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   <li>we should do is not to swallow</li>
   <li>we should do is not to swallow</li>
== International Tourism ==
Daily Mail" reported that on June 8, a lot of people like to show off their number of friends on Facebook and other social networking sites, and a Dutch woman has launched its 152 users avatar pattern to their right arm,louboutin pas cher, always remember these friends. Dutch woman did not disclose his real name,moncler, and claiming Suzyj87. Recently,mulberry outlet uk, she was a video uploaded to the network, showcase their users avatar arm pattern. Fortunately, she was only 152 users,moncler pas cher, the amount of words on her arm on the pattern no less than the avatar,michael kors outlet. The woman did not disclose how she would do if friends join,hollister france. Suzyj87 in the video, said: "After several months of preparation, I want to show you my social tattoo,burberry pas cher. Surprised by it  I am very proud,peuterey outlet, I hope you like it,air jordan." However, some netizens questioned " Facebook friends tattoo permanent,burberry soldes. " One reviewer wrote: "Congratulations,lancel, I hope you can sustain the relationship with these friends." Famous American rapper T-Pain in his arm tattooed on Facebook tattoo that says "you do not have to like me,burberry." , next to the URL and thumbs-up signs,doudoune moncler pas cher. T-Pain tattoo photos uploaded to Twitter,abercrombie pas cher, since then, it set off a trend to the the Facebook theme of the tattoo,air jordan pas cher. (International Tourism)</p><p>
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security rushed out from the door of the guard room

's classes." Said Zhu Yan. The reporter asked the teachers want to interview the batterer, Zhu Yan, said the event learned that hitting the children, the garden has been dismissed after beating teachers. The child's mother was beaten Ms Chu told reporters,ジョーダン, she watched video online,air ジョーダン, and learned that the children were playing,lancel. High-tech Zone to kindergarten survey pre-school education staff of the Section of Social Affairs, said that beating the teacher will be to "blacklisted prohibited its future in early childhood education. In addition, the Bureau of Social Affairs,louboutin pas cher, high-tech zones also withheld kindergarten license, ordered to park under the premise does not affect the normal teaching order, the house in order to make a serious deal,burberry soldes, the responsible person,burberry pas cher. Reporter, was to play a television reporter in an interview with a staff member to stop him from shooting,louboutin, and asked to view the documents in the reporter's also an excuse to reporters in the door when no registration,バーバリー 財布, accusing the security is not responsible,モンクレール ダウン. Security, after hearing, stepped forward to pull the reporter went to the door registration and journalists had an argument. The Gaoxin District education department staff and kindergarten director with he persuaded to leave the scene. Originally thought to things so the end, do not want the end of the interview, several reporters just went to the kindergarten door, security rushed out from the door of the guard room, a few steps rushed to the front of the television reporter,louis vuitton, reporters raised their hands in front of the left cheek hit in the past, a slap in the reporters left ear. Seeing the situation,burberry, the Department of Education staff and several other media reporters quickly stepped forward to pull security, and pushed him into the guard room. Police rushed to the scene, the security still Buyiburao Finally, under the persuasion of the police,louis vuitton outlet, security was Road to apologize.</p>

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after Qiu Moumou retrieve . The evening of 29 December 2008

's Court sentenced to ten years,air jordan pas cher. Qiu Moumou wives and women in 1998 to Xinjiang Wensu County, Qiakelake Township, to do tailoring and farming for a living, Qiu Moumou wife ran away from home in 2000, and left their two young daughter, the defendant Qiumou an own upbringing. The court found that the defendant Qiu Moumou since the exodus of the wife, since the stoop all day alcoholism,burberry soldes, which makes the four walls,バーバリー 財布. But his two daughters are very well-behaved obedient eldest daughter, Li Qiu (a pseudonym),モンクレール ダウン, early drop out of school to help his father at home cooking, laundry, dry-farm work, caring for his father and sister. Night in April 2008,lancel, after the defendant Qiu Moumou alcoholism, animal hair, Mid and sleep in the upper berth daughter forcibly pulled bunk beds to sleep beaten, the means of the threat, and forcibly raped just turned The eldest daughter of 14 years of age, in the following months, the defendant Qiu Moumou repeatedly raped his daughter from Mid,burberry pas cher, Mid and a constant state of anxiety. On the evening of 23 December 2008, the defendant drink back to the rental house,louboutin, want to rape the eldest daughter again, their eldest daughter seeing it pretended to menstrual inconvenience sexual relationship, defendant Qiu Moumou eyeing years old 13-year-old daughter Qiu Ping-Ping (a pseudonym), we use the assault, threat means little daughter raped. In this process,air jordan femme, Qiu Ping-ping crying due to pain,burberry, Qiu Moumou despite winter nights bitterly cold, the youngest daughter out of the house,louis vuitton outlet, and then again rape the eldest daughter. On the evening of 26 December 2008, the defendant Qiu Moumou drink, Youyu rape little daughter Qiu Ping-ping, eldest daughter rushed out quickly so that the little daughter fled the house by the machine on the toilet, after Qiu Moumou retrieve ,michael kors outlet. The evening of 29 December 2008, the defendant Qiu Moumou drink and attempted to rape his two daughters, the eldest daughter, Mid and in order to protect his sister, father's despotic power of the beast, compelling its occurrence had sexual relations, after the Mid and excuse the toilet alarm to the local police station,mulberry outlet.

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600 yuan in cash

Wang jailed for 20 years,ジョーダン, was fined 60,000. In March last year,louboutin pas cher, rather a Ms. Ma came to do business at as a driver,burberry pas cher. About a half months later, rather a quit her job, find a friend Wang premeditated kidnapping,lancel, gloves,モンクレール ダウン, tape,louis vuitton, masks and other tools of crime and prepared in advance. A few days later, rather a friends and open the door with a key to enter the Miss Ma in the residence of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daxing, Ms,air ジョーダン. Ma sleeping bundle, and stole 4,600 yuan in cash, with a total value of more than 40 million pieces of jewelery,burberry. Subsequently, the two Audi Driving Miss Ma home,mulberry outlet, held hostage by Ms. Ma to Tianjin,air jordan pas cher, and the threat to kill the hostages, 5 million ransom from the families of Miss Xiang Ma. Police received a report will be rather a captured,burberry soldes. The rather a assist the public security authorities arrested accomplices Wang, the court of their sentences,バーバリー コート.

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"This house is sold

's Court sentenced to six months. In January 2011, Xue Wen released from prison, but still not repent, they had played the life of debauchery,air ジョーダン, the only car rental one on to spend three or four million soon owed huge foreign debt. 2012 Spring Festival approaching,air jordan pas cher, the face of the creditors dun, Xue Wen helpless, and playing the idea of ​​defrauding money from others. The original, early in 2008, Xue Wen parents and several other tenants are living homestead stake and a real estate developer and built a cell of two six floors, Xue Wen's parents got one unit to three houses, four to six developers all due to various reasons the district has not made a formal property rights,バーバリー 財布. Housing built, Xue Wen a living on the first floor, this move crooked brains,louboutin pas cher, playing the idea of ​​the house, he found where the unit six-story has been uninhabited, it will replace the six layers of the locks, while in The information posted online cheap houses. Victim Luomou see online the room for only 15 million, lower than the market price of the tens of thousands, Contact Xue Wen Field showings, despite lower prices, Luomou was also a price to 140,000 yuan purchase, waiting with money Xue Wen did not too much to insist on the two sides signed a purchase contract, the Luomou points twice to the housing fund to Xue Wen. After getting the money, Xue Wen invited a bunch of friends to the hotel, KTV eat,louis vuitton outlet, drink,air jordan femme, spend three to four million, and the rest of the money back to creditors soon not left a penny,burberry soldes. Cheap to buy a house is being secretly pleased Luomou ready to new home decoration, when he again to a new house, only to find the key to open the door, next to close a note that says,burberry pas cher, "This house is sold, there are questions, please telephone contact homeowners. " Luomou and quickly in accordance with the above telephone contact homeowners Wang learned that two years ago, the developer sold the room,louboutin. Found that fooled Luomou quickly contact Xue Wen, in order to avoid a debt and,louis vuitton, Xue Wen also go to Suzhou to hide for a period of time, until arrested by public security organs. Yesterday, when Xue Wen was arrested soon to the police account of the facts of the crime,バーバリー コート, saying that because the room does not have any documents, and insisted that homeowners, homebuyers no way to verify that the fraud is easy succeeded. Meanwhile, the public security organs have also been identified,ジョーダン, Xue Wen sell six-story housing four houses will be sold to their friends surname Wang, defrauded more than 30,000 yuan deposit. Today, police investigators said to the media, according to the provisions of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, "was sentenced to imprisonment or more severe punishment of criminals, within five years after his sentence or pardon recidivism shall be sentenced to imprisonment or more severe punishment of sin, recidivist, should be severely punished. "

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how do you think the verdict Sun

's phone is off, the only channel through the glass on the door to the observation ward. The reporters found that accompany room Sunlin nephew daughter-in-law,louboutin pas cher, no one else. "He just finished bladder cancer surgery, need more rest." Sun Lin's attending physician, said Union Hospital Urology Director Han Rongguang,louis vuitton, surgery and later a hospital interview with Sun Lin reporters flocked immediately to sentencing, for fear he rest bad, affect their condition,louis vuitton outlet, the hospital arranged before the security guard at the ward, to prevent him from being interrupted. 8:35 in the morning, the reporter into the ward, to take advantage of the security left from last night. Ward still full of condolences to his flowers, wearing a gown of Sun Lin, accompanied by two relatives, lying in bed infusion, looked tired. See the reporters came in, he did not see one. The television freeze in the news channel of China Central Television, Sun Weiming case does not play, but the elderly still intently staring at the TV, as if afraid to miss the big news. After the verdict: "life imprisonment is unfair morning 8:48, the reporter received the message,モンクレール ダウン," Sun Weiming was sentenced to life imprisonment. Other media reporters also receive this message, we gathered at the same time the Sun Lin ward before, scrambling influx wards, small wards immediately overcrowded,バーバリー コート. Sun Lin was calm, "Do you think life imprisonment, the result is reasonable " "Life imprisonment is unfair, I think he's sentenced to up to 15 years." The face old record Changqiangduanbao Kuangpai, Sun Lin appeared excited, he could not help shaking his head shouting "unfair". The face of media reporters asked Sun Lin repeatedly emphasized, "I'm bankrupt, this result is unfair, really unfair." Brief interview of 10 minutes, however, see Sun Lin emotional just finished surgery, the doctor to patient also need rehabilitation to the ground,burberry, quickly please reporters to leave the ward. Newspaper reporter Li Lan, the families of the victims accepted Sun sister dissatisfied with the verdict Sun Xiaomei: dissatisfaction with the verdict handed down before and after the results came out, the Sun Weiming sister Sun Xiaomei trying quickly left the court, but many media reporters around, unable to move, she said not on the second instance verdict satisfaction. Sun Xiaomei said, her brother's case qualitative unreasonable, coupled with the second instance to the judgment is only a mere four days, her hope that the second trial judge more than restore the factual background of the time, and want to modify the instance system,lancel. Zhang Zhiyu: never forgive Sun Weiming before yesterday upheld the sentence, the parents of the victims of at the the Sun Weiming wheel under Zhang Zhiyu, standing in front of the court, looked very calm, he has repeatedly said in the interview with this reporter, how to, regardless of the outcome, he I believe that the justice of the law. After the court sentenced Zhang Zhiyu Pan Wuqi court, he believes that it is legal and fair judgment, the hope of the future, Sun Weiming to really reflect on his crimes. King Aerospace: to give parents the final account of sentencing gold aerospace appeared in the courthouse, he told reporters that the judgment satisfied with the results, and will no longer complaint, the verdict can give their parents a final account. At the same time, he hoped that the driver drink do not drive, so as to avoid the same tragedy. After Kim Aerospace leave in a hurry. Han Sang Jin: I wish Sun's father a speedy recovery 8:20,air jordan pas cher, the husband of the injured on behalf of Yuxiu Han Sang Jin and son arrived at the court. Han Sang Jin expression Sun Weiming father's wishes, and hope that the speedy recovery of his body,louboutin. He told reporters that he is also a human father, standing in the position of a father, speaking from the heart would also like for the Sun Weiming intercede. After the sentencing, Han Sang Jin, said he fully accepted the final results, he is sympathetic to Sun Weiming father,mulberry outlet. Chen Hong: part of the facts identified unclear Sun Weiming first instance, the second trial attorney Chen Hong said after the verdict, the second instance not clearly identify the part of the facts, it should be identified to avoid the white car scraped, Sun Weiming to avoid cyclists caused Later The accident, at the same time should be identified as traffic offenses. Newspaper correspondent reports The cement Chengdu bankrupt to save his son,michael kors outlet, and do not regret it in the major media reporters to leave, 11:00 Reporter (hereinafter referred to as "mind") and re-enter the ward, and Sun Lin (hereinafter referred to as the "Sun") alone dialogue. Reporter: no period from the first-instance death penalty commuted into the second trial, how do you think the verdict Sun: I am not satisfied with the verdict, too unfair. Reporter: Sun Weiming, after the final judgment, the court to tears, how do you think Sun: after all, killed people, he cried to prove that he recognize himself wrong. Reporter: you pay so much, the house also pledged to raise the money to go for compensation, this result now, do you think it is worth not Sun: after all,burberry soldes, he is my son, I am sure to find a way to put his life insurance down. I did not consider the other. Reporter: Many people think that you are the most loving father SUN: (head turned to one side, his eyes tearful) Reporter: Do you think you are actively fundraising, compensation, commuted for last, the big significance Sun: I do not want to say this. Reporter: how physical condition Sun: (pointing to the head of the oxygen bag): just finished surgery, the doctor said not to get too excited. Reporter: After what Sun: (smile): I now bankrupt, to have any plans for it 20 minutes of face-to-face interview and Sun Lin Sun Lin received a total of three calls, calling all his relatives from Chengdu. "Sentence finished, come back quickly." He repeatedly urged. Phone, he looked more relaxed and comfortable. In order not to disturb his rest, the reporter to leave the ward. Our reporter Li Lan

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000. Both expressed reluctance to mediation

's Mr. Han bought a house, and now he and Valentine emotional breakdown, ask for the return of the housing. Yesterday,air ジョーダン, reporters learned that the City Court hearing of the case. Man sued lover to real estate more than 40 years old, Lee engaged in the building materials business, have a happy family. In 2002, Lee met the small of his 11-year-old Mr. Han, the two feelings in the exchanges continues to heat up, and soon he began living together with Mr. Han, Lee's wife angrily ran away from home. In March 2004,バーバリー コート, Mr. Han for Li Mousheng next woman, after Lee funded to buy a house under the name of Mr. Han. The time of purchase, the two sides signed the agreement, Mr. Han's identity card and account names to buy housing is borrowed by the Lee, the two sides agreed This house is owned by Lee, and may at any time transfer. Later,louboutin pas cher, the two feelings lopsided until rupture,mulberry outlet. In 2011, Lee sued to demand the lifting of a common-law relationship with Mr. Han,ジョーダン, and the housing transfer to their own name. Mr. Han counterclaim Lee, Lee compensation for mental damages and child support. After hearings, the court of first instance to houses owned by Lee, Lee payments to Mr. Han housing discount of approximately 320,000 and a monthly payment of 1,200 yuan alimony. Mr. Han dissatisfied, appeal to the City Court. The woman the said Valentine forged writings on the court of second instance, Mr,バーバリー 財布. Han said, from 2002 until 2009, has been working with Lee as husband and wife to live together. During this period,louis vuitton, she returned to Li Mousheng a child. Mr. Han in the process of two people living together, she has been a victim, "He did not divorce, has lived with me for seven years, the past few years I have paid a lot, and now he wanted me to go back to the house, I and the children later life. " About the the property attribution of writings, Mr. Han countered that it was forged by Lee because during their cohabitation, she and Lee had jointly run their own businesses, she will write or draw on the book in the store a boring, sometimes write down the name, this receipt is Lee in the blank piece of paper I wrote the name, fill in the other content. Mortgage of $ 50,000 down payment to take her to his mother after the two common property of the loan. For Mr. Han, Lee denied, he said, the mouth of Mr. Han's book, in fact, his books, "said Mr. Han is torn on this, but this is not torn traces. Lee said that the purchase of second-hand housing, was the absence of a marriage license, can not do loans,burberry, so they purchased on behalf of Mr. Han,burberry pas cher. In addition,lancel, because he was afraid the divorce, the wife will talk to his sub-estate. The down payment and the loan out all his. Lee said that Mr. Han is just working. Lee remorse on this affair. Lee said he took the money and Mr,モンクレール ダウン. Han living together, eventually moved out of nothing,louboutin. Lee's wife to appear in court, said the support of her husband. It is understood that the parties to the dispute between the two sides of the housing, the current market price of about $ 700,000. Both expressed reluctance to mediation, the case is not in court for sentencing.

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the adverse social impact

Audi car traveling man Lee (Reporter Wang Weiwei) driving an unquoted according to the South Second Ring, to avoid traffic police checks, driving force Chuang card caused two traffic police were injured, including a traffic police has also been Audi dragged the four hundred meters. Reporter learned yesterday, Dongcheng Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means of Lee make arrest approval decisions. 9 pm August 7 this year,air jordan femme, Lee driving their units newly purchased a black Audi car traveling to the Jingtai Bridge,ジョーダン, South Second Ring Road, Dongcheng District, in the car without a license plate, so the traffic police on duty stopped and checked. Lee refused to get off with the traffic police check, but throttle acceleration flee. Lee forced checkpoints behavior of causing serious consequences, a duty traffic police high-speed Audi cut down to the ground and suffered minor injuries, the other was standing in the traffic police in front of the car was knocked down in the Audi machine cover. Lee did not stop, but dragged the traffic police Ahead 400 meters,louis vuitton outlet, until it crashed into a taxi before the the traffic police Shuaixia,michael kors outlet, continue driving escape,air jordan pas cher. Identified parties traffic police right leg due to an accident caused three fractures constituted minor injuries. Live surveillance video confirmed that Lee car towing police traveling speed of about 53 kilometers per hour,air ジョーダン. In this regard,バーバリー コート, the prosecution said, Lee driving an unlicensed vehicle, per se illegal earlier,burberry pas cher, its Jiangchuang the behavior of the level in line with the elements of the crime of obstruction of official business. Since then, Lee has dragged the traffic police continue to escape behavior enough to endanger the lives of others, health, and its behavior is also suspected of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. Lee circumstances of the crime is serious,バーバリー 財布, the adverse social impact, so the prosecution of their alleged crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means approval of arrest. According to the reporter, according to the Criminal Code,lancel, the crime of obstruction of official business received penalty is three years imprisonment, criminal detention,louis vuitton, public surveillance or be fined. For those who commit the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, the lightest penalty is three years more than 10 years in prison. Causing serious injury, death or heavy losses of public or private property,louboutin, for more than 10 years in prison, life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

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his girlfriend father is very rich

's wife, Kang Moumou to Fifth donated 200,000 yuan, able to arrange for the exam to school. Kang Moumou began to contact the high school students not admitted, Yu Moumou, cow received a certain 17 cash and they are being all 305,000 yuan to the Yang width. During this period, Yang W Sike Huining secondary financial seal, forged admission fee receipts. September 5, the scam was exposed, Yang W fled Hoeryong, were arrested the next day in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province,burberry. Yang wide defrauded 434,air ジョーダン,000 yuan, in addition to 100,000 yuan recover from Hoeryong Fifth was arrested outside the body found 6,000 yuan from the rest of the stolen money were squandered. After the incident,モンクレール ダウン, Kang Moumou initiative were paid a total loss by the victim described Yu Moumou 17. Recovered 106,000 yuan of public security organs returned the 杨某某 nine victims. Huining People's Procuratorate accused, the defendant Yang width behavior has violated the provisions of Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, should be held criminally responsible for fraud. Trial: online play black color lost 300,000 Huining People's Court held a public hearing on February 13 this year, the case,air jordan pas cher. Young country wide representation in court,louboutin, on a good and Wang Tianjie "The next day I gave the school donated $ 10 million, arranged for two students on the same day. Because of not enough money, I want to find students received some online Play black color to make some arrangements for students in high school. Kang Moumou later to a total of 305,000 yuan, I have to play the black color output finished I gave IOUs when students received money and cover Huining fifth secondary financial Seal, Chapter I spent 200 yuan moment. "Wang Tianjie also testify in court that day, he said the morning of September 1, 2011, the country wide to find him, said he had graduated from Chongqing Jiaotong University, his girlfriend father is very rich, engaged in real estate, he is now also engaged in real estate assets of seven to eight million, want a class of students for funded by the huining Fifth. Wang Tianjie then reply: subsidized classes not, but the Fifth outstanding loans great, can give to school to donate some money. Yang said the country wide can donate 600,000 yuan. On the afternoon of September 3, Yang W came to his office, said he temporarily only 10 million in cash, donated on the first 500,000 in two days Zaijuan,louis vuitton. He arranged for the school staff to open the bills and accepted 100,000 yuan donation. Wang Tianjie contributions Yang width to the school two or three relatives of the school children to the Fifth, he promised. Yang width after the delivery of the money has collar to the two students, he opened a letter of acceptance, and received a fee in accordance with normal students, free choice fees. Question: co-Why immunity from prosecution Yang W, the sister said,michael kors outlet, the reason Young country wide last closing of nearly 50 million, has a great relationship with Kang Moumou Kang Moumou, the amount of money involved there will be no more confusing, but Kang Moumou has not prosecuted. Yang W also argued that Kang Moumou actively looking for him to arrange for students, Kang Moumou received 305,burberry soldes,000 yuan of criminal responsibility should be borne by him. Young country wide defense lawyer: Young country wide amount of money involved is $ 12.9 million, identified as Kang Moumou receive $ 30,louboutin pas cher.5 million in the behavior of Yang W is allowed to criminal liability, there is no basis for. The first 17 victims Kang Moumou Contact a personal idea, not Yang width means contact the money throughout Kang Moumou completed Yang wide and did not participate,ジョーダン; Second, Yang width to Kang Moumou introduced cheat money from others,air jordan femme. Young country wide no contact with the 17 victims, there is no fictional facts and conceal the truth to cheat money facts. The Court considers that, the defendant Yang W for the purpose of illegal possession, hiding the truth, fictitious facts, cheat other people's property, a huge amount,バーバリー コート, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud should be punished according to law. Yang width can be arranged to donate money to the Fifth to school grounds, Kang Moumou its contact students and receive money, is a criminal means to cheat other people's property. Therefore, the charge and squandered by Kang Moumou 305,000 yuan should by its criminal liability. The defendant and counsel on the excuse of this paragraph shall not bear criminal responsibility, the defense views untenable, shall not be accepted. Finally, the court sentenced the accused Yang country wide guilty of fraud and sentenced to eight years in prison and fined 100,000 yuan. At present, the Yang wide appeal. Our reporter Zhang Pengxiang

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is not prepared to take advantage of Choi. In 2009

's mother Tangmou relationship and married the following year. The marriage Tangmou when he was only 13-year-old daughter with that victim Choi Tanmou moved into a home in Leshan City area. In the six years 2004-2009, Choi repeatedly use of the machine Tangmou go to work at home, forced sexual relations with Tanmou, long-term highly stepfather's abuse led to Tanmou gonorrhea infection in the second half of 2008. The more outrageous is that the second half of 2008,バーバリー 財布, Choi requirements Tanmou sexual relationship rejected even playing come home to play the Tanmou students Tongmou idea,バーバリー コート. The good news Tongmou discover from the back door to get out, is not prepared to take advantage of Choi,モンクレール ダウン. In 2009,louboutin, Tang and Choi divorce and moved to Chengdu with her daughter to live. The naive Tanmou originally thought can finally get rid of the stepfather "claws",air jordan pas cher. Surprisingly,air ジョーダン, not long before, Choi used "to Chengdu to find a job," grounds moved into Tangmou home. This September 10,louboutin pas cher, 2009 to 14 in less than a week, the hardcore of Choi on five separate occasions to take Tangmou go out to work the machine will be alone at home Tanmou rape,burberry soldes. October 2009, her daughter did not come menstruation caused attention of Tangmou, the to asking around Tanmou told former stepfather "Choi repeatedly raped her facts before mother Tangmou, shocked Tang Mouli take my daughter to public security organs. October 21, 2009, Choi was arrested in his home in Leshan. The course of the trial,air jordan femme, the defendant Choi denied having sexual relations with Tanmou are forced,lancel, also lied to himself and Tanmou sexual relationship I wish you love, and then argued Tanmou born in 1994 rather than census data of 1995, but was unable to provide any evidence,mulberry outlet. Qingyang District Court sentenced the defendant based on clear facts of the crime, and plenty of evidence Choi nine years in prison. At this point,michael kors outlet, the concern of "the stepfather rape underage sex case settled.

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Southern mill police station is investigating the matter.

'clock in the afternoon before,louboutin, he alone across the district,michael kors outlet, six men hit. Security came Wensheng,バーバリー 財布, the other quickly boarded two unlicensed cars evacuation. Yesterday 2:18, surveillance video showed the three black men walked into the elevator of Chen Fengshan where unit,ジョーダン, one of whom was carrying a red plastic bag,burberry pas cher. After 10 minutes, the three returned to the elevator,louis vuitton, one look of joy turned the camera in hand, and calling out to others to watch. Property Beijing Construction Engineering Co,モンクレール ダウン., Ltd. Mr. Chen said, these things is absolutely not the property staff as "some people may take the opportunity to stir up trouble,burberry." He said it would increase security inspections efforts to protect the residential security,louboutin pas cher. "Video trio unlike the day beating inside,air jordan pas cher." Said Chen Fengshan, the purchase of life insurance, but the industry,burberry soldes, the Commission will also work to carry on as usual, "the negotiations about the property services contract can not be terminated." At present, the Chaoyang District,louis vuitton outlet, Southern mill police station is investigating the matter.

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sentenced to death

's Court of First Instance of intentional murder sentenced to to death mother splendor. Recently, the case in open court by the second instance trial, the Provincial High Court commuted to mother splendor to death, suspended for two years. Wells Jingxian body of a woman at 6:55 on the September 18, 2009, Ma Jie Zhen Yin flag of the village committee, Luliang County, Taoyuan Village villagers the soldier went wells fetching water well and seems to have something,mulberry outlet. Beginning to get light to carry water up, it was on the pole hook to pick a well depends on what happens. "It's like clothes," as if people ...... "amid the screams of the villagers suddenly spread! Subsequently, the police arrived and found a lot of blood has been dripping from the wells at mother Ronghua home, and the mother Ronghua home windows and doors closed, and no one answered repeated calls. The police quickly home mother splendor surveillance,louboutin pas cher, and arrange for staff to find the mother of splendor. Finally, in the house and arrested him,michael kors outlet. The conjugal relations exist only in name more than 10 years by the survey, only junior middle school education, mother Ronghua Sheng 1968, Luliang County farmers. The couple gave birth to a man and a woman. Addition to take care of their own land, Yuan Yueqiong from dawn to dusk work around mother Ronghua getting lazy, more and more irritable temper, often in front of the child's scolding wife,louis vuitton. Mother Ronghua unwilling divorce, Yuan Yueqiong had separate beds with his residence, also fields separately, a variety of their own. Son and daughter out of the town on the high school and junior high school, the family left divide and living with the couple. Mother Ronghua long lazy, the home are Yuan Yueqiong a support, they separated for over 10 years. Kids in high school live on campus, the mother Ronghua thought married life will be touched Yuan Yueqiong living room,burberry soldes, Yuan Yueqiong every been refused,moncler. In the early hours of September 18, 2009, the mother splendor to Yuan Yueqiong room harassment, turned into the main room tussle in the mother Ronghua took the knife toward the Yuan Yueqiong the neck amputation, Yuan Yueqiong fell to the ground and from under the bed, stepmother splendor took toward the sickle Yuan waist dug twice,louboutin, then his head cut off with a kitchen knife. Children letter demanded stern punishment for July 19 last year, Qujing City Procuratorate accused the defendant mother splendor guilty of intentional homicide, Qujing City Intermediate People's Court for prosecution,モンクレール ダウン. August 26, Qujing City Court verdict: mother splendor guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life,air jordan pas cher. Refuses to accept the appeal of the first instance verdict stepmother splendor. On January 26 this year, the mother Ronghua second instance appeals in Luliang County Court held a public hearing,louis vuitton outlet. Their children a letter: After the incident, saying a young age did not get over the care of the father, mother Ronghua,burberry pas cher, lazy mother Ronghua much work, and the mother's relationship has been bad. When his young mother Ronghua often beaten mother, home,lancel, supported by the mother. The reporter "hope that the legal penalties father, mother splendor, justice for the mother." Summer body mine correspondent Huang accounting ah

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​​theft." Wu said. After the incident

​​theft,michael kors outlet." Wu said,バーバリー コート. After the incident,air ジョーダン, Wu,burberry pas cher, more than 20 students jointly submit a written request to the court,ジョーダン, hoping a lighter punishment to him,バーバリー 財布. The collegiate bench of the court decision on Wu sentences,louboutin. "He immediately faced with the problem of graduate employment,air jordan femme, and we hope he can have a bright future,burberry." Said the presiding judge,lancel. The Pi Act reporter Dong Xin

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probably do six months on the back

's hometown in Guangxi Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County town of Lotus potential Gyaincain, Tzong-Hsi Lee's parents that his son "an accident", but do not know the people killed. Today, Father Lee will go to Guangzhou to visit Tzong-Hsi Lee. The parents are only accident I do not know is to kill the human potential Jiangcun Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County in the east, surrounded by mountains. 30 years ago, they have paddy fields all into the orchard, planting citrus, persimmon. The spring and summer busy fertilizing pruning, the autumn harvest, the remaining time is to sell fruit. Tzong-Hsi Lee family is no exception, are already more than 50-year-old parents alone 2 acres of orchards, the annual income of 10,000 yuan to feed the whole family, and also for the two children to study. Home penniless Tzong-Hsi Lee's home is located on a hillside, with laterite wall cast the verge of collapse, made of red brick wall pillars is still very new. The two add up to less than 30 square meters room, filled with citrus, a bed, has no space. Kitchen and toilet are enclosed with wooden home without any electrical appliances. A value of 2000 yuan walking tractor is home to the most expensive things, this tractor up the mountain fruit necessities. Tzong-Hsi Lee's father called Licheng Fu, 53-year-old mother Guang-Yu Zhang, 52 years old, there is a small three-year-old sister, has been married. 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter came Tzong-Hsi Lee, Tzong-Hsi Lee's mother,バーバリー 財布, ZHANG Guang-yu was about to go out, see Guangzhou was extraordinarily pleased, she only knew that the son of an accident, did not know his son killed a man, "he would right,burberry pas cher, from small to large, we do not have to worry about. " ZHANG Guang-yu said, "I am the boss at home,louboutin pas cher, the family is also poor, want to take care of their parents, move door-to-door Lang,burberry soldes, I fancy he is honest,michael kors outlet." Talking ZHANG Guang-yu surreptitiously wiping tears, she said the children are not at home, they January before buying the meat. Parents rely on loans for their reading Licheng Fu did not attend school, and Guang-Yu Zhang and read the first three books. Mentioned his son, the couple mouth smile, very proud. ZHANG Guang-yu said the family hope pinned on the children who home Zaiqiong should for the children to go to school, in order for them to go to school,バーバリー コート, to the Credit Union loan of 10,000 yuan, there are still 5,000 yuan did not pay off. Daughter finished junior high school to go to work, and his son is the pride of the whole family. Village college students, but on a few of the key universities. "My son is very obedient, we never would not have to worry about." Said Guang-Yu Zhang, son primary good grades, often named outstanding student,louis vuitton outlet, won a lot of awards. After entering university, Tzong-Hsi Lee is only one year to go home New Year, the rest of the time working at the school to make a living. Ho said small Tzong-Hsi Lee's students grew up together in the same village,mulberry outlet, Tzong-Hsi Lee at the school to do two jobs, a delivery of newspapers, a milkman earn several hundred dollars a month, the parents of every month as long as 200 yuan just fine, "He never overspend rarely buy clothes, they like to play, we are assured." twice tutoring borrow money from venture failed to retake According to Guang-Yu Zhang introduced a Tzong-Hsi Lee second grade to stay after learning very well. Promoted to potential river junior high school, the academic performance in general,louboutin, did not enter the county's best high school Gongcheng Middle School Exam for 15 points, after he chose tutoring Gongcheng Middle School, and the following year they successfully admitted. Tzong-Hsi Lee admitted Nanning Teachers College in 2003, but the report did not go because they do not like the professional admission to the school, choosing tutorial again. In 2004, he was admitted to the Changchun Applied Mathematics. Tzong-Hsi Lee's first job is not in Guangzhou,burberry, choosing instead to entrepreneurship. After graduating from college in 2008, he and several university students in Hunan Yongzhou open a restaurant. Classmates Xiao He said, not because the family was poor, Tzong-Hsi Lee shares classmates hotels, just go to help and want to make money and slowly stake,lancel, "he Hunan me by 800 dollars, probably do six months on the back , $ 800 back to me after I went to junior high school students Panjia Shenzhen to find work, to live with growing up. "Xiao He suspects probably restaurants lose money, but Tzong-Hsi Lee has not been mentioned. Guang-Yu Zhang said his son only a few hundred dollars when you get home from Hunan Before leaving his students to. She was asked to help students work why did not wage, the son said, "I was doing good in learning from Lei Feng." Tzong-Hsi Lee's classmates said, Tzong-Hsi Lee two months in Shenzhen looking for work, and still have not found. "He felt old and live in that bad students went to Guangzhou into a chemical company work." Xiao He said: "He is not like the trouble people, we say that money I lent you can his blanket refusal, we really do not believe he would kill the detention center wrote to the parents: "Do not come to see me in Guangzhou" filial piety "is consistent evaluation of the parents and students to Tzong-Hsi Lee. Let's talk about Tzong-Hsi Lee, parents with a smile. Son was hurt (I do not know he killed a man), parents both never cried, they believe that the son will be fine. Mention of the son of filial, ZHANG Guang-yu tears welling, but quickly hand dry, afraid of being seen. ZHANG Guang-yu said, his son came back on everything housework rushing to dry. Son to college, she bought a cheap phone, son play twice monthly phone home. Each charged them not too tired to pay attention to the body, do not send him too much money. February 28, Tzong-Hsi Lee first detention center in Guangzhou to their parents wrote a letter communication inconvenience, before receiving the letter, his parents yesterday. Holding his son's letter, the father of Li Chengfu not know the word, but appeared to be very excited. Tzong-Hsi Lee fighting in Guangzhou into the detention center, and no mention of killing people only mentioned in the letter. His own right, will mend their own responsibility, hope that the parents do not worry about him, nor to Guangzhou to see him in the letter. Tzong-Hsi Lee to kill things, their classmates and neighbors feel sorry for them and trying to help him. "Well, originally home so difficult to cultivate a college student is very simple, originally thought his family would pick up after graduation, can be chosen out of such a thing,ジョーダン, a pity." Last night, Tzong-Hsi Lee usually more good students gathered plans with money, Youlichuli try to please a good lawyer to help Tzong-Hsi Lee defend. Today Tzong-Hsi Lee's father, Licheng Fu came to Guangzhou to visit his son, to apply for the lawyer and other related matters, Tzong-Hsi Lee students also will go to Shenzhen to Guangzhou. According to classmate He said currently only scrape together 2,000 yuan of money. Xiao He will accompany Lee Father Guangzhou. Edition the author information Times reporter Luo Yang Hui Ng Teng first

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week wells full 37-year-old has not been married

'clock on the 21st,lancel, the week well full knife stormed Zhao,air ジョーダン, Zhao Shouhai 71-year-old mother, 31-year-old wife, 7-year-old son, 4-year-old son to kill. At 15:42 on the 22nd, from the time the crime has been more than ten hours, Zhao door still gathered a large number of villagers. "My son was in the house,burberry soldes!" Zhao Shouhai clinging to the windows shouting. Zhao yard only items is a bicycle lying on the ground, can be seen through the windows, Zhao is the most eastern side of the house floor, the bloodstains of the closet, Huokang wall,burberry pas cher, kang quilt messy stacked . After a child, relatives Zhaoshou Hai Fu go, his mouth kept with babbling "son ah, son, ah ..." elm Tao Lai Zhao Fuyu hundreds of police more than 10 hours Hyde yesterday 2:28, Yushu City Public Security Injured left home after the Bureau received a report, the Yushu City assistant to the mayor, police chief Liu dual, Li Wei, Deputy Secretary of Interpol battalion Re - immediately organized Interpol brigade almost all police forces rushed to the scene, after investigation and visited the learned weeks well incident . Yushu City Public Security Bureau immediately reported this situation to the Changchun City Public Security Bureau. Cheng Xuewen political commissar of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps,ジョーダン, Changchun City Public Security Bureau Tang Qinghua, deputy director of Interpol detachment Jiang Hongliang Captains, the Tan Siu spring Vice Captains and other ministries and agencies, PUC leadership night led crack rushed the elm, quickly established case Command. Ministries and agencies, Changchun City Public Security Bureau, Yushu City Public Security Bureau, more than 100 police officers by the continuous work, elm tracing traced to Tao Lai Chao, traced to and from the Tao Lai Chao Fuyu detection technology Fuyu train station, bus station, the size of the hospital, clinics, hotels, guesthouses and other places more than 100 were careful surveillance for about 14 weeks well all arrested near the Bus Terminal in Buyeo. Want to maintain an illicit relationship rejected 10 times "the blood up Bay so he took a knife rushed 20:00 yesterday, the reporter saw in Dehui City Public Security Bureau suspects weeks well full, she is his little skinny, face the camera trying to squeeze point out a smile. Lift the and killed neighbors Lixiu Xiu, Zhou wells eyes filled with hatred,louis vuitton. "I gave her the money she do this to me" to start the week well full or a lot of "do not remember" to reply to a reporter, the reporter repeatedly asked several weeks well full heaved a sigh of relief, and a detailed account of the killing process,モンクレール ダウン. "She and I have long together, and only two, but I told her it was a sincere we were last year,moncler, with the last relationship was two months ago, two months I talked to her 10 times, she refused. been simmering tone of my heart, I told her gnaw She has no money and I will give her money the integer total to over three thousand, usually considered a hodgepodge of However, she do this to me, she died deserve it! "the week well said. Wanted a knife to scare her week well-chuen said: "I was out of the window of her home at 11 p.m. on the 21st to more to the time I took the knife, butcher chop the meat with the kind of knife, but had never been seen I want and then she would not let me into the house and I do not sleep, I brought a knife to scare her, thought about killing her go when she did not let me into the room, we were through the window Laoke , I had never been seen knife hidden in the windowsill following requirements into the room and she was sleeping, her life and death is not so, and said that if came to her, she told her husband to allow her husband to find someone to kill me, I tried into the house through the window into her ran on the ground,burberry, her mother-in-law said to be waked I let her give it to me, and she said that I would be happy to give her, heard that, I feel the blood to on the Bay, I am unable to control himself, so he took a knife rushed into the windows. "the sword, both children stool stoned elderly Speaking of which, when the blue veins of the week well forehead jumped up, he stopped to breathe a big breath. After 30 seconds, the week well full continues the story: "I rushed into the house, small show (Li Xiuxiu) already ran to her mother-in-law house, I brandished a knife and Kanxiang the kang of two children, cut several times can not remember, then I rushed to the house of her mother-in-law live in the East, facing the little show is twice the old lady ran to the house, I picked up a stool a few head as she is, after the fall of the old lady, small show and begged me to leave her alone. my heart soft, and I told her, I have to run. Unexpectedly, the small show to hear these words, suddenly I want the knife in hand, I did not give her, she was on the rob, both of us tear together when I saw Kangbian to lay an ax, I let go of the knife to ax pick it up, her head smashed together, until she was paralyzed on the ground motionless, I stopped to start I see the old lady Wang Wuwai climb, and stop shouting, and so he took the bench to pound the old lady's head, until the old lady does not move. kill is perfect, I ran home, changed my clothes, the night run to the Fuyu, a village only to find that the injury to his left leg, I Fuyu there to find a clinic package, I do not know exactly where to escape, not yet finalized, caught the suspects because of theft twice into prison reporter visited in the the Min home town 11 group, neighbor Zhou well full,バーバリー コート, and Li Xiuxiu the relationship are more taboo, only one the villagers unawares told reporters: "wells full week and Sho go quite near the small show husband seems to know the couple played a few times. "Mr. Han said the villagers, week wells full 37-year-old has not been married,louboutin pas cher, lives with his father, but Zhou's father went out to work, and occasionally come home again. Week wells all moved to the village more than a decade ago, Chow has a few acres of land, weeks the wells full usually love to play mahjong. But weeks ago for stealing Qiantun Zhao home sow, and later was found, squatting 1 year prison. After his release, Zhou village Lao Dong home and steal two cows squatting 4 years in prison. Mr. Han recalled, weeks well with the people of the village in the evening full 21 mahjong museum in the the Min home town a mahjong, win money, came home in 22:00. Only regret kill the elderly and children reporter did not ask him after not regret week well on the whole initiative, said: "I later thought that both the children and the old lady, I should not kill them! Thing I regret!" Reporter: Why did you kill the elderly and children Week full well: I do not know why, then shortness of breath! Reporter: Do you mean this, kill the elderly and children, you regret it, kill Li Xiuxiu you do not regret Week full: she was damn well, I do not regret kill her! I was trying to kill her, I will commit suicide. Reporter: You said you wanted to commit suicide, then how do you also escape Wells full week: I set a goal for himself, I only live a month, some thing I have not finished, processed, and I am sure to die! Reporter: What things did not finished Zhou wells full: ...... until last, week wells full also did not tell him in the end, is there anything not finished,michael kors outlet, he said he had a father; He said he was particularly two children like Li Xiuxiu home;, he said he is actually thinking and Li Xiuxiu together; He also said that if everything had happened it be nice ... currently weekly Wells full has been Jingfangxingju to. (This group of articles reporter Pu Changhong Assistant Reporter & ECONOMY. / Wen Li Lei / photo)

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After a morning hearing

'm supposed to, we can not wait forever! Judge: completely through legal means to come back, why go crooked road, this is not their own into the pit of fire push it! Mr. Chang: legal thing I really do not understand, too late now know ... (she spoke, Mr. Chang regret his head down, do not speak.) Wages reason not theft because Mr. Chang theft display panels The value of the case has reached tens of thousands of dollars belonging to the circumstances of the crime is serious,moncler, the Public Prosecution theft indictment to the court drew. Mr. Chang know,louboutin, not light charges back committed theft court has repeatedly stressed that he is "not accidental" However,air jordan pas cher, the reason the judge did not seem to set up, because the reason is simple - the payment of wages is not able to become theft reasons. Judge: Do you know the seriousness of the criminal nature Sufficient sentenced Hello years! Mr. Chang: specific, we do not know, but I know that back Woe Chuang large, certainly light can not, but I also hope that the Court can see my difficulty,louis vuitton outlet, after all, is not accidental. Judge: accidental Specific! Mr. Chang: if they do not owe me money,ジョーダン, I desperate, I will not steal the panels. Judge: This is something you have to understand it more clearly, they owe you money yes, but this does not become your reasons for theft, you have been a victim Finally, because this thing has become a thief, you say value When it Mr. Chang: ...... (hear the judge so said, Mr. Chang pondering seem to understand, silent.) After a morning hearing, the court found that Hou Zhong for the purpose of illegal possession, theft of public property, a huge amount, his behavior constitute a theft,モンクレール ダウン. However, taking into account the Lao Zhang brought to justice after a good attitude, decided a lighter punishment, The Mr. Chang "accidental" said a collegial panel considers that the arrears of wages not want to go back, this should be resolved through the proper channels, but it was take the means to deal with theft, is wrong, and the law does not allow, so their excuse opinions not adopted. Ultimately, the Court of First Instance Theft sentenced Hou Zhong four years imprisonment and fined five thousand,louboutin pas cher. Reporter Shi-Wu Li Protecting Migrant Workers still awkward - accident we supposed to know Unfortunately, before the year is approaching no evidence to the peak of the rights of migrant workers pay talks, but before reporters for Protecting Migrant Workers status quo only to find part of the site investigation in Jinan an embarrassing situation - most of the migrant workers in the event of a labor dispute all know by the labor department and judicial means to protect their own interests,lancel, because most of the migrant workers before the incident without awareness, there are no conditions to gather sufficient evidence of infringement, So often faced with the burden of proof is difficult "predicament rights process. "This thing is too much, and we work with several Hebei to the migrant workers last year, they were a labor contractor brought to a construction site of Huaiyin District, did a year of living after contractors owe each of them more than 20,バーバリー コート,000 wages after the end of the project, the project department withdrew, contractors go, they do not know who to turn to for money, and later to the labor department to rights, It was a pity that the two sides signed the contract only migrant workers labor contractor's signature, not stamped with the official seal of the project department, so the contract is basically null and void, that is,burberry soldes, the lawyers can not help it! "Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the High-tech Area with the site interview is lunch break to reporters about an activist story around them, because there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the two sides agreed to wage and related conventions, and ultimately several migrant workers because there is no proof eat Yaba Kui. Yesterday morning, in Jinan Quanfu overpass gathered full of migrant workers wait for odd jobs, reporters found that the spontaneous formation of the labor market, employers and migrant workers before the employment relationship if you want to sign a labor contract, hand,michael kors outlet, may become a pieces of extremely rare "thing. So what's contract employers over the Han live, how much money, a few words after a good discussion even if given a good, direct work it wants to sign a contract this kind of thing I have been working for more than three years, once no sign too. "in this labor market, the number of migrant workers, told reporters," oral contract "almost" hidden rules ". Happens is this we take for granted "verbal contract" but for labor disputes defenders embarrassing planted hidden,air ジョーダン. Reporter Shi-Wu Li

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but not stopped. "Hsiao Chiu said the students

'an Oriental technical school to cross the road by a white van knocked more than 10 meters after the injured, including two girls seriously injured. After the incident, the traffic police Metro brigade over two hours rushed to solve the case: the Accident Department a logistics company security, no driver's license, not prepared to take advantage of merchant quietly drive the truck out. Scene two female students the spot coma reporters yesterday learned that three female students where technical school, located in Xianning Road to the south side of the one side of the road, this road was the "D" shaped Xianning Road. 9:00 in the evening of 15, the school history of three little girls, a little high and Hsiao Chiu After Xianning Road, suddenly, a car traveling from west to east rushing as "ga" a loud noise, and just went to the middle of the road The 3 girls Zhuangfei. At that time, the car seems to be paused, but soon departed hastily. One eyewitness said that after the accident, there were pedestrians rushed to the front of the car want stopped the car, but the driver of the vehicle was directed Blocking people clamored: want to die standing here! Subsequently left. Witnesses said the car after the accident had flameout, fled after the re-start to flee, he directed knocked the girls said something,モンクレール ダウン, "It's like a rebuke,lancel. High Yuming, traffic police Metro brigade accident squadron deputy commander, said that after the incident, two female students on the spot coma, the other girls mind is not clear. And three girls crossing the road there is a seventeen-year-old boy, the guy arm after the accident also minor abrasions,louboutin, he hurried to catch a car accident,louis vuitton, but not stopped. "Hsiao Chiu said the students, followed by This guy quickly ran back to the scene to and Hsiao Chiu blocked the taxi picked up minor injuries, she was sent to a nearby hospital. , Well-intentioned guy and did not leave until the school teachers got the news rushed to the hospital after. Survey Landang past car than models "9:18 that evening, we Alarm, captain Feng Bo quickly led eight police rushed to the scene, but the scene did not leave something else in addition to the two brake India, Yesterday, the said traffic police Metro deputy brigade commander Given the, is the shoe and the blood of the two share. The brigade immediately start the accident escape detection plan, Feng Bo, the police divided them into three-way, full investigation cracked. Subsequently, the Deputy Secretary of the Xi'an Public Security Bureau,burberry, the traffic police detachment the accident at Wang Hailing led leadership and engineering and technical personnel, rushed to the scene to direct detection,air ジョーダン. The situation at the scene showed: two brakes printed length of 18 meters, the traffic police also carefully measuring the width of the width and axle brake Indian. However, only those data can not determine the models,air jordan pas cher, the detection of cases is very difficult. The investigators the traffic police Jizhongshengzhi,burberry soldes, compared one by one the scene Landang different types of vehicles,louboutin pas cher. "The police have stopped more than a decade the car, and finally found a JAC truck tire width, and axle parameters is very close to the scene of the accident data,louis vuitton outlet." Ho Hsing said. Arrest security dorm to pack something caught summary of the relevant circumstances, the police through a lot of permutations and combinations of the license plate number, the same night the motor vehicle information retrieval, and finally in the retrieval of more than 200 license plate, a license plate number for the Shaanxi AQA6 × × white JAC trucks locked. Car anchored in The Ming dynasty Logistics Limited. Subsequently, the police immediately and contact the owners in Guangdong, after several contacts initially identified the car at night was a security driving. "The injured now Zeyang " Attracted the attention of the police questioning of the owner,air jordan femme. Wang Hailing immediately instructed rushed to the logistics company immediately sent to investigate. Han Haihong police said, when they rushed to the logistics company, the security section of the parties in a dorm room, packed his things, the police will control. Logistics company in accordance with this habit a day, the merchant will park your car here by security custody, perhaps to move cars convenient, many businesses only closed the door on the line, do not unplug the car keys,michael kors outlet, police said, Some security will be in the car overnight. Before the incident, a paragraph got into the car, drive the truck out. The security ran back from the Qujiang logistics company, has told tenants of the vehicle, just move the car, hit people, but not to tell the truth. "Police said. It is understood that the security section of a Xi'an, 39 years old, no driver's license, quietly opened the merchant lorry accident. After the escape, he drove the car go to their temporary office in the Qujiang Spring Pro village park after rushed to the logistics company. Currently, the Police have segments Detention. The injury two girls are still life-threatening sudden car accident has brought immense suffering to the three families. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the province Fourth Hospital, the Hew mother Liu Chuan Cai just returned from southern Shaanxi Shiquan came and saw the daughter lying on the bed, the mother's eyes filled with tears. "A Short History and I, a small high school just last year, and her son did not know the time of the incident just happened to see." 17-year-old Hsiao Chiu said, when the accident happened, she first came to the store to buy something is preparing to return to school. "I and her son was just in a side-by-side, I relied on the east side, and her son, respectively, in the west and the middle." Small history and small high to yesterday afternoon has been in a comatose state. The hospital with severe discipline main Rending Ming said the 19-year-old history of the disease is the most serious, life-threatening after craniotomy still. The 22-year-old noble can not rule out life-threatening. The reporter LIU Jun-feng

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the same below

'm waiting for my boyfriend,ジョーダン, he came yesterday morning, Zhengzhou City, the waterway police station public security management brigade hospital, more than 20-year-old Xiao Fang (a pseudonym , the same below),louboutin. She was a college student in Zhengzhou City, graduated this year, more than a month ago Zijingshan Park play, recognizing boyfriend Chen, "he said in the public security system to work, the father is leadership." He usually dressed in police uniform, when carrying a gun, do not know is not true. "Xiao Fang and Chen occur once relationship, the two second half did not meet, playing his telephone display shutdown. In the afternoon of May 30, she came to Chen said the work of the unit door, then came a,louis vuitton. "This man wore a white shirt, banner the tie wearing trousers and tie his shoes." Xiaofang said,air jordan pas cher, went to the door, the man and the doorman said a few words, "I came over and asked not hot hot. to see him and guard to speak, I asked if he is not also there to work. "He is very cautious and asked me a few times, and Chen Han relations, but then I said my boyfriend,バーバリー コート." Xiaofang said, this man saying that he himself was working there, and Chen colleagues. "He said to contact Chen through internal," the girl said was raped so two people in a nearby park, chatted, talked until about 14:00 after 19:00. "PTS relationship is good,air ジョーダン, and Chen in the middle back to Chen hit two telephone, now that I think must be installed." And Xiaofang says. "Thinking he can contact him walking down the gold waterway east." They went to a night market stalls, the man to ask the girl to eat, and let her drink. Meal 22:00 walking two along Jinshui, "drank some wine head sort of Mongolia, he began on my hands and feet." Xiaofang feel wrong, "more than 23:00, went Agricultural Road, near the intersection of Plains Avenue, he pulled me into the green belt. "She tried to resist,michael kors outlet, but he and Chen colleagues, afraid of him carrying a gun, and if I shout, maybe not know ye die. "after being raped, Xiaofang after using the toilet, the man was gone. She quickly called the police,air jordan femme. Rape and then try to steal 100 dollars Zero o'clock yesterday, Zhengzhou City,バーバリー 財布, the waterway police station traffic control Guard brigade police JIANG Xiao Lei received 110 orders, Bauhinia Square nearby was robbed. Informant Jeong said he in Renmin Road Gongjiaozhanpai encountered a man wearing a white short-sleeved tie, 100 yuan,burberry, who snatched. Jiang Xiao Lei with two through eight Guard members, after 10 minutes, trying to escape suspects arrested in Zijin Road Jinshuihe neighborhood. Police suspect phone call records, call the number to determine its identity numbers connected in a May 30 afternoon, after listening to the police described the other said she was to take this phone raped,burberry pas cher. Public Security Management brigade hospital Jinshui police station yesterday morning,moncler, Mr. Zheng and Xiaofang saw the suspects, they said it is to commit the crime on their own people. The man said the own 姓胡, no rape nor robbery. The case is under further investigation police. (Clue: John Doe letter, royalties 50 yuan, Baoliao phone :)

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's grandmother was stunned, old nanny were stabbed. Luohu police officers arrived at the scene after the incident, the rain searching for the murderer, but unsuccessful, they did not find the tools of crime. The time of the incident is the wind pelting rain suddenly Area residents to stay at home to hide the typhoon did not find too many strange. According to residents Wang introduced yesterday from 2:30 to 3:00, Typhoon "Molave" is the passage of Shenzhen, he just balcony, vaguely heard a male groan, but the wind and rain large, nor not pay much attention. 3 o'clock in the morning, the district of outgoing sirens and saw police enter the cell when, but I do not know what happened. The 6:00 morning a District 14 108 room pull up the cordon, the police investigation and the indoor and outdoor discovered,mulberry outlet. The murders of two-year-old right "Some people were killed, yesterday morning,burberry pas cher, the reporter arrived at the scene to interview, many residents in the District 14 108 room crowd talk, the police blocked the scene. 1:00 am, police chained the 108-room door locked leave the door leaving forensic used gloves and two cardboard boxes,air ジョーダン. The family of five two killed and one person injured, the concerns of district residents by the typhoon steering cases. Residents are introduced, the family moved into the district for almost 3 years, and a couple of 30-year-old furniture business woman doing insurance hostess's mother to take care of 3-year-old grandson, at home there is an old nanny ,louboutin pas cher. Just moved in,louis vuitton outlet, the hostess belly is not production, engaged in a renovation to move in to live. "The man of the house more than 30 years old, looks quite handsome hostess looks good,モンクレール ダウン, do insurance white car at home if that is the hostess with the unit" Residents say the couple are Hunan, Male host to a home in Hunan Changsha in Hunan Lixian, the hostess Daimou home, the mother of the hostess is responsible for watching grandson occasionally play mahjong and residents nanny more than 50 years, the people are very diligent. It is reported that the incident between 2:00 am to 3:00 am yesterday. According to the Community Management Office, said the person, then wind and rain are large, about 3:00, Liantang police station to the police intelligence came door to look, walkways, living room Mainland surface with blood, and two-year-old child and her grandmother sitting on the sofa, the belly of the old nurse was stabbed to pour in the door of the living room,michael kors outlet, the hostess had died down on the toilet door, the man of the house had died within 12 side of the white car trunk. After police arrived at the scene, the injured nanny taken to hospital rescue, two-year-old child and her grandmother was picked up by the police. Neighbourhood and had heard the groans "likely the acquaintance perpetrator, otherwise it could not get home, after all the wind and rain, everyone their doors and windows closed," residents have speculated that the accident the couple rarely and residents between do not know much about,louis vuitton, but, a few months before had several men came to the couple for money, but also to the evening,バーバリー 財布, entangled for a long time, listening to the couple say that they are also victims, and later those men left, estimates and economic disputes. District residents in most of the incident did not feel strange, but many residents said once heard a man moaning sound, "Whoops" a few times and could not hear clearly. Why is the man of the house killed inside the trunk of their own cars Some residents said that the criminals will be moved into the body of the man of the house to the trunk, then drive ready to escape, but the panic in the vehicle hit the side of the building of 12 tree before they had abandoned the vehicle and fled,moncler. 12 building side lawn, the reporter saw a small tree knocked ruts in the grass and bloodstains,air jordan femme. River Hill Gardens Management Office concerned parties, the wind and rain in the time of the incident, security guards patrolling the no abnormal occurrence of major until the police arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning I discovered. Immediately, the security guards to follow police searching for the murderer in the district, but looking for a long time did not result, the same tools of crime but could not find. Shelter residents killed the four-room, after conversion to 3 bedrooms, hallway and living room on the ground there is a lot of blood. Still under arrest in police suspect noon yesterday, the couple remains were carried away, the white car was towed away. Reporters rushed to the hospitalization unit, 4th Floor,lancel, Building 4 treatment rooms see the babysitter was stabbed Ms. Wong still under treatment, Ms. Wong, 59 years old, has been out of danger. Asked Ms. Wong merits a lot of police in the treatment room. Said a man surnamed Chen, "I eyewitnesses, I reported to the police from the scene of seven meters, see the crime, was a man in the household home the attack to kill the man of the house moved the body to the outside of vehicles the trunk within ". As for criminals how door, he said that did not see, but he said that, on the one assailant, he saw the side of the criminals, but to talk about the detailed process need a newspaper pay. Yesterday, Luohu police sources confirmed the case the death of a couple injured nanny, two-year-old children are safe, the child's grandmother had been knocked out, but was not hurt. As for the reasons for the incident, the police did not disclose. The source said that the case is still under investigation, fiscal, for love or revenge killings, is still under investigation, still under arrest fugitive suspects. Lei Feng, the reporter (Stringing people: the Mr. Xu Baoliao Prize: 100)

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's feelings and money

's feelings and money,moncler, has had a relationship with the two young women, to which a waitress working in Chengdu,air jordan femme, a guest house loan of nearly two million,burberry pas cher. And Ryu counterfeit soldiers seized the garrison headquarters in Chengdu when his cell phone is still kept sound, a female college students came to know from the online Chengdu is preparing to meet with him,ジョーダン. The day before yesterday evening,louis vuitton, Liu has basically admitted the fact that their own counterfeit military garrison headquarters in Chengdu will be handed over to the Chengdu police in dealing with. According to the provisions of the Criminal Code,モンクレール ダウン, Article 372,louis vuitton outlet, the trickster's posing as soldiers, and three years imprisonment,air ジョーダン, criminal detention,lancel, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights; circumstances are serious, three to ten years in prison. "According to the internal regulations of the armed forces, a real soldier wearing a military uniform,burberry, is prohibited from entering restaurants, bars, cafes and other entertainment venues,burberry soldes, not to mention drink accident." Chengdu Garrison Command said the next step,michael kors outlet, they will also handle investigation of fake military officer's illegal. Li Heng WCC reporter Deng Yu photo coverage

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the case for further proceedings.

's Liberation Army General Hospital in Kunming orthopedic constantly moaning. The Helian You say, May 17,burberry pas cher, 4:00 pm, home to more than 240 square meters of land occupied by a company, he stepped forward to stop the other construction, was each other more than beaten, causing its legs fractures, four rib fractures, The body multiple soft tissue contusion and open injury. He Lianyou: their own farmland to block construction He Lianyou introduced 59-year-old was beaten, his house Dongchuan District copper town of New Street, the village committee grind room villagers group. A few days ago, the 18 acres of contracted land their village groups (1982 household responsibility contract responsibility farmland, the main species of rice) contracted out. "Leased by a company to build a golf driving range,",louis vuitton. Which, Helian You home with over 240 square meters of responsibility farmland. The Helian You memories 4 o'clock on the afternoon of May 17, he called on drivers to drive to the contracted land back. Arrived in their own land, they found a loader is filling. The Helian You then ask the situation. Commanding filling a white T-shirt guy, this land was contracted for 30 years, money has to village groups, something should go to the village group said. The Helian You understand. My own land when contracting I do not know what money nor do I have not seen. "Immediately, he sat on the ground, taking out a cigarette. The Helian You see obstructing the construction of twenty or thirty people dressed in camouflage uniforms, wearing white gloves and wearing sunglasses men armed with steel pipes knives and other surrounded him. Helian You hear a white T-shirt man shouting: "brothers, playing toward the dead, killing someone to pay." Beatings lasted six or seven minutes, Ho was knocked to the ground. The reporters from photographs relatives Helian You see that when the police arrived, the the sunglasses man was still at the scene. Photo He Lianyou open to the scene of a value of over 100 million Lexus sport utility vehicle, the back side of the windshield was smashed,burberry, and the body, there are many "scars". He Lianyou driver hit car for 78 minutes, the police station rushed to the scene, some leaving their batterer, a white T-shirt guy and a few other people still remain at the scene, commanding loaders continue to landfill land Cai master. Yesterday, the reporter saw the PLA Kunming General Hospital ward He Lianyou, a body of bloodstains. Hospital for a check: the Helian You comminuted fracture of the lower right leg, left leg fracture, four rib fractures, suffered multiple soft tissue contusion, open wounds. On the evening of May 19, the reporter called the Dongchuan District People's Political Consultative Conference Li Secretary-General, Secretary-General Li Helian You Dongchuan District CPPCC members, although he is a boss, but the man was relatively low key, relatively modest, has a good reputation in the Dongchuan ,louis vuitton outlet. I heard that He Lianyou legs are playing fracture, Lee Secretary-General deeply regrets: "I did not think he so much older man, also suffered this misfortune!" Village committees: the rental of land not assigned to each household in May 19, the reporter went to the Dongchuan the area copper are street new street village committee, village director Zhu Yong said, this is called a total of 18 acres,バーバリー コート, belonging to the sunken sub's Shaba new Jiecun fourth,louboutin pas cher, fifth team, due to riverbed gradually fell, the river lead less than a field shortage of about six years,air jordan pas cher, which was full of reeds and weeds. Village feel, shortage nor things to rent out a little income. So in November last year,lancel, in consultation with the scrub plant (construction side) and to convene a meeting of representatives of villagers, 18 acres of land leased to companies agree to develop, lease term of 25 years, 10 years of rental companies lump sum, a total of 90,バーバリー 財布,000 yuan. Director Zhu also produced the Dongchuan District, the rural collective economic organizations unified receipt receipt lease the 2012-2022, the new Jiecun fourth, the fifth group of 45,000 yuan each share of the rent. Village committee in New Street, the fifth team leader Deng thin Cheung said, part of the rent received has been sent to 100 yuan per person the villagers hands of (the village of 221 people). The rest reserved for groups on the water,モンクレール ダウン, electricity and other public welfare expenses. Villagers to pick up the money sign words by a fingerprint. He Lianyou money sign on behalf of his brother Helian Fu, but an hour later, He Fufu turn the money back to make up on the word "collar" behind at the time of signature, said they do not rent. The four groups of the rent is not distributed to the villagers, all for the public good to stay in the group on the fourth group of the head of the Pan Sijing said. Deng said fine Xiang, land shortage about six years, no farming, belong to the collective, no assigned a one. And the village bylaws conventions, as long as the majority of the villagers agree that land can be leased. The village committee leaders said, as long as most of the villagers agreed, not because individually they do not agree on the damage the interests of the majority of the villagers. After the beating side: obstruct construction before construction side scrub plant personnel after finishing all legal formalities for construction physical altercations, Helian You three occasions to stop the construction,mulberry outlet, but also with lime to draw a circle in the center of the plot, and said this The land is his, not construction, followed by driving an excavator to dig a hole to the site central. In the afternoon of May 17, Helian You came to the construction site,ジョーダン, drove to the site, block in the front of the loader, excavator himself lying below, to stop the construction. On-site management staff is afraid of an excavator to bring harm to him in the job, let the construction workers next to him opened. "Opened after Helian You still do not listen to advice, lying below excavators, site management personnel intolerable, again to get someone to take him off the excavator, Helian You not only do not listen to the scuffle with the construction workers." He Lianyou told reporters May 18, Kunming Public Security Bureau of Dongchuan branch Bi Valley police station to ward Helian You do a record, and told him that 11 people involved in the beatings he has been arrested. Yesterday, the reporter called the local police station, the police were unwilling to disclose more merits, whether occupied land to build golf driving range, there is no confirmation on the construction side. At present, the case for further proceedings.

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's cries out from the bedroom

's cries out from the bedroom,バーバリー コート, a million with a kitchen knife mother-in-law chopped,burberry pas cher. Determined by the police scene investigation,moncler, Wan certain after committing the crime,モンクレール ダウン, commit suicide by jumping from the fourth floor to the top floor of the platform,バーバリー 財布. Huazhong Agricultural University assistance,burberry soldes, rehabilitation work is in an orderly manner,michael kors outlet.

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he told clients foreign exchange business agent

'an. Fled 10 days he has been hiding in a small hotel in the southern suburbs of Xi'an. At 8 pm,burberry soldes, the the Xunyang Committee press office and the Xunyang Public Security Bureau contacted to confirm: since August 10,lancel, a total of more than one hundred people gradually Xunyang public security bureau, said Li Jingang high interest rates embrace Chu lured funds involved more than $ 10 million,burberry. Previously,air jordan femme, Li Jingang flee,ジョーダン. 18 evening,louboutin, the Xunyang police in a small hotel in the southern suburbs of Xi'an Li Jingang captured,moncler. "Because a lot of things happened in Xi'an instance, he told clients foreign exchange business agent, from a bank in Xi'an stock account is also in Xi'an,バーバリー 財布, some victims Xi'an, the police are prepared to start Xi'an investigate,air jordan pas cher." Yesterday afternoon, Xunyang public security Bureau revealed that, the Li Jingang being detained in Xi'an. "Bureau before they deployed more than 10 civilian police with the task force work to Xi'an. Believe that soon the case will have a prospect of a solution to Xunyang County Commission, the county government has instructed the public security departments to speed up the detection of the case. It is reported that the Xunyang the National People's Congress will convene the Standing Committee,louboutin pas cher, the Li Jingang's deputies eligible to take measures to cooperate with the police investigation. According to one victim said: "We are together probably have more than 30 people who were fooled the Xunyang sanlong economic information and consulting service center has invested $ 800 million,michael kors outlet." He believes that this was a premeditated, planned,モンクレール ダウン, specifically designed scam often national public officials to intervene to give them publicity.

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Zhang Shu silver to press down on the ground

's Department homicide. Subsequently,ジョーダン, Wuwei County police quickly set up a "12 19" task force. Following an inspection visits,louboutin pas cher, the police informed the victims Ding Mou (female,michael kors outlet, 25 years old the Anqing people with intellectual disabilities, Department of one of vagrants and beggars). About a month ago, Ding Mou came to inaction, has been sleeping on the streets,moncler. Police through the autopsy, to determine the the Ding Mou victims time, and obtain the suspect's DNA information. The video surveillance Lock homicide assailants, the panel analyzed according to the situation of victims, suspects should be a lower level of life, nature needs a strong staff. Police through the retrieval of the victim whereabouts trajectory of video surveillance, locked the suspect, and then search the city on the night of December 27. 3:00 pm on December 28, the police task force found a suspects clothing features men, and the men control. Upon review, the suspect Zhang Shu silver (male,air jordan pas cher, 34 years old,, Shili Wang countryman, Yucheng City,air ジョーダン, Shandong Province,burberry soldes, in September 2010 came to the city rely on to scavengers, scavenging get by), the account of the crime was. Seven o'clock in the evening of December 18, Zhang Shu silver in non-urban capital of the People's Square in door to see the victim 丁某,burberry, Dunqi hath departed. 9 o'clock in the evening, Zhang Shu silver again see 丁某 and trailing to the residence. Around at 1 o'clock on December 19, Zhang Shu silver from People's Square sneaked 丁某 residence, sneaked into the house, like the line against the law. Ding Mou was awakened by the loud call, ZHANG Shu silver afraid incident,バーバリー コート, the rope will 丁某 Le could not move, then its implementation of adultery, and afterwards they quickly fled the scene. After the criminal DNA examination and identification of the technical staff, the combination of the confession and other evidence, the police task force confirmed Zhang Shu silver is 12 19 rape murder "suspects. The pull-out "the postmortem case" actually the same person as the process of handling cases, police found very similar modus operandi, scope of activities, Zhang Shu silver account infringe objects Wuwei County 15 murder postmortem case. 10 o'clock on the morning of December 29, the suspect Zhang Shu silver confessed "5 15 murder postmortem case the entire process of committing the crime,モンクレール ダウン. 8 o'clock in the evening of 15 May 2011,lancel, the suspects Zhang Shu silver in the free city of nest trackless lounging Big Wheel at the small woods and found the victim Chen (female, 48 years old, the Stream a town). Suspect Zhang Shu silver immediately sprouted the idea of ​​rape Chen, trailing to a dark place, over his victim from behind and mouth. After being the victim Chen fierce resistance, Zhang Shu silver to press down on the ground,mulberry outlet, grabbed the neck caused by Chen died of asphyxiation, and then drag his body into a small pond abandoned.

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the shop door was locked. A female shop owner said

​​yesterday morning cents Bar Street in Chaoyang District, Star Bar, three shopkeepers were dozens of men forcibly pushed to the shop, where two people were injured, the shop door was locked. A female shop owner said,air jordan pas cher, there is about to demolition,ジョーダン. At present,moncler, the police have been involved in the investigation. Eyewitness shopkeeper fell to the outside to be carried out of noon yesterday, most of the star Street Bar defunct store wall reads "demolition". Cents bars and shops unlocked several men wearing camouflage uniforms stood outside the shop. Witnesses said yesterday 9:20 Xu Xian bar bar the door to the car more than a decade. Car down nearly 60 men,louboutin pas cher. Then the man went into the bar,louboutin, three owners and five or six of the clerk is launched, "a female boss is lifted thrown to the door." Shopkeeper Miss Ma said, when she was at the door clean-up items, see dozens of people toward the bar go to. To unspecified, he called the store out. Her wishing to enter the store to stop, grabbed the hair away. Miss Ma said, she saw the two partners still in the store, she would like to once again into the store, but few people lifted onto the outside ground. The latter two partners and five clerks are driven out, the door to those locked. Merchant management due to the self-help housing compensation noon yesterday, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University Huaxin Hospital, Miss Ma and a partner are doing CT. After initial diagnosis and treatment, both by the trauma. According to Miss Ma, the three siblings leasehold land in 2003 in the Star Bar Street building to open a bar,モンクレール ダウン. Contract expires in 2006 and renewed for three years,mulberry outlet, but management refused to recognize the housing they built. The acquisition,バーバリー コート, because of construction,air ジョーダン, Star Street, Star Bar Street Management the Star Road Culture Co., Ltd.. On the 12th of this month, the company issued a notice, known as Bar Street relocation,burberry pas cher, the original merchant to the new site operating concessions, exemption from the May rent, unexpired rent and security deposit refundable. The number of merchant management response to the suspension,burberry, and self-help housing compensation. Yesterday, and Star Road Cultural Limited with a set of men Oriental colorful market staff, said the matter is not clear, and refused to provide leadership Contacts,michael kors outlet. Yesterday, the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau confirmed that Star Bar Street the shopkeeper with people pushing, said the incident is under investigation.

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not to eat

's two sons are always not contact the hospital worried about Li Shankun insulin timely supply and delay the disease, the Additional Protocol signed on April 10, 2010, with two sons in Lishan Kun. The agreement provides that, "... the families of Tel keep them open, if the elderly accidental contact occurs on the families has nothing to do with the center." Since the signing of the agreement, however, Lishan Kun's two sons, and then did not come through the nursing home. September 2010, Lishan Kun hospitalization due to diabetes and complications, nursing homes called notice two sons, the youngest answered the phone and said that in the field in time does not come back to the elderly doctor,lancel. "Since then, the hospital call again they hang up the phone, or has been shut down. "Li Xue Lian said. Lishan Kun Liangxiang Hospital lived for two weeks,mulberry outlet, no one would watch him. In December of the same year, he was seriously ill again hospitalized, still no one to take care of. Nursing homes for their advance the medical expenses of $ 7,000. Li Xue Lian "from the elderly to nursing homes to now, all expenses paid by the elderly 1400 yuan pension monthly paid the cost of the nursing home, leaving only three or four hundred dollars to buy medicine and daily necessities, the son of the elderly did not send any money." said. Sometimes, Lishan Kun often for no reason with the waiter losing his temper, not to eat, breaking things, and we all know that he wants his son. Nursing home sued to the court, SFK nursing home two hundred people living and nursing homes since its inception in 2005, so that the elderly no longer cared, and also the case of the head of one case. "Said Li Xue Lian. In June 2011, SFK elderly service center will Lishan Kun reported to Fangshan Court request defendant Lishan Kun ruling in accordance with the law and their two sons to pay for medical expenses, care, $ 7,000, and to terminate the service contract. "We do not want to rush the elderly to go, because they are afraid in case the old man died, the two sons of the (trouble)." Li Xue Lian said. Speaking of the elderly are not faceless two sons, nursing homes, another Zhaoyuan Zhang some angry, "We have not seen this family, kids money we can help them pad, but they should take a look at their own dad! . "Li Xue Lian told reporters:" Beijing is entering the aging society, every four 15-year-old to 59-year-old labor age population, we must rearing over a 60-year-old old. "Li studies connected with emotion said:" the burden on the young man does not light , but Chinese people advocating respect for the old, can not let the elderly take pains to children with large but was abandoned. "reporters several call Li Guangyu, Li Guanghua phone turned off. Until now, the court has been contact on two indictments can not be served by post. Court has published hearing notice in the newspaper,air jordan pas cher, after a two-month period of notice, if the old man's son still does not appear, the court will proceed with the hearing. The judge in the case, said Zhao Pengjie, taking into account the physical condition of the elderly, the hearing will be in a nursing home. Do not want to leave with nowhere to go 14:00, reporters pushing Lishan Kun wheelchair outside sun, to see him come out, the service personnel were a little surprised - he has not out of the house a few months. He wore reading glasses, happily to be "a good look", the elderly around he almost did not how to recognize, had no choice but to stay far side of wanted to hurry back to the room while watching chess. Nursing home sent him a small radio,michael kors outlet, every afternoon, he would stay in the room listen to storytelling, comic dialogues, sometimes listen to some of the advertising of the treatment of diabetes. Pillow box, Lishan Kun pulls out an old phone book, which is written,burberry, the original unit of magnetic steel mills, Film Factory colleague's phone, these numbers get through. On one page, the name of the two sons following pile with a long list of different phone numbers, they change old number. "Lishan Kun said. Lishan Kun said that he does not have real estate, Dongcheng District, formerly residing room early years of the Trustee with the Housing Authority rental house, pay a few ten rent a month, and later lived in did not pay, since he sold the furniture to live to the nursing home, the house he has been unclear. "I did not have a home." Lishan Kun reluctant and nursing homes to terminate the contract, just want to spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. Sunset shine through the window to the ground, Lishan Kun sitting on the bed,モンクレール ダウン, he did not expect, did not complain. He knows that, today, the sons must not come. ● judges say the crime of abandonment private prosecution Lishan Kun elderly how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests the instant case, the Court of Fangshan sentence of a tribunal judge Wanghong Zhao suggested that the elderly can be sued two of his sons, and the maintenance costs of the civil action filed,air jordan femme. In accordance with the provisions of the Marriage Law, the children of the parents have the obligation to provide the children do not perform their duty, no ability to work or life difficult for the parents of the right to require child support payments. In addition, the provisions of Article 261 of China's criminal law, the crime of abandonment for the elderly, young, sick or no capacity for independent living,air ジョーダン, bears support obligation refused dependents, vile behavior. Whether the two sons of the elderly constitute the crime of abandonment, Wang Hongzhao that the first need of the elderly in legal proceedings filed a private criminal prosecution, its provide evidence to the court, or apply for or obtain evidence to determine whether the two sons of the old man refused to dependents , in order to determine whether the son of the elderly constitute the crime of abandonment. "Wang Hongzhao judge said, from the moral point of view, the children of the elderly spiritual support,ジョーダン, the same can not be missing. ● Links Beijing Office on Aging has announced over 60 years old in Beijing reached 2.35 million, accounting for 18.7% of the total population. Expected the "12th Five-Year" period, the city's resident elderly population will average 170,000 the number of growth; 2015, more than 60 years of age, the elderly population will reach 3.6 million, accounting for 17,moncler.6% of the total resident population,burberry pas cher; including Beijing household registration elderly 320 million, accounting for 23% of the total household population,louboutin pas cher. Text / intern reporter Zhang Shuang Li Jiahui

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on a rest day

's temporary residence, saw Mr. He lived in the same village. Miss Hu said that last year she graduated from college and later in Beijing, serving in a public service organization, "when I go to school to learn the social work profession,burberry, the law, women's rights are a better understanding." Miss Hu said, on a rest day, she volunteers to participate in these activity. 8:00 in the evening of May 6, the invitation of Mr. Ho's to seven urban construction site in Hot Springs, went to see an injured workers, to provide him with some legal advice, accompanied by a Mr. Zhang. Show that the identity and site security, security let the three entered just chatted for a while and party workers dorm suddenly broke into several leadership looks like people, "they are not like ordinary workers, wearing red helmet." Small Nonsense come disrespectful, to allow them to "get out", "We do not know that they are doing, but also with the walk out." Later, after the police intervention, the Miss Hu to know each other is a foreman. But on in 小胡 walk out, a man suddenly grabbed her hair, hit her a few ears, glasses had been knocked out,モンクレール ダウン, distorted frames, lenses fly out. Mr. He intercepted the top but others in the back,mulberry outlet, and control the workers' dorm. Miss Hu are quarters after play, another person came up again hands, Miss Hu scared to cry. At this time, accompanied by Mr. Zhang to help Miss Hu, the other with several kicks kick off into the garbage room,バーバリー コート. Mr. Ho, help was knocked to the ground, his nose bloody at the time. Female volunteers retinal damage to your father, "I want to call the police, the other to grab my phone to stop." Miss Hu said, The son injured workers who could not stand to stop the other beating, but a foreman rudely shouted: " work-related injuries do not want to deal with the crowd of workers more and more, although no one would dare defy foreman, but the foreman did not dare to openly call people until the police arrived, Miss Hu and three before the siege,moncler. Batterer has fled the scene, the police overnight work by 6:00 the next day, all arrested batterers. Diagnosis by the People's Liberation Army No. 309 Hospital, Miss Hu left eye contusion, retinal hurt, from 400 degrees to 600 degrees of myopia myopia becomes, "You're in front of me, I see." Miss Hu said, these days she did not be able to work. Mr. Ho's nasal bone fractures, two medical expenses spent a few thousand dollars,michael kors outlet, are their own advance. After the incident, the site aspect and they do not have any contact,louboutin, even a verbal apology or greeting, not to mention the problems of the medical expenses aftermath,louboutin pas cher. For the site so manhandled three reasons, Mr. Ho said, his wife is also a work-related injury,air ジョーダン, how to deal with the work-related injury better understanding. They visit the injured workers, since the work-related injury in March after has not been identified, after severance site also injured workers back home. "I suggest that he return to the site to resolve the problem, he'll be back,ジョーダン, and activist has been some progress." Mr. Ho said the site may help to his workers' rights have opinions, and only under the murderous. The future will continue to do volunteer yesterday morning, Xiao-hu and old He got to the police station the police beating Yang, Hemou three to make the administrative penalty decision,burberry soldes. Three of them are villagers in Henan, police found three men beat up the fact that the three Miss Hu, Mr. Ho, which Hemou detained on the 14th, and the remaining two detained for 10 days, fined 500 points. Greater age of Yang because of health reasons, withhold detention, police said wait until a stable condition after I perform. Yesterday, the reporter called Urban Construction VII office, a staff of anonymity, informed that the reporter had come to ask, "Do you want to interview these things " After getting a positive reply, the staff said themselves do not know this,バーバリー 財布. Reporters she can understand the situation of the department or personnel office phone, the staff is still unclear. "In the future, I am sure that will continue to volunteer to help people in need, but I want to learn how to protect themselves, the site is too terrible." Miss Hu said the past few days she sleep, subjected to the violence of the scene, often emerges in front. Morning News chief correspondent Wang Bin

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with Jeong to elope

'an. Kill Jeong, the country Xiakou town WANGJIAQIAO Tau Tsuen people for brotherhood. In 1994, 24-year-old, he followed the fellow I wish one to Lin'an plasterers. I wish a few years older,air ジョーダン, Jeong said he "Big Brother" was very good feelings,ジョーダン. On September 15,michael kors outlet, I wish a angrily went to Jeong's rent: "a few years before the labor contractor Renmou owe me a project payment, up to now no to each door to go after him,air jordan femme, have so many excuses, which really can not swallow. "Jeong apart from anything else, so I agreed to help wish a" lesson "Yim. I wish a also called the workers YuanMou and Zhu Zhou, a brother-in-law to discuss countermeasures. The day, Jeong and I wish a made up a lie, call Renmou, said a project together. Renmou a making money immediately on a motorcycle rushed to the the Jeong Rental, discuss contracting site issue. Unknowingly chatted 21:00, I wish a cocked eye, Jeong got up and turned off the light and went to the window lookout. "How sudden power outage " Yim voice faded,burberry, the Yuan Mou picked up the blanket of the bed, blindfolded Yim's head,バーバリー 財布, a few people picked up pre-prepared bricks, Bash meal towards him. Few minutes, no movement Renmou. Four of in Yim body only to find a few dozen dollars, a gold ring and a key then overnight Paolu. The fled Yingtan, Jiangxi Province, four gold rings sold 800 yuan, the money equally respective Paolu,mulberry outlet. Annually least move three murders took place shortly after, Lin'an Police have arrested Zhu a, Zhou and YuanMou, but Jeong always disappeared. Original, Jeong fled east county, Anhui renamed surnamed Wang,burberry pas cher. In local, Jeong learned beekeeping, also encounter a honest, the understanding Jiangmou soon fell in love. The Jiangmou despite family opposition, with Jeong to elope, came to work in Anqing City. The Jeong and Jiangmou rely on two hands propped up a small home, 2005,バーバリー コート, Jiang Mousheng a lovely son. Jiangmou eyes of the husband is the most familiar stranger: in addition to know her husband surnamed Wang, Zhejiang, another knew nothing. Husband not only never take her back home to see their parents, refuses to talk about his past. But the thought of her husband own good, there will be no raise another. But, strangely, the husband sleep at night, afraid to turn off the lights,モンクレール ダウン, the slightest movement will be awakened,louboutin pas cher. Most to let Jiangmou not understand the husband always frequent change of residence, at least three times a year. Jiangmou asked him why he did not say, so each time you change places, both big fight. In fact, all these years Jeong heart how scared every day to live a life of fear, weekdays, in addition to his wife, his son, he did not dare to talk to other people. Until December 2, Jeong is a cell to a people paint the walls. The Linan police suddenly appeared in front of him, he put down the tool, long sigh: "finally freed ,air jordan pas cher..." newspaper correspondent Duan Jun Luo, the Jian Ye Xiang Wei Li told this reporter Hu Dake Bai Jianbin

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from about 10 people at a fraud of 400 million yuan

's Procuratorate in accordance with the law approved the arrest. Beginning in May 2008, initially identified by the public security organs in grass in own stocks losses, began her career to borrow. To the beginning of 2009, she was in knowing that they have no ability restitution,burberry soldes, is still the name of the identity of the bank staff to help customers on-lending,air jordan pas cher, playing margin needed funds grounds, take Sike official seal as collateral,burberry pas cher, etc,louboutin pas cher. and promised pay high interest as bait, from about 10 people at a fraud of 400 million yuan,バーバリー 財布, lied about the money for the return of all pre-loan interest and principal. To the incident, in addition to part of the stolen money has been returned to the victim, there are still 300 million yuan can not be returned,ジョーダン. March 11 this year,louboutin, is also in grass go to the public security organs gave himself the day. But it is during the day,air ジョーダン, morning Cao Yan also to friends Xu et al borrow 2,バーバリー コート.3 million yuan. Morning Cao Yan borrowed their money cheated Xu said, his face did not see any strange expression. In the afternoon, when her call Cao Yan Tel found in grass off the the evening that Cao Yan,michael kors outlet, surrendered to the Public Security Bureau. It is worth mentioning that in grass why the rush in the last few days "borrowing" it Reporters learned that the original, well aware of the scam to be exposed case they know they can not be returned, she did not forget the "performance" in front of their loved ones yourself. She was anxious to borrow money,モンクレール ダウン, in time for the last days, the money owed to their relatives first restitution. At present, the case is still under further investigation,moncler.

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Cao Jie Cai Yuliang

' High School, the pupils implementation of "sexual abuse". Recently, Suzhou City Intermediate People's Court sentenced to the name Possessed death, suspended for two years. Possessed haunt the county shocked from September 2008 to November 2010, the Sixian Dun concentrated study, King Middle School, Grand Junction a small quarter elementary school, Sixian second school hundred and fifty of primary and secondary schools are shrouded in a shadow. Three years, four schools consecutive cases of female students have been raped, not girls middle school students and parents report that the female students in the school dormitory in the middle of the night was "cut pants indecency, rape,バーバリー 財布. The spate of vicious sexual assault case shocked Sixian county, caused by the the Sixian public security organs attach great importance to strengthen the prevention of primary and secondary schools, colleagues arrangements for police to intensify night patrols night search efforts, fully captured "Possessed". Late at night alone "tool" cloven hoof case occurred nearly a month, the public security authorities dispatched a large network, has not been the cunning Yinmo, but police officers and not slack off and give up. 2:00 am on December 29, 2010,louboutin pas cher, the the Sixian Wuxu responsibility area police still stick dispatched a first line. At this point, the police found in the grass Pa Road Ding Lake Ding Village section a person driving a three-wheeled motorcycle without a license,burberry, in the middle of the night,air ジョーダン, "the lone. So, the police interrogating forward found the car driving without driver's license,mulberry outlet, and the car put a bike and a few empty pockets, combined with the recent small Town frequent cases of burglary food and daily necessities, the police followed by in-depth its cross-examination and from him to check out a small pair of scissors, a small flashlight,バーバリー コート, a crowbar and a brown wool caps, which happens Dun set several school series rape accused suspect information is very consistent. The face of most likely looking for police officers struggled "Possessed",michael kors outlet, the police will be brought to the area of ​​responsibility of the vice squad Wuxu for further review, while blood samples for inspection. December 30, 2010, suspects the true account of the facts of the crime since 2008. The Possessed were arrested. Possessed evil numerous defendants Wei Yoshihiro, male,burberry soldes, born in 1966 in Anhui Province the Sixian large intersection Township River Ping Village. Found guilty of theft Sixian People's Court on May 13, 1989 was sentenced to three years; September 28, 2002, found guilty of robbery, theft Sixian People's Court sentenced to eight years,モンクレール ダウン, 2008 9 The monthly released from prison. The Suzhou Municipal Court has examined, from September 2008 to November 2010, the defendant Wei Yoshihiro multiply the night has sneaked into the the Sixian Dun centralized school, Overlord secondary, primary, Grand Junction quarter of primary school, rape perpetrator 9 21 people, including young girls 8. According to the Wei, Yoshihiro account, he repeatedly to primary and secondary schools to sexual assault, because the age of the female students is small, timid, and at the same time sleep relatively "dead", with tools when the sexual assault on three samples, scissors, crowbar, flashlight. Cut girls underwear, especially in the summer, cut the shorts on the implementation of the crime in the commission of a crime,burberry pas cher. Been identified to the summer of 2009 to December 2010, the defendant by night has sneaked into the big intersection mentally retarded, small the Town Miss 圩村 Wu Cuiping, Tun town Zhu 圩村 Wang food acquisition point and other places, theft, 18 cases of crime , 1 from the attempted theft of property valued at 3,450 yuan. Solemn judgment Suzhou City Court think, defendant Wei Yi Guang repeatedly sneaked into the school to the women's dormitory rape perpetrator 9 from 21 people,air jordan femme, including young girls 8 people, their behavior constituted the crime of rape, and consummated 3, attempted 18; Wei Yi Guang illegal possession for the purpose of repeatedly committing the crime of theft, theft of property valued at 3,450 yuan,lancel, a relatively large amount, his behavior constituted theft. In accordance with the law should be graft. Wei Yi, who had found guilty of robbery and the Theft was sentenced to imprisonment for not less than imprisonment, less than five years after the completion of the penalty offense shall be sentenced to imprisonment or more severe punishment of sin, a recidivist, should be severely punished. According to Wei Yoshihiro facts of the crime, the circumstances of the crime and the degree of harm to society, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, the defendant Wei Yoshihiro guilty of rape and sentenced to death, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life; theft and sentenced years and six months imprisonment and fined 4,000 yuan. The merger of the death penalty, a two-year reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life and fined 4,000 yuan. (Cao Jie Cai Yuliang)

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Jingjing throat hurt

's Court of first instance verdict: the abuse of the girl's stepmother guilty of intentional assault, maltreatment, and sentenced to three years. ■ Playback: May 26, 2009, the newspaper reported Cangzhou Yanshan County 9-year-old girl Jingjing (a pseudonym) was the stepmother chopsticks poke throat and misfortune,lancel, aroused strong repercussions stepmother atrocities triggered public outrage, people have expressed for girls sympathy and anger parties stepmother atrocities. In August 2009, Jingjing mother justice to the Yanshan County People's Court to prosecute Cangzhou Cang lion Law Firm, LIU Dong legal assistance to them. After Yanshan County People's Court found, at around 20 o'clock on May 19,michael kors outlet, 2009, because Jingjing and mother, also a teacher there to borrow money, very angry stepmother. The absence Jingjing father, stepmother with chopsticks poked her throat, Jingjing pain,ジョーダン, writhing together, stepmother turn with chopsticks in her throat until she grabbed chopsticks, stepmother chopsticks thrown aside. At that time, Jingjing throat hurt,air ジョーダン, and to a small piece of meat,バーバリー 財布, as well as blood from the mouth. For fear continue to be more vicious stepmother beat her, she did not dare, and the father said. The next day, Jingjing school teacher found to her pharynx seriously injured, the school informed the father of the child,モンクレール ダウン. Identified after the Hebei Provincial Public Security, the left Jingjing pharynx uvula soft palate dehiscence blunt injury, causing difficulty in swallowing, eating water flows into the nose. The court also found that, Jingjing, stepmother began the Jingjing living together since 2005, often to take advantage of Jingjing father was not at home, many times, uninterrupted implementation Jingjing beatings. One day in the spring of 2005, before the stepmother sent Jingjing kindergarten with a hair dryer Jingjing's scalp and ear burns, caused by a Director no hair on the scalp. One day in December 2008,louboutin pas cher, Jingjing father duty in the unit, stepmother at home will Jingjing lips tear the next day to go to the hospital for three stitches and scars. ■ judgment: multiple crimes sentenced to three years, the court finds that,burberry soldes, stepmother deliberately with chopsticks poke Jingjing's throat, causing a minor injury results, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury and sentenced to two years; stepmother, long a minor Following the beating or female Jingjing, pencil Jianzha hot scalp with a hair dryer, torn lips abuse,air jordan pas cher, damage to physical and mental health of Jingjing, vile and its behavior constituted maltreatment,mulberry outlet, and sentenced to one year. Graft, decided to perform three years imprisonment. Jingjing stepmother in custody in Cangzhou City Detention Center. It is understood that the abuse Jingjing's stepmother Public Prosecution on charges of committing intentional injury count of the crime and the fact that both views, mainly argued that, although the result of injury to the victim,moncler, and no harm intentionally. The court held that the injurious behavior stepmother is implemented Jingjing father's absence, and the means of injury, location and the harmful consequences prove the defendant intentionally harm exists, and there is evidence of the victims' statements,air jordan femme, witness testimony, forensic books confirm each other enough to prove that the defendant intentionally injuring the victim of the facts are true, and not support the defense of the accused. ■ hoping for: time to heal in the testimony provided by the trauma Jingjing's father said her daughter used to be a lively child, and later her personality slowly changed, often in a dark corner of their own play car or rub in the toilet paper Toilet. By stepmother abuses in the depths of the soul of the 10-year-old Jingjing ability to eliminate Reporters learned from Jingjing mother at a certain degree of improvement after a year of adjustment, Jingjing's body and mind. But the head burnt to death the scalp or failed to re-grow hair chopsticks to poke through the throat not long whole, children who leave an irreversible damage. Jingjing's father and stepmother, divorce, Jingjing and grandmother live together. Mother greatest desire is to not involve the big people's grievances to the children, and also hope to be able to heal the the daughter young minds trauma.

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Xuhui Jiang middle age

's Network window Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, June 28 (Reporter Wu Ji climbing) Kumi back Jiangyin home Miu Yanfeng,louboutin pas cher, heard that demolition would also like to get a set of replacement housing, wanted to talk about this trip home, he had to embark on a no return road. 10 am on April 25, 2012, he broke into to do the demolition, deputy director Gu Town,mulberry outlet, town real estate development company vice president Xuhui Jiang (sound) office stabbed to death 20 days after Miu Yanfeng been arrested. According to case handling procedures, within one month after the July 15, he will stand on the judgment seat. Root Miu Yanfeng way of life for the past 40 years, the vagrant. According to his aunt said, Miaoyan Feng's parents back to work after retirement in Heilongjiang,burberry soldes, Lijia Hashimura,モンクレール ダウン, Jiangyin Gushan Town, to live in their home built in the 1970s, two of the old house. Local villagers said, than 20 years ago,バーバリー コート, when the death of their parents, Miao Yanfeng only fifteen or sixteen, slightly larger go when the soldiers, veterans back into the neighboring Jiangsu Sunshine Group, a security guard,ジョーダン. Here, Miao Yanfeng know Binhai County working wife,burberry, and has one son. Said his aunt, the child four or five years old when his wife broke up and did not receive a marriage certificate. Since then, he unsustainable in the local life, Subei initiative to find a wife,moncler, earn money by opening tricycle soliciting. Days of life in northern Jiangsu, his uncle a few between. This time, the uncle told the news of the demolition of his home. According to his aunt said, three or four months of this year, Mou Yanfeng came back to live in the town's hotel. Homestead, never build a house, two broken house parents lived within the scope of the demolition, Miu Yanfeng would like to take the opportunity to be rehoused. His aunt said that two rooms, Miao Yanfeng no house. A on the age of the elderly, said Miao Yanfeng just want to placement of a hut, "he does not require a high, after all, the portrait of his parents are still two broken house." Did not get satisfactory answers, he eventually made stupid things - that morning two months ago, he was carrying a weapon, in town to do the demolition,air ジョーダン, deputy director of the office burst scarification. The reporter failed informed, what is the direct rout to the line of defense of his life, let him despair in the end. Evade the law down on the job on the victims Xuhui Jiang, rushed to the hospital died. According to local villagers, Xuhui Jiang middle age, served as village cadres, Stephen Green, Gu Town, after adjusting the town work. His duty is not only to do the demolition, deputy director Gu Town, the body also take into account the deputy general manager of Town real estate development company, but Gu Town, who previously called the media "is neither a civil servant,michael kors outlet, not the cause of the preparation. Early last year, Lee Ka Hashimura because the Hailanjituan Garment Industrial Park is settled and the demolition of a Tsai villagers with Xuhui Jiang dealings with its original relocation compensation is more than 330,000 yuan, "him (Xu Huijiang) increased to 420,000, may agree on the final form writing credentials relocation of a local elementary school, and now has become many relocatees transitional settlements. Speaking of Miu Yanfeng, quite a lot of sympathy for the sound. Familiar with him an old man told reporters that, not long ago, Mou Yanfeng marrying Hebei sister,air jordan pas cher, wife and home in the North of in order to protect his life, back folks signing, most people are signed. "Miao Yanfeng has been law-abiding, not a bad man; Xuhui Jiang popularity, many people spontaneously came to see him, his burial, but not a human life, a person was arrested, which originally was a tragedy that should not have happened." However , method Anger. Jiangyin police official said 27, Miao Yanfeng no house in his hometown does not comply with the resettlement policy and its demands are unreasonable demands, and ultimately lead to lethal consequences of intentional homicide. The reporter also learned Miu Yanfeng mental condition is normal. Messages from Jiangyin City People's Procuratorate arrest,lancel, the suspect has been approved on May 15, is still in the police investigation period, the expiration of the two-month investigation into the prosecution phase will.

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he has also bought a suite yuegezhuang region

's home, resulting in year-old mother of 82-year-old renting living. Yesterday, Fengtai court to Mr. Qiao judicial custody. This morning, the bailiff escorted Mr. Qiao to their present residence to forcibly Tengfang one of. Mr,air jordan pas cher. Qiao age is not small, he was born in 1958. 9:30, his hands handcuffed,louboutin pas cher, taken into custody by the bailiff Han Chuang Tzu,burberry, Fengtai District, his or her residence. The reporter saw, this is an age-old 6-storey building, Mr. Qiao live in five layers. Outdated facilities house more dirty. "Now that has happened, I obey the court's decision." The face of a reporter's inquiry, had been refused to honor the court Mr Qiao finally changed his attitude. Mr Qiao old mother to court, Fengtai Court held that the Housing Department Joe parent lifetime benefit housing ownership certificates for Joe mother's name, and then judgment Mr. Qiao vacate the house to his mother live. While handcuffed after serving a soft, but Mr. Qiao's previous attitude is not the case. According to the judge, prior to enforce, the judge had to find Qiaoxian Sheng unit leaders,バーバリー コート, hoping to coordinate the matter,air jordan femme, But Mr. Qiao claimed that, no use looking for leadership, and refused to implement the judgment,lancel. Why old mother and 82-year-old was referred to such an extent Mr. Qiao told reporters that 12 years ago, its parent unit in this suite,mulberry outlet, is he out of the more than 30,000 yuan of the money for the room,moncler, the brothers have agreements, conventions parents hundred years later, the house owned by his use. In addition, he has also bought a suite yuegezhuang region, loans 100,ジョーダン,000 yuan, in order to repay the loan, he leased a suite, more than 3000 yuan monthly rent. His family lived together with his mother, but also support for the elderly. However, after the death of his father, mother age big brothers stymied when to take advantage of the mother is ill in hospital, the mother picked up, and he later received the indictment of mothers report their occupation of the housing. However,michael kors outlet, more than 30,000 yuan, a suite, too cheap Mr,louboutin. Qiao in response to a reporter's question, admit that this is welfare housing distribution, where his father worked for the fold back the principal,burberry soldes, including. CHENG Ning photo

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In addition to these 22 people

'Crowd promiscuity' I always think that we are all adults,moncler, who forced who are voluntary." Ma Xiaohai said,air jordan femme. With the horse,air ジョーダン, most people know little about the crime of inciting debauchery,. 1997 Amendment to the Criminal Code, the hooliganism is deleted, the crime of inciting debauchery, decomposition retained. Its definition: three or more persons engaged in the act of intercourse. Ethics violations The ringleaders or has participated, five years imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance,burberry pas cher. The reality is that in 13 years, the very rare case of "inciting debauchery," sentencing. Xi'an to have a screen name of "thriving" female police officers indicted for participation in online couples exchange, and later was the withdrawal of the suit. Beijing Hua Huan lawyers lawyer Peng Jian said, "inciting debauchery," few precedents mainly due to: private behavior, determined by the law on a certain degree of difficulty. Reporter retrieved, published by the Institute of Sociology of Renmin University of China 2007 "Chinese people's sexual behavior and sexual relations: the historical development of 2000 - of 2001 and six, nearly two-thirds of the respondents and do not think of "inciting debauchery," a crime, nearly three-fifths of the people believe that the current law the punishment is too heavy. The next day, Ma Xiaohai go to the area safflower police station. During the day he was allowed to go home for the sick octogenarian mother to cook. The trial lasted a week. Eventually the police decided to Ma Xiaohai residential surveillance,louboutin pas cher. The other suspects netizens majority execution of arrest, a few released on bail. Police QQ group originally belonged to individuals and account monitoring. : Police accused suspects, mainly through the couple exchanged "wrong room," Nanjing Party "QQ group, open exchange of experience" and thus "inciting debauchery". Police did not disclose the specific number of people involved in the investigation. The first allocation of Internet users were arrested August 17, 2009, to December 24,air jordan pas cher, a facilities surname netizens summoned by telephone, which lasted four months from the time point of view. Police in the November 23, 2009, December 9, December 15, February 24, 2010, has four times the Qinhuai Procuratorate lawsuit, nearly half a year to all closed. In addition, the reporter grasp, in addition to the 22 people handed over to the prosecutor, at least another 10 people have been handled separately,burberry. The Qinhuai Procuratorate Prosecution Section Prosecutor handling the case, said Dong Wang, In addition to these 22 people, there may be few people will continue to prosecute. Wang said: "Before this case, but never so much." Change the secret life of even those who got the summons from the court, Ma Xiaohai been packed his things at home, "ready to go to jail." Mother suffering from senile dementia while walking around. Retired and sit when he sat in the bedroom sofa smoking and meditation. He realized that the hard-won social status and prestige, are collapsed. Police accused of Ma Check the school more than 10 years of humble apartment, incident to 14 times the mass promiscuous. Titillate people plot, have been reported to spend a lot of ink: the horse is portrayed as a spiritual emptiness pursuit of pleasure Yingun, perverts like beauty away people, he actually has the audacity to say: marriage is boiled water, wife-swapping is a glass of wine. Ma Xiaohai said, completely demonized, "I do not like this." Residential surveillance period, Ma Xiaohai was to give the police a long article - "I'm curious contemplation its depravity experienced and suggestions",アグ, analyzes the outsiders do not know secret spirit world. Participatory game because he blamed escape 2 segment failed marriage caused by shadows. His first wife took his son to the United States. Second marriage at the end of 10 years ago, lasted only two years,ジョーダン, "she is an eccentric old maid Although he is a professor, but often squabble." Particularly on the issues, he said the couple exist unspeakable gully. Ma Xiaohai said, with his son, the second wife left him, he brought back to economic losses and broken families, resentment, often ex-wife to let him into the plight of the spirit can not extricate. Ma Xiaohai home four mental patients. The mother had psychosis, Alzheimer's now. Big brother committed suicide because of mental illness, mentally ill sister. Nephew but had mental problems lying on rails rescued. In 2003, a netizen him into the circle of swingers,バーバリー 財布. He successively encountered a number of such users: open bold, happy with the attempt. Professor Ma said,mulberry outlet, "I feel that we are willing, there is no threat, there is no inducement, and I never take the initiative to initiate others find me, I will be mostly take a look at the left, the real play very little, "he said: this no sex, sex without emotional burden, their own walk on the edge of mental disorders, is a relief. The time is getting to the latter part of his attempt to fade out. Personal experience, he asserted: "are sexual repression and sexual distortions into the circle." He was exposed to the inner circle "Lovers", some excitement, some impotence,バーバリー コート, there are a few couples sexual disharmony But "pure pursuit of excitement." And he, Ma Xiaohai said, "Lovers" activities so that negative emotions successfully transferred. However, these "findings" have been snapped, "the police said there is no time to listen to my nonsense". Meantime, Ma Xiaohai is Vincent Fang assistance to the Beijing Forestry University sex researcher. Vincent Fang came into contact with the swingers' population in 2003, to Nanjing Ma Xiaohai done interviews. Vincent Fang Ma said even feed the crowd does not agree distortions. He said, for even the motives and reasons, mainly to improve sexual pleasure, it is a personal choice that should be respected and should not be stigmatized. Speaking of sexual repression, Vincent Fang said, "If in the face of public opinion and control, have to be careful that will certainly be there."

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Zhou Yan

​​last year, a result of domestic violence led to his wife can not afford final Heyao death case, Licang District Court on May 4 at a public hearing,モンクレール ダウン. It is understood that the 36-year-old,air ジョーダン, who lives in Licang Zhang Jun (a pseudonym), after marriage often because the household chores punched and kicked his wife Zhou Yan (a pseudonym). Day by the end of June 2011,バーバリー 財布, Zhang Jun, back to the residence, suspected his wife Zhou Yan opened the door a few minutes late, is more than a dozen slap to her face mouth, and punched and kicked. 6 pm, on July 8,burberry pas cher, 2011, Zhang Jun and workers given at home drinking, only because his wife, to persuade them to drink less,ジョーダン, twenty or thirty slap fan over against the face of Zhou Yan, and witnesses said that night Zhang Jun in its district scurry inside, wife cursing chased,moncler. The month at 16 o'clock on the the 10th because of Zhou Yan, Zhang advised him to drink less attack violently slapped in the face, kick the body, fist smashing. The next day,air jordan pas cher, Zhou Yan drink dichlorvos committed suicide. Zhang found that after the death of his wife, Zhou Yan,burberry soldes, did not immediately report to back home. Zhou Yan parents getting dressed for her daughter found multiple bruising and beaten traces of the subsequent report and Zhang Jun in court,michael kors outlet. After Zhang criminal detention by the public security organs. The public prosecutor to prosecute,lancel, Zhang and Zhou Yan began living together in 1994, has given birth to two daughters, until March 19,アグ, 2007, after the birth of the youngest son, Zhou Yan officially register marriages. The reason has not for marriage, because Zhang suspected his wife no son, and beaten during several times, the last three times beaten before the death of Zhou Yan is more serious,mulberry outlet, causing broken ribs roots a large area of ​​bleeding inside the body. The prosecutor said Zhou Yan unbearable the violent beatings Heyao killed Zhang guilty of ill-treatment should be sentenced to 2-7 years in prison. The court did not in court for sentencing.

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all the allegations against Slavin are revoked

forgotten" in the case did not get the chance of any trial,ジョーダン, he was forced to narrow cells where long endure solitude,lancel. Slavin has a history of mental illness,louboutin pas cher, he was kept in solitary confinement in a cell can not be in contact with the outside world,バーバリー 財布. Due to lack of care, Slavin even own unplug the broken teeth,mulberry outlet. Until 22 months later,michael kors outlet, all the allegations against Slavin are revoked, and he was finally released,moncler. Custody of his county jail will Slavin released report on the court,air jordan pas cher, saying it violated his constitutional rights,burberry, did not provide the necessary medical help,モンクレール ダウン. Ultimately, Slavin received compensation of $ 22 million,バーバリー コート, but he still endure the torture of post-traumatic stress disorder,burberry pas cher.

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but not found. Later

's largest freshwater aquaculture, the largest crabs farmers and "pearl king crab king breeding king "famous nationwide. Before his nephew to reporters: "Permeation hire someone to his pro-grandnephew killed,moncler, also I chopped up!" Contact the reporter with the incident to Da'an relevant departments, learned Permeation in the incident on Jibei criminal detention,burberry. Yesterday, Permeation suspected of intentional homicide formal trial in the Intermediate People's Court of Baicheng City, Jilin. Once the man of the hour, so why lay violent hands on their loved ones Meanwhile in the end what kind of pains and sorrows The reporter was removed in Anhui, Jilin, inquire about the whole incident. Tragedy occurred in the Moon Lake Moon Lake is known as "Prairie Pearl,peuterey outlet," said the Mongolian "Sa Lanna pool, the Da'an City territory under the jurisdiction of the white city in Jilin Province, is the largest high-quality freshwater fish breeding base in Jilin Province ,lancel. May 16, 2008, the spring and summer,burberry soldes, is the the Mondsee most beautiful season. However,lancel pas cher, the scene of the tragedy occurred in the morning. 10 o'clock that morning, the Anhui Wang (a pseudonym) and his two sons are Mondsee Species station dorm and chat with a few workers,doudoune moncler. Species station near Wang uncle the Permeation breeding crabs the water. Suddenly, outside the two cars,louboutin, got out a group of people, the hands holding the knife,moncler pas cher, iron rods and other weapons, entered the room to ask who is the nephew of the king boss. Wang and other people look at each other with ill intent, is not quickly said Wang boss's nephew. So,air jordan, the other to start the search in the vicinity. The perpetrators Ruansheng Jun recalled that, at that time, a few of them together into a the Mondsee species station. In the dorm,louboutin pas cher, he asked: "Who is the king of the boss's nephew " People in the room to answer: "He is not,abercrombie pas cher, Daan went to go 7:00 in the morning." Then, he went to another house to find looking for, but not found. Later, he saw in the yard personal (Department of Wang's son Wang Feng <a pseudonym), was about out of the gate, so he shouted: "He pulled back, and not let out." Wang Feng A : "let go do not go to see if they can gnaw Ruansheng Jun on frighten him:" If I hit you meal, you know! "Wang Feng said:" I really do not know! "Finally, broke into The house of this group of people on a fight. According to the other perpetrators in accounting dragon later recalled, he first hit his head Wang Feng's face, but did not hit. Then, Ruan Shengjun also come to play Wang Feng. Ready circlip knife in accounting for Lung his pocket and pulled out prior first knife hit Wang Feng's head, and later the knife break apart, facing Wang Feng bar. On the knife, the end of the life of 22-year-old Wang Feng. The local public security organs to identify: In early 2008, Permeation debt-ridden, so to borrow money to Wang, but to borrow money too often, the two sides contradiction Permeation then generate learned about the idea of ​​Wang et al. In Permeation's behest, in the morning of May 16, 2008, Wang Xiaoguang instigation of Levin, Ruansheng Jun, Lin Zeyu, Zhou Hang, in accounted dragons who drove to the residence of Wang. In the fight, in accounting for the dragon took out his pocket knife, to Wang Feng stabbed to death. In this tragedy, the death of Wang's son, Wang Feng, multiple injuries to himself and another son, was admitted to the hospital. "After the incident, Permeation went to the scene, the expression is very calm. Later, workers Report, Permeation major crime suspects, the police took him away." Said Wang Feng, the public security organs, Permeation account directs others to kill pro the grandnephew of fact. The procuratorial organs indictment said, and then went to the scene of a total of nine people, plus no to the scene of the Permeation, Wang Xiaoguang, a total of 11 suspects. Career, slowly slipped from a peak of 35 years ago, also in May, Permeation in the hometown Anhui Changfeng County holes Dianxiang (this is a Huainan), bringing out a pearl. In the second year, he gains 4.85 pounds of pearls, income of 2,290 yuan. In that year, the day of a farmer's income is 0.2 yuan. However, did not last long, Permeation wear the hat of the "bourgeois upstart, was forced to leave his home. 1978 Permeation decided to stage a comeback, cast all his savings into the farm and named of Changfeng County pearl fisheries farms. In 1983, the harvest pearls 83 pounds, sold a total of 35 million yuan, became the county's first super-million specialized households, has been hailed as the "Pearl King. As the market changes, pearl farming began landslide. Permeation timely transition to engage in crab breeding, the crab king became a household name. With the development of the Permeation farming career, many of the local government asked him to go to contracting the lake, followed by a variety of treatment. In 1988, he was elected to the Seventh National People's Congress, and later, two consecutive elected. Permeation enterprise became a dazzling star, both inside and outside the province enjoyed a certain popularity. Later, Permeation has Nanyi Lake in Xuancheng, Anhui, Susong's Longgan Lake Shouxian the Lake Wapu, set up farms, and even went to Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Northeast expand the site. The stall more Shop the greater the crisis began to emerge. 1995, Permeation came Xuancheng Nanyi Lake, invested more than 4000 million to develop, but it was hit. Permeation several investment is not very smooth. His career gradually into a valley, and finally flee northeast.

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and Taotao

's wife and daughter-in-law and wounded. Criminals turn to another bedroom door flung open and see the house that no one, smashing furniture and electrical. At this point, the son of the old Liu Liu (20 years old), sleepy Mongolia Hear thwarted by the sound of the screams of mothers, wives, conclude that something happens. He suddenly got up to see criminals armed with lethal weapons, vicious camel questioning their own whereabouts in the living room from the door. Liu realized that six criminals is directed to attend to think, to jump from the window to the hospital, pick up the manure fork Bianhan life-saving side and fought against. The villagers heard the news rushed to the scene after another,lancel, so he took a shovel and manure fork, kicked and fought against the bad posture. The gangsters see there are a lot,abercrombie pas cher, and showed their withdrawal, Liu catching up with neighbors. In the chaos, a scoundrel is associates accidental injury fell to the ground, the other five criminals hurriedly jumped into the parked near a red van and sped away. The injured criminals became a breakthrough Liu mother and wife of the injured to the hospital, the old Liu dialed 110 calls. Hirayama drain police station immediately rushed to the scene after hearing the news, the injured lying on the ground of criminals sent to the hospital for treatment. At the scene, police found a laptop pocket,lancel pas cher, a man surnamed Wang's identity card and driver's license within the pocket, otherwise a standard handcuffs. Director Wang major case, immediately reported. Competent instructions of the vice squad in South Austin to intervene immediately to carry out detective work. Police investigators on the case qualitative consultation. Retaliation for the over 60-year-old old Liu,air jordan femme, why, when he opened the door, the criminals did not its lay violent hands, but broke into the bedroom to find Liu it If Liu revenge, he was 20 years old, has not yet entered the community, not an enemy in the community. The motives of the criminals committing the crime, what is it Police investigators after the discussion and analysis, it is agreed that this is an organized retaliation cases. The criminals did not lay violent hands on old Liu may clear his terminally ill, afraid of becoming kills,louboutin pas cher, Liu retaliation is "a warning to others. Unify their thinking after police investigators, decided to find a breakthrough in the hospitalization of criminals who,moncler pas cher, criminals and picked up the injured man surnamed Wang ID card, driver's license photo, found that hospitalization of criminals is the identity card, driving license held someone Wang, who lives in Shijiazhuang City. Police the humane handling the case, due to Wang, who does not have cash, the police pocket its mat medical expenses. Wang was deeply moved, and finally confessed the facts of the crime to avenge old Liu with his partner,peuterey. 3000 yuan hire account of the attack,mulberry outlet, according to the suspect Wang, the evening of 7 December 2010, when he Hongqi Street, Shijiazhuang City, a certain Internet cafe Internet, one who lives in Stone City - Tau users Zhang (male, 22 years old) to find Wang said, have a friend who hire them to Pingshan a village and teach the old Liu is a future,air jordan pas cher, a large amount of money back to thank. Wang out of the Brotherhood,doudoune moncler pas cher, and agreed to Zhang's request, immediately the cafes also called on Moumou (male, 20 years old, stone city people), Lee (male, 20 years old, Promise County), with multiplication van to ,air jordan, connected to a junction of Hongqi Street waiting this Sohn (male, 20 years old, Zhangjiakou City, the Yuxian people) and Taotao (male, 20 years old, stone city people),abercrombie france. Zhang stone city purchased six picks, spent 1,000 yuan to rent a van, 8 o'clock that night came to Pingshan village in Wang and employers, Pingshan village Liu Gang (a pseudonym, male, 22 years old) made contact. Subsequently, Liu Gang with three machetes, to meet with Wang, who came to the front of the car, and machetes and 3,000 yuan in cash to Lee, while plotting action time and also old Liu took Lee to check out the location in an attempt to nighttime burglary abducted Liu. But old Liu walls higher mobility at night, will discuss the next morning to take advantage of the occasion Liujia door broke into the hospital retaliate. The six suspects were arrested according to the joint action of Wang's account of the vice squad in South Austin and drain police station, has employers Liu Gang and three main suspects were arrested in Shijiazhuang City and a village, Pingshan, another suspect in the law gave himself up under the shock and awe. According to Liu Gang's account, he and the old Liu two close neighbors because there had been contradictory chores handled by the police station mediation, but Liu Gang still harbor a revengeful old Liu is buried deep in the heart proceed evil thoughts,moncler. Over 60 years old Liu is terminally ill, Liu Gang think the time is ripe revenge one day in early December 2010, Liu Gang once working together Sohn discuss two after plotting decided by Liu Gang money, Sohn specific The organization and implementation of retaliation, revenge objects selected the victim-old Liu's son Liu,mulberry outlet uk. March 7, Pingshan County Public Security Bureau arrested the execution of the arrest of six suspects, other suspects have been online pursuit,hollister.

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named Ma by bailiffs charge into the court

's Court for trial,abercrombie pas cher, not a public hearing relating to personal privacy. Menjiu first improvement in the heart and then sprouting It is alleged intention to kill, July 8, 2009,mulberry outlet uk, 1:00, named Ma tong East, Tianhe District, a rented room Jiejiuxiaochou Zou,air jordan femme, just to see across the room, opened the door ventilation Miss home, named Ma color heart Dunqi the. The female neighbor dig is the key to open the door, named Ma to take the stainless steel cup,moncler, a hit on its head. Zou immediately call Ma Mouli that hands around her neck, dragged into their house,air jordan, and Wu Si. Subsequently, named Ma Zou corpse towed back to his house,mulberry outlet, its sexual assault,moncler, and afterwards their corpses points cut with a knife. Seeing is not ending, named Ma tried to put the corpse thrown into the toilet and clean up their valuables fled. After police received the missing report to find Miss Zou Zou opposite stench, then found his body by the forensic identification was choking to death,burberry. On August 19, named Ma was captured near Liede. Prosecutors that named Ma deliberately kill the Miss Zou, after his death, is still sexual abuse of their bodies, their actions constitute the crime of intentional homicide and insult to the body,hollister france. The incident before the mall failed unlucky in love It is understood that, this year, 30-year-old named Ma from Gansu, when the outstanding results of the college entrance examination in the county arts champion to enter prestigious universities,abercrombie, graduate walks the Beijing Municipal Grain Bureau work, to feel, "too leisure ", will submit his resignation to the South Downs Guangzhou battles. Named Ma do in a supermarket chain in 2004 the Guangzhou headquarters of the financial manager, after the supermarket closed down unemployment. With a partner to open a fast food restaurant, closed because of poor management. Before the incident, named Ma Taobao clothes business,doudoune moncler, the loss of five to six million. Defense lawyer claimed that before the incident, named Ma has his girlfriend broke up and get along for years,peuterey outlet. Courtroom try to lose "selling organs should compensate the fault of" Yesterday morning, named Ma by bailiffs charge into the court, not tall, his face calm, confessed to the charges. To his account, he did not know Miss Zou more a year in the same neighborhood also had a chat. But the incident that day, the mood is very depressed, "drink a lot of wine was kind of beating the urge to" acts of rape and murder, named Ma said then after drinking, you can not control. Deceased father indignant shouting named Ma claims 51 million in court. It is understood that this year, only 24-year-old Miss Zou from Huizhou, just to participate in the work for a year, both parents are laid-off, is the main source of income in the home. In this regard, named Ma said in court that they will make the greatest efforts to lose calls himself a deposit of 170,000 yuan, "Even dead also sell organs, to compensate them." Currently the case still further pending,doudoune moncler pas cher. Lawyer interpret the crime of insulting the body Guangdong State Road law firm the Dragon lawyers said, the crime of insulting the body in a violent, obscene, corrupt,burberry pas cher, behavior The scribbling, trampling damage the dignity of the corpse or hurt the feelings of the persons concerned,moncler pas cher. The case, named Ma to kill a man, had constituted the crime of intentional homicide, sexual assault Subsequently, their bodies cut into pieces, to constitute the crime of insulting the body.

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few people not only do not give money

's hands, Qiumou dare not borrow. The next day, Qiumou fight to the phone, Wang has said the hit man, said: "come back at night to give you." Until the afternoon of February 8,burberry pas cher, Qiumou hit many phone calls, Wang, looking for all kinds of reasons are not returned ,peuterey. Qiu suspicious, but fear of the alarm, running their own black car was punished,moncler outlet. His family encouraged, he came to the South Bank District Public Security Bureau police station Longmenhao. In front of police the surface, Qiumou again play to call to Wang. Wang said that to 20 minutes, then hung up the phone, and then shut down. The police found Wang suspicion of fraud, as the online pursuit. Three months successful fraud dozens since the afternoon of March 30, Yuzhong District police received the alarm, said a man in defense of the road was hit. Batters that Wang,doudoune moncler. Afternoon, he was defending the way of a black car, using the same method of deception, ask for 800 yuan compounding move the driver to see through. The driver lied enough money, drive the truck to the Yuzhong District Zhang Garden, and prior to secretly find a friend in this ambush. Seven or eight people, Wang hit the meal. Police from Wang, who seized a the three false Traffic Administrative Law Enforcement Team work permit and a large number of false punishment instruments. Wang explained,doudoune moncler pas cher, the borrowed Qiumou car the next day, they put the car hands to sell for 1.2 million. After the efforts of the police in the South Bank area, the car was recovered,air jordan femme. Wang said, liar has opened within the past three months, dozens of his fraud black car drivers since only one case did not succeed: "a woman driver in the car crying, I'm afraid to attract attention, get off and run." over black car black car drivers chose to defraud, Wang said he opened the black car, well aware of the other soft underbelly. It is understood that Wang fraud convictions, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, a year after his release in the end of 2008, squandered light parents to prepare for real estate and cars, began to return to prostitution,louboutin. Currently the Wang has XingJu. South Bank district, police said, still many deceived those who did not report to the hope the insiders can Longmenhao police station alarm,abercrombie france. Alarm Phone: 62872396, to find a police officer Liu and Tang police officers. The driver of the black car readme: disadvantage is commonplace yesterday,moncler, the reporter contacted on the black truck driver who lives in Jiulongpo District XIEJIAWAN, Chen. He said, and the many black truck drivers have cheated experienced, usually 哑巴吃黄连. The pay Duanjinshaoliang. Chen said that the Spring Festival this year, a man and a woman bus to Yongchuan,abercrombie, on a good 350 yuan, to Yongchuan, the other life and death to only 150 yuan, and intentionally or unintentionally, stressed: "you drive a black car." Chen had to be considered bad luck,hollister. Strong Overlord car ride. Late last year, a sheep-off attracted three men going to longevity,moncler. Chen paid 50 yuan agency fee, the prices negotiated 300. To longevity, few people not only do not give money, also said to go to the traffic police to complain. Scared Chen night back in time, plus tolls, oil money, down 300 yuan loss. Knocked the anti-money. Chen, a friend ran a black car,lancel pas cher, a passenger line to Daping rhubarb Road, and a reverse driving car scraped, obviously is the other full responsibility, and the other found his black car, let the passengers to leave the hard requirements of traffic police out the scene,burberry soldes. Helpless, Chen hand, cash compensation instead. Police advise: good conscience liar no chance to the police, even illegal business business hawker stalls Today, many black truck driver or the Mount is becoming the target of swindlers. Liar engaged in violations psychological shady catch them, the use of false documents, posing as law enforcement officers to defraud, some even posing as police, lied wide own relationship to help act as an excuse to cheat money. Police advise, as long as the good conscience,louboutin pas cher, not do anything illegal, liar no opportunity. This column manuscript written by the reporter of the Yellow River

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now 21-year-old

WASHINGTON Zou Yong, Gong Hanbin reported: a man traveling less to pay the fare, drivers urging them to pay up, he is armed with a knife to intimidate drivers,air jordan pas cher. 20, the man in the provincial capital of a 215 bus perpetrators by the police in time to stop. 14 am on the 20th,hollister, Nanchang Passenger police station received a report, said in a moving 215 to Jinggangshan Avenue Road bus was armed with a knife to make trouble,air jordan femme. Alarm,lancel, the police immediately drove to the scene, I saw a young man he tried to attack the bus driver Chen,louboutin pas cher, the police immediately stepped forward to stop,doudoune moncler. Upon inquiry,lancel pas cher, the offense suspects named Yang, now 21-year-old,burberry, who lives in Nanchang County,peuterey. Before the incident,mulberry outlet, Yang car with his girlfriend,peuterey outlet, only to hit a fare when the bus driver Chen called its complement coin, Yang went so far refused to accept deliberately knife threats are car drivers and knife several times with jump intimidate drivers, and also grappling drivers, Fortunately,doudoune moncler pas cher, the police arrived in time to stop the further development of the situation and seized the illegal possession of controlled knives in Yang,air jordan, Yang confessed to the issue of illegal possession of controlled knives. At present,abercrombie france, the Yang police to impose law and order in detention,moncler outlet.

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International Tourism

Daily Mail" reported that on June 8, a lot of people like to show off their number of friends on Facebook and other social networking sites, and a Dutch woman has launched its 152 users avatar pattern to their right arm,louboutin pas cher, always remember these friends. Dutch woman did not disclose his real name,moncler, and claiming Suzyj87. Recently,mulberry outlet uk, she was a video uploaded to the network, showcase their users avatar arm pattern. Fortunately, she was only 152 users,moncler pas cher, the amount of words on her arm on the pattern no less than the avatar,michael kors outlet. The woman did not disclose how she would do if friends join,hollister france. Suzyj87 in the video, said: "After several months of preparation, I want to show you my social tattoo,burberry pas cher. Surprised by it I am very proud,peuterey outlet, I hope you like it,air jordan." However, some netizens questioned " Facebook friends tattoo permanent,burberry soldes. " One reviewer wrote: "Congratulations,lancel, I hope you can sustain the relationship with these friends." Famous American rapper T-Pain in his arm tattooed on Facebook tattoo that says "you do not have to like me,burberry." , next to the URL and thumbs-up signs,doudoune moncler pas cher. T-Pain tattoo photos uploaded to Twitter,abercrombie pas cher, since then, it set off a trend to the the Facebook theme of the tattoo,air jordan pas cher. (International Tourism)

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