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's plot.

's plot,peuterey outlet.</p>

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's ex-wife

's ex-wife, and cut injury. On June 17,burberry, the of Guidong County Public Security Bureau on suspects Guo Rushou criminal detention. 19 years ago, Guo Rushou was introduced to Mr. Kwak belongings door-law. Shortly after their marriage, daughter and son who soon gave birth with the family burden is getting heavier and heavier, more and more couple of contradictions, wife Kwak Then south to work,doudoune moncler. Watching grew sons, Guo Rushou even suspect that his son is not one of their own,mercurial. In 2004, after some argument with the couple handle the divorce proceedings. After the divorce, Guo Rushou with his wife and a wall and live, from more reticent. In the past two years,michael kors outlet, Mr. Kwak home, ready to get married again,air jordan. Not long ago, she and former workers prepared to determine the relationship,louis vuitton outlet. On June 16,lancel, workers were invited to went to Kwak house to visit her father. Guo Rushou heard bursts of laughter, is not too happy to hear the ex-wife home,hollister. 18 o'clock, Guo Rushou took an ax in the kitchen, came to his ex-wife home "confrontation". He went into the kitchen, questioned the former father-in-law: "that man " Former father-in-law: "Do not none of your business, you walk away." The Guo Rushou hear furious, raised his ax, severely hit go forward and father-in-law's head , the old man fell to the ground immediately. Upon seeing his ex-wife on to rescue the father and scold Guo Rushou the Guo Rushou anger has not eliminated again raised his ax toward his ex-wife forehead hit go. The Kwak boyfriend shouted, and the two were rushed to hospital. 9:00 that night, Mr. Kwak father died after the rescue,louboutin pas cher, Kwak has been out of danger. The police rushed to the scene after Guo Rushou was immediately arrested,louboutin, the police are identified mental illness. Correspondent Huangping Guo Xiaoyan

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the same day he drove the van to pick up people

's pupils, injuring 10 students and a parents. Yesterday, reporters learned that the driver of the vehicle has been Xichuan County Jingfangxingju. According to the police investigation of Xichuan, at 5:40 p.m. on September 10,burberry, Xichuan County town Xie Ridge Elementary School after school, two teachers of students escorted to the the Danjiang Avenue, and watched students along the sidewalks to walk home from west to east. When their team line Xichuan County Grain Reserve Depot near the door,louboutin, and a license plate number for the Henan R00A38 the silver-gray van suddenly from behind toward the student team, the spot will be hit by 10 primary and secondary school students and the parents of a student after the escape. Of Xichuan County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm call, the traffic police, patrol and 120 emergency center ambulance rushed to the scene within 10 minutes, the injured quickly rushed to the county hospital for treatment, and expand the site survey work. Xichuan Police confirmed that the accident caused a total of 11 people were injured, including a man-made adults,michael kors outlet, the remaining 10 were children aged 4 to 9 years old,lancel. The injured, one of them seriously, and the remaining 10 per capita for fracture or soft tissue injury,doudoune moncler. The injured were receiving treatment, the emotional stability of the families of the injured. After the accident, Xichuan County Public Security Bureau deployed more than 40 civilian police troops in three columns based cards track down escape Cheng Bin, and brought in at 1:00 on the 11th. According to Cheng Bin speaking,abercrombie, the same day he drove the van to pick up people, the line to the front of Xichuan County Grain Reserve Depot,mercurial, suddenly found a child cross the street, then hurried to escape, but the speed is too high,louis vuitton outlet, and crashed into a school, the primary school team,michael kors outlet. It is reported that 20-year-old Cheng Bin, Department of Xichuan County,doudoune moncler, on the town the process Wacun farmers.

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"more than 1

'clock in the morning on the 4th, the new forest, such as carrying a car porridge, bread, side dishes came to the talent market, Xiangshan Road, Yiwu, and volunteer support from the awning. Then soup kitchens Tanqian has been waiting in a long queue of hundreds more. Early in this year, for many years, in Yiwu, Wenzhou boss Lin as the opening of new facilities porridge stalls has persisted for 65 days, day points out the 1000 bowl of porridge, the 2000 bread. "Which is applied porridge stall last day of the forest, such as the new look sadly and collar meal 11 farewell. "In the beginning the most terrible of funding, staffing problems and now the weather is getting hot, sanitary conditions it is difficult to protect." Talked about the reasons for closing down entirely, forestry, such as new very helpless. Spend 1200 yuan a day since the soup kitchens spread out to do from the first month, the Post reporter has been tracking an interview with Lin as good as new,abercrombie. "At first just want to do 15 days, two weeks after the Spring Festival often Yiwu migrant workers the highest concentration of talent market." Lin said, as good as new, but did not expect the impact of the economic crisis, these days gathered in the talent market wage more and more, "a lot of people early in the morning,louboutin pas cher, etc. This,michael kors outlet, in order to drink a bowl of hot porridge, could not find work, they even meal are a problem. see them quivering hand, I always think to find a way to fight on porridge stalls. "Lin as new rented a private house in the suburbs, two master porridge to make bread. His calculations, a daily the 2000 bread to 500 yuan, 1000 bowl of porridge is $ 400, side dishes of 150 yuan, 50 yuan of disposable chopsticks, send porridge car rent 100 yuan, add up to 1,doudoune moncler,200 yuan / day . Love Relay "not bad money,doudoune moncler," many than originally might expect to be tired. "Lin as good as new, after all, also has its own company to take care of, is really no room for so much energy," more importantly, how to make a love in all the hands pass down. "Lin as new circle of friends publicity around 1200 yuan will be able to help 1,000 people" idea. At the end of last month, the new forest as back to Wenzhou home, "marketing" soup kitchens stand owed to Wenzhou classmates, friends,burberry, got their full support, a classmate agreed to invest $ 200,000. "At the same time, from the community enthusiastic contributions on "bit Yiwu took out 4,800 yuan bit Zhuji boss donated $ 1 million." Lin as new, previously said in an interview with Post reporter, financial difficulties is not a big problem ,hollister. As for the lack of a fixed volunteers can hire people, less than one hour every morning, will be able to distribute finished porridge and bread and staff expenses can solve,louboutin. "Tube" and "help" embarrassing April 1 Yiwu supervision of the local health department staff to facilities porridge stalls check and and orally presented some problems. "Two main health certificate, soup kitchens personnel; Second, is how to ensure disinfection of dishes,lancel." Lin as new views on the health supervision department to understand: "more than 1,000 people in case something repeatedly to discuss the results of a lot of responsibilities. "Lin as new decision from the 5th closure of soup kitchens stalls. "If government departments can give some guidance in health, venues, I still want to continue to soup kitchens stalls gone out of existence." Lin said as good as new. Government departments on the type of non-governmental charitable activities there is no need to manage a will 'pipe dead', will backfire Has been in discussion to explore. "Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, who asked not to be named,air jordan, responsible the analysis said. He believes that the the soup kitchens stalls held continuously, social organizations must be competent business unit to the civil affairs departments registered "only this point is an insurmountable threshold for.

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Do you think nobody do " The end of the interview

's ground,louboutin. Involving Lee left fork home ground, is the "collapse". Dug arable land dug questioned why, he explained: "2034 no farming, shortage in that place we should be practical and realistic." For interpretation of Lvzhen Wang, king golden and Lee left fork two were given a rebuttal. The king Jinsuo dug their home a share of the arable land in the part of the land contract and management rights certificate as evidence. The land because the land and water reasons, beginning this summer not to plant crops. After the rain the soil wet,michael kors outlet, we are ready to grow wheat good arable land, and how wasteland "Lee stay fork home,doudoune moncler, also known as the scene obviously can see traces of soybean fields were dug, and even the collapse of part of excavators appeared. "Excavator, ground planted with soybeans,air jordan. Beans impossible to close now, will not be able to plant wheat,abercrombie france. The good farmland destroyed, Do you think nobody do " The end of the interview,doudoune moncler, two villagers reluctantly told reporters. "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly states: Prohibition ...... unauthorized housing cultivated, sand, stone, mining, earth or other operations,abercrombie. "In violation of the provisions of this Law, the occupation of cultivated land to build kilns,lancel, tombs or unauthorized houses, dig sand, quarrying, mining,burberry, excavating soil cultivated undermine growing conditions, or cause land desertification,louboutin pas cher, salinization due to land development, the land administrative departments of the people's governments above the county level shall order it to make corrections within a time limit, or governance, can impose a fine; constitutes a crime, be held criminally responsible. "

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taught in schools for 30 years never heard of this case

's Hospital inpatient department of the sixth floor to see the old man,doudoune moncler, the right side of his face still red and swollen,lancel. He told reporters that he is a professor of Yunnan Normal University,hollister, 12-day experience made him very sad,abercrombie, he said,abercrombie france, taught in schools for 30 years never heard of this case,mercurial, although the words may be wrong,burberry, but they are not the shot wounding,doudoune moncler, the detrimental Zunlaoaiyou traditional. At present,louboutin, the specific circumstances of the police is still under investigation,michael kors outlet. The reporter the orchestral intern Lang Xuewei (Spring City Evening News)

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the couple ride to Shanghai the day 9

's Song to pick up the wallet and hand to the police, but secretly stealing $ 1,doudoune moncler,000 on the owner of lost bank card as "hard money". Yesterday, Song Wu iron police education disciplinary refund the stolen money, lift the lien,louboutin. 8 o'clock yesterday, Enshi the woman Mengmou and her husband in the Hankou Railway Station tickets, accidentally wallet lost within the bank card six identity cards and other related documents. The two anxiously bear waiting room duty police stepped forward to ask. Transfer to see surveillance video found the,hollister, wallet Department Mengmou loaded satchel fall to the ground and picked up by a middle-aged man,air jordan. Police took the couple Mengmou at the station to find nearly 40 minutes,abercrombie france, the walkie-talkie from the news,doudoune moncler, the wallet by travelers Song handed over to the police,mercurial. The correct face inventory, the couple ride to Shanghai the day 9:05 D3034. 14:53 the police received phone Mengmou,michael kors outlet, called ICBC card is removed 1000 yuan,abercrombie. The police quickly find Song,burberry, Song acknowledged owner of lost identity cards birthday as a password, to steal the 1000 yuan picking up the wallet "hard costs".

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