of 24-year-old middle school math teacher Luo concept, Deng Peng read junior teacher. Deng Peng weary due to poor grades in the eyes of the Luo, very heavy. Collusion with people he likes to play four, to the students at home playing online games, to steal money from home to go out to buy cigarettes Internet. The teacher each found the time to notify the parents, but with little success. Luo said Deng Peng accident First its like, and many of the same child wandering social mix, resulting in slowly pollution by others; Another is the lack of home education, long-term working outside his father, stepmother and can not discipline, so each time its the father working back and heard his son misconduct, he shall be put to beat them. Deng Peng very afraid when the father of the masons. Rude "education methods, causing the child to reverse psychology is very strong, and eventually led to the tragedy." Cafes "humanitarian compensation 24,800 yuan child died, the Deng family find Hongfei cafes. The local town government, police stations and other units to come forward to investigate mediation. Comprehensive Management Office, deputy director of the town government, the Man Hin, said: "From cause analysis, caused by Deng Peng's death is not cafes,ジョーダン, but its stealing money the cause is chasing lead,ルイヴィトン, not much responsibility cafes." Deng family, said Deng Peng hobby Internet previous day may eat, along with other companions after overnight Internet and cause vagrancy accident. Relatives and friends asked to see the complete Internet cafes surveillance video, were refused,モンクレール ダウン. Yesterday afternoon, Dengxi You told reporters to produce a compensation agreement reached with Hongfei cafes, which funded to the Deng family agreed Hongfei cafes Ann buried fees and pension costs 24,800 yuan compensation as a humanitarian. Deng family to take the money "to give up other Internet cafes rights be investigated." I have something to say Liu researcher at the Institute of Management Sciences in China, the the media commentators children escape Select jumping may steal more money psychological fear of father's education also can be seen to lead to a child's psychological fear, would prefer to go on the road to ruin is unwilling to face. The secondary stage is the stage of the children reverse psychology strongest, parent education simple and crude, this would be a problem. Tang with a strong Hengxin LLP in accordance with the provisions of the civil compensation, the operators have a reasonable level of security safeguards obligations, while leaving the cafes equal to cut off the relationship with cafes, consumers will not be able to control the security, so not the responsibility of Internet cafes large. Edition the manuscript Reporter Fan Yongsong Wen Wu Zijing Ren Jie plans

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her well-known village filled with garbage place

's screen name, 1993 Lv Jianning in Zhenghe County abducted by human traffickers and sold to the lions. Mother and to recognize each other, two weeks after the 23-year-old son to Fuzhou seen Ye Jinxiu once lived for four days,michael kors outlet, after which no audio. Mother to find his son applied for 7 QQ number was erased from the QQ friends, Tel never play through after June 1 ,louis vuitton outlet online.... search for missing children in Fuzhou people know, the life of 53-year-old Ye Jinxiu The tragedies sources as a mother. On the afternoon of July 7, looking for his son cried 18 years Ye Jinxiu carrying a woven in Cangshan high Village in a circle, nothing, heard the district to check the health, her well-known village filled with garbage place, has been cleared even is clean, she even never picked up a piece of paper! Three days before selling scrap 30 dollars, she went to the hospital due to cornea ulceration, even the drugs did not dare to open, depleted, and could only eat porridge and pickles. Weak woman chasing Transporter weak woman more than ten years ago and weighs less than 80 pounds in a few years time, with their own efforts to find clues the traffickers to ferret out. Wenzhou Taishun, Cangnan Longgang ...... 2034, after the child has just lost a few cities, she often ran at first few months of visits, her hopes of finding a road construction site, it was to provide a clue : an operation Zhejiang Taishun County Sixi new Village accent identification registration surnamed Wu suspects,mulberry outlet. The day Ye Jinxiu couples and relatives of several people rushed Taishun Sixi town to find a village in the town yellow bear interpersonal Wu Moumou confirmed that this person did not suspect, just by people interrupt clues. "Said the man, his ID card was stealing workers, in confirmation of the wrong person, we left, only a few hundred meters away, I'm at the edge of a cliff dizzy and fell down, but fortunately hook into branches, was put up husband cried, 'do not look for this to continue, the children did not find life fell lost',louis vuitton outlet store, I said, as long as the tone you are looking for. "Ye Jinxiu couple and four chip in Wenzhou, Cangnan, Taishun separately Find When she again Taishun County and passers talking about the lost child of the heartache, the edge of a say in the governance and site work, one person to do three days left, and a few days later a wonderful reflection of a five-year-old boy he prompts her to the site to find the people called Lindley. Find Lindley, the caller said, the true, the details of which are going to find the Taishun County Chen Boda, Lin Yi warm, Yih-Sharng Chen 3 people, because this and that the suspects were carrying children is a fellow. Ye Jinxiu rushed Taishun, including family members revealed that one of these three people may Songxi. Ye Jinxiu and leave Taishun rushed Songxi to the Songxi learned that this man has come to Zhejiang Qingyuan, Longquan vicinity of contracting site. Catch Qingyuan, the way to Longquan, Zhejiang, Fujian Shouning vicinity inquire disappointed. Home, Ye Jinxiu returned to the clues on the layer to the governance and the site to find Lindley Lindley said Yih-Sharng Chen may in Wuyishan, Jian'ou area, she went to two Li find. Finally found in Jian'ou Chuanshi Township Yih-Sharng Chen. At this point, Ye Jinxiu learned her this quest real name Su Zhongping, he stole the identity card of a friend Wu Moumou. Yih-Sharng Chen Su Zhongping's uncle, out of indignation, only to uncover the truth, and with her to the governance and Chengguan police station to do a record,michael kors outlet store, request the police to speed to Taishun perpetrators Su Zhongping apprehend. Just this thing been dragging for several years. Unexpected results in early 2000, Ye Jinxiu a two round trips Taishun visits by the end of February that the suspect Su Zhongping home,louis vuitton outlet online, rushed Pucheng County Public Security Bureau reported on March 2. March 9 Ye Jinxiu governance and the police went to Taishun County to bring to justice the perpetrators of Su Zhongping. Subsequently, associates Liu Changsheng, Lin pumping also caught. She learned that the son is likely to have been sold to the lions, her unexpected perpetrators are not accountable child specific whereabouts can not be rescued. Hiding in the train toilet crying in the winter of 1994, Ye Jinxiu husband can not stand the pain of missing son, both blaming each other eventually abandoned her away, the couple more than a decade and nothing to meet. Looking for traffickers to find the children, the most recent decade,louis vuitton outlet, she as spellbound in several provinces of Fujian surrounding start a village a village looking for. "My son was abducted, 6-year-old should be a little memory of childhood things." Ye Jinxiu said, all these years trying to find the child, she in all types of schools the gate, hoped that his son would recognize her. In downtown,michael kors outlet, she usually is on his knees, holding the missing person notices, son when shopping can see. May 3,michael kors outlet store, 2010, Ye Jinxiu Police received phone inform her son found in the lions. Missing children 18 years to ride the train often hiding in train toilet crying Ye Jinxiu have bad eyes, tears Liu Buchu day to see my son, her only dry No.. Son in Shishi family said her son is doing great in Shishi, in good condition, there is a house to him ... Ye Jinxiu stunned not give his son what she thinks, in addition to a debt. June of this year, Ye Jinxiu accompanied the reporter to the Ministry of Public Security crackdown do the main Ren Chenshi channels Xie said: "Just find the son, to know that he is also a good way to live in this world like her son, 23-year-old. People sad testament half a year ago, Ye Jinxiu husband and her through a phone call, but they still did not meet her husband said on the phone, he may have little time,louis vuitton outlet, often vomiting blood, has been living in a dilapidated temple inside. May Ye Jinxiu and son meet, her son, trying to rediscover the idea of ​​his biological father, a family of three shots family portrait, but for this proposal, the son did not say anything, and finally said, to accompany his grandmother in Shishi go Zhejiang pilgrimage. June 1, Lv Jianning a telephone call to her. But that day, Ye Jinxiu never hit by the son of the telephone, her QQ friends list inside "spanking guy disappeared. July,mulberry sale, Ye Jinxiu feeling bad body, vomiting blood,mulberry outlet uk, eye sight dropped to 0.2 due to ulceration doctors recommended her to change the cornea. Ye Jinxiu has not copy shop operating in her to help people see the Internet, waiting for that spanking guy appeared, and "baby home" users "whiz" Contact "whiz" to her finishing a testament, in addition to talk about her experiences, is the hope that death can body donation and get a little pay to take thousands of dollars of debt owed by her eighteen years to find his son.

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his drug addiction was arrested

's Court, yesterday, Changzhou the drug traffickers leader Fang Yuqin, Jiang Huikun lovers in local by law executed by lethal injection. One hour before the execution, the reporter interviewed face to face in the Changzhou Detention Center on drug traffickers Yuanyang. Eventually go down this road of no return, they seem to be such an outcome has long been expected, but often think of the parents, the thought of his son, I think of the colorful life of this world, they have quietly weeping regret it,ルイヴィトン, "through the night last night "" But when introspection is too late. " To this step came to realize that drug trafficking is a dead end, as they say, hope that the world can learn a lesson, and Mo followed suit, otherwise, harm to others. ■ drug network destruction July 19 2007, Changzhou Police spent more than 90 police attack at the same time, Shenzhen, Anhui Jingde, Changzhou three nine target point, in one fell swoop and arrested 31 and seized methamphetamine from throughout 3 kg, Ma Ancient 5,000 tablets, drug money of 12 million yuan, six machetes, a defibrillator. This action declared destruction of Jiang Huikun, Fang Yuqin drug gangs. Clues to burst on the scene, the gang's drug trafficking is the Changzhou Dasan a mysterious gas station. Police found here but not a gas bottle and out, and was often Xianzarenyuan between. Police track a few months, and finally detected the terrible secret hidden inside the gas station, was actually a Shenzhen, Taizhou to Changzhou, the underground drug trafficking network. Police identify, Jiang Huikun and Fang Yuqin is the leader of the drug gangs, whose members include fruit is "Xu Zhongliang, Cheng and Ying, Jiang Liping, Zhang Betau et al. The court finds, after hearing,ジョーダン, Spring Festival of 2007 to July 19 the same year was arrested, Jiang Huikun, Fang Yuqin 3419.3 grams of drug trafficking. The case often state in the Court of First Instance, the High Court of second instance,モンクレール アウトレット, the Supreme Court approved sentenced Jiang Huikun Fang Yuqin death penalty; life imprisonment Xu Zhongliang, Cheng Ying, Jiang Liping, Zhang Betau 15 years. Changzhou, divorce, single; Jianghui Kun Fang Yuqin home in Jingde County, Anhui Province, left home because of family conflicts. The two engage in pyramid selling in Guangxi and other places understanding,バーバリー 財布. In coexistence, Fang Yuqin Jiang Huikun very satisfied with the decision the dead followed him soon cohabitation. Jianghui Kun, who owned a gas station, but it happens to be the "drug addicts", debt ridden. Fang Yuqin domestic companies in Shenzhen, nanny gave one called "small warm" person, and thereby recognize small temperature, and soon learned that a "small temperature" is a drug dealer. Jiang Huikun just drug, she began to buy drugs from the small temperature "at to suck in Changzhou Jiang Huikun, later sold to other people. The two found astonishingly high profits of drug trafficking, decided to return to Changzhou dry. The gas station has become the best cover of Jiang Huikun original half-dead; Fang Yuqin also with domestic companies in Shenzhen, to keep up with the "little temperature" frequent contacts. Xu Zhongliang seemed generally in this level of education for the junior high school's drug gangs, nicknamed "the fruit is to" stand out ". Provincial High Court judge, told reporters, Xu Zhongliang home in Wangjiang, parents are farmers, as well as a sister working in Shanghai. As a child he was assiduously reading, was admitted to a prestigious university in Chongqing, read mathematics. But he lost in the university direction into MLM quagmire, the results did not finish graduate thesis. Before because of drug trafficking was arrested, he were removed from society, even accounts not know where. In mid-April 2007, Jiang Huikun drugs brought back from Shenzhen to the Fang Yuqin. The next day, Fang Yuqin delivery to the buyer, is kidnapped by a group of unidentified people to each other not only beat her, stripped of her blouse, burning with cigarettes, leaving a scar to being arrested, also visible. This time, in addition to the body of the ice, and the money was the other away, was kind enough to Jiang Huikun ask for nearly 4 million back into the "female masters,air ジョーダン. Do not touch a word "poison" the provisional sentence one hour before, two drug traffickers with this reporter a brief dialogue with the yesterday, Changzhou cold rain started falling, in the suburb of Changzhou City Detention Center calm as a go. Outside the gate and saw the police cars into the detention center courtyard, many local residents gathered to wait and see, based on past experience to determine: Some people on the execution ground. Right! These two individuals is drug trafficking gang principal Jianghui Kun and Fang Yuqin. Nine o'clock positively identified in the Detention Center interrogation District, Changzhou City Court and Detention Center just after read the Supreme Court ruled the death penalty review. Before taken to his death, the newspaper reporter, and Jiang Huikun and Fang Yuqin were short dialogue. At first a slight conflict when it comes to family time, they open the chatterbox, took to drug trafficking no return to regret it, and hope that the world learn a lesson,モンクレール. Fang Yuqin: now regret there with you on the previous appeal, Fang Yuqin may already know, after listening to the Supreme Court ruled that, wearing a red and white thin sweater she was not excited, looking only slightly red eye socket. See the interview with reporters, she looked down. After hundreds of thousands of deposits siphoning reporter (hereinafter referred to as "mind"): Come, your family did not come to see you Fang Yuqin (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties"): did not come. Do not mention the subject, OK Reporter: did you Jiang Huikun with drug trafficking, he said you suborn dry, is not it Side: I did not instigate the trial, I said very clearly as to who say this is not important. Reporter: Do you think the victims who and Jiang Huikun two Who Are you addicted to drugs Fang: I do not do drugs. I have a lot of money, are siphoning off. He used to earn some money, he absorbance. Reporter: Do you have a family, to have children, but willingly followed Jiang Huikun you regret Party: regret useful I have a family, (in Shenzhen) have their own career, there are hundreds of thousands of deposits, are siphoning off. You I regret helpful "I hate him, hate, death" Reporter: Do you know the dangers of meth Fang: Do not know. He (Jiang Huikun) absorption of methamphetamine and heroin is not addictive. Come in later, I learned that methamphetamine great harm. Reporter: Do you hate him Party: hate him useful Reporter: Do you have a family, to have children, but willingly followed Jiang Huikun to go today. Fang: I hate him to death! Come after the meeting, we almost do not speak! When he was in Changzhou, in Shenzhen, he was once a minor (Changzhou), told me to borrow money. Lied to me that in business, to borrow money to invest in other places, in fact, are siphoning off. Since 1999, he told me to borrow money, borrow three thousand, twenty thousand. Later,モンクレール アウトレット, his drug addiction was arrested, his father called me to. In order to save his, I come here to the end of the business. Later relapse, in 2003, three years in a labor camp. I've always wanted to he could repent, he has repeatedly relapse. My family is very wealthy, I am not short of money, this step today, I hate him, hate, death, hateful what can not solve any problem. Home and elderly parents in mind: Do you miss your own son Party: Do not mention the topic, right I smiled quietly to leave this world. Reporter: your family, then said to them Party (brief silence, his eyes hanging tears, deep voice): at home, as well as aging parents, children, and I am sorry your family. Reporter: often watch TV, read newspapers, reported above narcotics cases you can not touch this A lot of people are still drug trafficking go your way, you have nothing to say to them Parties: the community,ヴィトン 財布, there are so many people, drug trafficking, whether it is intentional or not, as long as the run into (drugs), and finally destroy not just their own family and life, as well as others,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, as well as social. Do not touch. (Pause) There are so many people can not withstand the temptation. Jiang Huikun: Do not touch a "poison" words Fang Yuqin first contravene always been cheerful, character Jiang Huikun face the reporters, wearing out the same prison cells roommate to send clothes. Not tall, stocky drug traffickers, his face is always wearing a trademark smile, so even if old father to visit the day before. Tan Fang Yuqin: Sorry this relationship Reporter (hereinafter referred to as "mind"): I heard that you have been smiling now. We just interviewed Fang Yuqin, she abandoned the business, the family, come today to tell you, hate you, hate, death, you her guilt The Jiang Huikun (hereinafter referred to as "Jiang"): My smile is born so. Since come this far, it will not be my responsibility. She hates me, because my drug harm her harm, harm to the whole family. But I also know her until after divorce. Reporter: Are you with her come this far, you want in the end is how Chiang: how should I say,マーキュリアル, I was a man of drug trafficking, drug abuse, she (Fang Yuqin) knows unknowingly involved I also Quanguo her. Reporter: you, saying this relationship Jiang: I'm sorry! Especially in Dafeng labor camp, her every month to see my middle only a month did not go, I'm really sorry for her. To talk about his son: Do not touch the word "poison" in mind: Are you ever going to do serious business, not drug trafficking, why not Jiang: really thought about closing hand quit. But the temptation is too great, drug trafficking and money too fast, could not resist the temptation. Some relatives and friends to go this way, I regret not let them to participate. I hope they can mend, obey the discipline to go out early, and their families are waiting for them. Note: For a family, you have nothing to say They come to see you Chiang: I leave home, the elderly and children. Like my son unclear on what the University only know junior, he never wrote to me, did not see me, he hates me, like me, is certainly an impact on his future . Only old father, his son did not come, I do not regret that I am a sinner. (Smile finally stagnation eyes were red) and I would like to say to his son: "Dad, I'm sorry you!" In the next life, do not touch a "poison", dad is the best example, the father is to a "poison" word, ruined the rest of my life. Talk about drug trafficking: should not go down this road of no return in mind: those who are still drug, you have nothing to say Jiang: I hope they will go back as soon as possible,グッチ バッグ, repent and be saved. Reporter: You know what drugs mean Chiang: drug hazardous great, not only is detrimental to the family, but also harm society, I was here realized this. I can not every day smoke, can not quit, reeducation through labor to come back after more than a year not heroin, methamphetamine and other new drugs became popular in the community, and finally again I cited on this road of no return. In mind: the day before your father comes to see you this morning, any connection sister met, you are not already expect this result, sleep last night Jiang:. Yesterday, I have a hunch, a night without sleep, reflect on a night had really should not go down this road ah! 9:35, the short end of the interview,モンクレール ダウン. Jiang Huikun taken to his death. At the moment, with a police car, Fang Yuqin in the last row of seats waiting. When they see, looked at each other and smiled, Fang Yuqin finally tears. Saw a White Rabbit candies in her left hand, a bailiff handed separated by a row of seats Jiang Huikun, the latter its grip in the hands. At the moment, the two eyes of a trace of nostalgia, the people around you feel a strong bitterness and sadness. As this world, toffee sweet, warning people to stay away from drugs, and Mo candy becomes bitter fruit. Without drugs, believe their road of life is given another look. An hour later, which drug traffickers ringleader in accordance with the law "needle death." Correspondent Shen Gao Xuan Shen criminal the three newspaper reporter at the Aviva edition photographic Zhang Mingyuan ■ news for more than four years to 1042 drug-related personnel sentenced to 10 years in the fight against drug-related crimes, the Jiangsu Police remediation has intensified over the past four years, cracked 1.1 million from drug cases and drug suspects arrested 1.2 million people, to fight at the performance among the nation for three consecutive years. According to the person in charge of the Provincial High Court, the courts at all levels in our province insisted subjective vicious drug lords, professional drug traffickers, recidivism, recidivist serious harm, as well as committing the crime more often, a large number of drug trafficking, drug trafficking to people to entice many people in serious cases of drug abuse, violence, resisting arrest and other criminals, as the most important hit. From 2005 to October of this year, the province's courts handled a total of 9386 in 7148 of drug-related criminal cases, including trafficking, transport, manufacture of drug-related crimes to 6968 in 4892, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or the death penalty, a total of 1042 people .

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's surveillance video shows

's surveillance video shows: the day before yesterday at 3 pm,バーバリー, 33 minutes 01-37 seconds, the two men were blocking the line of sight of two female clerk,バーバリー 財布, the middle there is a middle-aged man wearing a jacket, took the opportunity to put his hand to the inside of the glass counter,バーバリー コート, stole the inside two gold necklace,ヴィトン. The person in charge of the jewelry store,ヴィトン 財布, a similar incident had also occurred,モンクレール アウトレット, but the amount involved,air ジョーダン. After the incident,モンクレール, they call the police,ルイヴィトン, the Liji police station rushed to the scene. The Liji police station police officer told reporters that the addition to the scene investigation, the police still in the area visited the investigation,モンクレール アウトレット, the case is still under investigation. Police called upon to the insiders call 110 directly provide relevant clues,モンクレール, patrol quickly rushed,ヴィトン. Or Liji police station, Tel:.

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Mingyi half brother and three half-brothers and sisters

's three half-brothers and sisters, and their discharge formalities. At this point, Ming Yi and Mr,louis vuitton outlet online. Deng considered to ascertain the source of the "mentally ill",michael kors outlet store. Mingyi has finally come home after nearly 24 hours of admission to get through the night. Before discharge, Ma Zhuren had a meeting with Mr. Deng, Mingyi half brother and three half-brothers and sisters,louis vuitton outlet, to conduct interviews. Mr Tang said afterwards,louis vuitton outlet online, The Mingyi sister A Wei has always been to the doctor's advice, "I want my sister to live in a mental hospital." Kaifong: not mental problems the Mingyi lived in 10 years Mitsutaka Road, dwelling 78 square meters of shabby homes,louis vuitton outlet store, elderly tenants who Mr,louis vuitton outlet store. Zhang informed reporters that the half-brother the Ahom the house in the same small homes,michael kors outlet store, "Ming Yi's mother and stepfather gave birth to four brothers and sisters always bad relationship with her." Mr. Zhang,mulberry outlet, etc. the congregation the Kaifong said, Mingyi taciturn character, rarely dealing with the neighborhood, but occasionally take to the streets to buy food to meet or nod, "mental problems" can not see. Brother: sister superstition row hospital exactly what led to the four siblings are determined sister sent to a mental hospital The younger brother the Ahom told reporters after the admission of the mother, the day-to-day eating and drinking Lazard can not take care of themselves, all rely on a female care workers from Hunan, "serve the mother for more than a year". Aghion, said Ming Yi has been very superstitious, resulting in abnormal mental state. Recently, she took out the zodiac clash reason to get rid of the carer. All the siblings find difficult to accept that they had a falling out with her. "City, a hospital doctor and we feel her emotions have been completely out of control,michael kors outlet, and the treatment of the mother can not be normal,mulberry outlet uk." Aghion said, therefore the two sisters was helpless way or another to the mental hospital for help. Hospital: superstition is not psychotic Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital inpatient department Mazhu Ren said, although definitive conclusions still need to conduct a formal psychiatric evaluation before come from the hospital several conversations and preliminary results of the examination is visible tomorrow aunt's mental condition, although there is a problem, but it is certainly not yet reached the degree of mental illness. Mazhu Ren said, Mingyi really superstitious tendencies, but superstition is not mentally ill,louis vuitton outlet. Mingyi and half-siblings, long-term "heart disease", is also just a psychological problem, not a mental illness. As for Ming Yi and Mr,mulberry sale. Deng treatment for "psychosis" questioned Ma Zhuren explain, relatives signature confirmation, and officially the circumstances in which the application is made to the hospital, the hospital necessary control and inspection of their loved ones, but will press the "emergency" treatment.

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the parties embraced each other

's technology workers Momou unreported the 3rd stop line debugging of the the managers Kyrgyzstan (Korean) turn on Momou criticism and education altercation ,モンクレール ダウン, fighting erupted to lead Momou injured. After the event,UGG, the rapid intervention of the local government and public security departments,あぐ. Last night, the reporter was informed, and local government workers' representatives a forum held yesterday afternoon the meeting, the parties embraced each other, shake hands. Local emergency department treatment It is understood that after the beating incident, the local public security authorities after receiving the report, the rapid intervention, and the injured to hospital for treatment. Check Xie Gang Hospital and Tung Wah Hospital,ugg ブーツ, Momou by minor injuries,グッチ. On July 28, the parties negotiated over, Kyrgyzstan a compensation of 17,000 yuan and oriented Momou apology, the two sides are no longer held responsible,マーキュリアル. The morning of July 30, some of the staff beating because of dissatisfaction with the company management, more than 300 employees gathered in the plant area, and then they gradually took to the streets. 11 o'clock in the morning, more than 100 have been line to Guanhui Road Xie Shan sections traffic congestion cause Guanhui Road Xie Hill section. After the event,ルイヴィトン, Xiegang Committee, the town government immediately launched the emergency plan, the principal leaders and department heads to the scene to understand the situation and deal with,バーバリー. Someone's general manager went to the site to make a public apology and promised a satisfactory explanation to the staff. The public security organs in the rapid mobilization of police to the scene to maintain order. 16:00 the same day, the scene is basically under control,アグ, gradually returning to normal traffic order, the workers gradually dispersed,ヴィトン. Arising from either the company or expelled from the batterer yesterday afternoon, the town held a staff representative forum. According to staff, the forum, beating guitar, when was wounded oriented Momou apologize to the two in front of everyone hugged each other, shake hands,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー. According to the parties concerned, arising from either company may be expelled a staff hitting guitar,ルイヴィトン バッグ. However, the final outcome is not yet announced.

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ducks and the park backyard

's son was scared to jump up to a cow's back. It is the day of the explanation for Mr,モンクレール ダウン. Huang and other tourists guides Pur is introduced, he took Mr. Wong and his party of 13 tourists all the way from the the half drunk bridge, kudzu Park, the Longevity Pavilion tour to python Stream attractions for tourists,ジョーダン, he explains why the day Python Stream do not see python access when he suddenly heard a tourists screaming and shouting "large pythons, boa constrictor, along the direction of tourists fingers, he found two meters of the distance of their location hole at a body scales smooth, the back of the color is a bit yellow python is slowly swim out away from the hole, even though he shouted to the tourists: "Do not worry, here python is non-toxic and does not hurt,ルイヴィトン バッグ." but at this time tourists or foot the coarse sized body plus gilded scarlet letter child from time to time "indigenous people" not scared of light: the young man dragged his girlfriend for a time, the parents brought their children and head buried in his arms,マーキュリアル, chaos heap to attractions outside the "escape" funny, Mr. Wong is a 16-year-old son Paozhaopaozhe momentum and do not know where he comes from, to see an old man in the park hill cattle, even awarded to jump on Cattle. After under guidelines in the Pur positive gesture, the python slowly swim back to the cave. The tour guide Pur are telling reporters that the park belongs to the national 4A level forest park, is the the Jiangsu area's largest wild animal and plant kingdom,バーバリー. The south side of the terrain reasons, Park Hill belongs to the north subtropical climate characteristics of the Southern District, the the mountain north side belongs to the warm temperate climate features,モンクレール アウトレット, providing good conditions for biodiversity park. Wolf, badger, fox, pythons nearly 40 species of wild animals in the park,ルイヴィトン, the zoo is still many chickens, ducks and the park backyard, near the common people also often led to cattle, sheep park hill grazing. According to its introduction,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, the python Stream area often python infested the original construction of the park staff had caught one weighing more than 60 kg python in a mountain stream,グッチ バッグ, python named Stream,グッチ 財布. Where the mountain stream in the end it is not clear how much snake with park officials, but in the spring, visitors often see spots in the python wrapped around a tree. Pythons in the scenic area infested one season, all tour guides will tell visitors to these wild pythons are national protected animals and non-toxic, these pythons could not hurt a legend: pythons often wound in the park within a local civil tree, in front of the temple to listen to the monks recite prayers, the passage of time,バーバリー コート, they will have a spirituality. Yesterday, the site's visitors am wondering, why are we still out activities already hibernating pythons In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Nanjing Hongshan Zoo Amphibian and Reptile House Technician Dong Junhui. He said, hibernating python is not has not been activity, its habitat locations are leeward and sunny, sunny high temperatures in the winter, it will come out to feed and activities, in order to complement the physical. The who tour guide is right python really is non-toxic,ヴィトン, and will not take the initiative to attack people in the case of no harm. So visitors do not have to panic. But Dong technicians remind visitors is very similar to the appearance of some large body of king snake and python, people will mistakenly believe that the python, boa constrictor Stream python has yet to be confirmed. Of course, the king snake is also non-toxic and does not take the initiative to wounding. (Li Yi the Ming Zhu Dingzhao Yang Zhimin)

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and I hope you find a similar situation to the police

's enthusiasm should be encouraged,louis vuitton outlet store, and I hope you find a similar situation to the police,louis vuitton outlet online, to help drivers were robbed timely rescued,mulberry outlet. (Mohan Lee)

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the contact with Hanchuan civil affairs departments found

's Hospital for treatment of Orthopaedic Surgery,モンクレール. On in Dongjinghe levee on May 28,ヴィトン 財布, a group of people in Xiantao, met huddled roadside an elderly dying, this well-intentioned people Mangjiang sent Xiantao relief management station. After examination, the elderly leg fracture,ヴィトン, the station then rushed to the First People's Hospital of Xiantao, bone treatment,ugg ブーツ. Accompany the elderly more than a week of relief workers, the elderly man named Xu Jinshan Hanchuan City man,ugg ブーツ, 86-year-old. Teens away from home after many years away doing odd jobs to make a living, is still single. Two years ago,アグ, he came Honghu braided river fish ponds workers,ルイヴィトン. On the morning of March 24,モンクレール ダウン, he accidentally fell sick in bed. At that time, the work of another companion in fish ponds lied to take him to see a doctor, actually cruel to throw him in the Honghu outside a welfare home. Two days later,アグ, the orphanage staff in turn thrown on the Honghu Xiantao junction Dongjinghe levee Fortunately Xiantao intentioned people,UGG. Xiantao relief management station one person in charge, said yesterday, the contact with Hanchuan civil affairs departments found,モンクレール アウトレット, Xu Jinshan In fact,あぐ, there is no account. He hoped that the civil affairs department of Hanchuan Xu Jinshan living placement problem can be resolved as soon as possible so that the elderly can enjoy their twilight years.

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but also less money Gongben fee

repeated deductions, increase our costs." In response, Beijing Forestry University Logistics Service Corporation ,バーバリー, the canteen is a non-profit, a move to avoid school staff meal,air ジョーダン, increase school costs. Mr,グッチ バッグ. Wang said,モンクレール, the day before he went to the Beijing Forestry University Law Near noon meal in school learn two canteens. "30 dollars to buy a temporary dining card, but consume only 16 dollars,バーバリー コート." He said, Fanka 10 yuan deposit and 4 yuan fee,グッチ 財布, the deposit can be refunded, but the fee can not be refunded. 16 yuan to buy a meal after meal depleted, they would like to buy lunch but found it impossible to recharge, can only buy temporary dining card again,グッチ, "I still have to buckle four dollars for this school, so I can not, he said, understanding of noon yesterday, the reporter learned in the Beijing Forestry University see two canteens, do card at the cafeteria on the second floor and the third floor of the school staff to apply for temporary dining card from time to time, "temporary dining card only a face value of 20 yuan plus 10 yuan deposit. "the Office card at staff said, each card received 4 yuan fee,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, if the consumer is more than 16 yuan need to buy a card," buy the card spending a dollar, but also less money Gongben fee,モンクレール アウトレット, the balance will not retreat. "the staff member added. "We do not welcome the school staff to school meals, if you come we must agree that this provision." For the provision Logistics Service Corporation of Beijing Forestry University staff, Mr. Cheng said, the canteen is a non-profit,ルイヴィトン, due to the price on the higher price,マーキュリアル. The school has been losing money for students, the surcharge fee meals to avoid school personnel,ルイヴィトン バッグ, increase the cost to the school.

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selected piano keyboard

's practice on the side, Mr,michael kors outlet store. Ho to understand children's education can not rely on to keep pressing, but Mr. Ho let the children write an undertaking, or default child undertaking, which is not responsible for the child's future performance. Hu said China, as a 9-year-old child, she simply can not afford to go to be responsible for their own future,mulberry sale, if Mr. Ho left unchecked, as parents and guardians of children is dereliction of duty. Before the child is still a minor, the parents should be responsible for their children. Education experts and parents to explore children's interests and culture education experts believe that extra-curricular training only to establish the child on the basis of, in order to receive good results. Some parents blindly follow suit, utilitarian thinking, does not take into account the children's interests and characteristics, will only increase the burden on the child. Furthermore, the children have their own special interests, parents should be timely to explore. The expansion of the child's field of vision is very important to find interest. For example, when that child has met his eyes glowing things, this interest is worth cultivating, parents should encourage them to explore. Children of the same age to say: "do not like, can not go thiophene!" 10-year-old student at the new St. Paul Primary School Allison, Allison listening to the story of the Shanshan said confidently: "do not like, can not go thiophene! "Allison said, regardless of the parents reported what hobbies classes, if they do not like and are not interested in, you will not go slowly certainly do not go to school, because she was not interested. Grow up, do not blame the parents, Allison did not mind. 9-year-old Wenwen resolutely stood slowly aside, who are willing to learn something that they are not interested in it, this is the child's personality,mulberry outlet uk. Smart parents do this: difficult times to push him a Wenwen learning martial arts for four years. The natural physical Wenwen bad parents wanted him to learn martial arts physical fitness, but also to develop a man's temperament. Wenwen started to learn two months after no interest in the mother to ask, before we know Wenwen not learn martial arts is afraid of difficulties. With the deepening of the learning process, the curriculum has evolved from the original simple few moves to the complex and difficult action, Wenwen afraid of suffering Pareto, he just do not learn martial arts. Mom started to worry, but did not force Wenwen, Wenwen not hit, but accompanied Wenwen to learn, and more to encourage their child Of course, sometimes the appropriate hair "Viagra". Children insist on having the most difficult to limit and learn relish. Now, the kids still insist on learning martial arts, physique, spirit of bearing hardships trained. (Text slowly pseudonym), piano, organ, erhu, dance, painting, martial arts. Multiple hobbies in order to let only child slowly learn something daughter, eager for her parents to enroll in the N train classes. Three years is not a very long time, if expertise in a technology, may have been "Lotus Buds". But three years have passed, slowly no one studies, there is resentment, no longer willing to participate in hobby classes,michael kors outlet online. In order to let parents rest assured, the 9-year-old child had written undertaking, grow up, do not blame the parents, these talents are voluntary, not to learn. 3 for 6 skill or are not interested in a nine-year-old Shanshan cute, in order to let his daughter grow up slowly a good talent, the public Mr. Ho and his wife to discuss the children to extra-curricular interest classes, selected piano keyboard, dance and art interest classes, if not to make a living, but more than the same talent, always occupying opportunities. But she had every kind of hobby classes only a few months and it would not be the interest, first piano, painting, dance, keyboard,mulberry outlet uk, erhu, daughter enthusiasm only three minutes "later. Three years have passed,louis vuitton outlet store, daughter learned talent like every kind are only just learned there is no interest in Responsibility for their own negative 9-year-old girl written undertaking "slowly, you do not learn,louis vuitton outlet store, grow up, will not blame our original how not nurture you " Mr. Ho often half-jokingly said to her daughter,michael kors outlet. Mr. Ho and his wife that the child can not keep pressing force is the force does not come out,louis vuitton outlet, watched daughter "ignoramus", Mr. Ho and his wife look in the eyes of anxious heart, not a good show it. "I wrote you a guarantee it." Parents kept repeating several times,louis vuitton outlet, slowly stroke of the pen, write a guarantee letter: "I volunteered to learn to play the piano, keyboard, erhu,michael kors outlet store, dance, variety, includes painting, martial arts, and I do not blame my mother grew up, Dad. "Mr. Ho look dumbfounding. Fear of parents blame secretly alter guarantee book Shanshan wrote in June this guarantee, yesterday, Mr. He found, to ensure that the book has been tampered with content changed from the original "do not blame the parents" do not blame my mother to complain Dad " ,michael kors outlet online. "This child is certainly afraid of the future is to blame, quietly changed again content." Mr. Ho said, because usually on her own strict control. News face-to-face, "I just do not like the" Reporter: Mom and Dad Wang Cheng-feng ah, how do you not exciting Shanshan: I just do not like it. I know that the parents are good for me, not like just do not like, do not like do not want to go. Reporter: if there is no other children her age, and would later blame Mom and Dad Agencies: ...

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did not wait Jia Xin react punch hit in the nose Jia Xin

'm sorry you eat so much rice,ルイヴィトン. "Feng Peng, after hearing began shouted:" No,ugg ブーツ, you eat with Feng Peng said with a smile: eat you,ヴィトン, eat do not laugh at me. "meals you eat more than others, has always been big eater, do not want people to say I still say today,あぐ, eater, eater,アグ!" heard Jia Xin continued Feng Peng put down the chopsticks,モンクレール アウトレット, walked straight past,モンクレール ダウン, did not wait Jia Xin react punch hit in the nose Jia Xin,アグ, blood suddenly gushed,UGG. Feng Peng prepare fists,UGG, just out of the cotton field workers encounter,ヴィトン 財布, workers pull the two men to the police station,モンクレール. Shawan County Public Security Bureau four river sub-police station rushed to the scene to understand Jia Xin situation will sent to the town hospitals bandaged and Feng back to the police station investigation. At present, the case is under further investigation.

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cut the students stumble stagger reclined out of the toilet

He was completely crazy knives to injure event" College Building 7,ugg ブーツ. For live less than 10 meters away from Building 7, Building 6 students, half an hour across the floor, knives to injure event was broadcast live. Noon yesterday near 11:00 is dormitory small holes to play on the computer when I heard, Building 7 came a cry, "I saw then quarters of Building 7 by the East ran a him clutching his head, first The east side of escape, they immediately turned around and ran toward the toilet, holes recalls,アグ. This reporter saw the floors of public toilets in the most western of the deceased Chen went to the toilet before the middle of the floors stairs, he does not direct fled downstairs and witnessed the entire event classmates speculated, might Chen was not chopped,ヴィトン, thought he hid in the toilet will be fine. Classmates recalled that Chen ran out into the toilet after laimou holding a knife chasing into screams then came out from the toilet. "Not long, cut the students stumble stagger reclined out of the toilet, you can clearly see his head bleeding." Holes,ugg ブーツ, were cut down by running the 10 meters namely to catch up, "armed with a knife who take the knife directly pixiang his skull, he insisted on a few steps, and eventually fell to the ground. looked knives to injure completely crazy. "students said, this time armed with an iron bar security rushed to the scene," but in the end knives to injure themselves walking down to the first floor, her hand clutching a kitchen knife, "one student said,UGG, a downstairs when the eyes of the Lai slack, sluggish, silent, went to the east side of the front of the barber shop collapsed to the ground," four security rushed forward and hugged his frame to the first floor of a dark room, after the police came and took him away. "120 ambulances rushed to the scene at about 11:30,ルイヴィトン, and medical staff upstairs to view the announced death funeral car after the corpse away. Students: "The deceased usually very arrogant" Guangdong Institute of Mechatronic Technology, head of the Propaganda Department of introduction,モンクレール アウトレット, the deceased Chen Zhanjiang people rely on a the Yunfu person, two students are the College of Automotive Engineering Automotive marketing professional junior students,モンクレール, classmates , lived in the same dorm, just outside the experience is over, back to school. Car-based junior boys go out basic internship, the reporter did not find the murderer and the deceased students, but students said the bad blood between the two, "I do not know them, but said that the murderer has been bullied by the deceased scene," a live in Building 7 of the students said the deceased tall,あぐ, usually self assertive, like bullying, the murderer is actually a very honest look, a man of few words. "school: The bear any responsibility to bear any responsibility." too suddenly usually did not see that strange,アグ. "Propaganda Department of the school official said, after the incident, the school held an emergency meeting to notify the two families, and set up a special reception team. The teachers and counselors also do psychological counseling of students work, stable student emotions. The official said that,モンクレール ダウン, in accordance with the judicial process, the bear any responsibility to bear any responsibility,UGG.

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a second surgery for 30 do reserve. The day

'panda blood' to save my father,モンクレール アウトレット." On the afternoon of October 26, Ms. Shihezi public hot call around looking for a rare "panda blood". The hot lady said, in April this year, her father was admitted to the hospital because of abdominal cancer, gastrointestinal disease. On the morning of October 26, the father finish the first time after surgery, the doctor told the hot Ms., her father's blood type is rare RH-O type "panda blood" as soon as possible to find this blood type,air ジョーダン, a second surgery for 30 do reserve. The day, the heat Ms. immediately contact relatives and friends, but did not find such a rare blood type. A friend told the hot Ms., called "China's rare blood type to donate blood alliance" website to find the crowd to a rare blood. Hot Ms. find on this site, Mr. Zou and father blood type match. 27 noon, the heat Ms. Mr Chow's phone call. "My father told him to ask whether he is willing to do that, I did not expect he immediately agreed." The hot Ms,グッチ. excitedly said,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー. Two o'clock the same day, Mr Chow put the phone down immediately rushed to the local bus terminal, "worried delays train ride, I ride on cars rushed to the Shihezi sat five hour drive,モンクレール ダウン, about seven p.m., Mr. Zou arrived Shihezi. At 10:00 on October 28th,バーバリー 財布, reporters rushed to the Shihezi city blood bank, see Mr Chow has long been waiting in line to donate blood in the blood collection room, accompanied by hot woman told reporters, Mr Chow came straight after Shihezi People's Hospital to visit the elderly, and send two hundred dollars, the hot Ms. politely declined, a move leaving the hot lady and her family deeply moved. "When I received the phone did not think too much, and was immediately rushed to the scene, I hope my blood of the patient." Lift the blood donation thing is Mr,マーキュリアル. Zou very low-key. Around 12:00 the same day, turn to Mr Chow's blood donation, medical staff immediately blood tests, the results match the blood type and the elderly, "hurry blood, grandfather also waiting for help!" Mr. Chow said,ヴィトン, deftly roll up the sleeves. "With the 400 milliliters of blood, surgery for the elderly have a guarantee." Hospital intensive care unit,グッチ 財布, said Dr. Hou elderly hemoglobin decreased need 1200 ml of RH-O type "panda blood" If you can not find this blood type, a long time,バーバリー, his heart, spleen, liver and other organs will be severely affected, there may even be life-threatening,ルイヴィトン. 400 ml of blood, on the one hand to improve the anemic condition of the elderly,モンクレール, shock prevention, and also surgical bleeding occurred do blood source reserves. Dr. Hou said that the elderly arrangements surgery 28 afternoon can.

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to stay in school in Chengdu

'S phone, my mother has been crying over the phone just did not speak to hang up the,アグ. Anxious Yanling playing the father of the telephone,ugg ブーツ, dial a dozen times the phone was turned on, "here are good, do not worry." Even though my father said, but Yanling felt rushed and perfunctory tone father The giddy Her four to teachers and students about the Yushu situation. Home at night,ヴィトン 財布, she learned from the aunt mouth bad news: 28-year-old cousin, 1-year -old niece,UGG, uncle and sister-in-law died in the earthquake. Often called "uncle and cousin,ugg ブーツ, asked me, OK, missing no shortage cousin also said fifty-one came to see me ... I do not believe they ' re gone. "Small Yanling choked more than,ヴィトン. Volunteer to take care of the wounded that night,ルイヴィトン, Yanling insomnia for the first time. She was holding a photo and family photos, crying wet the entire pillow,モンクレール ダウン. The next day, she told her father on the phone: "I want to go home when the volunteers." Dad firmly, persuaded her: "The people are gone, you come back just a drag,あぐ, to stay in school in Chengdu,モンクレール アウトレット!" Disaster area obsession The Yanling TV that part of the hometown of the wounded go to Chengdu where emergency recruitment Tibetan translation,UGG, said nothing to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University enrollment. In order not to delay the study, small Yanling heard the recommendations of the aunt, use the weekend to the hospital to help the wounded,アグ. Early in the morning of the 17th, Yanling appeared in Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital emergency department door waiting tasks. (According to the Chengdu Evening News ")

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earn some money

's students were diverted to the Christina school. Mingxin school principals Hu Ming, standing on a campus surrounded by two two layers of simple buildings alone, smoking a cigarette, "has received more than 200 students of the Red Star." 12 years ago, Hu Ming opened in Beijing Mingxin school several was removed after a small port village settled East, "Our school is a medium-sized, there are about 700 people." For the balance of payments situation of the school, Hu Ming is not shy about - expenditures, staff salary, house rent, utilities fixed The major items. Hu Ming, pick up a pen, to Cheguo a blank sheet of paper, "the school's single income, is the student's tuition, 600 yuan per person per semester, Christina school a total of 700 children, let's count by 700, school annual income of 840,000 yuan. "Hu Ming 84 million in revenue minus $ 40,000," There are some children can not afford to pay school fees, or pay insufficiency tuition, this accounted for about 10 percent. " in the Mingxin schools,mulberry outlet uk, 28 teachers, a school principal and a headmaster and two drivers. "A total of 32 people, the average wage of 1,500 yuan, winter and summer vacations are not wages for teachers,mulberry outlet, a total of 10 months of wages, for a total of 480,000 yuan. Subsidies should be given to some teachers, such as your child's teacher followed the school bus wages accounted for $ 50 million. "rent of 200,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan, office supplies, electricity, 20,000 yuan. Fuel costs and maintenance costs of the two cars per semester is about 30,mulberry sale,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan a year, plus 2 million insurance vehicle inspection. "Hu said the annual heating costs of about 4 million, the school's day-to-day maintenance, maintenance of about 10,000 yuan a year. "Before tuition is 700 yuan per semester, after the BoE subsidies, school subsidies go directly to tuition, to close at 600 yuan per semester." Hu Ming written on the paper,michael kors outlet store, the total income of one million yuan a year, spending 88 million . "Now the rest of the 12 million is money in the little accident situation does not appear under ideal conditions, and occasionally students bumps, the school had to see the doctor. Schools Yearly Inspection and so are not counted in the general ledger inside, in our schools any large expenditures of more than 1000 yuan spending. "last year, Hu Ming, a year from the Board of Education can get subsidy payments to students about 200,000 yuan, he also will drop tuition down. "A few years ago, the tuition fee is 350 yuan per semester, simply not enough school's day-to-day expenses. Many people to the school to a fine of not this failed, that failed." Hu Ming often to the construction site with some of the villagers in Henan doing odd jobs, wood and scrap metal from the site to buy it, then hands down sell "Every time I can earn thousands of dollars, a large part of the ride to school above. far as I know, a lot of children of migrant workers school principals had to engage in sideline, or else I can not guarantee the normal operation of the school some extra spending for schools, Hu Ming, not entirely credited to the carrying on of the school, "because we are sponsoring schools permit provisions we must have a surplus, if loss on the licensing of private schools, schools would shut down. "Hu said that the balance of the school each year about 70,000 yuan,michael kors outlet online. Hu Ming, a few days ago received the phone of a former migrant school principals, the person told Hu Ming, he has found the work very envious of the monthly wage of 6,mulberry outlet,000 yuan, Hu Ming, "This money is not less than the schools, the most critical is the do not worry about risk. "Hu said the school principal, more than 80% of the children of migrant workers do not earn that much money, but also earn more money few principals through the book fees. few years ago, some principals because of the demolition and the sum of a lot of compensation Chi Quan school size 1100 two schools can earn ten million surplus for school buildings Zhiquan School is located in Beijing three flags, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, the village several large waste collection stations near a row of blue and white school. Zhiquan school principals Qinji Jie, formerly a high school teacher in his hometown in Henan. His students have many left behind Junior. Parents are not around, so that these children are very sensitive, and some people made detours because of the lack of care and management. The Qin Jijie think if we can do a school, these kids together, treat them, to provide them with a good education, they will amount to anything. "I started thinking to Beijing venture back to my hometown in Henan, earn some money, of running a school." Qin Jijie worked as a photographer, sent a small ad. In 2001, he passed after their visit, Wali Township founded the first migrant school, slowly, the number of students from the first 23 people into a two to three hundred people, until five or six hundred people, the school moved to outer suburbs of Changping District in Beach. A few years later, he moved to Thienthong Beiyuan north Dongsanqi village. "Now, a total of two campuses, a small opening in the East Village, one in Beiqijia the The Beiqijia campus rent the venue, I cover school buildings." Two campuses, a total of 1,100 students, tuition from the beginning of this year each semester rose to 720 yuan from 570 yuan. For the grounds of tuition increases, Qin Jijie explained: "prices, rents, labor costs are rising, not up,louis vuitton outlet store, the school will not be able to survive." The Qin Jijie told reporters, first ask the parents advisory enrollment is not the quality of teaching, not the school curriculum, but first inquire how much money can pay less Qin Jijie two schools tied calculations: annual tuition income (excluding pay less or do not pay the tuition fees) of approximately $ 150 million. The rent of the two schools $ 40 million. And Qin Jijie two schools Total Teachers 46, 10 workers,michael kors outlet online, the average wage of 1,250 yuan, hair 11 month's wages per year, about 77 million Annual heating costs 70,000 yuan, water and electricity for 90,000 yuan and 40,000 yuan, office, and maintenance 2 million. Surplus of two schools in the 10 million students a little more time, it will exceed $ 100,000, less when eight million. Zhiquan school Beiqijia campus has more than 500 students, a few years ago, Qin Jijie here to rent a venue of only two or three bungalows, to start the school building, "money is the East moved West Cou tube from bank loans,michael kors outlet store, borrowed from relatives and friends, from private lending there is East small mouth that the school received tuition profits from this side, in the past few years in succession with less than 3 million, the house has two three hundred. "Mingyuan school size 300 to less than 400 students in the school deficit operators Metro Line Safety River Bridge North Station to the northeast, the road traffic is not connected to a mountain in the distance. Over the east, Ming round school, primary school of the children of migrant workers in a cottage area,michael kors outlet. School breakfast spread, surrounded by a low-ceilinged building bicycle repair shop, a small bathhouse, roadside Billiards stalls. This year is the true founder of the first 16 years of the next round school Principal Zhang Song. Prior to 1995, Zhang Song carpenter really come to Beijing purpose is very simple, want to learn traditional Chinese medicine. In the case of their own children can not go to school, he had to do the the migrant school's idea, intended to solve the problem of working children to school. Ming Yuan School now has nearly 300 students, two years ago, where the number of students in more than 500. The students are highly mobile, demolition go, also went to another school. "In the past 16 years, Zhang Song really have organized four migrant school,louis vuitton outlet. Song really "half water, half fire" to describe the migrant school, "It's hard to do, four schools, and some lose money, and some slight surplus." Song really give Ming Yuan, Haidian District The calculations in schools, schools, a total of 300 students per semester $ 900. "540,000 yuan a year tuition is actually not receive the money." Ming-round school a total of 20 faculty members, the average wage of 1,500 yuan per month, wages per year to 10 months as the standard rent of 280,000 yuan per year ,louis vuitton outlet. Rent plus wages is 58 million more than the number of tuition received plus utilities, maintenance, office, these have around 50,000 yuan, operate a work in schools for the children of 35 million per semester to 400,000 yuan. "Last semester, Haidian Mingyuan number of schools fell below 300, schools without school permission not BoE range of subsidies, the reduction in the number of school has been in deficit operations phase, a migrant school fewer than 400 people will lose money, more than 500 people, would have a surplus. "song really school accepted donations from society, he pointed to the desks and books, said:" these are social contributions to our They will provide equipment funding, if it is not funded, the school has long collapsed. many principals will the surplus be used to improve the treatment of teachers and improve school conditions. "songs really come up with the rental agreement and the teacher payroll," We not afraid of people see loss as to why yet to give up, the song really says: "The thing always be somebody, always let those kids on the school. Fortunately, not four, and no one can see." lose money, I can use the surplus money to fill the hole left by the money-losing schools. "(Reporter Zhao Xibin)

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she was responsible to tell you

'questions amount some big ',ugg ブーツ. "According to the investigation, to spread this message, far from being a media. Reported attracted reproduced with the tracking of other media and websites, the increasing influence of this report,UGG. Wuhan Experimental Foreign Languages ​​School Primary Section Church and State Department, Chen Ru teacher, said in an interview with reporters: she was responsible to tell you, the so-called "test parents", "points" to parents,あぐ, and the results of the so-called parents "thirtieth" statement was completely untrue,モンクレール ダウン! "This is a questionnaire,アグ, and certainly not an exam! Never linked to the strategy with the children to school!" Chen said, this is only the school admissions process routine parent survey, three years ago to do so do not know how the interpretation of this year became the "test parents' news. She told reporters, media correspondents in the case of school person in charge did not interview, did not see the questionnaire, parent questionnaire did not enter the scene, reported that the school "the test, parents, this is irresponsible. "This is an understanding of family education, and certainly not a parental exam!" Said Chen Ru parents is not only the child's first teachers, and lifelong teachers, school design the original intention of the parent questionnaire is simple, is to motivate parents to reflect on their own parenting philosophy,UGG, recognize the importance of family education of the children as they grow,アグ. At the same time,モンクレール アウトレット, these parent questionnaire, but also difficult to get the original data. Children to school, these parents questionnaire will become teachers of first-hand information. As a full-time boarding school, the school needs to understand the child's body,ヴィトン, interest in family education ideas important information from the raw data and order in the Cooperation, teachers targeted guidance for parents Weapon. Attached survey questionnaire part of the problem: your child before age accompanied by (). A. Parents B. Grandparents or grandparents C. Nanny D. Relatives and friends E.______ The main reason is that you choose to have children who attend the Minor (),モンクレール. A. Too busy with work B. Exercise the child C. Others recommend D,ugg ブーツ. Children to like E,ルイヴィトン.______ Currently, you most appreciate that your child is: __________________ future, you are most worried that your child is: __________________

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although the ancient pants only wear in the inside

's life. "This stool belonging 'Gaozuo the' did no use and the characteristics of the ritual system aristocratic culture. Han Dynasty is indeed a stool-like furniture, but it is not the people rest with It is used to put something called 'a few' and dwarf flat form,ルイヴィトン バッグ. "he told reporters, Han Dynasty the dresser and jade stool from the picture, this is likely to imitation of the Qing Dynasty palace furniture. "I observe many of the dresser in the Forbidden City, and some more like," he said. Northern and Southern Dynasties traditional culture shock and then have stools Hubei Institute for Nationalities,バーバリー コート, Department of History Professor Huang Qingmin discusses why there can be a stool in the Han Dynasty - Han Dynasty from historians point kneeling in line with the etiquette of sitting, also formed a complete set to Kneeling posture based system of etiquette,バーバリー 財布. Sitting buttocks, knees from the body flexion, plantar ground of modern sitting, the ancient called "Jiju", is considered extremely impolite. According to legend, the Wei and Jin Ji Kang see Quan Chen bell will 'Jiju while sitting', results of the bell will be furious, in front of Sima Zhao snitch,グッチ, Ji Kang lost their lives. So, Huchuang spread in the social life is very limited. After the Western Jin Dynasty, China's entry into the Northern and Southern Dynasties period of troubled times, the barbarian inroads into the Central Plains, causing severe impact of the barbarian culture of traditional Chinese culture, including sitting traditional etiquette. So after the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui,モンクレール アウトレット, Tang, Huchuang began popularity, eventually emerged stools and chairs. The women wear pants inconvenience "Gaozuo the fashion designer, who declined to be named from the point of view of the pants history" interpretation of the Han Dynasty, why not have a stool. She told reporters that the Chinese in ancient times, the pants only Kutong no crotch. The Han Dynasty Lian Dangku from the Western incoming, but in addition to the soldiers and labor to wear it for convenience, the finest people still wearing only pants. Therefore, although the ancient pants only wear in the inside, the outside will set of "skirt", but "Gaozuo the" if still indecent. After as the barbarian culture blend, the Sui and Tang dynasties Liandang Ku began to spread, Yideng This has been "sitting". The auction company say drill is also a fun set of "Jade furniture" in the end is a treasure or a fake The reporter interviewed to the CNS International Auction Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Huang Jianjun. Huang Jianjun,モンクレール ダウン, said he already knows netizens criticized, "Identification of community is very confusing, the genuineness of the helmsman,グッチ 財布. Antiques, no one can have the final say. Everyone has the right to express their views, we can only remain silent is not necessary with they fight, fight to fight nor sensible place. "He also said:" It should identify the Lot, but we do not know where to go to do, do not have a nationally recognized accreditation bodies. "He went on to say: auction company intermediaries does not guarantee auction 100% true., say 50 cents a pound if you buy cabbage that is hair accepted standards. antiques without this standard. fact, the antiques collection, the drill also a fun "Han Dynasty when indeed" Huchuang into the Central Plains, but style similar to modern folding chair, sit side is the convolution cloth. Han Dynasty Green Wong Yuk Lung phoenix vanity (with benches) Introduction volume makeup station 127.3 × 81 × 47.8cm, Zuodeng volume weight of 45 × 45 × 32cm vanity of 265.2 pounds, Zuodeng the 72.7 pounds the fineness of jade green yellow, between sugar, color composition and structure of a combination of size jade plates in accordance with the tenon structure, extremely rare style tables, put together by ten Weiping constitute jade furniture, screens beam embossed dragon decoration. Sitting pier panel and around to the dragon and phoenix wear pattern mainly, Tuizu, and large side embossed dragon decoration,グッチ バッグ. The auction company evaluation material luxury, luxurious carved grace. Construct precision, the tenon structure seamless, with a high collection and historical value. Extended interview with the auction company in the process of selling fake "criminal record" interview, the reporter found that the CNS auction company auctioning "fake antique" "criminal record". December 25, 2008, Mr. Liu, the price of 25 yuan from Kerry's photograph in of 7 porcelain and a jade. The auction with triplicate identified the book, which stated: the "Jiajing figure vase of red and green color and the Ming Xuan Deqing flowers phoenix bamboo pot" for the Ming Dynasty artifacts, late Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu pastels Eighteen cylinder artifacts. After Mr. Liu found through the identification of the auction all modern or contemporary imitation goods. Mr. Liu prosecution claims. CNS rhetoric: The Company is a national auction company, not fraud who for more than twenty million; auction Liu purchased according to the expert for the certificate of authenticity,モンクレール; auction has beat out nine months, you can not prove Mr. Liu returned goods is initially sold. Final court decision to contract revocation Mr. Liu returned LOT, Company, refund the purchase price and compensation for the loss of the appraisal fee of 24,000 yuan. After losing, the Company, refused to refund. November 4, 2010, the Executive Judge rushed to the day of the Chinese and Kerry held a live art auction, issued an ultimatum to the leadership of the company's CNS, the other to this money. Auction "anecdote" implicated in the Forbidden City of veteran experts CNS Auction Company, vice president Huang Jianjun said that the company has four old expert consultant, including the National Palace Museum experts. One expert called Zhou Nanquan, aged 76 years. He is the chief expert of the Research Librarian of the National Palace Museum, the executive director of the Gemmological Association of China, China Collectors Association consultant, CCTV "art investment" part jade class. Chou gave it the conclusion said that the Han Dynasty. Differences between weeks old and peer., But we believe that the understanding of Zhou Nanquan of the jade, than outside the pseudo-experts powerful. They say, the authority of this " Huang Jianjun said. During the Spring Festival, the reporter linked to the son of Zhou Nanquan. The other said,ルイヴィトン, the elderly have been back to the Guangdong home in the New Year, its own behalf to his father asking about Han Yu stool ". As of press time, the other yet to respond. The CNS's Forbidden City experts make mistakes precedent. In the aforementioned Mr,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー. Liu claims on the certificate of authenticity signed with the name of "Supplies in the chain" and "Li handle". Li shank, aged 79 years, research librarian for the National Palace Museum; Supplies in the chain, aged 86 years, a member of the National Heritage Commission to identify, according to media reports, one of the old expert for the National Palace. Mr. Liu said, was precisely that they signed appraisal report, before deciding to buy these lots, only to be deceived. ● Insiders say the purchaser is not a "silly money" or have money laundering and Piandai of the suspect, who asked not to be named, the industry pointed out that the obvious fraud auction still shoot 2.2 billion price, the buyer is not a "silly money more ",ヴィトン, but by" money laundering "and ready Piandai suspects from buying from the sell. In the industry, there is this "hidden rules". The newspaper reported that "jade dress case is precedent. Businessman Xie Genrong jade piece dress "jade clothes", the experts after consideration of 24 million, has two purposes - first from the purchase from the selling, the next plane to spend huge amounts of money to buy antiques, secret so-called " purchase money "transferred elsewhere; followed by preparation for Piandai high price antique 24 billion valuation for mortgage, easier access to bank trust, the loans will be a lot easier. "This process is not the dealer will be able to operate unilaterally, and the auction house with the auction first have to go through the appreciation and evaluation of the auction house, is given a very high valuation, and then sold for a high price." the person said. Text / reporter paid in Yan new red interns Goal Orientation

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" step by step

'M going to continue to help these poor people. "Help all people 7 ownerless patients in most activities in-Ba Ecological District Guang'an Road, West Coast International Garden District rough unit room of over 110 square meters, is home to seven disabled patients. They have a common characteristic: once homeless, no relatives or family members,ヴィトン, called the people of China and China in succession from Xi'an Second Hospital "ownerless" Ward took live with. 7 people: 60-year-old Huang Changsheng , the legs muscle atrophy, the left foot off the ground only 10 cm, however; 49-year-old "Old Wu", because the cause hemiplegia, cerebral infarction and has lived here for more than three month, regular exercise has been able to go out every day for everyone to buy food; gears up for 44-year-old, walking in the house due to sudden stroke hemiplegia, still need to use crutches; unable to speak Shangluo, blasting a rock only to drop it broken feet forefoot, everyone is judged according to the pronunciation of his "whining babble" He may Shangluo people; 46-year-old Lao Peng, who broke his waist and legs fall from a height, and later injured neck crutches in order to prop up the body; - Slope of 50-year-old he had a cart driver, due to a brain haemorrhage caused by hemiplegia. Live on the balcony of the 58-year-old Lantian Man Zhang selected macro, was sent to the hospital bedsores serious, was discharged on March 18 after being sent to a nursing home. Why should we help them They want to leave the hospital, but homeless in Light Industrial Road, a family member courtyard, the reporter saw the work in the text of King Lucian Mail Centers of Joe Henan China. Joe Henan China a family of three living unit in a set of more than 60 square meters of old-fashioned room, the bedroom will become a place of greeting guests. "We own a house, 1,000 dollars to rent out , here is the rent 500 dollars a month. "Joe Henan China said to his wife, she has not been working, her daughter's school fees, daily expenses by her husband of less than 3,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー,000 yuan wages. Said 42-year-old Joe Henan China, the winter of 2009 in a residence near the vegetable market, he saw a homeless man, "so cold days, he was lying on the ground begging I sometimes send a few buns in the past, and occasionally give money 2010 summer one day and then the past and found that he was gone, one asked that is 120 to the Second Hospital of Xi'an go only to find there is no main ward in the hospital,バーバリー コート, lived all this,グッチ, very poor,マーキュリアル, "said Joe Henan China: "The human body is recovered to be discharged, discharged from hospital was facing homelessness when I saw the gears up and Shangluo gears up unable to move, Shangluo say, but Shangluo wheelchair pushed forward gears up to sun dinner. saw this, I thought of the patients help each other,バーバリー. "So from July last year, he rented houses in meters Jiaya Village, and well-wishers with Lao Shen and Shangluo then past to live down. This is to help people, the day ye too" Wife support pretty daughter to come up with some money, "Joe Henan people often go to the hospital,ルイヴィトン, people who know more, a long time, a house is not enough to live. Jia Ya Village in meters,ルイヴィトン バッグ, Joe Henan China has rented four houses,グッチ バッグ, live people often replaced, 600 yuan a month rent. Zhu Dehao in meters Jiaya village good, why have to move out Joe Henan people laugh: "The more reason, the landlord finally can not stand, regarded us off." "Move to move, I find online,グッチ 財布, linked to the West Bank, the International Garden homeowners me briefly explain the situation, they also agreed. "So Joe Henan people time to pay six months rent of 6000 dollars," furniture, bedding, and so are some of the good-hearted people to donate. Joe Henan people 7 people do not have the ability to work,モンクレール ダウン, his weekly rest sent over the past 400 dollars the cost of living. Monthly income of less than 3,000 yuan to subsidize others will be 2,600 yuan, the expenditure at home how to do "Wife support very beginning daughter does not agree, but've been to several hospitals thoughts changed, and said to come up with some money." Joe Henan China wife said: "If the wage is not enough, I have some savings,air ジョーダン. "That savings flowers over how to do Joe Henan people, saying:" step by step, even if it is only to take care of a month, as long as I have the ability, I'm going to continue to help these poor people. "Our reporter Li Xiaobo

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00 last night

'clock in the morning, two excavators, a forklift, as well as four or five ten men to stay in the village. Four burly men broke into the homes of villagers Ms. Sun to drag her out. Shortly after,ugg ブーツ, with a burst of loud "rumbling" Ms. Sun's house excavator overturned. According to the parties Ms. Sun, the time of the incident she was sitting home Optional leeks, suddenly rushed over men, asking them to immediately move out,UGG, "I moved out to go live ah House is my lifeline,ugg ブーツ!" Ms. Sun immediately rejected. Getting remark,モンクレール ダウン, more than their kicking,あぐ, punching and pushing and pull her out of the door. Regardless of begging continuing violence noon yesterday, Kuo Village eastern part of more than 10,000 square meters of housing has been demolished,abercrombie france, two excavators are clearing bricks Ms. Sun's houses have been razed to the ground. The same experience with Ms. Sun also villagers very fact. The very fact that, more than 8:00 in the morning, there were several big guy broke into the home, and also requires the relocation was denied,ルイヴィトン, they suddenly started to hit my head and kicked me in the stomach ", at the same time, their houses were forcibly removed. According to Mr. Sun memories aside and tried to mediate, multiplayer Ms. Zhang wrestled to the ground and impose fist,モンクレール, the very fact that the pain begging, but hit the process still lasted nearly half an hour, "group of people simply do not listen to discourage,モンクレール アウトレット, railing tried to mediate the villagers, "said Mr. Sun, the police rushed to the scene, several batterer fled. Ms,アグ. Zhang was taken to hospital for treatment. Chaoyang police investigation at noon yesterday,burberry pas cher, Ms. Sun Dongfang Hospital emergency room for examination, the very fact that lying in bed moaning, their disheveled clothes full of blemishes, has also lost the shoe on the right foot. The two now still in hospital observation and treatment, no danger. It is understood that Kuo village are now at the demolition stage. In the villagers produce "resettlement agreement", the Party Xiaohongmen vacate the resettlement office, come home to government management,abercrombie. Prior to the village a total of 68 villagers, Ms. Sun and Ms,moncler. Zhang's house was demolished three houses are still not removed,ヴィトン 財布. Yesterday afternoon, reporters repeatedly call government Xiaohongmen, the other said the matter has been reported to the leadership, and later to reply. As of 9:00 last night, the township government has not consistently respond to the matter. The police station Xiaohongmen has been involved in the investigation,UGG.

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