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   <li>little friction between the gang will be irritating kicking Since then</li>
   <li>little friction between the gang will be irritating kicking Since then</li>
== a Hong Kong resident. Weng Tao said in the indictment ==
's Court,moncler pas cher. He requests Jocie Kok libel investigated for criminal responsibility. Currently,abercrombie, Luohu Court has yet to determine whether to accept it,hollister france. Pleadings Guangdong Lufeng nationals, aged 45 Weng Tao, a Hong Kong resident. Weng Tao said in the indictment, he was charged Jocie Kok source microblogging war of words last month. November 3,louboutin pas cher, Weng Tao,peuterey, Sina microblogging see the Jocie Guo Comments Foshan Nanhai hospital abandoned baby event forwarding said "see also Jocie Kok,michael kors outlet, immediately attracted" the Jocie Guo crazy and wantonly abuses, defamatory. Weng Tao alleged, November 3 to 5, Jocie Kok Sina has made 20 microblogging fabricated a large number of false facts with insulting and offensive language, verbal abuse and slander him names names, such as " framed others and nurturing mistress only compete equity, "mistresses swindler Weng old man that he has no evil not to", "the Weng the Tao Laohou demon every day genteel the prudish, false noble dressed in human skin put yourself when people look a ...... even the dogs are not as "surface mouthful justice moral pounding on drums to do charity secretly unrestrained use of public funds debauchery jolly parasites". Weng Tao said that the remarks forwarded by thousands of Internet users has also been numerous media reports. At the same time, the majority of Internet users in the major network platform published a lot of discussion Jocie Kok Weng Tao posts, these posts filled with a large number of Internet users by the Jocie Guo remarks influence of his insult, abusive content. Weng Tao decided to Luohu court proceedings, requested the court held Jocie Kok of criminal responsibility for defamation. Jocie Kok, said Jocie Kok in June 2011 on behalf of the "commercial general manager of the Red Cross Society of China", famous in Sina microblogging show off their wealth and created quite a stir in the online microblogging fans did not know. Weng Tao alleged the number has more than 50 million people, "may be called a public figure. Microblogging as a new communications platform, "can be described in human history, a very powerful new channels of information dissemination," "impact, influence and spread of power is very large. Weng Tao slander his 20 microblogging forwarding and dissemination Jocie Kok, the large influence of the defamatory information,doudoune moncler, the propagation speed of the fast, high degree of audience participation of which more serious of his personality, honorary caused by the infringement,abercrombie pas cher. Weng Tao alleged Jocie Kok from various fabricating facts he described as an honest and upright life, self-dealing, drug abuse,moncler outlet, fraud evil only,hollister, thus leading to a lot of know the truth,air jordan femme, is fabricating facts to deceive Internet users in Sina the microblogging and major sites, forums he insults their behavior seriously infringed his personality, reputation,air jordan pas cher, severely reducing his social evaluation caused him very serious injury. Yesterday,mulberry outlet, the Southern reporter saw microblogging Jocie Kok, from November 3 to 5 days,moncler, she called microblogging involves Weng Tao indictment about 16 Weng Tao is not a sign of weakness in that a few days written entitled "United States and the United States Crazy" Bowen, calling it "boring" and "crazy". Last night, the reporter called Jocie Kok left Tel Sina microblogging, the other side responded by saying "We do not know how this thing".</p><p>
  <li>the Post published the third day</li>
  <li>326 yuan to 4418.4 yuan.</li>
  <li>24 points deduction and impose detention on the 20th.</li>

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a neighbor came to stopping

's stubborn, so Liu Guixiang irrational. "You drink some pesticide dead forget." Liu Guixiang, pointing to pesticides under the bed "Phoenix Star. Medicinal designed to kill the cotton pests toxicity. Zhang Jun took out the pesticide. "Are you open." Liu Guixiang almost growled. Zhang Jun pour a capful of pesticides, the presence of the mother's face, his head and drank it. Toxic episodes, the Zhang Jun pain, lying on the ground struggling. Liu Guixiang, deadpan. The son wanted to commit suicide in times of crisis, a neighbor came to stopping, found Zhang Jun Heyao fell to the ground and rushed for help. Liu Guixiang claimed: "to die, regardless of his." Fortunately, the timely rescue, Zhang Jun retrieve lives,michael kors. He said, has long wanted to die,louis vuitton outlet, he is not afraid of death. Zhang Jun, Liu Guixiang eldest son. Academic performance is not good, because their parents for a long quarrel, Zhang Jun unmotivated school, grades plummeted. Day, villagers suddenly knocks on your door, said Zhang Jun Touliaodongxi. Liu Guixiang couple was in a rage, playing the son of a meal. Can Zhang Jun feel wronged him that he did not steal,moncler. Been wronged and beaten, Zhang Jun thought of suicide. Since then, Zhang Jun was innocent of theft, then Zaobao Da. Liu Guixiang said, each time to the school fees the son always retained, snacks and toys. In Liu Guixiang son so she too disappointed, much work, delicious, inherited his father's inert. December 14, 2010, Zhang Jun secretly with 5 yuan fare, buy 3 packs of instant noodles and a packet of seeds. Son's incorrigible, triggering Liu Guixiang yells. Zhang Jun simply refused to go to school this confrontation. Desperation, Liu Guixiang ordered the son to wash down medicine suicide. Husband house home in 1998, Liu Guixiang divorced to marry her husband Zhang Aiguo,doudoune moncler. The then 26-year-old, 30-year-old Zhang Aiguo Liu Guixiang. Marriage,louboutin, Zhang Aiguo work as laborers on construction sites, Liu Guixiang planted 10 acres of land at home,グッチ, housework. Soon two sons, has Hydergine, which allow them to couple filled with a vision of the future of life. However, Zhang Aiguo honest, is Zhixing Zi. Despite working away from home for many years, but did not she saved a penny. Plus talking outspoken, couples often trivial quarrel, and even beatings. In May 2010, Zhang Aiguo home cover two tile-roofed house did not find work to do, they stay at home. A person's life into a corner. Husband stay home than go out to earn money, which makes Liu Guixiang very desperate,burberry soldes. In Liu Guixiang opinion, the husband of lazy, so she can not see living hope, until anxious. Although she rely on more than 10 acres Tian support the family, but she increasingly feel beyond their grasp,ヴィトン バッグ. Because she was 38 years old, physical overwork, especially lumbar disc, so she could not afford to take on gravity live. Home penniless son gradually grew up, admission, dinner, which is a sum of the heavy overhead. The hot character Liu Guixiang, worked hard in trying to improve the economic situation of the family, "to have a little savings, life year after year, however, the home of Liu Guixiang always penniless,louis vuitton, no change. House, three tile-roofed house; furniture, shabby, shabby, shabby. The villagers of Kang Wancun Liu Guixiang temper, but very capable, a race more than 10 acres of land, coupled with the housework for the family, she suffered a lot. She has been expected, the son can some sterile, read more books, self-sufficient, not lazy like his father. However,abercrombie france, it is not obedient son Zhang Jun, all her dreams all shattered. Hubei law firm today to pay Army, Liu Guixiang knowingly to teach his son to drink some pesticide may die, and indifference to the consequences occurred, the alleged acts intentionally attempted murder. Reporter Zhang Yongjun correspondent Jiang Yu December 14, 2010, early in the morning,jordan. 11-year-old son Zhang Jun (a pseudonym),mercurial vapor pas cher, refused to go to school. 38-year-old mother, Liu Guixiang (a pseudonym), rage, "you go drink some pesticide to die." Zhang Jun kneeling down to take a beating. From under the bed, Zhang Jun took out pesticides, open, poured a capful pesticides, his head and drank it. Toxic episodes, Zhang Jun pain lying on the ground. The mother turned a blind eye. Fortunately, the neighbor discovery in a timely manner, Zhang Jun rescue came. He said, has long wanted to commit suicide.</p>


  • with good water-based
  • the same time
  • who do not want to go home and see 8

her body type is also fatter than his sister

's "United Daily News" reported that the man surnamed Deng lived with his wife and her parents, on a night in May this year, touching into the 17-year-old sister room to succeed their sexual assault, afterwards it has been argued that his wrong room, mistook the sister-in-law When his wife,louis vuitton, but prosecutors believe Deng 4,5 years live in wife's parents home, wife and sister-in-law a fat one thin, how could a mistake 22, Taiwan prosecutors Deng prosecute. Over 30-year-old man surnamed Deng with his wife after the marriage, because of economic factors, a family of four living in her parents, living in addition to Deng's parents-there are three sister-in-law, on May 8 this year, Deng's wife's parents back to the south to deal with things,abercrombie france, Deng see young and gullible, the youngest only 17 years old sister-in-law to hang on until the wife and two sister-in-law fell asleep,ヴィトン バッグ, turn off the lights touch into a sister-in-law's room,louis vuitton outlet. Sister see criminals is the brother-in-law, scared at first did not dare move, but also taking into account the sister dare not call for help, Deng surnamed sexual assault to succeed, and the victim fled to a friend's house the next morning and quickly staying,mercurial vapor pas cher, did not dare to go back. Later,moncler, her family about the incident,abercrombie france, scolding the man surnamed Deng inhuman,burberry soldes, Deng confessed to the crime, but argued that the night lighting is too dark,jordan, own the wrong room will be a big mistake, her family can not accept, then quickly alarm processing. According to the investigation, Deng surnamed said to the prosecution, the house lights the night is too dark,franklin marshall pas cher, own wrong room, mistakenly sister-in-law when his wife QiuHuan, sister-in-law did not call for help against the will,burberry pas cher; wife Deng said, a family of four the same room to sleep,burberry, her body type is also fatter than his sister, her husband How can admit their mistakes


  • Xu Chong usually no incident vessels for passenger over the lake
  • Jiangxi
  • very sad." Chao said. Home to find the mother

the high of a court to tears

' homes, handing the boyfriend. Yesterday morning,グッチ, the high of a charged with theft in the courts in the sun, pardon the employer Mr. Shi to her. High of a now 24-year-old, before the incident,louboutin, the owners of luxury villas in Chaoyang District, a nanny. According to her readme Internet know man Li Jianguo,burberry pas cher, the two established a relationship. About the meeting, she came out from the villa area, Li Jianguo, we asked her wealthy family or a nanny. "I liked him, vanity,doudoune moncler, and said I was rich second generation,louis vuitton." High of a said Li Jianguo,burberry, after learning of the result are satisfied, then began to take her from home before something gave him. In order to please her boyfriend to please, the high of a eye on the property of the employer Mr,jordan. Shi home. The prosecution alleges that, from May to June last year,franklin marshall pas cher, the high of a multiple times from the home of Mr. Shi stole watches, gold bracelet,mercurial, U,abercrombie france.S. dollars, Hong Kong dollars and other belongings, identified the total value of 18 million yuan. All such property, sell by Li Jianguo,michael kors, to repay gambling debts or squandered. Mr. Shi also came to court as a victim. High of a pardon by the judge, claiming high of a father is an old comrade-in-arms,louis vuitton outlet, the young high of a lack of social experience, and this time she is surnamed Li cheated, I hope the judge will give her the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. "Listen forgive to the employer, the high of a court to tears, cried and said "I'm sorry aunts and uncles, and I'm very sorry ..." Chaoyang Court did not pronounce the case.


  • so that the child can breathe
  • no money to go home. The next bed
  • rob some money to play online games

Heyuan City

's son-in-law of Zhang Wie (46-year-old, Tongbai County Miss towns Qili the Imura people) with his wife, long-term emotional conflicts,moncler, there is a major crime suspects to vent their anger assailant. Dongyuan County Public Security Bureau, the rapid mobilization of more than 200 police emergency detachment of 300 people erecting organize town and village cadres,louis vuitton, villagers and militia,louboutin. In view of the case material,jordan, Heyuan City,louis vuitton outlet, Dongyuan County Attorney organs involved in the case in advance. 14:50 the same day,ヴィトン バッグ, found Hill rounded up the police and the public sections of the slope in the the Meihe highway Lankou found the suspect Wie, immediately rounded up,abercrombie france, Wie see has no escape, jumping suicide. Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 11 (Reporter Kong Bo) - Reporter learned from Heyuan City, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau, Heyuan City, Dongyuan Blue Town man allegedly as a result of long-term emotional conflicts with his wife to vent their anger in 11 (End) on the morning of the killing of parents and other people, local police quickly organized the police investigation and warrant of arrest,burberry pas cher, 14:50 the same day, the suspect committed suicide by jumping in between the police rounded up the process. At 8:15 on the 11th,, blue mouth the police station,mercurial vapor pas cher, Heyuan City, Dongyuan County Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses,abercrombie france, said the the Blue Town the old Po farm village Zhang and his wife and grandson,michael kors, granddaughter of four people were killed at home. After receiving the report, the police station quickly organized police rushed to the scene, the Dongyuan County Public Security Bureau sent police emplaced checkpoints intercepting and arresting suspects, Heyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Criminal Investigation personnel rushed to the scene directing detective work,burberry.


  • when dancers this time
  • in order to kill the witness
  • female student falls dead " Investigation

June 26

help the dying elderly, Shenzhen!" Yesterday, a help microblogging on the Internet caused concern of many users,abercrombie france, less than a day to be forwarded 600 times,moncler, attracted hundreds of comments . Photo microblogging allotted, a ragged old man lying concrete pipe, looked frail, netizens called for someone to come forward to rescue the poor elderly. Microblogging be forwarded to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Liu Runhua, he immediately instructed the relevant departments of the Longgang District to rush to the elderly people taken to hospital for treatment, befriended by the medical staff, the health status of the elderly has improved. Dial the phone, no one to rescue reporter has learned that the source of this microblogging users in Shenzhen from the day before yesterday "the hair the Dongting old Sparrow" End of the World Shenzhen Edition forum posts "Please help the dying elderly", "Dongting old The sparrow said in the post June 26 started to pay attention to who was abandoned on the roadside, dwelling in the the concrete water in the elderly, the elderly skinny mobility. The friends said, own or nearby neighbors gave the elderly sent food, continuous call urban management hotline and 110 calls, but no one came to rescue the elderly,louis vuitton. Reporter linked to the the Dongting old Sparrow ", he told reporters,louis vuitton outlet, Hunan, June 26, he was ready to act to the city from the ring the midline 100 pigeon holes subway station subway via Phuket Xinyi Holiday City not far from a the abandoned cement culvert pipe in the green belt,burberry pas cher, he found an old woman lying on the cement pipe, the dying, very poor. So the front view, smelt a smell,jordan, he found that elderly people lying in the water pipes, only the head exposed. Because recent days, Shenzhen continuous rain,michael kors, the elderly hair wet, covered with flies, but the old man seemed unmoved. Because Recently Shenzhen rainstorm constantly, "Dongting old Sparrow" see, water has diffuse into the cement pipe,burberry, the "home" of the elderly can not live. He called to the departments concerned, I want someone to rescue. The second day, he gave the elderly sent to the bread and water, and by the way also sent a large umbrella. Microblogging transferred to the Civil Affairs Bureau of the evening, the the Dongting old Sparrow "scene shot some photos made on the End of the World Forum, and soon attracted a strong response from tens of thousands of users. The next evening, a few friends went to visit the old man, and bottled water to send hot meals to the elderly, and buy some daily necessities. Yesterday morning, more users will be posts of the End of the World made to the microblogging lead to more attention. Yesterday morning, it was forwarded this microblogging gave Liu Runhua Longgang District, immediately notify the relevant departments rushed to the scene and the elderly to hospital. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Shenzhen Lily hospital inpatient,doudoune moncler. At this point, several friends have heard the news rushed to visit the elderly gathered in the ward. The reporter saw the elderly has changed a set of clean hospital clothes, hair nurses cleaned, next to the bed rests on a table a lot of friends brought food and clothes. Reporters tried to talk with the elderly,グッチ, but the elderly speak ambiguous, a moment that calls itself Jinju Xiang (sound), he says that calls itself Tian Xiaoyu (sound),ヴィトン バッグ; while Nanjing, he says Wuhan, work with villagers came to the factory in Shenzhen,abercrombie france. Elderly for a moment to say that he is 86 years old, said his 93-year-old for a while. The elderly the body is still very weak, coughing speak. The security of the hospital sent the hot rice and soup, nurses feed her a mouthful to eat. Lily hospital spokesman told reporters that the old man was sent to hospital, the body smelly, the staff gave her a bath, and then arranged to do a body check. After preliminary examination, the elderly suffering from lung infection, lower limb atrophy, severe anemia and other symptoms. However, the entire medical report to wait until tomorrow to come out. The hospital official said all the medical expenses of the elderly will be free, the hospital must cure the disease of the elderly.


  • The shopkeeper Online selling 1 yuan per square centimeter called comfort friends
  • he winked. However
  • let the bulb Check Museum.

and Yim

's Friends Yang brought under control. Until 75 hours after Yang wit alarm,louis vuitton outlet, was the provincial capital, police rescued,burberry soldes. Yesterday morning,moncler, creditors Jeong suspects detained on suspicion of illegal detention. 18 am on December 25, 2009, the Huai bottom Interpol squadron of police after men Ryu police said his friend Yang before a few days to be taken away from the White Building underground billiards City has not returned, now the other control Qing Yuen Street,burberry pas cher, a building near the other requirements to own to get 40,000 yuan "substitutions in money". Alarm, the police immediately rushed to the police who said building investigation and Dunshou, when one suspects the procurement of food away from home, the police in one fell swoop is to guard Yang suspects Qimou (male, 22 years old, Hebei Ping Hermit) and Yim (male, 34 years old,abercrombie france, Hebeigaoyi people) captured,moncler outlet, and illegal detention of Yang to rescue up to 75 hours,michael kors. Under questioning, the men, together with others to help Jeong ask for money and illegal detention of the Yang 75 hours confessed to the crime. , January 5,グッチ, Jeong and four others surrendered accompanied by family members to do the work of the police. According to account creditors Jeong, Ryu run between 40,000 yuan owed him money,louis vuitton, he repeatedly ask to Ryu to no avail, and later, Ryu lost message,doudoune moncler. Desperation, he thought a friend Yang Liu,ヴィトン バッグ. So, it is the night called a few people to Yang hijacked hopes to blackmail,mercurial, so Ryu repay. I did not expect to recover debts, own also detained due to a violation of the law. Police remind the end of the year drew to a close, many people began to arrears or beg for wages, it is recommended that we have to take legitimate means, so as to avoid causing unnecessary consequences. (Reporter Shang Yanhua)


  • do ultrasound B-there are a number of drugs
  • like an iceberg the same. "five years ago
  • 's Dragon Boat Festival

"he is also looked at the contract

's brother) denied this, saying the villagers looked contracts signed to let villagers signature issue,michael kors. Zhoucheng Caine claimed that village cadres was 9000 yuan per mu "sell Mountain villagers mountain to have such a high price is reasonable, then signed his name at the meeting stressed. Subsequently, the villagers have to get the money. Same week city Caine took the money went the village cadres underhand at to get a contract,burberry pas cher. Contract but says Ling Pai village land contract to Zhou Xuehui Ling Pai Village ghost pit area of ​​1,piumini moncler,014.09 acres (including mountain wasteland, paddy fields, etc.), the contract period of 70 years. Zhou Cheng Jian apparent violation that the 70-year contract period, and not said before "selling Mountain," maximum paddy contracting period can not exceed 30 years,abercrombie france. The expiry of the contract period, Party B (Zhou Xuehui) still can not be legally obtained ownership of the land, the contract period is extended to Party Party (Ling Pai Village) lose ownership of the land date no longer receive any contractual management fee. "Zhou Cheng Jian and other villagers said, a look of you know is a fire sale of land,louboutin, paddy fields before 'sold the '9000 per acre,mercurial, well below the price of the surrounding. Week city Caine villagers dissatisfaction, there are fruit trees compensation issues. Contractor only give each of them 170 yuan compensation, litchi, longan,グッチ, mango and other fruit trees and all other trees have not been replaced. Ling Pai village group long weeks Tian Sang brother Zhou City Kennedy intends to engage in things, "he is also looked at the contract,moncler, only to take money of more than relevant provisions of the deadline part of the agricultural land contract period, Zhou Tian Sang said," contracting for 70 years, hundreds of years , signed by all the villagers. " "The land contract and management contract, there are many problems, but Liang town law firm they issued the certificate. Ridge Pai village, some villagers believe dereliction of duty on the part of the law firm Liang Town, Huizhou, Huidong Bureau of Justice have been complaints. Liang town government in this land contract, also signed the opinion,mercurial vapor pas cher, "according to the Organic Law of Villagers, according to the law in accordance with the regulatory contract. In this regard, Zhou Jian Fang Zhenzhang explained that the town government show that opinion is not equal to agree, but according to the law contract requirements Ridge Pai Village. Zhou Jian Fangzhen Zhang also said, not only Ling Pai village, some villagers this land contract and management contract views,burberry soldes, and the nearby village group also controversial land ownership to the Town House. Liang town government initiative to request the county mediation do to help deal with,burberry. According to Zhou Jian Fang Zhenzhang the end of April, Huidong County has established an investigation team enters the village survey, led County Forestry Bureau, Deputy Secretary. In accordance with the land operation Ling Pai Village Zhou Xuehui signed the contract requirements, Ling Pai Village before January 1 of this year the delivery of land STR. Such as Ling Pai village late delivery of the land,doudoune moncler, Zhou Xuehui right to request Ling Pai Village to pay liquidated damages. Zhou Xuehui not developed the use of the land, nor pursue Ling Pai Village responsibility. In addition, Huidong County, the investigation report of the investigation team has not come out.


  • the trial of the case
  • Lee mother share of 123
  • according to surveillance video showed

often the Internet. Recently

'clock on the morning of November 28, Lishui police received the alarm call of the relatives of the victim Kang, said Kang down in their own shop, a pool of blood on the ground, and the store's cash and smoke have a lack of. After receiving the alarm, Lishui County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade, the area Yeongyang police station immediately rushed to the scene,moncler outlet, confirmed that the shopkeeper Kang had died preliminary determination victims morning,burberry. The police then carried out in the field of a criminal exploration,louis vuitton, visits to the investigation and a series of detective work. Bustling downtown area of ​​the crime scene is located in Lishui county,louis vuitton outlet, the flow of people, nearly a thousand historical public who heard the crowd,doudoune moncler, which was once talking about. Nanjing Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation experts rushed to Lishui involved in cases overall. The task force Mopai certain focus of investigation object. Lee Lishui the stone Yongchu town released prisoners suspected of committing the crime,グッチ. According to local community police learned, Li Mouping when idle, lazy,mercurial vapor pas cher, serving a sentence for theft on two occasions, released from prison less than four months. Ten days after the incident, the panel in an Internet cafe in Lishui County successfully arrested Lee. Faced with the sudden arrival of the police, Lee was blindsided and collapsed to the ground,michael kors. Through the trial of Lee, Lee admitted the facts of the crime,burberry soldes, he told police, he knows he will one day be caught, just did not expect that day to come so fast. According to Lee confessed that he go home after serving their sentence, ought to learn from bitter experience,moncler, but they can not find work, doing nothing all day, often the Internet. Recently,jordan, Lee money online, found that the smoke of cafes near the hotel every day business late into the night, and one of the only female boss. This from the evil thoughts, moved to kill. In the early morning of November 28, Lee carry tools for committing crimes shopping into the alcohol and tobacco store on the ground, trailing female boss Kang while it is not prepared, carrying a hammer punch Kang head a few, was knocked out in Kang after being robbed the store of cash, cigarettes and fled in panic to the scene. Currently, Lee suspects have been arrested by the Lishui police, the case is under further investigation into,piumini moncler. Correspondent soup to ya newspaper reporter Pei Rui


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  • a company cashier in a bank transfer
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riding line days more Bay at

's license. Driver's license valid starting date of January 30, 2009, a period of six years. Our provisions for the driving test is how Older than how much they can no longer obtain a driver's license Dazhong reporter access to apply for driving license and use of the provisions of learned that people over 70 years of age will not be able to initial claims license and 增驾, but before 70 years of age to obtain a driver's license, as long as a year to submit a qualified body to prove approved,louis vuitton outlet, driver's license is still valid. Li Peilin's legal driver's license, and valid state. Question four: the perpetrators of identity and vehicle information things made for the identity of the parties once caused anyone's guess, vehicle prices also vary. Dazhong reporter learned that the perpetrator Li Peilin Wanhua Synthetic Leather,abercrombie france, a retired workers, the time of the incident was driving a white Lexus ES240 sedan models, the car is his wife purchased, the price is 365,000,jordan. Car January 6,ヴィトン バッグ, 2012 issued by the driving license,burberry soldes, vehicle inspection in January 2014,louboutin, the vehicle is not transfer of registration records,abercrombie france. Vehicles insured 122,000 road traffic accident liability compulsory insurance and third party commercial liability insurance 300,mercurial vapor pas cher,000 yuan. Users has been speculation that the 69-year-old Li Peilin whether the parties According to a member of the cycling team statement: "We Cycling Club a total of 26 people by bus to Yantai, about 13:30 pm, the 18 of us together to Yangmadao Binhai Middle Road, Yantai University Cycling,moncler outlet, traveling about 15 minutes, riding line days more Bay at,グッチ, I rushed to my rear bicycle team found a white car, when I saw the driver of the white car is a tall, middle-aged men, white shirt,burberry pas cher. "the perpetrators of the characteristics and reporters from traffic police match the characteristics of the person's driving department transferred out monitoring. The onlookers also pointed out that the driver was an elderly wearing a white shirt. Ultimately, the traffic police department to verify, was driving middle-aged men is that the perpetrators Li Peilin,doudoune moncler.


  • even own and her husband's marriage certificate
  • Even the tenants heard four layers came particularly brawl
  • the suspects wore masks

resulting in The Universal Internet cafe gift cafes

'an on maintenance Houmou purchase price of $ 100 a day "broiler". The so-called "broiler" is that there is a network security vulnerabilities, which is implanted Trojans can be remotely controlled computer. Received large orders, Hou Mouli write your own software, scans the network on computer security vulnerabilities, Dawan search goals. Escape from investigation, hou Guangdong and Sichuan proxy server login QQ to Dawan a large number of "broiler". From June 25, 2009 to July 7, Dawan several occasions to Houmou accounts, remittance 1290 yuan. Extortion cafes dragged the younger brother of the water to hou purchase broiler,doudoune moncler, arrange small million of his own brother, cousin Liang Mao to Xianning city cafes, "check out the location. Small million and Liang Mao has six Internet cafes to Haman, Spa Town Universal, through the QQ chat obtain cafes IP address. After the the passed to Houmou these cafes computer's IP address after Dawan, hou address Implant Dawan network zombie "Trojan" software,abercrombie france. After Dawan through their own laptops,burberry soldes, remote control botnet Trojan software,ヴィトン バッグ, network DDOS hackers access to these cafes attacks, sending large amounts of junk data packets, and the cafe network traffic jams paralyzed, can not function properly, resulting in The Universal Internet cafe gift cafes, the Blue Sky cafes, Pioneer cafes Total loss of 26,burberry pas cher,955.50 yuan. Control the Internet cafe computer, Dawan, the small million-Youyi network access attacks threatening call demanding money to six Internet cafes, Internet cafes Universal accounts to import 2000, Knight the cafes was forced to small Wan. In this case,moncler outlet, Dawan the instigation brother small million to Internet cafes to steal the computer's IP address to open a bank account,mercurial, buy a phone card to call extortion cafes,moncler, remittance to Houmou account, step by step, a small 1-year-old brother dragged into the water. Hacker brothers under one roof for trial jailed while committing the crime the Wan Brothers for the the Xianning city's cafes, the police began to receive alarm rapidly expand the investigation,burberry. Through investigation, quickly mastered the whereabouts of the two brothers. July 8, 2009, Xianning police in a hotel in Xianning City Brothers 2 people arrested and brought to justice. Big confession, the police master information of Houmou, proxy server Internet accordance with the Houmou use this clue, through technical investigation, Houmou lock,mercurial vapor pas cher. September 2, 2009, Xianning police rushed to the new city of Xi'an the hou arrested. Court considers that,michael kors, Dawan million, hou guilty of destruction of computer information systems sin. Dawan jailed for one year. The Xiaowan 'jailed for nine months. Houmou jailed for 7 months. Court recovered Houmou deposits 26,louboutin,426.39 yuan and Big, small Wan Hou Chenggang the ill-gotten 3819.11 yuan, which returned to a victim of 28,955.50 yuan, the balance of 1290 yuan turned over to the state treasury.


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  • take it home and put down the accessories

but also very conservative

's eyes quiet, restrained Xiao Yin refused to undress. At the time,abercrombie france, her young master in another team, she married,jordan, but also very conservative, and she did not take off, "and later said she saw our team out when I did not take off, she was assured some small master, because be fined a partner. "Xiao Yin exclusion flying soul,piumini moncler, pulled down a team scores, the lowest level they can eat dinner" Labor meal, only plain rice, no vegetables, no soup, but not enough to pay for male colleagues had no choice but to carry forward the style,abercrombie france, let Mrs. eat. As a result, in the 72 hours, the enormous physical strength, energy consumption students often starving to finish each project in order to eat the next meal. Project The hallucinations another 70 minutes hand-wringing Cuochu let Xiao Yin unacceptable is the hand-wringing, students close their eyes to follow the rhythm of the music, the speed of the hand-wringing, once stopped, the coach whip whip over. "Rubbing no perception,mercurial vapor pas cher, and Xiao Yin said, there are colleagues rub to produce schizophrenic hallucinations, after more than 70 minutes, the coach said that they created a new record,グッチ. Coach trainees herded into Dianchi Xiao Yin memorable is "through thick and thin. The two groups, respectively, play blind and can not speak. Five or six hours at night the mountain roads trek, people who can not speak is responsible to lead the way to a blind person,moncler outlet, not blind any damage. Over Plum, not to speak of the people had to let blind people standing on their own feet, step by step ", Xiao Yin play people who can not speak, and afterwards she was reluctant to recall the dark terror Forest. After the event, play blind man's colleagues said to her: "In addition to his wife, children, mother, other than you is the closest person to me in this world, thank you for helping me walk through this life journey. 2:00 from The Hillwood return, the coach did not let students rest, but driven into the Dianchi Lake. "We always go into Dianchi Lake, walked away, until the flooding to the chin." Said Xiao Yin, short stature colleagues to swim back to shore. 5:00, back to the bank,burberry, everyone around the campfire to dry clothes. Morning, the new project began ...... Xiao Yin recalls, the expansion of 72 hours of training, sleep more than 10 hours, a lot of players in order to complete the project, had to use the rest time exercise. Xiao Yin think,louis vuitton outlet, after the concentration camp-style training, the efficiency of our team, the spirit of collaboration is some upgrade colleagues meet like their relatives affectionate. "Some people understand the growing need to help each other support, usually less suspicion, divide Xiao Yin remember the punishment for mistakes in the project: the players took off his shoes exposed feet, players who have made mistakes over and over again, step on them bare feet on. However,doudoune moncler, after six months,louis vuitton, expanding training "playing chicken" effect disappeared. Fanatical receded, Xiao Yin began to reflect on some of the projects scientific rationality. She told reporters, whether to accept or reject the project,louboutin, are likely to last a lifetime impact on her, but she was unable to determine these effects which are positive and which are negative. According to the "Spring City Evening News"


  • chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular professional
  • Li Yan began to lure his shares
  • the pony-tailed

the attitude is very bad. Both sides pulling process

's seat of the car. The traffic police asked Wang to produce a driver's license,burberry soldes, he took out,mercurial, also shot attacks traffic police,abercrombie france, the attitude is very bad. Both sides pulling process, the traffic police Wang uniforms and the police so that the police station. Inside the police station,moncler, Wang firmly denied that he had beaten the traffic police, denied even to drive sports car,mercurial vapor pas cher. Meanwhile, Wang's girlfriend claiming a sports car driver, her boyfriend did not drive. Having retrieval surrounding the incident to the monitor, police discovered that the vehicle is indeed open for Wang,abercrombie france. Police then Wang's girlfriend meticulous asked finally tell her the truth, though she was in the car, but the car is open to Wang, but Wang does not have a driver's license,moncler outlet, so to be investigated and dealt with by the traffic police, Wang certain they want her to pass off. August 3,louis vuitton, basaltic Police allegedly obstructing Wang criminal detention. Early in the morning of August 4,doudoune moncler, police inquiries Wang's identity,burberry, found that only 21-year-old Anhui guy criminal record numerous 15-year-old robbery, 17-year-old knives to injure, and he also is Anhui police online pursuit. Anhui police basaltic police learned that the early morning of July 18 this year,burberry pas cher, Wang provide weapon and directs others to Tongling City Tongguanshan mountain Garden Village, the victims were in a parked downstairs Jaguar sedan smashed,ヴィトン バッグ, loss value of 20 million yuan, the Tongling police to Wang suspected of the crime of creating trouble online pursuit, so Wang saw panic and fled before the police. Basaltic police are still on the Wang prejudice the case to investigate the performance of official duties. Correspondent Yang Weibin Yangtze Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang


  • academic fraud and other issues. On July 16 last year
  • an eco-healthy foot pavilion. November 30
  • he said

's Wang Yunhong Chen Lan

's Wang Yunhong Chen Lan (a pseudonym) pretended to be a group army quartermaster Director can help Lan to Lan children accomplishing national defense, but it takes 50,000. Early in the morning of January 16,jordan, Wang Yunhong find Lan said forces chief of staff to give leadership to buy cigarettes. Lan immediately took 500 dollars. Available until 18 am,burberry pas cher, Lan did not see Wang Yunhong said the leadership,abercrombie france. Lan these things tell a friend working in the armed forces,piumini moncler, a friend reminded her that may be encountered liar,burberry. Lan's friends find Wang Yunhong, to talk to him some soldiers should grasp the common sense, to found Wang Yunhong speak loopholes. Several people immediately seized and turned over to Wang Yunhong went to the military sub-district,michael kors. Investigation and verification by the military sub-district, Wang Yunhong not military personnel,doudoune moncler, but the ex-convict's unemployed,ヴィトン バッグ. The public security organs then Wang Yunhong criminal detention,mercurial vapor pas cher. Recently, Siping City Tiedong Court case,moncler, the first instance verdict,mercurial, Wang Yunhong guilty of posing as soldiers practice fraud, and sentenced to one year,グッチ.


  • smiling
  • a pseudonym
  • but for the tower crane on the Wang Sanjun of


's Daily,michael kors, Beijing, January 30 (Reporter pay Long) On January 26, the National Development and Reform Commission published the Carrefour Wal-Mart and other supermarket low price tag, the implementation of typical cases of fraud. Changchun,louboutin, Shanghai,moncler outlet, Kunming and other malicious harm consumers by the National Development and Reform Commission and severe punishment. Accordingly News, People for the presence of price gouging investigations such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, how do you see Ended at 10:00 p.m. on the 30th, a total of 3265 people participated in the survey, 78.1% of 2550 users expressed support for "heavy penalties and severely punished Diandaqike"; 17.6% of users believe that the "market order and supervision to be normalized; there 3.1% of users believe that the "corporate reputation by hit and disaster recovery; Finally, 1.2% of the users said" other comments,グッチ, I have something to say ". Friends, "Liu": As a well-known brand in the world-class chain. Their behavior is a fraud. The vile little trick to deceive the Chinese people. Should give heavily fined or sent out of China,burberry. Friends "xiang": 25, I went to Dawang Luwoerma supermarket to buy things, the price was high,abercrombie france, but do not buy there is no way,burberry pas cher, because it is a unit issued card fancier home a look on a small vote total with each the price of the goods is not on, I saw the online price gouging words, very angry,doudoune moncler. User "commoner": these foreign-funded enterprises Why dare to do so for three reasons: First, our sales channels to their monopoly, store large deceptive. Our lack of supervision, illegal cost is too low. Third, the high cost of rights of the people. User "fair": Carrefour price fraud already experienced. Some years ago,burberry soldes, the price tag to buy the pork and saying good price does not match,abercrombie france. I have and their theory, they are not much of a say,jordan, and later change overnight. Do you want to find the consumer should suffer, and I thought they were not intentional,ヴィトン バッグ, it seems really look down on them, consumer fraud departments concerned in relation to strike hard to seek justice on behalf of consumers.


  • left lung breath sounds disappear
  • a photo
  • "the loss is immeasurable. In the cages fire

is not a couple normal speech that can be used to argue

's real name,moncler outlet, said Carole "chicken" and published Aling home phone,abercrombie france. The Aling found after the alarm. The next day,michael kors, Baiyun District Branch,doudoune moncler, Municipal Public Security Bureau to make public security administrative punishment decision, decided on A strong administrative detention for five days. After Carole A strong claims taken to court,ヴィトン バッグ. The court of first instance A strong compensation for moral damages solatium 10,000 yuan,グッチ. Even if the couple is also not an affront A strong suit against an appeal. He believes that the quarrel between the two occurred during the marriage,burberry. If he insulted the Carole same Aling abusive,piumini moncler, vilify him. In the first instance verdict of the normal bickering judgment between husband and wife,mercurial vapor pas cher, obviously from the actual situation of the society. In this regard, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court that the punishment from the public security point of view,burberry pas cher, A strong indeed implemented abusive, vilify Carole behavior,moncler. In addition, the marital relationship between the parties into conflict should be give and take,abercrombie france. A strong but on the network repeatedly called his wife "chicken", is not a couple normal speech that can be used to argue; Aling terms A strong release of the above remarks it caused injury than others the same remarks caused more serious damage. Recently, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court ruling upheld the conviction.


  • and biting mouth. Police warned her
  • but not enough reasonable line. Netizens weeks plus
  • planting crops here basically no change

and finally she turned to stone

's body will gradually become a "stone"! It is reported that cystine storage disease is a strange diseases that can not be completely cured, in order to avoid the body gradually turned into a "stone", and 5-year-old Lily taking a lot of medicine every day,piumini moncler. Lily until 23 months big when doctors diagnosed with this incurable rare strange disease, because the disease hinder her growth, although Lily is now 5 years old,louboutin, but her height is still only 86 centimeters, it seems like baby name about two years old. When Lily's parents learned that her daughter will gradually become a "stone", completely stunned, unable to believe my ears. Lily's 29-year-old mother,ヴィトン バッグ, Laura said: "I have never heard of this strange disease, so we can not believe what happened this means that Lily's body will be gradually transformed into crystals, the crystals continue to accumulate in her body, attack her all the cells of the body, if not treated, and finally she turned to stone! "in order to save the lives of Lily,michael kors, to prevent her body into a" stone ",abercrombie france, British doctors have a special kind of drug cocktails designed for Lily,moncler, Lily every day,abercrombie france, taking a large number of pharmaceutical and nutritional agents. It is reported that,mercurial vapor pas cher, although Lily is suffering from this rare strange disease,burberry, but parents still try to let Lily live a normal live, so she still like age children every day to go to school. British pediatrician, Dr,jordan. Tai Erman said,doudoune moncler, although the doctor by drugs to prevent the patient's body gradually, "petrochemical" speed,moncler outlet, cystine storage disease forever and can not be completely cured. (Muzi)


  • "the doctor said
  • 00. At this time
  • to wait chose a sentencing date. According to reports

coupled with careful planning

'clock in the evening of February 17, and other security personnel clearance to lock the door after, at the mall on the second floor sneaked into the first floor of the counter to steal a hat and two backpacks, pry open the "Chow Tai Seng jewelry counters counter to steal a diamond ring with a total value of 98 million yuan, ornaments and other objects. Subsequently, the suspect with the compression and shear mall, second floor staff channel locks cut fled the mall. To solve the case as soon as possible, tranquility Branch dispatched hundreds of police in the region's hotels,abercrombie france, railway stations, entertainment venues and other places Paimo inventory. The morning of February 21,mercurial vapor pas cher, the panel was informed the hole Jiaya residents of the street Kongmou crime suspects, 15 am the same day, the police task force in Kongmou near their homes be successfully captured. Repeatedly check out the location of hidden in the toilet escaped cleared after trial,moncler outlet, the suspect Kongmou truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of theft,moncler, "Zhou Dasheng" counters,piumini moncler. According to his account, before he had many times in the Cambridge International Shopping Center to check out the location, familiar with the mall environment and channel,burberry soldes. Check out the location in Kongmou had once hidden in the mall on the second floor bathroom but was never cleared security found, so, Kongmou premeditated committing the crime in the mall cleared,abercrombie france. February 16, Kongmou purchased in a hardware store in Little Lake compression and shear, screwdriver and other tools of crime,ヴィトン バッグ. February 17,jordan, Kongmou accordance with prior plans to enter the mall at 8 o'clock that night, hiding in the mall on the second floor of the bathroom. 9 o'clock that night,burberry, after the mall closed down closed Kongmou familiar with malls internal environment, coupled with careful planning, the successful implementation of the theft quickly left the scene. Theft succeeded Kongmou the proceeds of stolen goods all hiding at home, in order to prevent diamond wear Kongmou also bought a small plastic bag, all the ornaments in a plastic bag carefully custody. Rent cabinet rejected theft retaliate Interview,グッチ, the reporter learned that Kongmou family conditions more superior, also have their own shoe store in the West Railway Station, a good income, and usually relatively mild man, their families do not know until the police arrest before his theft . So Kongmou in the end why meticulous planning and implementation of the theft Cambridge International Shopping Center had promised to give him to lease a counter Kongmou speaking, but in the end it was leased to others, so that the mall has been vindictive and decided to implement in retaliation for the theft plan. On February 22, the reporter saw in a peaceful branch the suspects Kongmou. The age of 40 Kongmou deeply regret what they are doing, and his choking back tears, told reporters, into the mall once ready to give up because of fear, but when he found himself to be photographed by the camera inside the mall,doudoune moncler, " Do not do for a pound, simply to be a big, and now it was too late to regret. "It is reported that the case involved the stolen goods total price of 98 million, is the tranquility Branch has cracked down in recent years with a theft. Correspondent newspaper reporter Xue Changming Ding Yujun


  • carrying a stun gun sneaked Shunchang County
  • the second daughter while wiping tears side cried
  • Zhang Ping had his own son Binbin

the police take the initiative and railway liaise

multiply" to the parking lot in Nanxiang, railway police was informed immediately after contact with the relevant departments of the night sent a car to get back to four passengers,jordan. The day before yesterday, travelers Mr. Fu and other 4-passenger D3206 times EMU Shanghai,moncler. Hongqiao Station train arrived at 9:35 that evening, Mr. Fu et al where the carriages of the electronic display failure, plus not listen carefully to the train broadcast prompted people mistakenly believe that has not yet arrived in Shanghai,グッチ, to continue waiting inside. Near the train started again after a few minutes directly to the Nanxiang Station EMU maintenance base parking lot,louboutin, and suddenly the car lights all went out. Mr,burberry soldes. Fu and others had just found things were not going to want to go on to ask the situation, but the door has been locked,burberry pas cher, had to fight anxiety under alarm call for help. Immediately sent the Shanghai Railway Police the Nanxiang station police station received a report arrived on the scene,doudoune moncler, together with the maintenance personnel to open the door to Mr,michael kors. Fu and other people then get off. Subsequently, the police take the initiative and railway liaise,mercurial, the Paiche Mr,burberry. Fu et al to the city,piumini moncler. It is reported that since the beginning of this year, such incidents have been several outbreaks of,moncler outlet.


  • usually a good tutor
  • eye color changed
  • the court decided to calculate the compensation. In summary

Wang is working in a construction site in Shandong

's chest, abdomen, back, thighs and other parts chopped 14 knife. After the incident, Wang and three companions scattered flight, Wang's wife quickly disappeared in Yunyang,doudoune moncler. This year, Yunyang police found Wang the wife temporary residence in Shenzhen rental, so police the secret Mopai lurking in the vicinity of the rental,moncler. Rental of a man named HE Ming (a pseudonym) to enter the police line of sight,burberry pas cher, he is every two months or so,グッチ, will access be monitored,michael kors. Photo comparison, police believe He clearly is the fugitive Wang,abercrombie. The investigation, Wang is working in a construction site in Shandong,burberry soldes, the help of the police in Shandong, Wang was arrested,moncler outlet. Wang explained that he picked up in the exodus on the road the the Hubei Icheon people HE Ming ID card, he commissioned this identity for themselves,louboutin, and their sister married Icheon,mercurial vapor pas cher, to apply for a new ID card with your own photos, by This he successfully turned "He clearly,ヴィトン バッグ, and work around the identity of HE Ming. Police said Wang confessed to the crime that killed his brother's case is being handled,jordan.


  • Zhao and Liaomou
  • and also hope that we can as far as possible in a rational manner
  • fortunately

split in the air several times

'clock in the morning, a suspect condition (a surname Kwong) suddenly burst into a restaurant kitchen Shenzhen Luohu jintang Street,mercurial, kidnapped cleaners Wei Moumou standoff with police in downtown streets. Police and suspects negotiations more than an hour without success. When the status of a waving a kitchen knife and threatened to kill Wei Moumou, special police shot and wounded the suspect,abercrombie france, hostage rescue. Suspect taken to hospital died,abercrombie. Late-night hijacking restaurant employees, according to the police of the location where the crime in Luohu District, Shenzhen Jintang Street. The restaurant is not far away from Hongling South. Zero o'clock in the morning, a 30-year-old suspect conditions (male, Shanghai people) suddenly burst into the restaurant kitchen, to get kidnapped Employee Wei Moumou. The restaurant staff, over 40-year-old Wei Moumou has been working in the restaurant about 2 years, is responsible for acquiring, cleaning and other work support staff,ヴィトン バッグ, usually very kind and very honest. After police received a report, immediately rushed to the scene. Witnesses said that the status of a hostage Wei Moumou left the restaurant, go back and forth around intersection,アグ ブーツ. Mr. Chu said the public, according to surveillance video, 0:28, the two appeared in Po 安南路西南 intersection and guests Road junction near police followed. The status of a hostage-taking had in the back and forth between the bus station for guests intersection and Jinwei Building. Police more, he's hostage-taking along Baoan Road junction and the Sunshine Hospital and from. Eventually, conditions and police in the commercial center of Vientiane Plaza (the distance from the incident restaurant about 1 km) confrontation,burberry. After the incident, security was on duty in front of Vientiane City,moncler, said when the suspects from around passing, had inexplicably asked him: "Do you want a handout He and some witnesses are suspected suspect mental disorders, but has not been officially confirmed. SWAT rescue a dimly lit decisive shot, suspect the status of a kitchen knife rack hostage Wei Moumou neck. Conditions a few extra pounds, wrapped in a dark jacket,burberry pas cher, wearing glasses, looking around the crowd around. Close to the police or the police trying handed cigarettes, he raised a kitchen knife, split in the air several times, forcing the police back, and then the knife to re-frame the hostages neck. He murmured, reporters could not hear. Wei Moumou also wearing hotel uniforms kidnapped. His hands drooping, on both sides of the thigh, did not make any resistance move,doudoune moncler. 1:30 Xu, members of the public from a tall building overlooking, the Vientiane Plaza gathered around 11 police cars and an ambulance. Located in the bustling downtown, although it is midnight, the crowd of people or more and more. 2:08, special police gunshots. Luohu police informed that, previously,michael kors, the police and the suspect failed negotiations over one hour. Conditions of a constantly waving a kitchen knife and threatened to kill the hostages, the SWAT was decisive shot. Conditions a and Wei Moumou instantly fell to the ground together, a dozen police mouths rushed up. Wei Moumou has been sent to the 120 ambulance check unharmed, get off being taken away by the police. The conditions certain were taken to hospital rescue, died a death. Police say: criminals with hostages or strangers 2 at 15 am, Luohu District, roughly After police informed of the case. Informed but did not say what is the status of a motive. The police said the case is under further investigation. The restaurant staff kidnapped Wei Moumou work that a suspect condition is not the restaurant staff,piumini moncler, he did not know the motive. As of press time the reporter, the reporter learned from the work of the police officers at the suspect's identity and occupation is unclear, his family or friends appear. In addition, there is no clue that conditions a and Wei Moumou understanding or interested,moncler outlet. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily


  • reporters the phone call
  • 's monthly salary but thousands
  • we do not come to the next semester

Wang corpse shelf car pulled over 20 miles away

'clock in the evening of January 24,michael kors, Wang Ying Chen's about to go meet after no news. Accordingly, Wang suspected to have been killed crematorium, Chen lot of suspects. Ad hoc police investigation in the incident that afternoon, Chen's son Renmou,moncler, and Chen's brother-in-law Jeong also at home, three people before and after the incident, had been frequent telephone contact with Wang last call it is Chen. After a comprehensive analysis, the task force lock Chen, Yim, Jeong were key suspects. 5:00 pm on February 4, Chen, Renmou, Jeong 3 has been reached Lingtai County Public Security Bureau police find Wang phone Jeong home. Merits truth the evening of Feb. 4,abercrombie, after the police interrogation, Jeong, Yim has explained the facts of the crime. Feb. 6, in accordance with the suspects identified postmortem scene, after the hard work of more than one hours,グッチ, the panel from the 84-meter-deep dry well successfully burned the Canshi salvaged,doudoune moncler. February 8, after the trial of five days and five nights,jordan, Chen also confessed his crime was,piumini moncler. Upon review, the widow Chen deceased Wang improper relationship between men and women up to 2056 years. January 12, 2009, Wang work home from the field, has several times called to ask Chen to own in 2056, they spent all costs, and threatened, such as not to not let Chen a better. Chen both feel shame, and no money for compensation, will produce the murder evil thoughts. January 23, Chen this incident tell the its sub Renmou, and his brother-in-law Jeong. 3 people to negotiate, Wang decided to get rid of the never troubles,abercrombie france. January 24, Chen telephone about Wang to their home to collect the money. Night 8:30,burberry, Wang came about Chen,louboutin, Jeong with ax Renmou Down with tongs Wang wire for foot caused Wang to stop breathing. Wang's death, Jeong from 160 yuan in cash found in possession of loaded his bag, seized a cell phone, and destroy the phone card away phone,moncler outlet. Subsequently,mercurial, Wang corpse shelf car pulled over 20 miles away, the, Seba community, West Zhunxiang small village an old Zhuang base cave incineration. When I heard that people found crematorium site, Jeong Yim and Chen again at five o'clock in the morning on January 28 Canshi and other tools for committing crimes invested within the the Seba community a dry well. Present, the case for further proceedings. Newspaper reporter Yuan Ying


  • Users high school girls have been raped, photographed nude _ News _
  • the interns with internship unit signed a more perfect internship agreement
  • decided sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined 20

Xingdong in accompanied by school principals and teachers

've lost count of how many times and got like a drowned rat. In the winter,doudoune moncler, the snow melts, the road will end on a layer of ice, Hing Tung same countless how many times due to the slippery and fall and get bruises. 20 miles away from home to school, the Xingdong every day riding a bicycle to and from. This day, he has gone through two years. Xingdong studying at Wafangdian Eighteenth Middle School for three years three shifts,abercrombie, now is facing in the test. In fact, the schools have a specialized school buses shuttle students to go to the mountain village. Xingdong said, in Wafangdian City of Xu Zhunzhen Dagangshan Zhai,ヴィトン バッグ, the only one bike to school students. School fare is 2 yuan per person per day, the Xingdong why not ride the school bus His own difficulties, and even a stubborn insistence. 16 years ago, Hing Tung was born in the home of an ordinary farmer in the village,mercurial vapor pas cher. Although the family was not wealthy, but the family of three was extraordinary and happy life. 2 years ago, a sudden accident broke the quiet life. The father Wang Xiaotao car accident to hospital for examination,アグ ブーツ, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, the wealthy families bear a heavy burden. To cure his father in order to save 2 yuan fare, Hing Tung would prefer daily riding and from the way between home and school. The Rhizoma Anemarrhenae hard farm work to reduce family burden before the illness, his father Wang Xiaotao also work outside the home to support their family, mother Dong Defen farming at home, take care vineyards. With the progression of the disease, Wang Xiaotao gradually lose the ability to work all the heavy work of the home fell to Dong Defen body,moncler outlet. In order to reduce expenses, Wang Xiaotao minimize the cost of their own treatment, can home the income still falls far short of the required fee. Xingdong well aware of the difficult mother Dong Defen meeting Hill put down the book after he helped his mother to take care of the farm work. In Dagangshan Zhai,moncler, people often can see such a sight: a thin, middle-aged woman carrying a watering can hit pesticides stumble in the field and the line, a dark teenager resorted to full strength, helped The mother carrying water. Of this scene occurs the Xingdong only 14 years old. Dagangshan Zhai,burberry soldes, a three dilapidated bungalow, there is Xingdong home. Teacher music teacher home visits, to see the condition of the house can not help but eat was surprised, "the house is simply dilapidated buildings too dangerous to live here." The Xingdong home, the only home appliances is an old 18-inch TV,burberry pas cher. or parents' wedding 20 years ago to buy. In addition, the family even decent furniture. Dong Defen frankly, times heavy rain, the village leader came specially to remind grounds 'fear of house collapse'. Teacher music teacher the Xingdong usual academic excellence, also used to test the second of the whole school, "Compared to who his family was privileged child, Xingdong not easy." Right now, less than a month's time, Xingdong is about to usher in the exam. The music teacher said, the Hing Tung strength was admitted to the focus of high school can be in tension pro forma days, Hing Tung but sometimes in the classroom in a daze. After getting to know the original Xingdong father was found in a recent inspection, has developed into liver cirrhosis with ascites. Class Xingdong mind full of sickly father. Juvenile wish father alive happiness "to give Wang Xiaotao medical treatment, the family has owed 15 million foreign debt. Afraid of her husband to know to get angry, Dong Defen has been concealed from him. In this honest part of the woman in the eyes of the husband can not work in the fields, but still the spiritual pillar of her live. Recently, Wang Xiaotao disease progression, Dong Defen afraid to Xingdong know the impact of pro forma,louboutin, did not dare tell him. However, sensitive Xingdong eventually know. Heard the news of the day, Hing Tung did not eat a cooked rice. "As long as the father is alive, I'm happy." Xingdong said, before the family together, the happy scene vividly, now the father was seriously ill, his heart every day hanging. In Xingdong the impression he was 8 years old, the family first time eating oranges scenario has made him unforgettable. Home only an orange, have three people sharing eating Dad his flesh to eat with it, say 'orange peel oranges taste delicious', my mother and I was amused by his expression. "Xingdong said he hoped that after his father's physical rehabilitation, to his father to buy a large basket of oranges to eat. 15:00 yesterday, in Wafangdian city center hospital ward, Xingdong in accompanied by school principals and teachers,burberry, came to visit his father. Looking at the eyes of some yellow father, Hing Tung gently standing on his father's side, bow their heads in silence. In fact, the Xingdong order to reduce the family burden, once in private school teachers revealed where his father dropped out of school to work to make money, Xingdong take into account the future but the teacher, but also specialize in Xingdong work, advised him to strive to pro forma Do not give up his studies . Wafangdian City Off 18th secondary school principals said, consider Xingdong difficulties faced daily commuting delays to Xingdong learning schools have arrangements Xingdong staying in the home of teacher music teacher. The parting, Hing Tung took reporters hand June 20, Father's Day is coming,abercrombie france, and the test to be held on June 26 and 27, "I want to get good grades, to give his father a belated Father's Day gift. "the reporters Manchu fly a three aspirations father Wang Xiaotao: I hope that he can play in the comprehensive examinations. Physical rehabilitation, he will once again go out to work to his wife to buy beautiful clothes. Wife Dong Defen: I hope that her husband's body would get better. Son Wang Xingdong: fight to get good grades in the examination, a surprise to his father. If possible, in the test, he will want a way to make some money, because the family had never been to the zoo, did not eat McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken ", hoping that one day the whole family can happily walk to the beach.


  • may eventually have to face the harsh reality
  • two in March last year before the wedding.
  • selfless dedication

the protection of minors exemplary individuals

's death has been a month, but the fate of his lifetime adoption of the final nine children are still in the community of concern. They will be long-term placements Can Indulge into welfare institutions or "street children" father eventually returned to the country of origin and their families may find the town of Cheng Cheng's death reflects from one side of the street children in China the pain relief management; we in praise of a good man owed the same time, it should reflect on the Absence of Government the waif custody exist, relatives custody of fulfillment is not in place. 9 waif cited concern about the future destination of November 14, the town of Cheng Cheng, a 63-year-old Jinan good man died of illness. From the 1987 adoption of street children, the adoption of more than 400 street children in 23 years, has been known as the "waif father of". To the children onto the right path, over the years he has been quiet dedication given waif selfless warmth,ヴィトン バッグ. Town of Cheng Cheng help the many street children have been taught, and some admitted to the university, and some enlist in the army, there's already married. The town of Cheng Cheng has been named the sun elderly in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the protection of minors exemplary individuals, and the first national moral models Award nomination. Cheng Cheng town after the death of the last of nine children of his lifetime adoptions fate of the problem caused by the concerns of the community. Economic Nanshi levels of government, civil affairs and other relevant departments to actively coordinate, November 16, nine children in succession is connected to Jinan City relief management station placement live. Reporters in Jinan City relief management station to see, and nine children were arranged to live together in a more than 50 square meters of spacious dorm room heating is warming up. Rescue shelter to the children each made two new winter clothes, school supplies and tableware special. Jinan City relief management station owners told reporters that the history of this monarch, nine children are wandering from the field to Jinan, the oldest 16 years old, being read three days of this year, the youngest only 8 years old. They create a "family" atmosphere, relief stations dedicated arranged an experienced staff to take care of their daily life,burberry, also hired three college students on their psychological and learning counseling, to and from school has a rescue shelter transport. Increase the psychological pressure in order not to give the children, relief stations politely refused a reporter's request to meet with them. "After the death of their grandfather's Zheng, some children beginning also can not accept." History of the present monarch said, reassuring, and now they have begun to adapt to the rescue shelter life individual weary children in college students social workers help under restored interest in learning. The pass Who protect the physical and mental health of minors and the legitimate rights and interests of the town of Cheng Cheng "baton", of "Protection of Minors Act explicitly provides parents or other guardians should create a good,アグ ブーツ, harmonious family environment, in accordance with the law to perform minor his guardianship and support obligations. Nine children at or above the county level people's governments and civil affairs departments should be required to set up a rescue place,abercrombie, no minors in the rescue of life, such as vagrancy and begging, temporary guardianship obligations ... Jinan City rescue shelter care town of Cheng Cheng final adoption temporarily settle down, but this is not a permanent solution. According to China's "city life without the Vagrants' Relief Management Regulations" provisions,michael kors, relief stations should be determined according to the situation of the assisted person relief period of generally not more than 10 days. They have been living in the rescue shelter for nearly a month, will go from here Shandong University College of Philosophy and Social Development, Professor Ma Guanghai that the rescue of street children in China is the the rescue shelter relief and long-term welfare institutions of the short-term adoption. But the relief stations only provide short-term relief, while the local welfare institutions can only shelter orphans, for the street children of foreign sources, the identity can not be verified, the lack of effective relief. In some developed countries, the charity can be long-term shelter for street children, and our country in this regard is still basically blank. For the ultimate destination of the nine children, the history of this monarch also worried. "Wait until the children's emotional and life are stabilized, we will be in accordance with the legal provisions of the responsibility to resettle Prior to this, the assistance station will join nine children on the source of government departments, to investigate the true circumstances of each child's family, and get well prepared for the future, they may go home after the life history of this monarch said. "Street children of the Father" death refraction waif rescue management of pain,jordan, "the town of Cheng Cheng such a good man, our society's blessing, but also social sorrow,abercrombie france." In the history of the present monarch, the town of Cheng Cheng for 23 years as a day selfless caring spirit of street children and behavior, commendable available table, but he did not want to happen again the second town of Cheng Cheng. A lot of the responsibility borne by the government, and the guardians, and should not be handed over to a non-relative,moncler outlet, children, therefore, should not assume guardianship obligations to bear,mercurial vapor pas cher. Street children as a special group of the society, their rescue, protection and management has attracted widespread attention. The Chinese government always attaches great importance to the protection of street children rescue work in recent years by taking effective measures to continue to strengthen the relief and management of street children, and strive to create a warm home for street children. According to statistics, in August 2003 to the end of 2009, China's civil affairs departments, rescue shelter and minors assistance and protection centers total aid vagrancy,piumini moncler, begging minors over 870,000 people,moncler. Zheng Cheng Zhensheng before an interview with reporters, said, according to his observations, a few years ago found that the street children are mostly due to family difficulties, no one discipline, and the last two years and the parents have trouble, increasingly runaway juvenile addiction more, they loiter outside very vulnerable to bad, this social phenomenon is worrying. More and more criminal activities of minors is a great harm to society,burberry pas cher. History of the jun, in recent years, the number of street children has been reduced, Jinan rescue shelter this year, a total relief minors more than 800 people, accounting for bailout population ratio is about 12%, and the vast majority of street children in the field. Although this figure is 4 percent lower than two years ago, but the street children rescue is still a long way to go. Ma Guanghai, the death of the elderly in the town of Cheng Cheng end result leads to the street children problem, a reflection of this imperfect system of our rescue. Currently, our custody and guardianship of minors or family-based, supplemented by social assistance, family particularly important to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship. Government departments have a duty to oversee minors legal guardian guardianship behavior, personal care obligations for non-compliance, should be punished accordingly. Shandong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lu Yan, street children rescue urgent concern, local governments should increase the relief and resettlement efforts for street children. Especially the government and the relevant departments of the waif source, should effectively help them and their families to solve their practical difficulties in learning, let waif and stray on the street, let them feel the care of the government and the warmth of home. Actively regulate civil relief act for street children living and educational environment suitable for their healthy growth.


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  • she need only a year to go to the hospital review once
  • 3 double look. According to reports

elbow and upper arm use is even more important

boasted" out-of-pocket to get one million yuan furnishings ring in the world today who left inverted pen calligraphy above their own,abercrombie france, he rewards to Normal, but unfortunately no one has responded. Cai Yaming grievances in the "bubble" artists. To make a living,mercurial vapor pas cher, he dragged young dray,グッチ, put off stall selling calligraphy. His 5-year-old to learn calligraphy with his father,abercrombie, 13 years old, accidentally falls right dislocated his father would let him practice calligraphy with his left hand,moncler. Young Cai Yaming embrace practicing the left hand calligraphy, gifted adapt quickly and was trained into a fan,doudoune moncler, and so the right hand injury healed,burberry, he practiced in both hands writing few months, even a two-pronged approach, footed the. 1979, Cai Yaming see the entertainer of the artists with their left hand, he began practicing "left inverted pen" in the streets of Guangzhou, a trained three decades. Cai Yaming written a single word from the original inverted pen should train a few days to two minutes with the inverted pen creation of a quatrain poetry, real insight into the subtle lies of the left inverted pen ",michael kors. In 1985, Cai Yaming left pen calligraphy works won the "the Huxiang Cup Calligraphy Competition first prize,moncler outlet. Caiya Ming told reporters, right hand to write hundreds of times, to write out the words are all in the wrist conscious control of relatively clumsy left wrist, elbow and upper arm use is even more important, to write out the character modeling ancient rise of old lines,piumini moncler, the rules,mercurial, the intensity control for intentionally or unintentionally, the left hand than the right hand-written word natural charm and verve. Right down the pen calligrapher famous director Xie Tian saw his left inverted pen calligraphy performances in Beijing, saying it is a must for China. The famous calligrapher Shen Peng for Cai Cai Yaming inscription: "pen force anti-Ding,louboutin, the active exploration and innovation, see sexual see power". Cai Yaming "the left inverted pen" performances of the Japanese calligrapher Imai Ryosetsu in Huangshan to watch immediately conferred together as "pen down Guanya gas Shun situation Ming." Hunan TV "Poly Arts Hall" has also invited Cai Yaming live performances, he left down pen "topped the rounds of applause. Reporter Liu Ju


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  • the chicks are usually very keen to see the courtyard of his house is dirty
  • in the next curse 'people down for so long

went to the site to make trouble

hay" with Peng Wei, workers hammering a busy person around seven that play exhilaration. Live, few people in the morning is a little bit not do anything, I was not eat lunch. Afternoon after the start they Peng Wei, sat the rest of their place of work, and also fell asleep. Contractors anxious, duration is inherently tight, these workers can stay and eat for free do not say, but also affect other workers work enthusiasm, really annoying,piumini moncler. Dismiss us Etc. phrase September 11, the contractors decided to not have these seven individuals. Hearing to be dismissed, to 7 individuals look to the spirit, "We came all the way over, do not let dry, and do not have to compensate us for travel expenses and lost income, costs say let dry." Peng Wei said confidently. It turned out that seven people early before departure on a good discussion, where to do good work, forced labor contractor to dismiss them, to ask for compensation. One to one to earn enough toll how much can Zhengdian the, they also do not work,moncler outlet. This money making method is a favorite trick of Wei Peng, his associates as saying, "We all know that Peng Wei by this meal." Do not work, you also want compensation,グッチ, it is impossible! "Contractor rejected requirements. "Do not lose money, we will not go." Peng Wei spoke to a group of people sitting in a labor contractor office, swore and trouble,louboutin, both sides quarreling beat up. Peng Wei relied on many people, and did not give way,burberry pas cher. Contractors also scolded beaten, this group of people do not give up, went to the site to make trouble,jordan, and made the other workers are not normally work. No other contractors alarm,doudoune moncler, go to the police station Peng Wei divisions like, said contractors owed wages do not give. The contractors had to come to the police station mediation, ultimately, frustration compensation fifteen thousand yuan trouble. Deception cheated face the dismissal of nearly 5 million, in addition to the abusive and trouble these conventional means, Peng Wei, they have different ways scam. June 14, 2010, they ran a construction site in Taizhou high port work, the same slack. Lunch on June 16,burberry soldes, with the work of several workers suddenly vomited Peng Wei gave them the opportunity to insist that the rice is not clean, require contractors compensate for the losses. June 17, in the face of dismissal, they use the same trick to get compensation, and also took thousands of pieces of food compensation. Each time they are fired,abercrombie, Peng Wei require compensation for travel expenses. In February 2011, this group of people rushed to the Lishui County construction site from a construction site in Shanghai,burberry, came from his home in Henan has lied, cheated the ticket price difference,アグ ブーツ. So, in 2010, the two-year period in 2011, Peng Wei, a group of people, all over in Jiangsu deception six times and succeeded. Tasted the sweetness of 7 people came to the the Jiangning Qumou site on April 15, 2011, the old trick, was dismissed after he hit and noisy, demanded 6,000 yuan compensation. But this time, contractors immediately reported to the police, Peng Wei 7 people were arrested on the spot. So far, seven people defrauding nearly 5 million,michael kors. Yesterday morning, the Qixia Court case 7 people for illegal confessed, the case is under further investigation. (Text characters are not his real name)


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"thugs threatened me away from hiking trails

's news reports, climb a mountain is like to experience a wilderness survival count The 38-year-old Brazilian climbers Denise personally feel this horrible experience. She not only met satyr in the jungle,jordan, still bolted, jumping into a river,doudoune moncler, the mountains, and eventually lost as long as 17 days. After being rescued, she gratefully said, "The rescue team is like an angel from heaven to save me,michael kors. Reported that on August 19 this year, Denise alone on foot in the mountain road, a strange man put a gun to abduction,moncler, they went deep in the jungle, the man began to undress, ready for her sexual infringement, Denise took advantage of the "wolf" put down the gun, doom run last wits' end, had to jump into a Hanoi, was able to escape from the clutches of,ヴィトン バッグ. Search in the mountains after the local fire brigade was informed,mercurial vapor pas cher, as long as 11 days found Denise,abercrombie france. The firefighters said, "We did not have to give up the idea of ​​search, finally found her breathing weakness. Denise said, "thugs threatened me away from hiking trails,アグ ブーツ, causing me to lost his way",abercrombie. Her to walk four days and still can not get back the same route,louboutin, had to wait in the valley between the waterfall, and the last 10 days and only drink water,burberry pas cher, but familiar wilderness survival techniques, and I am afraid that would be dead. Local police to appeal to the mountains of Brazil is very rampant crime,burberry, mountaineering is best to go hand in hand.


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the small Dan dispose of the matter

's Court court trial. Small text mother Kwak dressed in black,abercrombie france, looked dejected sitting on the plaintiff gallery, beside her husband Zhang same deadpan. Three days ago, just the first anniversary of the death of their only son. After the start of the trial, the indictment read out by the representative plaintiff for Kwak several times outbursts of emotion, sobbing loudly high too soon. The trial judge in order to continue the trial, had to remind to control their emotions during the hearing,doudoune moncler. Zhang and his wife sued, April 19, 2009, at 1 o'clock in the morning, the small text of their son after drinking in a bar near Erqi Plaza discomfort, small text girlfriend Dan immediately dialed 120, but the operator said he does not have a car, also asked the little Dan can not wait. Helpless, Xiao-Dan had to drive himself a small text sent to the hospital, the small text therefore not receive timely medical treatment, and eventually died. The representative plaintiff law firm of Liaoning Qingsong Wang Jinhai think "120" is the only statutory emergency telephone number, a 24-hour clinics open system in accordance with the regulations, the admissibility of the masses within the service area call for help at any time, and to provide pre-hospital medical emergency and related rescue services. The purpose of the "120" emergency calls public interest, even if it is early in the morning, received help from the masses, can not cope without a car,グッチ. Moreover, if emergency vehicles can not be rushed, the operator should be based on the patient's condition, of guiding patients or around people take their own first-aid measures Contact a nearby hospital to make emergency preparations. This case, the omission of the emergency center, leading to delays in treatment of small text, and ultimately death. Therefore, request the court to order the emergency center after the end of the relevant identification compensation, death compensation for moral damage compensation, including 49 million yuan in proportion. The focus of intense court debate: the time of the incident Xiaodan playing not played 120 The emergency center in the trial, argued that the plaintiff has no evidence to prove that small Dan dialed the 120 emergency call at the time of the incident, so the emergency center is not a medical services contract. The plaintiffs considered, well receiving the report, record and retain telephone recording is the responsibility of the emergency center, so the burden of proof should be in the emergency center. Accident, the emergency center, said the telephone recording system the before damaged in the incident, and therefore no recording. To this end, the emergency center has come up with the center of the "duty records, this record,mercurial, in 2009, the early morning of April 14, 4 Xu, loud noise, the center's telephone recording system is lightning destroyed, until the same month 23 The day before repair. The emergency center at the same time provide a weather record on April 14, 2009, the date of the lightning storm. The plaintiffs do not recognize this "coincidence" that related records are added after import duty records, court requires identification of the time of the formation of this record. At the same time, the plaintiffs suggest that the defendant's recording system to produce maintenance fee maintenance required to provide maintenance fee invoices. But emergency center countered that the center can repair and related accessories, so she does not incur costs. Focus 2: the time of the incident the emergency center do not have a car Emergency Center is also produced in the trial trip logs in the early morning of April 19, 2009, the record shows that the emergency center six ambulances were in sent state records note of the signaler phone, the incident, such as address and condition. So the small Dan dialed emergency call, the staff informed the "no car" is also a fact, does not exist omissions. Plaintiffs this record strongly questioned: "This is just a statistical form, the defendant can easily fill. Emergency center emergency services that charge, why not come up with six emergency bills to prove it " "emergency services are not charged fees do not like earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, the first aid to the three non-personnel nor charges, so the bills can not prove that." emergency center said. Pretrial exchange of evidence, we had 6 calls numbers recorded trip logs call, some of which are shut down, and some get through, but the other said not dialed 120, how to explain "The plaintiffs asked. Emergency Center answered: "the incident has been a year, down or machine main replacement phone are quite normal." Focus 3: Should emergency guidance to help themselves Wang Jinhai, representative plaintiff, that the staff of the emergency center received a distress call in the case of "no car" should immediately understand the patient's condition,burberry pas cher, if the patient's condition is very critical, and should be the guiding presence of the patients to take the necessary First aid measures. Guidance on how to vomit discharge, if necessary, artificial respiration or closed chest cardiac massage, a small Wen's death perhaps can be avoided. The accused this, the emergency center that, according to the statements of the witnesses small Dan, the dial emergency telephone call time only 10 seconds, and did not ask how to take emergency measures, emergency center staff as it is not recognized. But the plaintiffs insisted that the emergency center should take the initiative to provide such help to for help,michael kors, rather than let panic distress themselves asking. Focus: whether it should notify the hospital to do first emergency preparedness "In case there is no ambulance, emergency center should guide small Dan will be the Xiaowen sent from the incident to the nearest hospital, notify the hospital ahead of emergency preparedness. Emergency center staff and did not do so, resulting in Little Dan drove to the hospital, the first doctor told her surgeon in consulting room inside, small Dan went inside the consulting room to find the doctor,piumini moncler, the doctor called a hospital several security before small text carried into the first aid The room, which also delayed the treatment of small text,abercrombie. "said Wang Jinhai. The emergency center in addition to small Dan on the phone this request respondent also pointed out that small text is sent to the hospital according to the hospital's emergency disease Annals "clinical death", does not exist in the case of the delay in treatment. View of the need for judicial identification, the case will be another day to line trial. Expert interpretation of first aid needs to keep up with the pace of social development 23 evening, the reporter interviewed, on the case, the well-known sociologist Zhao Xiushan. The Zhao Xiushan said,jordan, the result of the case is not as important as it is exposed to our social problems that require urgent attention. First, in recent years, the rapid development in the city, Dalian, Dalian 120 emergency vehicles and emergency personnel with has clearly inadequate,mercurial vapor pas cher. The city ambulance to correspond to a population of over 200 million, apparently unable to meet the emergency needs. Second, emergency center staff awareness of service needs to be strengthened. Third, the small Dan dispose of the matter, the process can be seen citizens apparent lack of first aid knowledge, or even common sense. Zhao Xiushan To solve these problems, you can try from three aspects. First, the "120" has always been the "government-run" case of significant growth, it should be appropriate to permit the part of private capital to enter the field, in order to better meet this demand in the "first aid needs. Second, the emergency center operator should be carried out in the pre-necessary training, first aid should inform distress in the absence of emergency vehicles may send simple measures and precautions. Finally, our society is also a lack of a non-government organization,burberry soldes, that is, the Social Emergency Guidance Center. This center usually can drill down to the public in the training of the people who carried out the necessary first aid knowledge, to call consulting the public in cases of emergency first aid measures,moncler outlet. The special newspaper reported group


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300 yuan and 8000 "damages" to Hemou

's license and a bank cards,moncler. Lee thought of a lot of people put birthday set to bank card password, and wanted to try to take this Cary owner of lost identity cards birthday money. Afternoon, Lee called on workers Jin a go withdraw money to escape the monitoring probes, both wearing sunglasses, sun hat before to Dragon Town, a bank's automatic teller machines, card input rightful owners birthday,piumini moncler, and she guessed password,burberry pas cher. Then,アグ ブーツ, they removed a number of banks, multiple out 17,300 dollars on the number of automatic teller machines. Regret withdraw money want to pay back the money home, Lee matter told his wife, his wife persuaded him to say: "It is against the law,moncler outlet, you quickly contact the owner, give it." Lee also feeling something big trouble, and Jin certain to discuss the next day and then deposit the money to the card. The next day,mercurial, they went to a bank's automatic teller machines, this bank card is unavailable. Original, rightful owners Hemou lost her bag that night through a bank customer inquiries found 17,300 dollars, the card has been removed and ordered Hemou bank card loss and alarm. Call the owner to ask for 8000 yuan "damages" Lee came home, his wife contact with a phone number inside the package to the rightful owners HeMou,burberry, said take the card and the money back to him, Hemou said it brought him a lot loss was compensable damages: "How much is removed from the card, you have to lose much,jordan, if not lose,abercrombie france, the police your husband to the police station." Eventually, the two sides agreed to compensation of 8,000 yuan "damages" Compounding. Lee's wife came to Hemou home, the relevant documents,グッチ, 17,300 yuan and 8000 "damages" to Hemou,abercrombie, the two sides signed a compounding agreement for "all the items have been returned, will no longer have to be investigated for legal responsibility". June 8, Lee Jin a two hearts is not practical, surrendered voluntarily to the public security organs,mercurial vapor pas cher, to give the extortion issue is Hemou.


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the man last three days

's logistics department she is not to be reimbursed. Chen and her husband are from rural areas, rent money is very nervous,doudoune moncler, suddenly took 1,000 yuan, their lives difficult, ask the unit to be, but no one in charge of this thing. A security to three days looking for leadership nobody cares about the unit, the man last three days, every day, to the unit to. But the person in charge is responsible for the logistical cleaning ignore him,burberry soldes. Around 8:00 today, he went to the unit, looking dejected, and later saw him, and suddenly I heard someone upstairs Xiangtiao Lou, I came out to see him. "Said the security. See the camber in the roof of the man himself, you want to jump from a building next to his,lancel pas cher, you can see the back of the firefighters and patrol police, they kept advised men to exercise restraint in the roof. 10:25, the unit several leadership Dili the lake traffic police patrol brigade police stood outside three meters away from the man, to persuade the man down. Q What was his name, he does not say,lancel, he only said: "I too do not go home penny if the money I would not so, I really do not live up to the cost of treatment." kept repeating. Police: his discussion to the cost of less than 2,000 yuan 10:30 Xu, standing on the roof of the unit leadership to see more and more agitated man, let the police and firefighters left the scene. "We resolve itself, you go, if too many people, for fear that people will jump off." Royal Lake police station Wu Zhichao three police and four firefighters from the roof down. The police said the man beg for his wife's treatment costs less than 2,000 yuan,louboutin. "This is for several years,michael kors outlet, due jumped to beg for cash in a minimum of time," police said. 10:35 Emperor the lake traffic police patrol Brigade chief Cao Zhigang also rushed to the scene. Ask the unit, the unit leader, said that they have to meet the requirements,abercrombie pas cher, the man jumped to his man down. Thank the police to the scene, the 120 emergency personnel and firefighters. Police said jumped to is a matter of life and limb, and I hope that the unit will give a description of these names leadership no longer talk to police,moncler pas cher, entered the building,abercrombie france. Onlookers Mr. Zhao said,abercrombie, because the 2000 dollar, not worth jumping off a building. Side, Mr,air jordan femme. Zhou immediately refuted Zhao "You are full Han hungry man I do not know hunger,hollister, a penny a death sentence for the hero who has the hair not installed Baldy this one might really no money.


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the local hospital did not dare surgery for him

porcelain doll. 1987, he walked accidentally stumbled bone in his right leg femur. And learned that he had hemophilia,mulberry outlet uk, the local hospital did not dare surgery for him, the only fixed with plaster, the results of the right leg,peuterey outlet, crippling,doudoune moncler. Eight years ago,air jordan femme, the skin of his right leg at the ankle mosquitoes a bit initially wound only a grain of rice,louboutin pas cher, but have not been able to heal,abercrombie france, with many topical medication did not use. He looked around for help, or because hemophilia sake,michael kors outlet, no hospital dare react,air jordan. The wound eventually more and more the surrounding skin begins to fester. In February of this year, he came to the Southwest Hospital, the experts decided to give him to the implementation of skin grafting,air jordan pas cher. The Southwest Hospital burns unit Professor Peng Daizhi delayed for too long,moncler, because the disease has spread to the bones, Liu Zhiqiang wound fester. Is the first time they encountered so in severe hemophiliacs,doudoune moncler pas cher. February 23, all six departments of the start of surgery,hollister, burn unit, Department of Cardiology,burberry soldes, Laboratory, Department of Anesthesiology vigilant,moncler outlet, the results of the operation was a success. It is understood that the hemophilia disease is a lack of clotting factor, once the blood loss is extremely difficult to stop, the majority of male patients. Reporter Li Kui correspondent Huang Xiaoyan


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The Liling board fir Township man convicted of gambling debt

The Liling board fir Township man convicted of gambling debt, after the two-year-old son to the sell price of 16,800 yuan, and then call extortion ex-wife,burberry. Recently,louboutin pas cher, Liling City Public Security Bureau to inform the media from father sell sub egregious cases. Last November,hollister france, the father called Leach (a pseudonym) and his wife Chen gambling divorce,michael kors outlet, two-year-old son, Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym) was sentenced to Chen. Since then, Leach repeatedly asked to visit the children,burberry soldes, are Chenjia its "carrying the hepatitis A virus in the body," refused. Leach junior high school students to find a taxi driver Wang. Wang immediately said,air jordan pas cher, some ideas to get the kids back to him,abercrombie france. On February 3 Leach turned decided to sell children to no fertility Liuyang membership workers Dengmou, to pay gambling debts. The next day, Wang found Xiaoqiang grandmother,air jordan femme, a meeting and handed her 200 yuan "lucky money", said to bring the child to Liuyang see his father, and to ensure that will be taking care of babies. Wang smooth away the child,abercrombie. Leach that evening forthcoming child brought Liuyang with Dengmou after some bargaining,mulberry outlet, and finally sold for 16,moncler,800 yuan. February 5th, see Wang has yet children return, the Xiaoqiang grandmother put the news told Chen. The afternoon of February 6,doudoune moncler pas cher, Chen was rushed back from Shenzhen Liling; evening, she received Li Qisuo to 3 million telephone. February 7 at noon, Chen Liling City Public Security Bureau police station board cedar center report,burberry pas cher. On the evening of February 8, a group of police in a hotel in Liling Li Qi and Wang captured another group of police in Liuyang will Dengmou the arrested. Unfortunately, Xiaoqiang Dengmou sell their own the Pingjiang relatives in Yueyang, price is 18,800 yuan. February 9, Yueyang police with police investigators smoothly child rescue home,moncler pas cher. Currently, Leach, Wang, Dengmou suspicion of the crime of trafficking in children was arrested according to law. (Wang Zhen)


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so she decided to conceal the fact that the status quo

's Court of intentional murder sentenced to four years in prison,doudoune moncler pas cher. Valentine broke up but the tire bead dark end of the court to disclose, was born in 1993 Jiangmou 2010 established a relationship with the same work in a shoe factory in Qingxin County Taihe Town Lin. In October 2010, Lin left shoe factory to find another way out, the two broke up,abercrombie france. To March 2011,moncler pas cher, Jiangmou feeling unwell, so they decided to go to the hospital for examination,moncler, and was surprised to find that they have 27 weeks of pregnancy. As the baby is too large, the doctor refused to do abortions for Jiangmou. The ignorant Jiangmou and not the first time to seek help,abercrombie pas cher, worried unwed things people know the impact of his fame, so she decided to conceal the fact that the status quo, and usually try to wear loose clothing to disguise them,air jordan pas cher. Jiangmou frightened ground suffer down day by day,mulberry outlet, the workers living has not been found the fact that she was pregnant,lancel pas cher. The shoelaces strangulation discarded the female infanticide May 2011 23 o'clock in the evening of 27 Jiangmou the belly continued pains and subsequently gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom alone. Jiangmou use scissors to cut the umbilical cord, turn the bathroom of blood rinse,burberry, ready to throw away the baby,peuterey outlet. Fearing the baby crying and found the fact that their production before the infant in a plastic bag, Jiangmou with shoelaces wound tighten the neck of the baby,doudoune moncler, put the plastic bag filled with baby out the trash caused by other people's attention place,hollister. The next day,burberry soldes, after cleaners found dead baby alarm. It is understood that after the first instance verdict for Jiang said the service contract,lancel, not to appeal.


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  • little friction between the gang will be irritating kicking Since then

a Hong Kong resident. Weng Tao said in the indictment

's Court,moncler pas cher. He requests Jocie Kok libel investigated for criminal responsibility. Currently,abercrombie, Luohu Court has yet to determine whether to accept it,hollister france. Pleadings Guangdong Lufeng nationals, aged 45 Weng Tao, a Hong Kong resident. Weng Tao said in the indictment, he was charged Jocie Kok source microblogging war of words last month. November 3,louboutin pas cher, Weng Tao,peuterey, Sina microblogging see the Jocie Guo Comments Foshan Nanhai hospital abandoned baby event forwarding said "see also Jocie Kok,michael kors outlet, immediately attracted" the Jocie Guo crazy and wantonly abuses, defamatory. Weng Tao alleged, November 3 to 5, Jocie Kok Sina has made 20 microblogging fabricated a large number of false facts with insulting and offensive language, verbal abuse and slander him names names, such as " framed others and nurturing mistress only compete equity, "mistresses swindler Weng old man that he has no evil not to", "the Weng the Tao Laohou demon every day genteel the prudish, false noble dressed in human skin put yourself when people look a ...... even the dogs are not as "surface mouthful justice moral pounding on drums to do charity secretly unrestrained use of public funds debauchery jolly parasites". Weng Tao said that the remarks forwarded by thousands of Internet users has also been numerous media reports. At the same time, the majority of Internet users in the major network platform published a lot of discussion Jocie Kok Weng Tao posts, these posts filled with a large number of Internet users by the Jocie Guo remarks influence of his insult, abusive content. Weng Tao decided to Luohu court proceedings, requested the court held Jocie Kok of criminal responsibility for defamation. Jocie Kok, said Jocie Kok in June 2011 on behalf of the "commercial general manager of the Red Cross Society of China", famous in Sina microblogging show off their wealth and created quite a stir in the online microblogging fans did not know. Weng Tao alleged the number has more than 50 million people, "may be called a public figure. Microblogging as a new communications platform, "can be described in human history, a very powerful new channels of information dissemination," "impact, influence and spread of power is very large. Weng Tao slander his 20 microblogging forwarding and dissemination Jocie Kok, the large influence of the defamatory information,doudoune moncler, the propagation speed of the fast, high degree of audience participation of which more serious of his personality, honorary caused by the infringement,abercrombie pas cher. Weng Tao alleged Jocie Kok from various fabricating facts he described as an honest and upright life, self-dealing, drug abuse,moncler outlet, fraud evil only,hollister, thus leading to a lot of know the truth,air jordan femme, is fabricating facts to deceive Internet users in Sina the microblogging and major sites, forums he insults their behavior seriously infringed his personality, reputation,air jordan pas cher, severely reducing his social evaluation caused him very serious injury. Yesterday,mulberry outlet, the Southern reporter saw microblogging Jocie Kok, from November 3 to 5 days,moncler, she called microblogging involves Weng Tao indictment about 16 Weng Tao is not a sign of weakness in that a few days written entitled "United States and the United States Crazy" Bowen, calling it "boring" and "crazy". Last night, the reporter called Jocie Kok left Tel Sina microblogging, the other side responded by saying "We do not know how this thing".


  • the Post published the third day
  • 326 yuan to 4418.4 yuan.
  • 24 points deduction and impose detention on the 20th.

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