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2011 at 11 am

​​Pursuit theft suspects, police clear network operations yesterday in Shenzhen be arrested and brought to justice, the night Send a bet on the Nanshan Detention Center. 9 o'clock yesterday morning,ルイヴィトン, police officers, Jiangsu drive to the Nanshan District Detention Center extracted suspects ready escorted back,ヴィトン, but in the process of handover procedures,ugg ブーツ, I do not know why open a suspect's handcuffs,モンクレール アウトレット, the suspect took advantage of a car into the detention center, the opportunity to break free to escape . Reporter dispatch ago from Taohuayuan property management company was informed that security guards arrested suspects surnamed Liu police reward of 5,UGG,000 yuan,ugg ブーツ. Police informed that the suspects have been handed over to the provinces the police on November 16,UGG, 2011 at 11 am, the provinces police detention center in Nanshan District mentioning imprison suspects Panmou Ya (male,モンクレール ダウン, 20-year-old theft suspect, network fled staff),アグ. After finishing the procedures for the handover,あぐ, the suspect police are not prepared to take advantage of the Escort, fled to a nearby district. Nanshan police rapid reaction,アグ, immediately organized the police to carry out the hunt,モンクレール, at 12:25 in the district security guards and staff with the arrested suspects Panmou Ya. Currently, suspects Pan Mouya by other provinces taken away by the police.</p>

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the machine suddenly issued a "bit" sound. At this time

's X-ray irradiation, Zhu is still bent on denial. 48 hours later, Zhu really hold back "could not pull out the value of the yuan diamond ring. Men swallow ten thousand yuan diamond ring at 9:00 on January 9th, the Linping nine Camp Road, a silver floor just open the door,louis vuitton outlet store, a middle-aged customer came in. According to the salesperson,louis vuitton outlet, Miss Zhang recalled,louis vuitton outlet online, the middle-aged man dressed in a smoke gray jacket, dark trousers, his face sallow, and not quite like the rich. This homely middle-aged man, an opening is to buy a diamond ring, try a few, readily 18K white gold diamond ring set a market value of 10,700 yuan. Man holding Miss Chang opened a small ticket went to the cashier, pulled out his bank card name to credit card spending, but they had lost three show the password is wrong,louis vuitton outlet store, man and "helpless" to say who the cash is not enough. At this point, Miss Zhang suddenly found a diamond ring "disappeared". The clerk at the counter inside, on the floor looking for the times, no. The man said: "You are so confused, wasted my time, I have to go!" The clerk had to the police, the men rushed to the police requested and searched. The police come up with a metal detector to check on his men to remove the lighters, belts, watches and other items with metal. When the detector probe into his abdomen, the machine suddenly issued a "bit" sound,louis vuitton outlet online. At this time, the manager also bring up the surveillance video, the video display when men take advantage of the clerk bow billing, secretly turned around and looked up and swallowed the hands of the Rings. Two days later, he finally "hold back" to continue to face the surveillance video and the detector, the man still refused to admit to stealing a diamond ring. 11:00 the same day, the hospital through the X-ray examination found that the the rocket missing diamond ring in a man's stomach. While doctors ready to implementation of a gastroscope take men quit when the man several times turned from the examining table and refused to eat lunch. "Ring is very dangerous to stay in the stomach." To stabilize the man emotions, the police has been to persuade. 16:00,michael kors outlet online, the man again for X-ray examination, when the ring has been transferred from the stomach to the small intestine. But the man still refuses to acknowledge that and has refused to eat. At 9:00 on the 11th, the men finally hold back "to continue, rushed into the toilet .... Upon review,louis vuitton outlet, the man surnamed Zhu, 46 years old, came up with the" swallowing gold "approach to seeking money. The currently, Zhu has been Jingfangxingju to. "Swallowing gold suicide" one said to be weighing the mention of "swallowing gold, people would immediately think of" suicide "," A Dream of Red Mansions "Similarities suicide is the use of" swallowing gold. Well, Zhu swallowed diamond ring more than 48 hours, why can safe it Ancient reason why there is "swallowing gold suicide", might swallow a quality heavy gold products or smelting technology was not good enough, not high-purity gold products contain other toxic Hangzhou TCM Hospital Department of Gastroenterology, deputy director Wang Xiaoqi said: impurities, and also someone advance in gold foil on the coating due to toxic substances. "From the point of view of modern medicine, gold is not toxic ingestion of pure gold objects will not cause poisoning death." Said Wang Xiaoqi, unless it is a particularly large size, the structure is particularly complex or are gold jewelry containing toxic ingredients. Gastric acid is corrosive,mulberry outlet uk, but the chemical structure of the gold is relatively stable,michael kors outlet online, swallowed in a short period of time is not easy to stomach acid etched away. Gold ornaments, swallowed into the body through the gastric motility into the intestine, and finally excreted. Swallowed metal will not necessarily killed, but not to say that there is no danger. Although gold is non-toxic, but swallowed gold jewelry, gold ornaments on sharp ornaments, such as earrings hook, diamond ring inlaid piece easily blocked or burst the intestine, which in turn lead to gastrointestinal rupture,michael kors outlet store, bleeding, infection thus leading to other complications. Wang Xiaoqi reminded daily lives, such as accidentally swallowed metal, especially children, immediately went to the hospital for examination, according to the judgment of the doctor, and finally the object excreted by human excretion and, if necessary, with the help of medical instrument to remove the object,mulberry outlet. In addition, when the accidental swallowing of heavy metals,michael kors outlet store, such as mercury, copper, drink some milk, egg blue, the heavy metal of these substances in the protein will wrap to reduce damage to the body.

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slow speed

12 " Occurred, the masses have to provide police with the suspect escape route,アグ, police surveillance point made suspects clear picture. At 13:00 on the the 2nd,アグ, when a man in a shopping mall in Hankou Jianghan Road trial necklace, suddenly a gun fired plastic bullets to the female teller, fled the scene wearing a necklace,ルイヴィトン. Jianghan police rapid mobilization of police rushed to the scene to start the work of case detection survey visits, after a day in full swing,モンクレール, new progress in the case. Along the masses have suspects escape route,ヴィトン. After committing the crime the suspect enter Minsheng Road, turn into Kunyuan fled towards a unified Street, then bolted to Sanmin Rd. By the police along the road monitoring to obtain a clear image of the suspect (see figure),ugg ブーツ. Its physical characteristics: age 25 to 32 years old, height 1,ヴィトン 財布.76 to 1.83 meters,UGG, speaks Wuhan accent, slow speed, medium build,モンクレール アウトレット, short hair is slightly longer and may be left-handed,UGG, wearing a dark suit Wearing a red round neck sweaters under wear jeans, wearing white sports shoes,ugg ブーツ. Yesterday, the indignation of the masses is offering a reward of 3,モンクレール ダウン,000 yuan Hyde. Insiders call Tel: Ai,.

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Li Bing told reporters ask website

's view also to enrich the content of the work,michael kors outlet store. " This can he the first piece Chengdiao works,louis vuitton outlet online, in 2003 he was invited to participate in the "China 'sea Musical' International Sculpture Exhibition in Xiamen,mulberry outlet, in the on-site creation month to complete,mulberry outlet uk," I was the performance of Li Bing said, The Minnan people walking the world,michael kors outlet, roots in China's theme,louis vuitton outlet online, also includes elements of the house,mulberry outlet. Li Bing year to buy a house in the city is also a mainstream,louis vuitton outlet, a lot of people hard life is to give the child to buy a house,michael kors outlet store, described in this sculpture is also a state of life,mulberry outlet uk. Learned that your work has been hot friends, Li Bing told reporters ask website,louis vuitton outlet store, want to participate in the discussion,louis vuitton outlet. Herald reporter Wang Changfu / Wen Zhang Xiangyang / Chart

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his hands stiff and shivering

'clock that afternoon,モンクレール アウトレット, the the Jiangpu street side public square bulletin boards suddenly heard to exclaim: "Some people fainted," I saw a Nearly seventy elderly fell to the ground, his hands stiff and shivering,あぐ, curled up into a ball,ugg ブーツ, the mouth spitting white foam around despite many people around,ヴィトン, but no one dared to lend a helping hand,UGG. After a brief fainting elderly make every effort to want to call the side of the phone for help, After repeated struggling without success. The crowd crowd for about 20 minutes, when members of the public to notify the the Pukou urban management administrative law enforcement unit of law enforcement officers are on duty here Xiaozhao. Xiao Zhao is estimated recurrent disease of the elderly,ルイヴィトン, an immediate appeal to everyone not to crowd the elderly around the air to flow freely. Subsequently,アグ, he quickly dialed 110, 120, emergency personnel arrived,モンクレール ダウン, the old man in a coma,モンクレール. Xiao Zhao and quickly with the police for the elderly onto an ambulance rushed to the hospital,UGG, police are still in contact with their families. She reminded the recent hot weather, the elderly go be sure to pay attention to safety, in particular, is associated with disease of the elderly,アグ, beside someone must accompany order to avoid accidents,ugg ブーツ.

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causing the suffocation death. January 15 at 4 pm

's body,マーキュリアル, causing the suffocation death. January 15 at 4 pm,バーバリー, the suspect Moumou,ヴィトン, Luo Moumou,ルイヴィトン バッグ, Chen Moumou,モンクレール アウトレット, Yang Moumou came to a feed mill in Kaili offices salesroom to work alone in the Long certain to commit robbery,グッチ, Long did not expect to encounter fierce resistance. Angry under dynamic beholder. Luo Moumou with a towel over his mouth of the dragon certain associates Moumou control dragon hands Moumou,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, Yang Moumou not idle, they moved to a weight of about 600 pounds of feed pressure in the dragon certain body Long choked to death,モンクレール. Subsequently, snatched the dragon certain than 600 yuan in cash and a mobile phone,ナイキ ジョーダン. Case occurred,モンクレール ダウン, Carey police actively pursued cracked,バーバリー 財布, the four suspects were arrested on January 19,ルイヴィトン.

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best business when eight workers to help. Reporter

's brother out of money, and the wife's vehicle permits names. Wu Yun told reporters that he operated at the Sands residential building materials for nearly 10 years, and has been busy doing the building materials business, best business when eight workers to help. Reporter, Wu Yun received many phone to tell him to give cement,ugg ブーツ. Wu Yun recalls the morning of October 15, a middle-aged man operation in northeastern Yunnan accent, Wu Yun he sent to the Taipei District Venus Bus Terminal. "When my middle-aged man said my car is not working car, the man said when he renovated the house and went to my store bought building materials, take care of me a lot of business, called me also to take care of him back,ヴィトン. "but Wu Yun or ignored, when the man say to his wife's nickname" three ", Wu Yun really hit acquaintance, coupled 11:00 have to drive to the northern suburbs on Zhuang smoke factory pick a decoration boss, they give a lift to the man to the Taipei District bus terminal. Get off at the bus terminal door of the middle-aged man from the right jacket pocket, took out 25 dollars thrown Wu Yun legs says: "you point oil money." At that moment, a man rushing on Wu Yun, said that he is at the passenger and called the Wu Yun surrender car keys to their car to accept their investigation. "At that time, they did not produce any documents, I thought car snatching." Wu Yun said, after he found the car the man disappeared. Then,ヴィトン 財布, there was one sign in the vehicle parked deposit notice. Above, because of a violation of the provisions of Article 23, the Kunming Taxi Management Ordinance, the car kept Kam large parking. City Management Office within seven days to accept the deal. Verify illegal passenger car was confiscated "" I asked to open orders, above 23 what He is illegal passenger. "Wu Yun was very anxious, busy explained. The car bought six years, but only traveled 40,あぐ,007 over one thousand kilometers, if it is a black car is already in excess of this mileage. Then again, if his car is really a black car, he could have said and the people in the car and the money received. Billing person, these things they will go to investigate and understand,アグ, so Wu Yun put the word signed. Wu Yun after signing the word, and billing in the notice of the remarks column, write the words "Sands district - the Taipei District Terminal. November 6, at a hearing held in Kunming City Authority, Wu Yun said the man did not appear to get a free ride. Wu Yun, suffered "fishing law enforcement", men and passenger and hitch a ride at law enforcement officers may be a group, or not so coincidentally,モンクレール ダウン. Own car as a black car confiscated, Wu Yun feel wronged, apply for administrative reconsideration has Kunming Government Office of Legislative Affairs,UGG. December 1, Wu Yun received the "administrative penalty decision. At 10:05 on October 15, the Taipei District Bus Terminal Wu Yun driving cloud ABT832 passenger seized from Sands district to the Taipei District Terminal bargain 25 yuan, charging 25 yuan,アグ. Verified the car without city passenger licensing procedures, and in the urban passenger transport activities, to verify and correct. "In accordance with the relevant provisions:" the confiscation of the vehicle. "There is no evidence to impossible Detaining" can not be 'fishing law enforcement'. "Kunming city passenger transport management office said Yu-min,ugg ブーツ, director of the Office Manager of the law enforcement officers are out, and confiscated his Wu Yun car regarding the specific situation is not very clear. General law enforcement officers designated waiting to see passengers pay to the driver of the black car, they stopped the car, separated from the driver and passengers are taking note. LI Yu-min said, allows law enforcement officers in civilian clothes law enforcement in the process of investigation the black car. Uniformed law enforcement, the driver of the black car to see it does not stop, did not find out. Wu Yun said law enforcement officers seized their vehicles,モンクレール, never seen a car man. LI Yu-min said, some passengers fear of reprisals, afraid to appear normal, even if the trial, passengers do not testify in court that they have no alternative. "Enforcement only on the evidence, the transcript of the passengers we definitely yes." In the reporter's question,UGG, the ability to see a man reading ride vehicles Wu Yun transcripts Yu-min said,モンクレール アウトレット, can not see, except in court. "If there is no (transcript), even the hearing, never." There is no evidence impossible Detaining Wu Yun has participated in the hearing, if the evidence is flawed, or defective procedures, hearing this off too can not. "Yu-min said the driver of the black car denied that his car is black car is normal, can not be defined is not a black car driver career. "If Wu Yun think we forensics, or lack of evidence, and also refuses to accept the administrative reconsideration proceedings to the court, these channels are unblocked." Yu-Min Li said. Reporter Xiade Rui (Yunnan Information News)

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2011 at 7

's Hospital. Investigation team is divided into three groups: a group responsible for the diagnosis and treatment survey, clear clinics responsibilities; another group responsible for Yifeng medical ethics investigation, Xu baby parents of children with medical staff reflected responsibly, play games online issues verification; technology group parties MAO Xiao doctor's computer Internet records to investigate, and view the surveillance video of the morning time of the incident the evening of November 3 to 4 days. The joint investigation team from the start in the afternoon of the 11th, into the Children's Hospital Survey and Gaolou Men Hotel the night with the children with parents, doctors, nurses, and other more than 10 parties were 33 people in the investigation and verification,louis vuitton outlet, 7:00 yesterday morning, the fact that the basic identified. Mao Xiao games Doctor the night shift does the Internet play QQ Go Previously, parents of children reflect Mao Xiao Doctors simply playing "stolen food" game, do not want to see a doctor for the baby. Survey briefing Children's Hospital in November 10, the hospital said the investigation MAO Xiao Doctors online "stealing food vegetables" behavior does not exist, that night Dr. Mao is with their own computer finishing papers, not online by said to play the game,mulberry outlet. The survey group for that night, MAO Xiao duty Doctors how not play games on the Internet conducted a major survey by MAO Xiao Doctors I survey and Mao Xiao Laptop check confirmed MAO Xiao Doctor November 3 the night of the day of the incident, the Internet to play QQ Go's behavior, and this behavior is a serious violation of the relevant provisions of the hospital on duty. ■ reduction means A: parties MAO Xiao Doctor himself admitted that the Internet under two QQ Go. MAO Xiao Investigation team to find doctors to investigate all acts of duty during the evening of November 3 to 4 am, MAO Xiao Doctor said: 19:00, after the departure of family members of patients, I Internet under two QQ Go The fact that about 40 minutes per disc. "In other words, Dr. Mao on duty during the Internet to play games to get himself recognized. ■ reduction means B: computer MAO Xiao Doctors computer check confirmed on duty during login QQ Go. The requirements of the investigation team, in the afternoon of the 11th, MAO Xiao Doctor will be on duty during the 3rd notebook computer available to the investigation team,louis vuitton outlet store, and Internet records check conducted by the investigation team of computer experts and a member of the investigation team, the evening of 11 computer experts over three hours of technical processing,モンクレール アウトレット, the Internet records check ViewUrl software with the departments of State Secrets,ugg ブーツ, recover deleted Internet records,michael kors outlet store, Internet records to search through this software and IE cache record is consistent . MAO Xiao been found The doctors this laptop system does not format or reinstall, no browsing record excision traces,アグ. MAO Xiao Doctor in the afternoon shift when the boot time is 17:37 (this for Dr. Mao computer time, check slower than normal time for about 5 minutes,UGG, the same below), the off time is 4 am,louis vuitton outlet online, 1:03, 4, 2011 at 7:50 am computer boot,モンクレール. At 17:38 on the 3rd,michael kors outlet, open the D drive QQ game executable file, and inspired an animated link may be excited login QQ client advertising animation. At 23:41 on the 3rd, a cookie file,michael kors outlet online, QQ game certification documents. Instructions from 5:38 that evening assigned Yeli 11 pm 41, QQ games is always open hanging on the line. Boot on the 3rd night to shut down this time, only 20:45, 20:48, 23:41, three web browsing records are Ali mother shopping website, advertising website, QQ games website confirmed the gross The doctor did not happy network through a web page to steal food records, but on the QQ network is certain to play the game.

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they did not find any subjective exception Xiong Yan.

New culture" reported that 13 to 14 am, School of Life Sciences of Northeast Normal the sophomore girls Xiong Yan,モンクレール, along with the inspection tour of the school in the Changbai Mountain delegation accidentally missing. Count the number of fewer people at 14:30 on the 16th, Northeast Normal Xiong Yan held in the disappearance of a press conference in Changbai Mountain. The school deputy party secretary Ma Shang Jieshao: field practice required courses of the School of Life Sciences, students,doudoune moncler, 6 credits under the arrangement, the 133 students of the School of Life Sciences, 2007 to July 3 -15 days Changbai Mountain field integrated internship, led by four instructors and two counselors. Specific routes north of Changbai Mountain scenic Blue King fast food to pass through the The Yue birch forest to reach the black air, by the black air alpine tundra belt to Tianchi main peak. July 13, 14 am, counselors observed in the main peak Xiong Yan alone to the main peak parking to the direction of the black air door,UGG. Immediately,mulberry outlet, counselor to the parking lot from the main peak, and walked downhill, along the way is not found Xiong Yan. 16 am, the school teacher in the head count, found Xiong Yan not on board the bus, then alarm. Hundreds of search and rescue unsuccessful schools be reported immediately to the Office of the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee emergency,burberry pas cher, to set up a search and rescue leading group command, and sent school leaders and defending students at other department personnel,michael kors outlet, rushed to the Changbai Mountain search and rescue, and Xiong Yan parents informed. The day of the search and rescue no results. After the incident,louis vuitton outlet store, the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee of the key areas dragnet investigation. The search area is more than 1,200 square kilometers,モンクレール ダウン, search and rescue over 2000 people. Missing the poor contacts horse still Changbai Mountain vegetation distribution is very clear, has been one of the sites of the School of Life Sciences,louis vuitton outlet online, student field practice,mulberry outlet uk, after the approval of relevant departments. This route is the most secure, go for more than 20 years there has never been any accidents, the Xiong Yan missing or the first occurrence. Xiong Yan,モンクレール アウトレット, 18 years old, the people of Shanghai. Into the piedmont, the teacher explains mountainous areas such as the use of mobile phones when encountered thunderstorms may produce dangerous, Xiong Yan et al on the phone to base camp. Down,アグ, due to exhaustion, Xiong Yan backpack handed over to a male classmate carrying. Liu Duo,moncler, the party secretary of the Northeast Normal University College of Life Sciences,ugg ブーツ, Xiong Yancheng performance is good, but introverted, not very good at dealing with people,abercrombie. Led teachers to reflect, they did not find any subjective exception Xiong Yan.

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Qin Shengli identified on the spot

'm sorry!" "Mom and Dad, I will never leave you!" 30 years ago, 4-year-old Ya Wujiu Bing trafficking changed hands seven times, their parents Ganchangcunduan. They can not find her son, Shi group had three jump Yangtze time ingesting pesticide, but fortunately were rescued. After the end of May this year, Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau received a turn to do the higher authorities clues, Deputy Secretary Yang Jianqiang requires police: must be like to find their own children to solve the case! The interprovincial combat after more than five months of police, the rare trafficking case was finally solved,doudoune moncler. Like to find their own ya "in May this year, Xiangyang Interpol detachment received a transfer to the Ministry of Public Security of the Provincial Public Security Department a supervision clues, the clues to a missing persons case, and 30 years ago. A clue: June 5, 1980, in Yunyang County, Chongqing Shi group with a son and daughter to Xiangyang, ready to the Fangxian find doing a carpenter husband Wu Maosheng, she and her son were trafficked, son missing for 30 years. In this regard, the the Xiangyang City Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary Yang Jianqiang asked police: must be like to find own ya, like to go to solve the case! The Yangyang police regardless of the hardships, the two went to Chongqing, to northward Henan expand investigation. June 8 this year, Xiangyang police came Yunyang survey visits. Account information, they found the couple's address Shi Qun - Fengming town farmers built the village. Local villagers told the police, the couple are in the the Yunyang county seat to help her daughter cuisine restaurant. Daughter Wu Jiuhong account information, the police successfully found her, found Shi Qun couple. 30 years ago, the couple now have nearly sixty years,バーバリー. Then 6-year-old daughter, Wu long red, his son 17 years old. Seen Xiangyang police arrival, the family is both unexpected and pleasant surprise. Shi Qun memories, son Wu Jiubing 1980 lost in Xiangyang, she only remember that it is spring. At that time, her husband Wu Maosheng carpenter. Fangxian, She was at home with her two children, and live a rigid life. At this time, the uncle of fellow Shi Qun - 28-year-old Wang, raised with their mother to find her husband in Hubei. Shi group out not too far from the door, not illiterate,マーキュリアル, she did not think of her, Wang set a trap. Shi base and a son and daughter were taken to Xiangyang. Wang then did not let Shi Qun bring the kids alone took her to see her husband, the children with a play by Wang's friends. She thought Wang would take her to the room counties, but sleepwalk Strip Zhongxiang City. Pointing by an old man, Li Qun know that they are sold to someone else when the daughter-in-law. She found an opportunity to escape. Shi group back to Xiangyang found the only daughter Wu long red stay in the hostel, son Wu Jiubing missing. Shi Qun crying, Wang surrendered son. Wang said, the children be friends "with out to play him to help find. This is a scam, and still want the Shi Qun trafficking. Later,グッチ, Li Qun Wang brought in Handan, Hebei, soon to be repatriated back home,バーバリー コート. Wu Maosheng heard the news quickly working away from home. He found Wang to him to return his son. Wang give Wu Maosheng a note, written on a piece of paper: Sichuan Province the Quxian Spike Po Township safety brigade XI squad Moumou; Nanyang County, Henan Province (now Nanyang City) Van Camp brigade eleven squad, Fan Moumou. Wang said, looking the Wu Jiubing to find the two men. Wu Maosheng by relatives in Quxian inquire about the feedback the result is not found there to buy the children. The Wu Maosheng again wrote to Nanyang, Henan Province, the county government has no results. Later, Wu Maosheng the Yunyang County Fengming town a road, caught Wang, and seized and turned over to the local security team. The police requirements must identify Wujiu Bing, within a year and asked his brother secured Wang. Wang promised to search for the child, but since then there have not been. Xiangyang police find clues to the local police station, but the police at the time has long since retired, due to the passage of time, the police report is not found. Cracked the clues record breaking Wu Maosheng, Shi Qun couple of blood samples are repeated police extract. After return to Xiangyang, they will input this information the missing persons repository, so abducted and missing children information than. After data entry system for several months without success. The police feel alone find too a single anti-trafficking information systems, not to mention the one 30 years ago, the case. The police decide two went Chongqing. October 19, after the police arrived Yunyang, in coordination with local police, finally found the Wang, the 58-year-old Wang existing. Wang acknowledged that trafficking Wu Jiubing regarding the year. He said, the 1980 in Xiangyang Railway Station, the Wu Jiubing handed over 50-year-old Tangmou. Wang said he did not know the address of Tangmou only know Don in 1996 due to human trafficking Yunyang County Court sentenced to three years in prison. The police then Find in the household registration system Tangmou, qualified personnel are Wang deny. Tangmou not find, the police decided to find then to handle Tangmou cases of human trafficking police. However,ルイヴィトン バッグ, due to various reasons, when the police handling the case did not fall. The only clue is the court docket. The police found some information: Tangmou Wujiu Bing brought Nanyang County, Henan Province, Liaohe commune, the price of 300 yuan, sold the child to a of Nanyang County Wollongong commune women Ryu. The case also shows that the whole process of trafficking, with the villagers of Liu Fan Tingfu, Rowan all know. November 29, Xiangyang police rushed to Nanyang. To be safe, they decided to understand the situation from the side, first find the whereabouts of Fan Tingfu, Rowan whole. Rowan full longer Fanting Fu said time is too long, can not remember the. Liu's whereabouts became a mystery. Ryu same name by dozens of people in Nanyang. How to find How do I find Decision information age and address,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, one by one screening, police finally locked the city Wolong Pan Village Ryu. 60-year-old Liu III under one roof, I heard the police to track down the affairs of that year, she repeatedly shook his head. After two hours of ideological work of the police and local cadres, she finally tells the truth,グッチ バッグ. She said, when she did "adoption" of a leg scars boy, 30-year-old look. This information is consistent with the Wu Maosheng, Shi group of sub-Wujiu Bing. Liu said, when she was three girls,グッチ 財布, worry about family planning is fine, after the "adoption" of the boy, her husband's brother Yemou its resale,burberry pas cher. At that time, Yemou the Nanyang mills work, the child was transferred to a man of Nanyang Fangcheng. Older, and Liu, leaves two contact less, that Ryu only to remember Yemou now near the paper mill working in a restaurant. The help of the local police,モンクレール, the police finally a small restaurant to find Yemou. Leaves memories he gave the child's colleagues Qinmou. The while Qinmou Fangcheng county Qin Village, but he has been dead many years. An increasingly clear clues interrupted. Children sent gone Do you hear any other news The police let the elderly slowly recalled. Yemou suddenly remembered a detail: when Qinmou said, he seemed to kids over to a distant uncles and brothers in Fangcheng County. Yemou said, I do not know the specific name of this person, only know surnamed Qin,ナイキ ジョーダン, and only meet only recognize. The police proposed by Yemou lead the way, got together to find but was opposed by their families. Family members said: the elderly have been 75 years old, suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can not afford to toss. The police buy standing medicines to the elderly, and continue to do the work, the consent of their families together and the police find the elderly. The analytic and finally find abducted in Qinmou home, police find up and down the Five Dynasties, were not found to have a family to adopt a child. Qinmou peers people's congresses have passed away, and the young people are unaware of the previous situation. That the distant relative Qinmou who Does he live Fangcheng County within two villages in the name of "Qin Qin Village, Qin home village belonged to different villages and towns,abercrombie france. December 4, police exhumation Barry mountain, rushed to the Qin home village to find the village an old man called Qin Shengli. After police visited a number of elderly villagers get the good news: Qin Shengli 75 years old, but has been married many years ago adopted a boy. , Yemou and Qin Shengli two elderly meet Baotoutongku the police into the mountains to find Qin Shengli,エアジョーダン. Qin Shengli said he adopt a child,モンクレール ダウン, a boy, and the crotch burns, after the name of Qin Dongsheng, now married and have children, and working in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The police come up with a the Wu Maosheng couple of children photo, Qin Shengli identified on the spot, the little boy in the photo is the Qin Dongsheng. The police call Qin Dongsheng phone. Qin Dongsheng broke down in tears on the phone, said a tearful have questions of life experience for a long time, and are willing to cooperate with the police investigation, finished hastily hung up the phone. Adoptive father Qin Shengli even based tears. The elderly cried, Qin Dongsheng when you adopt a child, the child is very likable. At that time, although his younger children suffer but worried wife, they married life. Old people prefer to son to find birth parents, they two can become relative, walk around each other. He said, "After all, I would not last a few years, Wazi can live well enough!" In accordance with the relevant provisions, even if both parents are confirmed Qin Dongsheng then abducted Wujiu Bing, must first go through the scientific identification. December 8, Qin Dongsheng night car arrived from Dongguan, Wuhan. The next day, the Provincial Public Security Bureau came news after DNA testing confirmed the biological parents of Qin Dongsheng Wu Maosheng, Shi Qun. It is reported that the next step the parties concerned trafficking Wujiu Bing's staff will be processed until investigated for their liability.

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but never had a disagreement with people. Sun Fang

's Hospital for brain surgery at Ren Qilin received hospital fight phone Xiaojin good bad, her back to the hospital as soon as possible to participate in the rescue. Municipal CPPCC immediately sent a car for the first time about the incident, Qi Lin returned to the hospital. The Qi Lin rushed to the surgical intensive care unit, the child's blood pressure continued to drop, increasing the amount of vasoactive drugs, still with little success. ICU medical staff tried different solutions, but the Xiaojin good still continued to deteriorate. 11:55, the children of cardiac arrest, the heart pressed half an hour later, rescue invalid. 12:25, the doctor announced the Xiao Jin Liang deaths. ICU duty medical personnel gather at the child's bedside, Chuishou standing, his last. Faced with the small body of the child gradually cooling, they cried. Xiaojin good mother, Sun Fang (sound) is allowed to enter the intensive care unit ward,モンクレール ダウン, she bought new clothes inside and outside, a car and a doll. Underwear, fleece Trousers, brand new jacket, her layers to the children wear, burst into tears. The two toy, hold the child's left and right arms. Burst into tears, she has been talking about: "Mom I'm sorry ...." Unfortunately, the disappearing Xiao Jin Liang could no longer feel this belated Mother Love. Li Hailong not child father Sun Fang rushed to the hospital at 9:00 on January 30th, in the intensive care room to see her husband Li Hailong,モンクレール アウトレット, he only told her the sentence, "Do you regret it Let you come back you do not come back The ... "22-year-old Sun Fang Gansu, her mother married the father of Li Hailong,moncler. Halfway couples with his son, the one with her daughter, and simply set a pro to two children. Sun Fang was then 15 years old. Sun Fang says she talk about premarital boyfriend did not want to marry the parents arranged Li Hailong. However, pressure from family,ugg ブーツ, they met a month after getting married. Married, Sun Fang With four months pregnant, her boyfriend's children, and Li Hailong know and a willingness to accept, Xiao Jin-liang is born this case. Can after marriage the Li Hailong been idle, even monthly child's milk money earned back. The couple often quarrel for this fight, wait until the birth of her daughter, the Sun Fang thoroughly disappointed. Month after the child, she went to Beijing to work. The couple arranged marriages,アグ, long-term tension "Although I go out to work,ugg ブーツ, but it was after parental consent, Li Hailong also promised to take care of their children." The Sun Fang said, to Beijing to work, she would like the idea of ​​breaking up and Li Hailong more and more intense. "We were married did not receive a certificate, there is no divorce,doudoune moncler, I again and again to the two of us, said Li Hailong, inappropriate, let him find, but he would not agree." During the more than two months in Beijing, the two by phone several times,ヴィトン, and every time a heated argument on the phone. Sun Fang Li Hailong once hitting the children call her, let her listen to the cry of the child, to coerce her back. He also had threatened the Sun Fang said, if she did not want to come back, he put Xiao Jin-liang to sell,burberry pas cher. "I thought he was just talking about it, I did not think he should have done such a thing." Sun Fang said that during the two live together, Li Hailong never played Xiao Jin-liang, and the performance is very like this child, "If it were not so, I would not be so assured their children to stay at home." desire to raise children adults no longer be able to call home to notify the child SUN Fang accident,abercrombie france, did not tell her what was going on. Just say that the child is sick, very sick, hospitalized in Zhengzhou. Until she returned to Zhengzhou, Li Hailong child labeled as such. The morning of January 30, Sun Fang to the hospital, the doctor has not agreed to her into the intensive care unit to visit the children, for fear she could not stand this stimulus. She really miss the children, I do not know what circumstances. Newspaper reporter interviewed outside the ICU Sun Fang, photographers will shoot the day before Xiao Jin-liang bed photo to her to see. See the tragic story of his son, Sun Fang tears suddenly flow out. "I hate him, he is in retaliation for me!" She cried, if the child would get better, she will never he left anyone. "I want to take the kids to go to Beijing,abercrombie, no matter what, we should also good raise adult children never leave his side." Unfortunately, Sun Fang desire to no longer be able to achieve. The family says can not imagine such a thing Li Hailong's father and stepmother happens back from work in a city in Jiangsu. Since to the hospital, the the Li Hailong father's tears are not done. "I also did not expect such a thing happens, the Dragon this child has been all kind of good." The Li Hailong Uncle Li Fengjun tearful children usually good, a very sensible, mouth sweet, met him couple The grandparents called, they are very fond of the little guy. The Li Hailong stepmother said initial daughter is the child on her here, and later she and her husband go out to Jiangsu to work, let the children followed Li Hailong over. "If he is usually not good for children,あぐ, we do not do." Said Li Fengjun, Li Hailong's character is very introverted, and usually very quiet, temper, although strange point, but never had a disagreement with people. Sun Fang, left, in order to feed the two children, he also often go out day laborers money to children to buy milk powder,モンクレール. "From which to see, can not think of such a thing will happen,アグ." The lawyer said is true but to consider the facts of the case the Li Hailong currently has Xinzheng police brought back the death penalty. Li Fengjun said Li Hailong at the hospital during the many times he expressed his contrition, "he said to bear all the responsibility, even to life Diming Henan Golden Sunshine Law Office, lawyer Gao Jian believes that this is a very a typical case, regardless of the individual or the society is a tragedy. If something is true, the child's father's behavior has violated the provisions of Article 232 of the Penal Code, intentional homicide, sentenced to death, but the investigation of this case need to go through the public security organs, courts only after conviction. This case also need to take into account various factors, for example, Li Hailong need to take care of two children, his wife has to work out, in the village, the villagers have to live with the gossip. Li Hailong also need to do a psychiatric evaluation to see whether they are all aspects of the impact of abnormal mental or psychological obstacles, these must be taken into account,UGG.

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000 yuan

Now you have it " And then issued a series of question marks,モンクレール ダウン. The other said to go back to Liuhe County ditch village friends to find a surrogate mother, a friend working in Changchun. After a child he acknowledged that, in fact, he said that he "friend" in the post is his wife. "I am 40 years old,michael kors outlet online, in good health, if the other party does not have a problem, the possibility of conception in a month at 40%, after the birth of a child taken away, I will be looking for nanny care each other to the full moon date bear the costs associated with surrogacy fee." The man said,louis vuitton outlet, "can sign a contract,mulberry sale, I provide heating floor live until the child was born, the normal nutritional meals I prepare, I am responsible for the cost of production seized by,mulberry outlet. determine pregnancy after the other free activities,moncler, postpartum pay Qing Dynasty pregnancy costs." the The man said,モンクレール, surrogacy costs 30,000 yuan, pregnancy, childbirth costs him to bear. Artificial insemination regular hospital in a very strict control, the man said,モンクレール アウトレット, check-ups when you can use the name of his wife,mulberry outlet uk, but the conception need unauthorized processing. Can use a disposable syringe in order to avoid sexual contact when artificial insemination, the preparatory work done by his late by his wife to help. It is understood that the hospital for the fertility requirements are very strict, after a series of special treatment, the whole process needs to aseptic technique, and the general success rate of around 20%. Surrogacy not protected by law this thing to find a surrogate, legal provisions Reporter consulted Jilin Yu human attorneys Wang Liming. He said, currently in our country,louis vuitton outlet online, there is no legislation in this area, the two sides signed surrogacy agreement without legal protection. Such as surrogate money and go back, also have the right to continue to raise their own children,abercrombie france. Wang lawyers said surrogate if not handled properly, will bring a lot of trouble for the future of life,louis vuitton outlet store, there will be problems in marriage,michael kors outlet store, inheritance, it is recommended that this idea must think twice. The police to potential candidates a word of advice, because the virtual network Beware deceived. Solicitation for his conduct is not protected by law,abercrombie, are also prone to both life and wealth.

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February 5

's going on Let's go take a look. The subtitles: February 2, 2010 in Suzhou City of Anhui Province the Sixian Su Xiangcun Commentary: This is the Su Xiangcun villagers Su Guihong home yard, gathered early in the morning suddenly a lot of people, like this is the first time. She is Sugui Hong, why her home gathered so many people Villagers: accident really, really surprised villagers: how can upset it commentary: the villagers because anything unexpected, because of why things happy it Sugui Hong: Race sister find you come back to CCTV. Hurry Commentary: the Su Guihong is to call the migrant workers husband Cheng Kar Bridge, she said tournament sister is 14 years ago, she lost her daughter. Zheng Xai: My sister is a pretty well-behaved girl neighbor: Her baby has not been stolen, all day long in our household play commentary: 14 years ago, lost daughter found, no wonder the village people Sugui Hong pleased. Su Guihong daughter race sister and how lost Sugui Hong says she'll never forget that day. After a thunderstorm in the evening of August 4, 1996, Su Guihong couple with a five-year-old son to the ground to do farm work, leaving her behind with a 3-year-old race sister. Neighbors: just that night just blackout, just under the rain blackout, thermal field outside all sleeping commentary: According to Su Guihong of a neighbor, about 9 o'clock in the evening to see the race sister asleep in the yard of the headboard . But, etc. Su Guihong them back but you can not find a match sister. Su Guihong: No, people the stole around looking neighbors: even we are looking for, we all went to the bus station to look for in the Nanjing Railway Station in Nanjing, a few days, everyone is looking for explanations: A 3-year-old girl so vapourized the tournament sister,あぐ, where is it Sixian public security department of the race sister lost the case on file for investigation. Zhao Juchang: We have done a lot of work, but there is no obvious clues, so the case has not been cracked said: Sugui Hong and her husband and did not give up hope,モンクレール アウトレット, the year the tournament sister lost, they have been to almost Su Xiangcun a radius of 100 km All the places to go. Su Guihong: 14 years, which, I do not know you a pleasant stay unpleasant, do not know is to suffer or enjoy life every day, miss you, your mum and dad in mind, it can not stand the tournament sister's grandmother: how they did not find the looked everywhere understand: Race sister, where is it 10 years Sugui Hong and her husband continue to work outside the home, saving money, once the money they go around looking for her daughter. Su Guihong: can not remember, how do you remember how much you spend. The family was poor and looking for children, no money to borrow ten years can not remember, anyway, also spent a lot of money. At that time only a few days on the Nanning spent twenty thousand dollars. Commentary: Su Guihong In addition to his son's living expenses and school fees the years, she and her husband earn almost all spent on looking for their daughter. Su Guihong: daughter, your mom and dad looking for you for 14 years, the flies nor pleasant commentary in these years: this Su Guihong home, and compared to the people in the village, the house was old and broken. Sugui Hong said,moncler, this house does not belong to them, which is working away from leaving the Big Brother. It turned out that the original loss of her daughter's almost let her insane, careless time cooking, burned out house at home. Zheng Xai: my mother crying at home, a message went to my sister grandmother: Grandma My goodness, I can not sad you people are the meat long, a person to collapse how can I not sad Commentary: Despite this, Su Guihong still insist to find her daughter,abercrombie france, she has been retained sister's account of the race,モンクレール, and hope that one day a miracle can occur, the daughter be able to return to their side. Commentary: One day in February 2008, Su Guihong suddenly heard a neighboring village a Hsu, they adopted a girl, especially as she lost years daughter race sister, that is her daughter Sugui Hong: I went to see, secretly school to see, you can not rush to go directly see, secretly Commentary: Su Guihong couple rushed to the police station to see the school,アグ, and hope that the police can help them to return to their own daughter, but the two sides do paternity testing After the results left them disappointed, this child is not their daughter race sister, they are what kind of mood Su Guihong: not louder, he said, the children seen who do not want to recognize dimand, I want to take home Commentary: But it is the paternity test, the Su Guihong couple DNA data is recorded in the DNA of the Ministry of Public Security database, it is also the DNA data entry before making February 2010 by the Ministry of Public Security DNA data blind to reality than to find her daughter race sister. Daughter found Sugui Hong was worried that her daughter would disown her mother do Also willing to return to the house Su Guihong: I have much ability to raise you how much capacity, fill this 14 years ... to go back with me,ルイヴィトン, I sell the Tian also for her school on to it on the go there, the major she try topsheet spend: Commentary : daughter lost 14 years now regained Sugui Hong: Race sister find you come back Commentary: Xicongtianxiang, they will make the choice of what Cheng Kar Bridge: I'm going to let her come back with me Commentary: separation of 14 years, she will recognize each birth parents Sugui Hong recognize female is continuing. Subtitle: February 2010 at 10 o'clock in Suzhou City of Anhui Province Sixian the Su Xiangcun Sugui Hong Commentary: Cheng Kar Bridge, Su Guihong husband learned daughter race sister find message that night from the field back to the home. Cheng Kar Bridge: After receiving the call, tears pops, for 14 years, I did not expect to find the explanation: Sugui Hong and her husband that night decided the next day went to Zhejiang Zhoushan recognition daughter,abercrombie, neighbors recommended to take some people to They think that the way to ensure that the child is brought back. Scene (Su Guihong): go to my cousin went, went home, how to do it Guihong: Do not worry about, is much more to go with two explanations: Anhui Province the Sixian distance Zhoushan to more than 1000 km, the distance , Su Guihong a bit worried,モンクレール ダウン, the daughter now flies what, know what they want to do, will recognize them Cheng Kar Bridge: We do too think she's the scene: Sunrise, the villagers see off-site: the firecrackers site (villagers): I hope you brought back her commentary: early in the morning of February 3, 2010, Su Guihong an in Anhui Province public security departments accompanied visit Zhoushan to recognize daughter, prior to departure, the villagers have to come off, suddenly Su Guihong was kneeling on the ground. Sugui Hong: I thank the Government subtitles: February 3, 2010 at 9 o'clock in the evening, after 13 hours, Su Guihong a rushed Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. Su Guihong: Look at her, I want her back, she was good or bad, to enjoy life suffer, I do not see 14 years to understand: Su Guihong wanted to see her daughter for the first time. Zhao Juchang: In accordance with the requirements of the anti-trafficking work, should be unconditionally victims Zheng race sister rescued the return home Tang Kezhang: the side of the adoptive father and grandmother has custody of her for so many years, has been very deep feelings, all of a sudden to separate them into the embrace of the birth parents, and this may take some time, do not force the child slowly, respect the wishes of the child. Commentary: Race sister has left Anhui 14 years, police worried about her impression of the birth parents Sugui Hong Cheng Kar bridge does not, the police decided to advance to the tournament sister at home and look at her thoughts. Subtitle: February 4, 2010 at noon Commentary: Sugui Hong couples DNA data by the Ministry of Public Security DNA database blind Bizet than the pair, then the original tournament sister's DNA data is how to be entered into the Ministry of Public Security of the DNA database Qianjiang (director of the police station): Our police station and township family planning, all adoptions in the area, the adopted child Paimo, registration, and later extracted the blood samples of these children, the original (Isaiah sister) she also within the scope of our Paimo Commentary: In the past 14 years, the tournament sister how was it She can still remember the father, mother Reporters and local police officers came to the the township race sister's house. Neighbors: her childhood hold to, it seems to take a neighbor bought thousands of dollars: she and my daughter is very good, grew up together, she is very smart commentary: in Changbai Township shore sand village 49, the reporter saw race sister, her name is now Fufei Bo has been in junior high school third grade. The over 70-year-old grandmother and has been single adoptive home, three people had each other. Reporter: she bad for Hello Grandma: good the two enthusiasts reporter: she usually temper so big Grandma: good-natured Reporter: Learning Well Grandma: or enthusiasts Reporter: your parents Fufei Bo : no impact Reporter: So, you've lived here many years Fufei Bo: a long time to understand that: Fufei Bo will not be able to think of my mother see Su Guihong photos Come up with a photo shoot in Anhui, the reporters deliberately open Sugui Hong photos to show her. Then face the night and day want her mother, Fu Feibo, whether the will think of what it Fu Feibo: impression Commentary: Fufei Bo Su Guihong photographs does not take too much notice to the contrary, she was very pleased that the aunt and cousin to see her, you want the reporter to the whole family to take a photo, but this time she did not know her birth parents came to Zhoushan, and are looking forward to meet her,burberry pas cher. Moderator: their daughter suddenly was stolen and never heard from again, Su Guihong couple of the more sad ah. Sugui Hong told our reporter, her white hair long been anxious not dye like a lady, and her husband to find her daughter during working in a quarry, due to missing daughter, careless hill roll The falling boulders injured left leg, left its mark. Now, through the Ministry of Public Security of the DNA database, they finally found her daughter. But they also worried that her daughter would not recognize them, things will be how to develop it Trailers: Live: Sugui Hong kneel Commentary: how the bitterness behind cried her heart in the end carrying Su Guihong: I did not put you to someone else, you are someone stole the commentary: 14 years of parting, if she can accept to travel long distances to come to recognize the pro whose biological parents Race sister: site huff Commentary: Can also across the gulf of affection Closed mind how to open Trafficking behind, in the end what brought them sores Sugui Hong recognize female is continuing,UGG. Scene: already arranged, tomorrow it'll take you to meet Commentary: went to see her tomorrow, Sugui Hong decided to go to the clothes shop look, she said 14 years, her daughter has never worn one to buy clothes. After more than two hours of selection, Sugui Hong for her daughter finally pick a red jacket, took her 300 yuan. Reporter: clothes how to Sugui Hong: Yes, I think she would like it, I do not know her like it or not, I wear her explanation: February 5, 2010, accompanied by police, Su Guihong a three to Zhoushan City The Changbai Township to recognize the pro,ヴィトン 財布. At the same time, the security personnel long Baixiang Gong Fu Feibo one go to the meeting room of the township government. Go in less than 10 minutes, however Fufei Bo and her grandmother was crying out. Scene: ...... Reporter: Just how the you come back Grandma: They should fly wave away, go to Anhui Reporter: You do not want to let her go to my grandma: I do not want to let her go Commentary: worry about the birth parents will Fufei Bo away, my grandmother decided not to allow them to meet, then Fu Feibo how you think of it She went to where Scene: Grandma find Fufei Bo Commentary: Grandma can find places searched Fufei Bo still did not find her gone in the end it Is not she not want to see his or her biological parents Su Guihong couple learned that the daughter angry to find not seen, had to backtrack to the Changbai Township ship. Su Guihong: I did not put you to the people of the people you stole, you have to remember my commentary: Su Guihong do not know Why hide the daughter from 14 years ago her daughter missing to the present, she can think about is all the time with daughter. Even today, Zhoushan, but can not meet and daughter. Sugui Hong: daughter mother miss you,ヴィトン, and immediately wanted to see you, you know that your mother is in the end what mood Miss you very, very, grandmother outside her grandmother grandfather all miss you commentary: Fufei Bo did not want to see Su Guihong the what to do it The next day reporters and Anhui Province public security officers came again, accompanied by the local police with house of Fu Feibo, persuasion, her adoptive father and grandmother Fu Feibo and Su Guihong couple finally agreed to meet. Adoptive father Fufei Bo: Well, I am glad that her parents if Fu Feibo aunt: pleased pleased, still a little worried about her parents of course pleased, she grew up to raise such a large we not easy to reporters: You should be glad you finally know who your biological parents, you should be happy, this is a good thing Fufei Bo: hit a mine like a sunny day, I am also very sad Reporter: If your parents to a want you back, you want to go back Fufei Bo: Do ​​not go back to the commentary: February 7, 2010, after 14 years of waiting, Su Guihong finally able to see her daughter. However, When Su Guihong a time came to pay home, but found that her daughter is not at home,ugg ブーツ, do the daughter not imagine they do Flying wave of Grandma said to fly waves are supposed to meet Su Guihong they may go to another road. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, Fu Feibo back home. Scene: meet the scene: I really like, 14 years, my daughter Commentary: Sugui Hong got his wish to see the daughter, we found at the scene of such a detail, despite Fufei Bo made known to the biological parents and brother, but she and her grandmother sit together. , Respectively, for 14 years, mother had intimate cotton jacket is the apple of someone's home. Site: Sugui Hong cry commentary: watching her daughter to ignore their own, Su Guihong hid in the yard under the wall once again began to cry, we found that the Although Fu Feibo desiring mother, but she has been looking for her grandmother. Commentary: in Fu Feibo, go to the wall underneath to persuade her mother, her grandmother suddenly do not speak. Scene: Do not worry, the fly waves will not leave you ... Commentary: to pay family prepare sumptuous meals a Sugui Hong, today two miles apart families sitting together, eating a reunion dinner. Fufei Bo: I still want to live here Sugui Hong: I am pleased to drip tears, the child is all right for you, good, very good explanation: 14 years ago, was stolen from her daughter and daughter reunited today Sugui Hong's face finally With a smile. Regardless of race sister, or adoption pay the family of the tournament sister, or struggling to find a race Su Guihong a sister, 14 years, all this has left a deep imprint in their lives. But the whole thing is far from the end of the race sister is how trafficked from Anhui Sixian Zhejiang Zhoushan Who had the traffickers stole the race sister Race sister eventually will return to the biological parents All this also takes time to verify. CHEN Shi Qu: children, women trafficking crime, harm very serious damage, not only to the mind and body of the abducted children and women, has brought endless suffering to his relatives, but also cause social disharmony factors. Public security organs in the attitude of this piece is very clear, to crack down on all traffickers must be brought to justice, regardless of what he went. Subtitle 1: At present, the public security department of Anhui Province Sixian trafficking Zheng race sister case is cracked. Subtitle 2: Since the Ministry of Public Security to establish a DNA database, the National has to find their loved ones than 365 people through DNA data. Moderator: daughter race sister had not been stolen by the traffickers, Su Guihong couple would not be suffering from loss of the the female pain of torture in the past 14 years; adoption tournament sister If you had to pay the family, then pay the family will not worry separation from loved ones. Two family could have a happy life, but there is trafficking of children traffickers become unfortunate. Here, we remind the rural people, to raise awareness of prevention, not an opportunity to traffickers.

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so that the right rhythmic deception when

's phone has been busy. During anxiously Wang phoned bombarded with the surgery, that would endanger the child's life if you do not hurry up to send money,グッチ 財布. Eager to save the woman's Ran, Ms,ルイヴィトン バッグ. Wang's identity at this time has no longer any doubt, she hurried to the bank account to the other exchange 30,000 yuan. However, Ms. Ran money out dial Wang Tel, Wang phone already shut down,マーキュリアル. She hurried to play the daughter of telephone,モンクレール ダウン, daughter of telephone communication, the daughter did not phone confirmed illness. Ms,ヴィトン. Ran was found out to be fooled, and hurried to the local public security authorities reported the matter. Cracked: liar six months succeeded six times incident,バーバリー, the the Youyang police investigation found Wang call location Lichuan, withdrawals location in the city of Fengdu County. After nearly six months of efforts, the police initially identified Fengdu Yang,エアジョーダン, Dongmou three people suspected of committing the crime, and to be informed Yang,ルイヴィトン, who plan to committing the crime again in Lichuan,abercrombie, the Youyang Police immediately deploy arrests. March 19, Chongqing and Hubei Police teamed suspects Yang and other three people arrested in Icheon. Police identify, Yang and others posing as a school teacher, a tearful call to parents, lied to students seriously ill hospitalized elective surgery fee, lie to parents remittance succeeded 6, six months, defrauding an amount of 10 million yuan. Learned,グッチ バッグ, the case is still ferret, Yang and other 3 day before XingJu. Reminder: Beware of job information is the use of police handling the case said, the reason why the gang again succeeded, one of the most important thing is to master the student victims family information, so that the right rhythmic deception when, while the liar understanding of these situations ,モンクレール, causing parents to relax vigilance, which fooled. It is understood that Yang and others before committing the crime, usually start with some job sites to download some college students' personal information,doudoune moncler, then fake school enrollment management, to improve the student information or help students job name, taking students detailed family information, and then the implementation of fraud posing as school teachers. According to the Municipal Public Security Bureau survey, some members of the public in the online job search, education,バーバリー コート, and disclosure of personal information in the marriage and lead to unscrupulous elements, cases have occurred,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー. Police remind the public, try not to leave their private information on the site, try not to leave a copy of ID to others, did not verify the identity of the other cases, not to strangers remittances.

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the assailants did not escape

's friends, instead drew out his sword, and 4 Liantong each other, the conflict eventually led to one death and three injuries tragedy. Police station the knife attack suspects Liu Yong was immediately who heard uniforms and brought to justice. Eyewitness emotional man stabbing tragedy occurred in Kunming airport terminal Yunnan Lucky Air Co., Ltd. (lucky air co, ltd., Referred to as the "Lucky Air) counter. Witnessed the trouble the whole process of airport ground staff is ready to come home from work, he suddenly heard coming from the Lucky Airlines counter the intense noise about 22:20 that evening, Mr. Ding said, and subsequently found to be a male youth travelers quarrel with several other travelers. Small quarrel scene chaotic. That was very emotional young man readily forth to meet each other to come up with a white blades on burst Luantong, on the spot, there are 2 men and 1 woman fell to the ground. A woman approached and tried to mediate, the abdomen was kicked kick. Public Airport for personnel alarm, the assailants did not escape, but it is extremely irritable. Finally, four police with his uniform away from the scene. Another brother 22:20 that night, he heard a brawl in the hall at Kunming airport lane waiting for customers, Meaning too, he did not wait for him to pull a trip guests to Ssangyong bridge, and then back to the airport more than 10 minutes, but was surprised to find medical staff to two injured and brought to the ambulance carried away from the hall. The four injured people to rescue the invalid died 11 o'clock yesterday, the reporter found in a ward of the Provincial Hospitals General Surgery, 5th Floor, Li Hua, she was the assassination of the lightest one of four people injured. When she was lying in bed infusion pain due to abdominal wound, his forehead still take Weihan, the bedside a pair of stained blood stains on the shoes. Lee Flowers said that before the incident, she and her boyfriend Eric Ngai send the its cousin HONGKONG to the airport to take the flight to Xishuangbanna, the original intention to bid farewell to the cousin went home, does not think such a thing will happen at the airport,ugg ブーツ. Asked about the incident, the situation at the time, she said, the result of a sudden, she was not yet figuring out what was stabbed abdomen until now did not find out in the end occurs how one thing,ヴィトン. Asked Lee to spend other people's injuries, she cried and told reporters: "cousin and another man called Guo Guoping injury heaviest, I would like to know they are how to." 11:10 Li Hua received a phone call, the mood became very excited, tears Raining flow out. To their mother,burberry pas cher, she immediately hit a telephone, sobbed and said: "Mom ... sister ...... sister dying, you come ...... Come and take me to see my sister "then broke down and cried, weeping, begging around the nurse pushed her to visit her cousin,あぐ. The doctor said that the knife wounds to her abdomen, the uneventfully now,ルイヴィトン, but not been a big psychological boost. The 4th floor of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery ward Niwei An geostationary Banwo in bed, very weakness, shortness of breath, because the left chest and multiple visceral stab wounds, only leans on the rising half of the bed. Takes good care of his mother in the side of his face anxious and helpless. Ni mother told reporters that the time of the incident, she and her husband are dinner, suddenly received a phone call saying that its sub accident and a few other people, she hastened to put down their chopsticks rushed to the hospital, and then learned that his son stabbed at the airport . How "I can not imagine that they will have trouble, still alive and well out of time, and now it has become like this." Dr Zhang Rui, Ni Wei left chest stab wounds are very serious, leading to liver, spleen Various Ni mother said: being stable condition after injury, repair surgery, but not yet out of danger. Reporters learned that the other two injured (Wang, Guo) still in intensive care room, immediately rushed to the 3rd floor of the intensive care ward, a nurse told reporters heavy WANG Wen-yan rescue invalid, died at 11:22 the Guo Guoping heart is pierced, do a repair surgery, cardiac tamponade, suture, the abdominal cavity from injuries, has not yet out of danger,モンクレール ダウン. It is understood that any units yet to come forward with the aftermath, was stabbed three people medical expenses by the hospital temporarily advance. Airlines: the murder has nothing to do with the company at noon yesterday, the reporter went to the murders airport departure hall,doudoune moncler, found Lucky airline counter before do not see any bloodshed acting, the company's staff to handle the day-to-day business as usual. Asked the night before and what happens, the company's staff have said that the night before the work of the staff are still rest, they just heard the counter and out of trouble, but I do not know the specific details,abercrombie france. The reporter then find Lucky is located in Kunming Huancheng West Airlines, the company is a responsible reception media staff said that only one staff person to work that night, by the strong shock after the incident, the staff Now home to rest. According to the master of the company, when, after a woman called HONGKONG passenger missed the flight requirements Gaiqian, and a dispute with the company's staff. Just then, another passenger named Liu Yong approached asked to sell him tickets, HONGKONG his dispute with the staff working with the company during a quarrel. Liu Yong and HONGKONG quarrel quickly escalated into shoving and fighting, As for Liu Yong is how stabbed HONGKONG and other people, they do not know. "There is one thing for sure, our staff it does not matter. Happened between the passengers and the staff of our company, our company certainly was injured!" The staff is very safe to say that. Suspects have XingJu yesterday afternoon,moncler, the the Yunnan Public Information Office of the media published the the case preliminary findings: at 22:07 on the 9th Xu, female travelers HONGKONG and see off a friend (2 males and 1 female),abercrombie, in Kunming Airport Terminal 2 domestic departure hall Lucky Airlines ticket counter (this counter for Lucky Airlines contracted to use in the text at the ticket agency), due to the the HONGKONG late airport missed the plane, and Lucky Airlines ticket counter dispute due to wrong machine Gaiqian and other problems within the staff. About 22:15 Xu,アグ, a man from Sichuan Liu Yong and Miao to Lucky airline counter to buy a ticket back to Chongqing,ヴィトン 財布. HONGKONG and other requests to resolve ticket rebooking things, Liu Yong is asked to handle ticketing matters, the two sides dispute, pushing and shoving and fighting. The Yong was toppled by HONGKONG friends from the carry bag, took out a blade about 8 cm silver jump stabbed the HONGKONG their three friends. Abnormality was found, police immediately rushed to the scene subdued knife Yong, who have been injured in a timely manner. After preliminary investigations, the parties the day of the dinner had a history of drinking,モンクレール. 22:35 that night four injured were rushed to the Third People's Hospital of Yunnan Province, rescue. HONGKONG at 11:22 on February 10 after the rescue died; another male injured by the rupture of the left pericardium,モンクレール アウトレット, lung laceration, diaphragmatic penetrating injury, stomach penetrating injury, yet out of danger. At present, the suspect Liu Yong has been police criminal detention. After interrogation, Liu Yong armed with a knife stabbed four people confessed to the crime, and to identify the scene of the crime and the tools of crime. The case is being processed. The reporter Chao Chuan lights Zhao Wen / Chart

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in the early hours of December 23

Justice Network, Fujian, January 26 (correspondent Chen Zhimin Zhang) because of gambling debts owed, Sanming City, two men went Shunchang robbing murder by premeditation and cruelty mutilated bodies thrown into the river,バーバリー コート. January 25,abercrombie, the suspect Wang Moubo,グッチ バッグ, Qumou Ming by public security organs to Shunchang County, Fujian Province Procuratorate for examination and arrest,ナイキ ジョーダン. Aged 43 of Wang Moubo and 48-year-old the Qu Mouming two notorious where Wang Moubo because of the crime of theft, intentional injury sin four times between 1983-2008 by the court sentenced to a total sentence of 19 years. Qumou Ming also found guilty of Theft twice Court twice sentenced to a total sentence of 16 years. 2010 Qumou Ming in Sanming gambling lost a lot of money, owes a lot of gambling debts and usury,abercrombie france, frequently dun,マーキュリアル. In December of that year, Qu Mouming find the same constraints on hand Wangmou Bo the single woman discuss to find different places to start with, Tucaihaiming. On December 11 in Qu Mouming, Wang Moubo, carrying a stun gun sneaked Shunchang County,エアジョーダン, two nine-story county Sungai street a building rented a room,バーバリー 財布. They bought an ax,doudoune moncler, cutter,モンクレール ダウン, knife, elastic bands and other tools of crime, a sauna City on December 22, the foreman Chen lured to the room,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, tied her and robbed of their personal belongings, and pressed out the banks card password by Wang Moubo, overnight sitting train to the town of Yanping to boat one million four hundred yuan in bank card on the ATM machine removed. The returns when Wangmou Bo with Qu Mouming, in the early hours of December 23, Chen strangled silenced. Subsequently, both Chen corpse chopped into prepared beforehand plastic bags,モンクレール, put them in two traveling bags, starlight thrown into the river. Year on the 28th,ヴィトン, the 30th,グッチ, Wang Moubo Qumou Ming has been Shunchang County Public Security Bureau arrested.

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Zhanghui Wu

'clock, the Secretariat of a in Xingtai City Xingdong market with Zhang dispute twin cousin Xiaopeng Zhang immediately called to come and help with the boats (a pseudonym), secretary of a rushed out westward to flee in a flower brick factory, Zhang and a few people surrounded secret, grab the secret of a Xiaopeng, secret a wrestled to the brick stack,モンクレール, Zhang then up holding the brick toward the secret of a the head smashing hit twice. Related parties are brought to the police station on the way, the secret of a vomiting than was rushed to hospital, and upon inspection, the secretary of a skull fracture, a large area of ​​the brain epidural hematoma. After forensic identification secret a Department seriously. After the event, Zhang was sentenced to eight years in prison. ■ A year later happened in March 2009, the local public security organ surprise visit Xiaopeng home, "public security, the injured party has sued two children responsibility must be held March 12 in Xingtai City, east Procuratorate will Xiaopeng and Feifei prosecution to the the Qiaodong court. Xiaopeng's father,UGG, Liu Dongxi said, he is the former town of Xingtai Development Zone, Wang the Jinci village, usually against the side of the road the night market set up stalls to earn a living, two twin sons just junior high school drop-out at home. April 14, Xiaopeng escorted to Xingtai City Detention Center. ■ 9 days in the detention center from 14 to 23, only Xiaopeng can say Qing own experience in the end what,ugg ブーツ. "I divided prison cells in Xingtai City Detention Center No. 107, 17 eight people, there are a lot of adults, some looting, some kill from the first day, I was beaten every day, being punched and kicked." Xiaopeng recalled, "with a weight of over 100 kilograms,あぐ, my left foot to take off their shoes,doudoune moncler, then, he constantly bounced my feet quickly,モンクレール アウトレット, feet swollen horrendous ..." there are people with stapler set my finger, left hand five fingers are set too ...... "Wang Jianjun Xiaopeng attorney,ヴィトン 財布, told reporters yesterday, he described the feeling after the first time I saw the 23rd Xiaopeng was shocked I never see my parties so painful! "Wang Jianjun then hope that the detention center be able to protect the legitimate rights and interests of their own parties, and later, Xiaopeng ordeal eased,ヴィトン. April 29, Qiaodong Court issued criminal incidental civil mediation, which refers to the voluntary agreement between the parties, Xiaopeng, boats victims of one-time compensation of 40,000 yuan of economic losses. April 30, Xiaopeng out from the detention center. Reporters to see him on the 5th finger scar vivid in my mind, the spirit is often trance. ■ "being negotiated settlement" after the fact,abercrombie france, Liu Dongxi decided to pick up the legal weapons activist, he thinks, "Xiaopeng minor, suffered so serious bodily injury, but also to his young mind caused great harm, because the psychological fear of leaving significant complications, Xiaopeng spirit trance, limb weakness,louboutin pas cher, often in a frightened state, the need for further treatment and recovery. "he proposed more than 50 million of the amount of compensation. "Does someone set his fingers with the stapler, but the premise is Xiaopeng not comply with prison rules,burberry pas cher, he often curse curse talent punish him." Yesterday morning,louboutin, the first detention center person in charge told reporters on the phone, the detention center was informed the situation, immediately the investigation, has been in custody perpetrators wear shackles and handcuffs, strict management, to stop its month to go shopping. And ordered the prisoners to Xiaopeng apology. As for the source of the stapler, the official said, prisoners who do wreaths. As for why minors and adults, the person in charge explained, 107 belonging to minors, is easy to manage and arrange to go take care of several elderly,ルイヴィトン. "The person in charge at the same time mentioned from injury see, "he (Xiaopeng) injury constituted Sometimes, but we are actively negotiated settlement,abercrombie." (newspaper reporter in Xingtai: Zhanghui Wu)

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what day to see the disease

's Court recently handed down on the case, the decree of the village health room compensation the Old Wu for medical expenses, disability compensation and other costs 57 million yuan, which contains the spirit of solatium 30,000 yuan. The reporter was informed that, at present, the defendant village health has filed an appeal. Disaster from Toothache exactly pull Which tooth toothache has been plagued by the Old Wu good for a long time, dull, pain,モンクレール, and meditate,ルイヴィトン バッグ, Old Wu decided to go to dental extraction,burberry pas cher. To the village health clinic, doctor Zhang Old Wu oral check, wrote in the medical records: lower left seventh tooth caries the line tooth extraction, Old Wu are then skillfully helped to uproot the bad teeth,abercrombie. As everyone had expected, after a few days after the the Old Wu extraction wound Department has not been able to heal the pain increased rather than decreased the Old Wu facial swollen Lao Gao, what happened next was bizarre. One afternoon, Old Wu suddenly behave abnormally, convulsions, high fever, confusion ...... unknown to the family quickly sent to the Old Wu Hospital, his condition had stabilized after a series of treatments, but after LaoWu like the change of a person, his eyes dull, trance, often irrelevant answers, even his family did not know. A good lesson in how people become so fuchsia The family is very puzzling,グッチ 財布, with Old Wu was removed treatment in major hospitals, the final diagnosis LaoWu suffering from epilepsy. Think of themselves to the village clinic a few days after tooth extraction illness likely tooth cause of epilepsy, Old Wu as the plaintiff wife as the legal representative of the village health divisions on the court. Old Wu claimed that: he is to the lower left the fourth tooth pain tooth extraction, not only wound after tooth extraction no good, also suffering from epilepsy, after identification, the the mouth lower left sixth teeth seventh teeth were gone,モンクレール アウトレット, The fourth tooth still in the obviously pulled out the wrong tooth, and called for compensation for medical expenses, disability compensation, a total of 95 million of the loss of the loss of fees,moncler. Village health argues: The doctors pull LaoWu sixth tooth, written in the sixth tooth seventh tooth is a clerical error,abercrombie france, there is no medical mistakes,ヴィトン, requirements dismissed the plaintiff's claim. After identification: the lower left of the Old Wu mouth seventh teeth that are long gone,ルイヴィトン, and the sixth tooth in the village clinic is unplugged. In other words, Old Wu claiming pain requires pulling the the mouth lower left teeth the defendant doctors wrote in the medical record is the seventh teeth to pull the lower left, and the final was missing but his mouth lower left sixth tooth,バーバリー コート. Even more interesting is the the Old Wu complains own extraction time is January 19, 2010, issued by the village health medical records show the time as compared to December 30, 2009. Old Wu and his family, Old Wu never be December 30 tooth, because relatives died that day, he went to attend the funeral to help people at the same table to eat together can testify. The village health holding outpatient records prove that health room no business on January 19, the Old Wu could not be the day to see the doctor,ナイキ ジョーダン. Court judgment the defendant compensation LaoWu of loss of a total of 57 million in view of both the plaintiff to the defendant at the tooth to the fact that there is no objection, what day to see the disease, there is no impact on the court hearing. Its fault exists in the treatment process, the defendant constitute medical malpractice "matters for appraisal, the court has commissioned two verification organization, but were returned. Accreditation bodies that the authenticity of the medical records can not be identified, the judicial appraisal should be identified as an objective fact based on the time the plaintiff the defendant at the clinic after the fact, the lack of the primitive medical information as the basis of the medical damage identification no conclusive evidence,モンクレール ダウン, so matter of the application by the defendant could not be determined. Medical institutions bear the burden of proof to the Court pursuant to the judgment against village health. The Court concluded that the defendant as the professional medical institutions, obvious errors in the information in their medical record only slip of the pen on the grounds, the explanation does not have reasonable and convincing, the defendant should bear the corresponding adverse consequences of litigation resulting. Behavior and the damage of the medical act is due to defective medical records provided by the defendant caused the existence of the fault, the fault of the medical consequences of controversial matters such as whether the causal relationship can not be identified, the defendant can not prove that there is no medical fault, should not bear the burden of proof of the legal consequences of the defendant assume full responsibility for the response to the plaintiff's damage. Therefore, the judgment of the defendant compensation LaoWu medical expenses, loss of fees of the loss of a total of 57 million yuan,バーバリー 財布. The reporter was informed, before the the defendant village health has filed an appeal. (End)

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his tone has eased a lot. At this time

'm a few years older than you, usually you seen my also shouts brother. Barang such tone thing." Li Jianhua still with him "take the white." The man glanced towards him, and did not say anything. Li Jianhua, took the opportunity to Yuxi smoke out of touch, and then squat on the ground, gently across the lit cigarette, looked up at the man, "Brothers, to one thing, Yuxi Oh " ​​"Do not,ナイキ ジョーダン!" Tough man refused. Scattered smoke delivery water temperature emotional suspects Jianhua did not mind, throw the cigarettes in the past, as long as the man picking up a cigarette, the attention of a dispersed, he pounced. But the man is still with his left hand tightly hooped woman, the right hand of the knife still in her neck on the frame. The outdoor bit hot, see men head oozing sweat, Li Jianhua, had an idea, called the police bought a few bottles of mineral water,ヴィトン. Mineral water, Li Jianhua asked,グッチ バッグ, "Brothers, drink plenty of water " Similarly, the answer is "do not drink". Li Jianhua will remain water lost in the past, rolled about two meters away from him. The man looked at did not move. Subsequently, the man strapped to the hostage rises slowly moved over the water warily picked up,abercrombie france. Although he open a mineral water with his right hand, but on his left hand holding a knife in the victim's neck. The man drank a small bottle of water. At this time, Li Jianhua speak,abercrombie, "Brothers, for lunch, I buy lunch to eat you." "Do not,モンクレール ダウン!" The man said, his tone has eased a lot. At this time, Yang Xuefeng scrambled up, and the man was accosted, "Your wisdom can not figure out,doudoune moncler, say it Well." The man began to talk about his past sitting 10 years in prison in Guangdong, also talked about the ex-convict feelings life. He said,バーバリー コート, originally thought to be able to live a happy life. But the hostages,ルイヴィトン, his girlfriend, have to clamor to break up with their own. Confirmed the hostages and suspects is the relationship between male and female friends, Yang Xuefeng added: "You're still playing a friend, is a little contradiction trouble,モンクレール アウトレット, why mess such thing." Persuade more than half an hour later, the man gradually relax their vigilance, frame hostages neck knife, push to the shoulder. Your girlfriend did not drink water for dinner, let her come over it. "Man sigh a sigh of relief, a loose knife, the woman ran toward the police security danger. The next several police immediately rushed forward, the suspects uniforms. Suspect because of a robbery to 10 years' imprisonment hostage tour checked, the neck is scratched, non-life-threatening. According to preliminary investigation, the suspect Jiangmou 37-year-old was sentenced to 10 years, but had robbery,moncler, hostage-taking incident was due to Jiangmou with a tour emotional conflicts caused. In August 2010, Jiangmou swim a meet, and the two quickly developed into a relationship. The got along two quarreling among themselves,burberry pas cher, swim a break off several times to Jiangmou unsuccessful. During the Spring Festival this year, the tour of a once again to break off, and claims to have been making new boyfriend. Jiangmou see feelings irreparable, then ask for 1 million breakup fee. In February this year, the tour of a $ 5,マーキュリアル,000 to pay Jiangmou. In the afternoon of the 19th, Jiangmou drink several calls to find amusement in a 5000 yuan, would like to break-up fee,グッチ 財布. Tour of a missed several calls, Jiangmou find a tour often play mahjong mahjong, with a fruit knife hijacked. At present, the case is still under investigation. Chongqing Morning News reporter Li Lan

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and two Tushen

's cousin to a also came to the hotel to go to work, they feel have enough money on hand to spend, negotiate "to engage in money. On the afternoon of March 30, Lee and tools of crime to a Silver Fir Road, "a new good supermarket to buy a fruit knife,バーバリー 財布. That night, the two wandering around in the azaleas Road area, ready to rob money from others, but have not met the right object,エアジョーダン, did not succeed. Then, the two produced the idea of ​​money and goods to shoplifting. That night, the store only Tangmou (Female, 42 years old, the Xiangyin people) one vigil. Hotel door lock, they entered the shop over the wall awakened sleep Tangmou. Tangmou get up to see, and the two wrestled and shouted "help". Lee and a threat of fragmentation will be armed with a knife, the bricks, stools and other weapons to combat Tangmou, instantly killing. Cabinet pry open the store's cash register,モンクレール, Theft of more than 1,000 yuan in cash. For the transfer of the investigation sight, the suspect Lee with fondue fuel alcohol ignited the warehouse and deceased bedroom. Wang Yue police station immediately rushed to the scene after committing the crime before they bought two fruit knife to the alarm, and firefighters put the fire out. Yuelu Branch of duty leading Luo Hui, deputy director of the scene, initial investigations to determine the Tangmou had not died in a fire, but was killed. Changsha Public Security Bureau Lijie De, Deputy Secretary for European interests Branch case attaches great importance to indicate Yuelu Branch to rapidly organize forces cracked the case,バーバリー. Subsequently,abercrombie, Yuelu branch established the "3.30" murder crematorium case task force, in command by the Branch Secretary Chen Dingjia Long Wen Jin, deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit,ヴィトン, the Bureau deputy director Liu Yibin specifically responsible. After the incident, the police of the hotel staff investigation, Lee and to a major crime suspects. Lee and lied to a night of the murder they first Guanshaling a karaoke singing, after the supermarket to buy daily necessities to the Silver Fir Road "good", after eating supper back to the scene learned incidence,グッチ バッグ. But police found surveillance video the night of the murder of two young men wandering around in the field, looks, figure, dressed with Lee and to a very similar,abercrombie france. In addition, the ad hoc police and obtain a new good supermarket surveillance video, found Lee to two shopping day of the incident about 2:00 pm in the shop,グッチ. And the shopping list, they bought two fruit knife and two pairs of rubber gloves. Shop staff quarters of the ad hoc police the ripple liter Inn hotel in the afternoon of April 2, found Lee,バーバリー コート, one, and two Tushen, they confessed to the facts of the crime of robbery to killing Tangmou and burned his body to cover his tracks. Arson, also back to the crime scene onlookers suspect Lee claiming After the attack, he jumped from the slope of the hotel, go right over two hundred meters, and other fire after a few minutes, the crowd returned to the scene. "I wanted to determine whether the person has died. Conversation,moncler, Lee from time to time, revealing little" smart ",モンクレール アウトレット," arson are afraid of leaving evidence "," I did not run away after the attack,burberry pas cher, is afraid to take the police suspect first. "Zhong Chen Jieshao According to the police task force, the survey found that the suspect Lee of income is not high, but the level of consumption is not general," to three or four hundred meters to have to play. "At present, the suspect Lee, to a XingJu,マーキュリアル, the case is under further interrogation ferret. The source: Red Net Author: Liu Zhijie Tan Yu Huang

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