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the eldest daughter

's wedding site,abercrombie france, the eldest daughter of the couple a bottle of urine spilled onto himself, then sued to court require eldest daughter, Mr. Han, and son-in-law of Zhang compensation mental solatium total of 10 million to the plaintiff,doudoune moncler femme, Ms. Han apology. The Haidian Court Dongsheng court has accepted the case,adizero f50 pas cher. Ms,air jordan femme. Han alleged that the October 15, 2011, invited to participate in the wedding of the youngest daughter,doudoune moncler pas cher. The camera when the photo in the wedding scene, suddenly, the eldest daughter, Mr. Han and the son-in-law Zhang broke into the wedding scene, and premeditated a good bottle of urine splashed to his head, face and body. The eldest daughter, Mr. Han side splash urine while yelling: you drink urine,moncler! Ms,abercrombie. Han was shocked, nothing happens,louboutin. After the commotion, the eldest daughter of Mr. Han toward the great son Zhang had prepared the car,doudoune moncler femme, the two men quickly left the scene. Ms,abercrombie france. Han believes that the citizens enjoy the right of reputation, personal dignity of citizens are protected by law, prohibit insult, libel or other damage the reputation of the citizens. The eldest daughter, Mr. Han and the son-in-law of Zhang's behavior in front of their own by insult and violation of human dignity, and suffer from a major mental damage,abercrombie, and the direct consequences of the damage with Mr. Han and Zhang splashed urine acts causality. Therefore, Mr,chaussure de foot pas cher. Han and Zhang should bear the corresponding liability to its own apology. J178</p>


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and indeed a number 134XXXXXXXX phone through words

's wife Wang Li. According to the masses, the life style of Wang Li problem, Lin Tao (a pseudonym) and look at the door in a unit for a long time to maintain the improper relationship between men and women; the Wang Li conceal the fact that the victim Xuemou phone out after her husband died behavior abnormal indifferent to the circumstances of the case, but eager to handle the body,louboutin. Subsequently,doudoune moncler pas cher, the investigators investigation Xuemou home landline phone call, found before going out Xuemou their own,polo ralph lauren, and indeed a number 134XXXXXXXX phone through words, mobile phone owners with is having an affair with Wang Li Tao Lin. The Butcher's Wife planned premeditated police investigators conclusive evidence, summoned the duo on September 28 in accordance with the law, confessed of the killing Xuemou After two trial,burberry soldes. The acquainted Lin Tao,sac burberry, Wang Li confessed, and the two produce feelings, to achieve the purpose of long-term sexual immorality,polo ralph lauren pas cher, they have repeatedly premeditated killing Xuemou. Day of the incident the evening,abercrombie pas cher, Xuemou home for supper,moncler. Wang Li head is full of Butcher's Wife with Tao Lin discuss plans, no desire to cook for her husband, said she had just walked into the house of her husband to go out to the east of the city somewhere to get something. Xuemou not care to eat dinner will be related to the wife out of the house. The former Pro on the train, Wang Li to Tao Lin hit a telephone mind comprehend the Tao Lin took a shovel out of the unit the door waiting Xuemou Mount tricycle. The connected Lin Tao,moncler, Xuemou motorists pulled two drove to the east of the city. Glass Co., Ltd. Jinyue to Bin solitary road near a lonely stretch of line, Wang Li, Lin Tao two began a long-planned murder plan. Wang Li to urinate let Xuemou parking on the grounds, ran more than 10 meters after the squat to get off pretending to urinate. Are Xuemou and Lin Tao get off waiting for Wang Li,burberry pas cher, Tao Lin to take advantage of Xuemou not prepared to lift a shovel to pound its head,abercrombie france, Xuemou "Ah," I heard the ground,abercrombie, Lin Tao for anti Xuemou immortality, then another smashed a few shovel . Hear the screams of her husband, Wang Li scared hasty retreat along the highway. The Tao Lin after the killings, Xuemou tricycle overthrow pseudo walk back to the unit caused a traffic accident.


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harmonious family environment

's death has been a month,chaussures louboutin pas cher, but the fate of his lifetime adoption of the final nine children are still in the community of concern,doudoune moncler. They will be long-term placements Can Indulge into welfare institutions or "street children" father eventually returned to the country of origin and their families may find the town of Cheng Cheng's death reflects from one side of the street children in China the pain relief management; we in praise of a good man owed the same time, it should reflect on the Absence of Government the waif custody exist, relatives custody of fulfillment is not in place. 9 waif cited concern about the future destination of November 14,burberry pas cher, the town of Cheng Cheng, a 63-year-old Jinan good man died of illness. He adopted stray children from 1987, the adoption of more than 400 street children in 23 years, has been known as the "waif father of". To the children onto the right path,doudoune moncler pas cher, over the years he has been quiet dedication given waif selfless warmth. Town of Cheng Cheng help the many street children have been taught, and some admitted to the university, and some enlist in the army, there's already married,abercrombie. The town of Cheng Cheng has been named the sun elderly in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the protection of minors exemplary individuals, and the first national moral models Award nomination. Cheng Cheng town after the death of the last of nine children of his lifetime adoptions fate of the problem caused by the concerns of the community. Economic Nanshi levels of government, civil affairs and other relevant departments to actively coordinate, November 16, nine children in succession is connected to Jinan City relief management station placement live. Reporters in Jinan City relief management station to see, and nine children were arranged to live together in a more than 50 square meters of spacious dorm room heating is warming up. Rescue shelter to the children each made two new winter clothes, school supplies and tableware special. Jinan City relief management station owners told reporters that the history of this monarch, nine children are wandering from the field to Jinan, the oldest 16 years old, being read three days of this year, the youngest only 8 years old. They create a "family" atmosphere, relief stations dedicated arranged an experienced staff to take care of their daily life, also hired three college students on their psychological and learning counseling, to and from school has a rescue shelter transport. Increase the psychological pressure in order not to give the children, relief stations politely refused a reporter's request to meet with them. "After the death of their grandfather's Zheng, some children beginning also can not accept." History of the present monarch said, reassuring, and now they have begun to adapt to the rescue shelter life individual weary children in college students social workers help under restored interest in learning. The pass Who protect the physical and mental health of minors and the legitimate rights and interests of the town of Cheng Cheng "baton", of "Protection of Minors Act explicitly provides parents or other guardians should create a good, harmonious family environment, in accordance with the law to perform minor his guardianship and support obligations,abercrombie pas cher. Nine children at or above the county level people's governments and civil affairs departments should be required to set up a rescue place,moncler, no minors in the rescue of life, such as vagrancy and begging, temporary guardianship obligations ... Jinan City rescue shelter care town of Cheng Cheng final adoption temporarily settle down, but this is not a permanent solution. According to China's "city life without the Vagrants' Relief Management Regulations" provisions, relief stations should be determined according to the situation of the assisted person relief period of generally not more than 10 days. They have been living in the rescue shelter for nearly a month, will go from here Shandong University College of Philosophy and Social Development,moncler, Professor Ma Guanghai that the rescue of street children in China is the the rescue shelter relief and long-term welfare institutions of the short-term adoption. But the relief stations only provide short-term relief, while the local welfare institutions can only shelter orphans, for the street children of foreign sources, the identity can not be verified, the lack of effective relief. In some developed countries, the charity can be long-term shelter for street children, and our country in this regard is still basically blank. For the ultimate destination of the nine children, the history of this monarch also worried. "Wait until the children's emotional and life are stabilized, we will be in accordance with the legal provisions of the responsibility to resettle Prior to this, the assistance station will join nine children on the source of government departments, to investigate the true circumstances of each child's family, and get well prepared for the future, they may go home after the life history of this monarch said. "Street children of the Father" death refraction waif rescue management of pain, "the town of Cheng Cheng such a good man, our society's blessing, but also social sorrow." In the history of the present monarch, the town of Cheng Cheng for 23 years as a day selfless caring spirit of street children and behavior, commendable available table, but he did not want to happen again the second town of Cheng Cheng. A lot of the responsibility borne by the government, and the guardians,louboutin pas cher, and should not be handed over to a non-relative, children, therefore, should not assume guardianship obligations to bear. Street children as a special group of the society, their rescue, protection and management has attracted widespread attention. The Chinese government always attaches great importance to the protection of street children rescue work in recent years by taking effective measures to continue to strengthen the relief and management of street children,doudoune moncler femme, and strive to create a warm home for street children. According to statistics, in August 2003 to the end of 2009, China's civil affairs departments, rescue shelter and minors assistance and protection centers total aid vagrancy, begging minors over 870,000 people. Zheng Cheng Zhensheng before an interview with reporters,burberry, said, according to his observations, a few years ago found that the street children are mostly due to family difficulties, no one discipline, and the last two years and the parents have trouble, increasingly runaway juvenile addiction more, they loiter outside very vulnerable to bad, this social phenomenon is worrying. More and more criminal activities of minors is a great harm to society. The history of this monarch introduced, in recent years, the number of street children has been reduced, Jinan rescue shelter this year, a total relief minors more than 800 people, accounting for bailout population ratio is about 12%, and the vast majority of street children in the field Although this figure is 4 percent lower than two years ago, but the street children rescue is still a long way to go. Ma Guanghai,louboutin, the death of the elderly in the town of Cheng Cheng end result leads to the street children problem, a reflection of this imperfect system of our rescue. Currently, our custody and guardianship of minors or family-based, supplemented by social assistance, family particularly important to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship. Government departments have a duty to oversee minors legal guardian guardianship behavior, personal care obligations for non-compliance, should be punished accordingly. Shandong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lu Yan, street children rescue urgent concern, local governments should increase the relief and resettlement efforts for street children. Especially the government and the relevant departments of the waif source,peuterey, should effectively help them and their families to solve their practical difficulties in learning, let waif and stray on the street, let them feel the care of the government and the warmth of home. Actively regulate civil relief act for street children living and educational environment suitable for their healthy growth.


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such as sunlight

'protege Jinling' parents together will ask 'your child a few weeks', the students together would be more who star announced record other training institutions or teachers are 'trainees xx% in the five-star, xx% four-star',moncler. "Moreover, He also analyzes the background of several major training institutions: "known as martial arts overlord SR Pa has been able to for a long time as early as rivers and lakes to their school, Nanjing Normal University Department of Mathematics background, brilliant record important events makes SR became famous, the ranking of students Mathematical Olympiad achievements SR almost Nanjing ranking; being called the Tenryuji the peaches and plums Court days also considered martial arts martial, but seldom with the itinerant character between peaches and plums Court, unlike a commercial training institutions, but the children wanted to test Shuren international parents, peaches and plums Court seems to be direct shortcut Shuren International,polo ralph lauren; another is called the Shaolin branch of learning and thinking, start from the tutor, and business operation. "Mathematical Olympiad "Ranger" Shoutu Di depends on "the talent" Mathematical Olympiad training "Ranger" Mathematical Olympiad circles in Nanjing, active in a group. The DU teachers based on their own experience "apprentice", "the Plucking home owner" in the posts will be popular with parents respected labeled isolated situation, Mr Xu labeled large master. "In all Mathematical Olympiad Training Ranger, DU teachers known West Temple posts to DU teachers, the children go back very sad, crying would like Elsie teacher lesson So arguing factions troops, while criticized Du teacher doing to combat child's confidence,abercrombie france, while helping DU teachers debate that can not keep up is not good for children, private teacher has the right to select students, DU teachers later personally posts do explain this phenomenon only occur in the body of the the DU teacher this lonely master training institutions in general always want to train people better, how will the money do not make it Basically of Nanjing teach Primary Mathematics Olympiad nobody do not know the the DU teachers of Wal-Mart, Nanjing City, more than half of the top Niuwa DU teachers come from under the door. DU teachers have a younger brother, also teach Mathematics Olympiad, two people a set of teaching materials,moncler outlet, commonly known as the Big DU, Komori. Greater DU teachers are good students, but Shoutu very strict, not good at communicating and parents; the Komori teachers no large DU teachers select students stringent, allowing parents to attend. Certificate arsenal SR Star Ranking arsenal Gu Long novels, Bai Xiaosheng arsenal, it's ranked: first, the secret rods; second, picture-Dragon and ring; first Romantic Swordsman,polo ralph lauren pas cher; fourth, Songyang iron swords; fifth, Swinhoe silver halberd. "the Plucking home owner" Posts "Mathematical Olympiad certificate arsenal, he also listed the current in the primary school parents most respected in several certificate "arsenal" for other parents to learn from. arsenal first SR Star and intellectual Competition SR star examinations and intelligence Competition lethality is well known, the arsenal ranked first no suspense. called "intellectual competition" is actually SR training final exam, SR Star "is a mid-term exam. almost all training institutions and individual teachers to open the Mathematical Olympiad classes are aimed at these two certificates of SR. SR certificate from an objective point of view, gold is indeed very high, thousands of full-Nanjing a year Olympiad students take the exam, while the five-star and the first prize is usually no more than 100 people, the big winners of the base is proportional control strict indeed played a selection role in order to expand the scope, SR and now engage in a "Chen Shengshen Cup" level examinations. arsenal second China Cup the country's most prestigious Mathematical Olympiad competition, called the the domestic primary stage the largest, most formal, but also the most difficult Competition (Final), the first session of the China Cup awards at the Great Hall of the People, the authority and impartiality of the evident the China Cup winning Jiangsu Division proportion in accordance with the percentage of the number of semi-finals of 6%, is usually the first prize, second prize 12 %. sixth grade Cup of China in the mid to late April, and excellent recorded a small rise in early March, is not the point in time of a small rise in early role. this time arrangements pros and cons, the education sector has been banned contest studies linked to, and thus China Cup can often be immune from the various boycott. the weapons spectrum third World less competition "World less competition", short for World Junior Mathematical Olympiad "World less competition in recent years a lot of negative news, but, after all, well-born, the number of participants more influence can not be discounted. arsenal fourth go cup "to go to the United States Cup" full name "into the wonderful mathematical Garden", go beauty Cup is a rising star, the topic and impartial Diao, moderate difficulty. hope that the weapons spectrum Fifth Hope Cup Cup is a veteran of the national large-scale events. certain areas commercial operation, arbitrary charges the organizers openly linked studies that Beijing Hope Cup "was stopped directly. ■ users sound some people worship some have questioned the the the "Plucking home owner" "Mathematical Olympiad rivers and lakes certificate arsenal" the end of last year was the emergence of online forums as "God posts with the school near the small rise in the beginning of the process to intensify again in Network West Temple forwarded by the blitz. many users of as familiar with the "master" of the small rise in early Insider, pay homage. "early enough to see this post, will not have to make detours, the child did not get what certificate small rise in early difficulties. Ms. Zhang told reporters that "a child is facing a small rise in early. Interview someone post expressed doubts:" Posting is not only a great deal of research on various Mathematical Olympiad certificate, and various training institutions in the Nanjing market seems to if his hand analysis sounds will hype thread "■ the parties appeared to let more people learn the the thinking twists and turns, the reporter finally contacted the author of the post Lee martial arts way Bo eye. Mr. Li told reporters that his son, the sixth grade this year, faced with a small rise early . before heard Mathematical Olympiad is a small rise in early the elite stepping stone, so through a variety of "catch-up", despite a late start, but it is also good to learn. precisely in this Olympiad school, he had a lot of personal experience. due Mr. Lee is fond of martial arts, he decided to analysis by a form of martial arts,doudoune moncler pas cher, so better to give more parents to learn and think in order to win more eyeballs. reporters found that in many online edition posts small rise early on are active in West Temple net "small rise in early tour version is a lot of parents who understand the enrollment information window a moderator told reporters that the small rise in early admissions information for parents and selection criteria are not uniform, opaque is the most troublesome problem for school choice parents this is the "private message" rapid spread and being sought after for reasons parents netizens interact with each other's needs and capture and screening admissions information Helpless, but formed a joint operations with the small rise in early admissions comrades. "society to a crusade against the sound of the Mathematical Olympiad, whether or not to cancel the Mathematical Olympiad competition I think that the Olympiad contest the most criticized mainly linked with further studies to affect the education fair, the original intention and purpose of the Mathematical Olympiad competition not to further education, but because of the abolition of the examination, the secondary school there is no better way to understand the true level of the students. Lee believes that the public schools do not allow small rise early entrance examination, and training institutions play a selection role to some extent. "Cancel standardized examination Let parents most want to know is: in the end what The kind of students on what kind of school "■ Extended reading" the Nanjing Huge tiger sister "pointing small rise early, how to do a resume and interview one after New Year 2012 was up early choice Battle has begun,chaussures louboutin pas cher, for some parents this year, faced with a small rise early, present Nanjing Jinling Huiwen School, Yuying outside school Qinhuai School of International Studies, China Middle School New River junior high schools have announced registered a small rise early basic threshold, and accept students' materials small rise early resume how to do interview to Note what pseudonym "Nanjing Huge tiger sister" of the education sector veteran describes the experience in the the West Temple net "small rise in early tour version. material not only to put science award certificates, but also take into account the talent" looked certificate produced by many parents, and found a lot of problems. Some parents like to resume doing luxury, but in fact, the strength of the school to see or the children themselves. "The" Nanjing Huge Tiger Sister, "told reporters. Reporter learned that,lancel," Nanjing Huge Tiger Sister, "is an education sector veteran of the junior high school enrollment great deal of research. Therefore specifically posted to remind parents to pay attention to, create a resume the following: important award must be conspicuous: for example: the recommended table on the 3-5 awards (especially science) has an important influence and secondary schools recognized by the game must be completed sixth grade or fifth grade, otherwise the batch screening will be unsuccessful. outside the South is asked to fill out a 3-5 influential awards more awards is not in essence; science awards do not mutually contradictory ": science With first-class is not necessarily to other similar two, three, put to weaken your first class; focus on science at the same time to take into account the liberal arts,abercrombie pas cher, to take into account the full: With science, but also to consider the liberal arts and comprehensive development,moncler, which is very important, even two languages ​​and English or third class can be attached, poetry and painting is encouraged Prize illustrate the problem,mercurial vapor pas cher, even if it is not the name of calligraphy, piano, painting competition, it is important that you experienced, can you comprehensive development rather than "dead learning" ; 4,moncler, have a relatively significant game first-class, second prize, be careful not to random selection test to participate in a variety of institutions, impossible to assess because of their exam number or out volume levels, do well fortunately missed possible will stir up trouble. interview asked other students, should not envy jealous hate organization standardized examination is not allowed,doudoune moncler, the elite schools select students, first look at the material, will be followed by the organization to interview. "the Nanjing Huge tiger sister" also posts to the parents Ariadne: 1, show the children the advantages: Some of the certificates do not say,doudoune moncler femme, and say more other certificates reflects characteristics: such as sunlight, confident, healthy, loving, friends, love inventions; 2, truthfully reflect the child's features include Disadvantages: learning is not all pull its weight, while learning to play like to compile a small program fee, obsessive spend a lot of time reading, like sports, such as playing basketball a waste of time, participate in class activities etc. If you ask principals to other students of the same school, to a true picture, because the good students are generally asked, should not say that others bad; 4, the principal asked: "Why choose our school The answer can be your school is right for me; parents graduated from your school have feelings; friends and family can also graduate from your school, now admitted to a prestigious university or work in the well-known enterprises; remember not to say "Try not yet given, or with others to see.";, do not you test is not a good game to find objective reasons to say about the game is not good, principals will think you are guilty; 6, if the school contract at that time, you must be signed (but before you need to be prepared), signed home again to discuss not to keep up appearances, then consider the principals of disgust; 7, if signed will not be able to have other better and more suitable for your child's school for signing as soon as possible gently winding SMS, expressed gratitude to,abercrombie; 8, after signing a contract Do not get carried away, and quickly learning the king


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spent more than 20

've invited people to design,abercrombie france, spent more than 20,chaussures louboutin pas cher,000 yuan made a total of four,peuterey, up to 2 meters,burberry, and is made of steel glass,mercurial vapor, surrounded with a titanium magnesium alloys Edge,louboutin. Reporters learned from Dongjiaohe police station,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the police on the matter based on theft filing,abercrombie france, the specific circumstances are still under investigation,lancel pas cher. ■ for map / parties hospitals


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Zhang screams

's Procuratorate early intervention review,abercrombie, the admissibility of the case of the public security organs to make the date of approval the arrested suspects Qiaomou decision,louboutin, the hospital Prosecution Section is also involved in learning the facts of the case in advance,burberry pas cher. When the suspects Qiaomou Department Zhang aunt,moncler, mother of nine-year-old girl Zhang Liu heart resentment,louboutin pas cher, sudden and devastating retaliation evil thoughts that day to take advantage of Zhang carrying a bag ready for school,abercrombie, while it does not spare towel in Qiaomou cover live Zhang actually cruel to use boiled water from the head of irrigation,lancel, Zhang screams, after Zhang Qiaomou again from the fourth floor to push,doudoune moncler femme, Zhang from the stairs rolled after people found that was sent to the hospital in a timely manner rescue. Understand: Hanjiang District People's Procuratorate in recent years,peuterey, based on the province's outstanding young protecting rights of basis points,polo ralph lauren pas cher, in order to promote the community to actively participate in the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of children for the purpose of actively by increasing the propaganda of the legal system, in accordance with the law early intervention,moncler, insist on fast catching v,moncler. fast, in the perfect safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors,burberry, and other aspects play an important role,abercrombie pas cher, especially in the protection of the children of migrant workers has played an active role,abercrombie france.


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Koto bridge near the station cash transactions

's "Sankei Shimbun, recently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency of Japan Junior Incubation Division in violation of the prohibition of child prostitution,lancel, child pornography law charges arrest of two Chinese men. The suspects live in Tokyo, Tateishi Katsushika Taito Longquan. One of the men is a vagrant, the 36-year-old,moncler, the other is a 25-year-old special school students. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency juvenile rearing Section in crime suspected person apartment home in Sumida eight wide, found no correction pornographic CD 3640,polo ralph lauren pas cher, which also includes the 15 under 18-year-old Japanese girl porn DVD. In addition,abercrombie france, there are three computers and seven DVD player,louboutin. Police suspect that in addition to the two men were arrested, there are other people involved. Suspect trafficking DVD catalog printed flyers,moncler, door-to-door payment,moncler outlet. When a customer decides to purchase, the suspect will be customers about Kinshicho,abercrombie, Sumida-ku,chaussures louboutin pas cher, Tokyo, Koto bridge near the station cash transactions, priced at 10,000 yen 15 DVD discs. Police suspect,mercurial vapor, the suspect in the Jan,louboutin pas cher. 12,abercrombie, a 8,abercrombie pas cher,9-year-old girl pornographic DVD to take home,mercurial vapor pas cher, and you want to copy it to trafficking. Therefore, the apartments will be in Tokyo's Sumida eight widely suspect arrested,burberry soldes. (Li)


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14 yesterday

's parents Tel, hoping to mobilize social forces to find children. Reporters learned from the police, at 2:20 on August 1 Xu, two lost girls parents have to Jun'an the the police station Liufeng community police squadron alarm, they said,doudoune moncler pas cher, daughter Kang (15 years old) and Zhang (5 years old,burberry pas cher, relatives) went out to 19 am on July 31 has not returned. Police Bulletin: girl see friends the alarm, the police immediately inform front-line police on duty, security guard, organizational jurisdiction the police governing force to find, police governance overnight secluded spots in the surrounding cafes, pool, weed heap looking for multi-. At the same time,abercrombie france, also timely arrange to view surrounding video surveillance video. Police handling the case, from the surveillance video, around 8:20 on the evening of July 31,doudoune moncler femme, two and lost woman with similar characteristics appear in a basketball court. Report the victim to identify the two Kang and Zhang. At that time, Kang has been working with a young man in conversation, until 23:54,hollister, moped Kang Zhang boarded the young men to leave,abercrombie, young men drive, Zhang take the middle Kang sat Finally. Around 12:14 yesterday,moncler, Zhang was a man sent back to back to the residence when the car at night and make their own,abercrombie. Subsequently, Jun'an to and are An Taiping Village of rental checks, police station,doudoune moncler, according to the understanding of the situation Organization police about 15:00 yesterday and found a rental Kang Wang that strange young man about 20 years old,air jordan. According to initial information,doudoune moncler, Kang and Wang users about the night of July 31,hollister france, Kang Wang meet and chat, feel better to the middle of the night,moncler, afraid to go home that night was scolded, so bring Zhang to Wang rented overnight. At present,doudoune moncler pas cher, the case is under further investigation,moncler femme.


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original title

's license six months of punishment. Got home that night,abercrombie, Mr,moncler. Kwak was very depressed,air jordan femme, and his wife and children soon know his drunk driving thing,doudoune moncler femme. So,hollister france, my wife and Kwak happened quarrel,moncler, the little girl stood firmly mother party. But the girls feel that this matter can not be so in the past, "in case of future dad drink driving, how to do ", She asked my father to write a profound examination,abercrombie. Father to write the check out,air jordan, the little girl will check copy a: copy attached to the back of the door,louboutin, so my father every time before going out to glance to think of repentance,moncler femme; another check, the little girl decided to give the police uncle she wants with the supervision of the father and mother as well as the police uncle,doudoune moncler. Correspondent money to Chunlong the Modern Express correspondent Zhu Junjun ■ aspirations "and you want to severely punish him,abercrombie france, so that he can have a profound lesson I hope my father is a responsible person, but also a man of my word it." - Small the girl said to the traffic police, "this girl looks so simple really naive,abercrombie, we see her sent JianTaoShu of,abercrombie france, have been moved." - The Third Brigade of Nanjing traffic police official said (original title: dad drunk driving, daughter forced him to write a review a posted home,abercrombie france, one to the police)


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he also earned a day to a few dozen

'clock,air jordan pas cher, two men and asked him to close the "health fee" . Xu Jinglei said get it out, the other actually pick up the stones, smashed Xu Jinglei stall. A month ago,mulberry outlet uk, Xu Jinglei to Pu Park stand selling lo mei. The day before yesterday, the two men asked him for money, "asked me to 80 yuan, ferocious, Xu Jinglei rejected. "Today they came again, this time into a 160 yuan," said Xu Jinglei, he also earned a day to a few dozen,air jordan, he wanted to discuss with each other,hollister. But did not say a few words,mulberry outlet, that the older man began smashed cars. For a time,louboutin pas cher, glass, tin, pieces of the broken,moncler, the volume volume. Alarm Patrol the Yang Xin slope rushed to the scene. After preliminary investigation, the masses care dry village team,lancel, that kick cars Captain ". Subsequently, the Herald reporter learned from Houpu neighborhood committees really care village team charges, received two months of health fee, $ 160,hollister france. The staff argued that Xu Jinglei "playing" suspects: the 15th,burberry, Xu Jinglei own to make payments, but did not bring the invoice, decided on the 16th to collect; 16, 2009 to Xu Jinglei not willing the players and angrily before kick a car. At present, the case has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the further investigation.


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his girlfriend

Police said the car theft syndicate members at least five people,louboutin, in addition to wear too,burberry soldes, also seized on the spot wear Lin,mulberry outlet, his girlfriend (18 years old) and Xie,louboutin pas cher, female homeowners (21 years old),air jordan pas cher, and another the two accomplice south Pingtung court hearing will be three people in accordance with the guns,moncler, theft and drug money laundering and sent to do,hollister france. (China Taiwan Network Zhang Zhen Yu)


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  • originally stipulated that each question two review

but would cause insult to injury for children

's social concern,moncler. KMT "legislator" Yang Li ring, held a press conference on the 25th,lancel pas cher, that some people find photos containing child pornography on the group photo from a clock Hotels in Keelung, to face up to. It is understood that the group of photos from an approximately 40-year-old man surnamed Luo, love photography after his divorce with his ex-wife, often by a weekly parent-child time "with a little brother and sister to the Keelung major fun hotel shooting,hollister, two children and asked to put the various awareness bold gesture camera,mercurial, he more proactive about photo uploaded to the Internet on the public to share with others. Surnamed Luo frankly acknowledged to the media about the photo is his shooting hand, the phase of boys and girls is his own sons and daughters, he said to instill proper sex education to their children through this practice,hollister france. Childhood education experts said Huang Zhen content, photos will serious impact on children's future cognitive values ​​with gender,lancel, that should be investigated for the father's responsibility. Yang Li,moncler, Central criticism,abercrombie, this photo has been violation of children less law should be subject to heavy penalties, but according to the law should announce the name of the photographer if the photographer is the children's parents, but would cause insult to injury for children, it should amend the law. Attending the Children's Bureau official said,moncler outlet, will be the first to identify the the blog main residence is in which cities and counties, local competent authorities for investigation and the Communications Commission "(NCC) to require parents to immediately withdraw the indecent photographs, education, even if you can not publish the names of the parents also be asked to accept the pro-Vocational.


  • remind passengers found Wuzong E
  • but the results were disappointing. Narrow hole
  • kicked I was thinking about him

is not their "cafeteria"

's reason,lancel pas cher, it may be because of a lack of relationship between food and the city,abercrombie, after all,moncler, is not their "cafeteria",mercurial, should be re-find a place suitable for them to stay,hollister. As for the city frequently yak in the end should not should remain in the city,moncler, the newspaper will continue to focus on. This reporter Shi efficiency Xuan photo coverage


  • name or license plate number of the taxi at the same time.
  • we determined weeks old man strapped to his body
  • a short meeting and reception at Dan's very calm

Wang liters Wei home in paper bags 90

's Bohai Bay hotel near pull contained a female passenger, the suitcase was the female passenger. Think of the lady in the car under the Hong Kong Road, near Jusco Shopping, Wang Sheng Wei decided to return immediately to find. "You come on down, I have to return lost property to go." He persuaded a young man already on the car to get off, then return to Jusco. In the Jusco outer two turns round,lancel pas cher, 22:00, Wang Sheng Wei did not find the figure of the lady,moncler. In order to find the identity of the female passenger,moncler, he opened the trunk. There is a kraft paper bag, king liters Wei open a look, scared and quickly and together on the "whole is a hundred dollar bills, and a full a bag of money." Time: at 23:20 on the 2nd Place: Wang liters Wei home in paper bags 90,000 in cash Wang Sheng-wei, 100,000 A bill quickly to the leadership of the company reflect this,moncler outlet, subsequently call the transportation station. "Leadership Do not panic, soon the radio broadcast over and over again to find the rightful owners of the broadcast, I still feel uneasy." Wang Sheng Wei ran two live, the heart of the tension has been no abatement. Wang Sheng Wei decided to end the night work early. "After much deliberation, only put the money in the safest at home." 23:20 that night, he reported to the leadership of the company own ideas to return home,hollister. At home, Wang Sheng-wei had a glimpse, this kraft bag filled with 91,000 yuan in cash and 10 million in bankers' acceptances, wallet, bank cards, real estate license, ID card, social security card and other items. "Wife look so much money, not nervous sleep her bowl of noodles I cook, I eat a hurry to sleep can Zan Which fall asleep And we were sitting in the living room, a sit actually sit to dawn. "said Wang Sheng-wei, until 6:00 in the morning on the 3rd, the company led by a phone call to let him and his wife thoroughly relax: find the rightful owners, the day 8:30 collar box. Time: at 8:30 on the 3rd Place: taxi companies rightful owners come up with ten thousand yuan that Acknowledgements been declined at 8:00 on the 3rd, the reporter went to Qingdao Taxi Company Limited, to see the early Ms. Liu came to the rightful owners. Ms Lau said she Shenzhen an individual and private owners, and a long-term business relationship with the company in Qingdao, this green is to pay the purchase price. "It was to get off when not to invoice, did not find that he forgot to take things back to the hotel until 22:30, only to find that the suitcase was gone." Ms. Liu said, "I was sitting on the bed crying, simply does not hold There are also the fantasy to come back. "Ms,hollister france. Liu said, until an hour later,mercurial, she was calm down, reflect this subsequent to 82,817,777 transport service hotline. "The other told me do not worry, things should be a driver picked up when I really do not believe my ears, can really get it back " Ms. Liu said, and he is excited the night did not sleep a wink. A moment later, Wang Sheng-wei suitcase came to the company. Like a lot of things, Ms. Liu moved to come up with 10,000 yuan Acknowledgements, Wang Sheng-wei politely refused. "Can not describe my feelings, I be sure to tell family and friends to listen back to Shenzhen, Qingdao Columbia National Best." Ms. Liu said. ■ News extension returning lost money brother "Service Star" Wang Sheng Wei is a star driver, obtained many honors. "Party secretary of Qingdao Taxi Company Limited the Yanglin told reporters, Wang Sheng-wei is the driver of the Castle 'the red streamers fleet" Qingdao tourist rental industry "Ten Service Star." Last year, Wang Sheng Wei took part in and gratuitous transfers poverty middle school students participating in the test activities, met a poor high school students in this process. "Some of the problems of the spirit of the mother of this child,lancel, the father ran away from home, children and grandmother had each other, I think he was very poor,abercrombie, but their condition is not well-off as a taxi driver, also not much busy, only children to go to school, free time and help dry a little live, buy some daily necessities, to send a little money in the past. "Wang Sheng Wei told reporters. Reporters noted that Wang Sheng-wei's car with a stack of cards, front printed with his name, phone, back is his commitment to develop their own services: multiply my car will not let you spend more of your articles in my The car will not be lost; 70 years old the invalidity my free, you encounter an emergency I will help you. Text / intern reporter Li Bing Liu Bin


  • Woman crash killed driving to see the SMS News Sina
  • "said library director of the Office of Hangzhou Liu Lidong
  • in order to let me get to agree with their compensation package

Reporter Shang Ruoyun

'Dunkin super' is to have a name and seal, the withdrawals left bank staff,burberry. 100,000 yuan of money generally to the bank to make an appointment, and the bank has the camera monitoring facilities,michael kors outlet, bank staff should be the rightful owners of the physical appearance features impression,mulberry outlet uk. So said, If you can find 'Deng gold super', you can tune to take time surveillance video to find the real owner of lost property. "yield Road police station law and order management service brigade two squadrons Acting instructor tracing told reporters. Journalists and the public security department of 110 command center contact, they received a report said. Even more strange is that the the reporter ended at 6:00 p.m,air jordan pas cher. on the 14th of press time, both call the owner "did not go to the police station to claim,moncler. The only clue is this bundle of money on the that Dunkin super name and seal,air jordan. Police hope the timely contact this newspaper Dunkin hotline 96211,hollister. However, if there are such acts as malicious impersonator,louboutin pas cher, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the encroachment,louboutin, fraud and other crimes,lancel. (Reporter Shang Ruoyun)


  • identity card numbers of police inquiries
  • Jinan police station
  • you can share the company's profits four percent

Zhou Xiwei

's most massive Singles,hollister france. It would have been the holiday of a single person, but recently some young people have found to get married,lancel, but the "Century Singles" good old days as an auspicious choose this day into the marriage,hollister, because six 1 could also represent "monogamy wholeheartedly for life." Reporter learned from a month ago,moncler, the public consultation to the marriage registration on a linear upward trend,moncler outlet. Hefei public Wang Ming and his girlfriend is one of them: Wang Ming: Geely Well, these 1 can represent "wholeheartedly for life. Qin Yan, director of Luyang District Marriage Registry until 10:00 yesterday, nearly 200 couples to come to an appointment, expected would more this morning. Qin Yan: past every day probably 20-30 pairs, Nov. 11 daylight on our side there are more than 200 pairs of. The staff reminded every special day get together registered a lot of new people, there is often a new forget to bring your ID, account of this and other documents of the band because of the excitement, that it had to toss back and forth. The staff suggested that the new plans special day registration of marriage is best to take to make an appointment for day to make an appointment,mercurial, direct licensing of it. Not only in Hefei, in Zhuji of Zhejiang, the civil affairs departments will also activate contingency plans, and also suspend the divorce registration services, to ensure that the day of the newcomers can receive a marriage certificate. Zhuji marriage registration at the door, the one that says, "especially conspicuous notice suspend handle single proof and the divorce registration services" on November 11, 2011. Civil affairs departments to work longer hours in order to cope with the day of registration peak, and opened special service channels, new people smoothly licensing. Zhuji City Marriage Registry Director Zhou Xiwei: Zhou Xiwei: the day we CLOSURE single proof and divorce registration service from the original five registrar increased 9 Two additional registration window, we also deliberately adjusted the registration process,lancel pas cher, as long as 8 to completed in 10 minutes, the fight for the new day will be able to receive a marriage license. (Anhui Desk reporters Zhuang Yuan,abercrombie, Zhejiang Taiwan Chen Zheng North Zhuji station reporter Yuan Di)


  • song city after drinking the checkout and the counter argument
  • without leniency.
  • hundred profit

and Sunday 15

's, KFC, Dicos occupy two of three seats, slowly open the bags, while drink a snack, side fired off letters. Approached a closer look, and that they had in each other Chaozuo Ye. Miss Liu said, the behavior of the students parents and teachers,air jordan, I'm sorry, is not conducive to improving achievement, but also impede the fast food restaurant business, I hope by the Chongqing Evening News called the attention of the parents and the school. Chongqing Evening News reporter conducted a survey. Scene A Time: 14:00 yesterday Location: Beibei District, Jin Lu Shangdu rural-based, "Do not all copied Oh, note to change a few multiple choice answers." 14:00 yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News reporter in the Beibei District Jin foot commercial rural-based with meal,hollister france, we found that many students here each other Chaozuo Ye. Chongqing Evening News reporter pay special attention away from reporters near the edge of the left corridor that the two girls in the restaurant door. Not point anything, they sat down and went straight out from each bag job to the other side. Braids girls to another girl complained: this week's math homework is too difficult, you know geometry question thiophene If an auxiliary line did not draw, simply can not think of a problem-solving approach, it is recognized to get you, you can not recognize it, my mom has been urging me to take to the streets, I still copy of another one. "the other girls put their English homework and gave it to the other side. "Do not copy all of, oh, the multiple-choice answer in mind to change a few,burberry. Essay you just write it anyway direct assessment stresses the teacher certainly shall not take a closer look." Girls braids Obviously the teacher correcting homework clear in mind. At this time, the store came in a fundraiser for the Disabled man, standing two girls at the table so that the two donations. Perhaps this scene has become commonplace, two girls were unmoved, even twice and did not have the money ", and never ignores the man, the attention focused on the jobs on the table, the hands of the pen earth together quickly,air jordan pas cher. Chongqing Evening News reporter to leave the rural base as of 14:30, the two girls still in their seats hard "learning." Scenario B: yesterday 16:30 Location: sandy area one hundred opposite McDonald's "exactly the same answer, the teacher may shall not be found oh 16:30 yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News reporter went to the the Shapingba District Chongbai opposite a McDonald's. Four students dressed boys sitting in the middle of the store desk and fired off letters. Including one dressed in a plaid shirt, physique extra padding boys looking at a printed with geometric questions, has finished the examination paper. After a few seconds,louboutin pas cher, he flew with a black pen to transcribe a blank examination paper. Him three students each take a language blank papers have been placed on the test paper per a prior well cannelloni. "Our answer is exactly the same for tutors shall not be found Oh " ​​One of the companions asked the boys Touyebutai. Afraid of wisdom for yo, his day to check so many (job), Lang know that copy thing "Plaid shirt next to the boys did not look up, then then answer. "If you're afraid of a few questions, deliberately copied the wrong, or empty point questions out, said he would not do, so it may not have been a thiophene." Another boy pointed cannelloni asked the boys to give him support strokes. Chongqing Evening News reporter went up and asked: "Students, you clatter homework here also Looks like you were like in each other Chaozuo Ye ah " Plaid shirt boys looked up in surprise, looked at the Chongqing Evening News reporter, did not answer to continue to work hard. Soon, the plaid shirt boys copied the job, calmly point meal at the place of a cup of Coke, and then stack cannelloni good income into my bag in the back seat, then sat on the seat, quietly waiting for companions copied the job. Scenario C Time: Yesterday 17:30 Venue: Sand District one hundred opposite McDonald "There is food and drink, and also may not have been the mother old man child know 17:30 yesterday, the Chongqing Evening News reporter once again came to the desert region Chongbai opposite this McDonald has left the previous four Chaozuo Ye boys. In this case, the corner of the restaurant sat a pair of male and female students, they sat face to face, it seems only fifteen or sixteen. The girls draped shoulder length hair, the two face each placed a glass of cola. The girls start with the bag and took out a mathematics examination paper and handed boys, with a tone of blame and said: "Lang was not any homework, you old man child did not scold you winded " Boys smiled and said: "too much homework, a physical problem looked at ten minutes, once every which formula do not know, to finish your strange if is the fear of being old man child scolded,mulberry outlet uk, before shouting you out early to accompany me thiophene. "Then the boys bring a dark red headphones, from time to time from the mouth to hum a merry tune and began to bow to transcribe trivia also continued to chat with the girls. "Teacher shouting English lesson back down on Monday, spot checks, I do no Anyway, the boys said. The girls hear smiled, did not answer, and got up to the point the meals at the point of fries. Half-eaten, she come up with their own chemistry homework and start doing it. "Actually, I feel really good here, eat and drink, and also may not have been the mother old man child know that shall not every week to copy Oh." The girl said, boys echoed. In less than 10 minutes, nearly four boys cannelloni girls "Help. Copied the job significantly relaxed the boys bought an ice cream for the girls. Homework, the girls began to eat leisurely. Chongqing Evening News reporter noted that, in addition a few tables, have two or three students Fenbi plagiarism. Than fixed Chaozuo Ye Time Sunday 3:00 pm to 6:00 Recently, the Chongqing Evening News reporter survey the Jiulongpo District the Yangjiaping and Chenjiaping, Beibei District, the Three Gorges Square Shapingba District, Jiangbei District wulidian places such as McDonald's, KFC, Dicos fast food shops, and a few of the phenomenon of secondary school students in the store Chaozuo Ye. Chongqing Evening News reporter noted that in the relative concentration of Shapingba District in school, from the school closer to McDonald's restaurants can often see students five or six tables Chaozuo Ye, the time they Chaozuo Ye relatively fixed, and Sunday 15:00 to 6 point, copied the job most people will choose the place for dinner, after dinner and the students went to school on the study,moncler. Chongqing Evening News reporter found in the survey Chaozuo Ye phenomenon. 5:00 pm 10 points on, ■ 4 months 22 Shiqiaopu everybody likes the supermarket downstairs rural-based, table 4 students are Chaozuo Ye Table ranging from two or three people. ■ 4 22 at 6:00 pm, Jiangbei District Bashu Middle School near Dicos, fragmented Chaozuo Ye students sat a few tables, each table is the range of 2-4, have students point while eating meals copied. ■ 4 point 30 minutes on the afternoon of May 1, 2011, Yangjiaping secondary schools near a Keshi, have 2 tables students in each other Chaozuo Ye. ■ 5 months, 3 pm, two men and two women Chaozuo Ye aunt dumplings in Shapingba District Kadoorie Square restaurant. ■ 5 months, 4 pm, the Shapingba District chenjiawan rural-based, the 3 tables students Chaozuo Ye. Edition releases reported by the Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee reporter Zou Yu Ting Liu, chief reporter Ranwen She shadow parents of students weekend get together Chaozuo Ye What do you think What is to attract students willing to go to a fast food restaurant Chaozuo Ye See 05 edition students Chaozuo Ye plenty of money "creative" camera QQ Baidu phenomenon, all the tools Chaozuo Ye weekend get together for some middle school students parents What do you think The fast food restaurant staff how to think of this phenomenon What is to attract high school students willing to go to a fast food restaurant Chaozuo Ye In addition to the students what Chaozuo Ye way in a fast food restaurant Chongqing Evening News reporter conducted the interview. The parents say Chaozuo Ye Luxian for students weekend get together Chaozuo Ye, the phenomenon of self-deception critical moment necessary, said the Shapingba District Shuangbei lotus light elementary school parents Geng Caixing: "If my wanderers to do so, I will be very disappointed." Geng Caixing told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, his daughter Nankai Middle School in September this year will be the first day, for the weekend Chaozuo Ye atmosphere, he was very worried. "Chaozuo Ye is self-deception, the critical moment should Luxian." Geng said Caixing students Chaozuo Ye surface finish your homework, parents and teachers appearance of confusion, in fact, the students do not understand the true state of, which is extremely detrimental to students students in the exam will Luxian cause irreparable results. For this case, the same as the parents of Ms,lancel. Wu has demonstrated a certain degree of understanding. Ms. Wu said, his niece in Shapingba Nankai Middle School on the first two days of usually very heavy schoolwork, every weekend despite the two-day holiday, but to remove the makeup time, homework time less than a day, if you do not copy others, teacher assignments may not be completed. "Questions, of course, they have to do the calculation process like casual copying a copy of it anyway, but not understand the job seriously consider or to seriously consider." Ms. Wu stressed. Declined to the parents of the child's school, Ms. Liu believes that teacher assignments sometimes very similar, often the subject of the same kinds of questions once arranged several questions, the achievements of their children well in class, so to see him copy those already doing have the answer in verse, do not go to discourage "free up time to let the children rest or read books in accordance with his own learning process, doing the questions, the effect may be better." clerk saying mutual Chaozuo Ye amiss not strange seat largely ineffective for many students like Chaozuo Ye phenomenon in a fast food restaurant, fast food store clerk reflect the odd unanimously --- surprising. "This is very normal, every weekend, they will." Ms Lau said in Shapingba District Chongbai opposite McDonald's, every Sunday, many students go to the store Chaozuo Ye. As the weather heats up to the store to get together Chaozuo Ye phenomenon common. "Wanderers now will enjoy Oh, food and drink, as well as free air conditioning blowing here, so comfortable thing." Ms Lau said that the students are very generous when McDonald Chaozuo Ye, are generally ate do, "they point something to eat, we also bad shout to them to leave." Ms. Liu said. Their IQ is very high, jangling teachers and parents want to get them in here Chaozuo Ye Well "the Dicos work in Jiangbei District wulidian a Mr. Chin told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, every weekend, one student three thousand three hundred twenty-two appear in shop, skilled help each other. " Students interaction Chaozuo Ye have been surprising, but Mr. Chin reluctantly Sun business often peak of the students in the store Chaozuo Ye will affect the normal business, "we sometimes through the speaker said, 'Please do not diners seat to the need to diners' but basically did not have a role, helpless very comfortable Zou Yu, Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee reporter Liu Ting experts say fast food restaurant meet the needs of students to freely According to media reports, students gathered at the KFC or McDonald Chaozuo Ye, is not uncommon in the field, but the time is mostly concentrated in the winter or summer before the semester begins, to blitz to complete a holiday job. So, why students like Chaozuo Ye it in a fast food restaurant Xiamen Foreign Language School psychology teachers Huang Bifen that students love fast food restaurant Chaozuo Ye, where the atmosphere is more relaxed, comfortable, lighting, room temperature, tables and chairs, color, aroma of food filled the air, and courteous service, may meet the needs of the students --- free and easy to eat all you want,sac lancel, write whenever, all casual, no interference. Some experts pointed out that the students get together Chaozuo Ye, in which a variety of reasons, there may be too many school assignments, there may be the students' attitude is not serious, and can not be generalized attributed to the amount of work. Students can complete the job it would be best able to fulfill each other copy reference each other, if something in the copy process is understandable. If Lao Lao carelessly copied to deal with the matter, it is a question of attitude, should educate. It is understood that, in addition to Chaozuo Ye in a fast food restaurant, "creative" students Chaozuo Ye. Some of the students were using digital cameras,mulberry outlet, the remake for homework QQ pass students time get the answers of all jobs. In addition, students take the "shortcut" in the the four search on Baidu job answer, some still posted on the Internet for help. In particular, twelve days before the semester begins, many parents see children owe too much homework, or even personally surgeon, to help children with homework. According to Xinhua News Agency, Strait Herald


  • she really is also not fulfill his son's duties
  • her childhood and
  • Three students after the robbery, drug addicts return 50 yuan for the victims

the car with two adults and two children Fortunately

's seat is not a drunk, but a 9-year-old little boy. Away from home after a fight with their parents that the boy told police he is after a fight with their parents bloom runaway,burberry. Original, at 20:00, he enthusiastically playing outside the house, the parents called him back to the house,burberry soldes, and also asked him to play Jingjing in the house security, not to wake the others, angered that he was not happy up. Arguing with their parents after a few words, the little boy stealing from her mother's purse out of the bus keys, decided to drive the "runaway". No one was injured in police chase, However, the police or the arrest of the boy,louboutin. He will evade enforcement authority is charge of the prosecution to juvenile court. (Ka) children frequently drag racing provoke concern in the United States,hollister, the car has gradually become a common way of life. But in recent years, children in the United States by car or even drag racing phenomenon have occurred, and has begun to attract a wide range of media and social attention,mulberry outlet uk. From the world's point of view, the United States has been called "car country. In the United States,michael kors outlet, the 16-year-old youth has the legal driving documents, and driving on the road. Because of the young people with the relevant provisions of the driving age,doudoune moncler, so many minors "monasteries" in the surrounding environment and parents early on secretly learned to drive. Minor groups, especially children,sac lancel, have a large part and not aware of the dangers of driving fun heart is much greater than the safety awareness, so they drove to frequent accidents, parents are also quite worried. In October 2008, a 10-year-old children in Tennessee,louboutin pas cher, drag racing, driving speed of 145 km per hour, resulting in loss of vehicle control rollover. At that time,air jordan, the car with two adults and two children Fortunately, five people are seriously injured. In the United States, young people aged 12-16 event drag racing detained frequently hit the newspapers. (Yuxi)


  • thickness of 33.5 cm of snow on the ground
  • is coming to a crossroads
  • "Cuihai Shun said

one being implemented sweeper

'clock that morning,hollister france, this bus (the core set of 40,doudoune moncler, in fact,lancel, contained 39) along the river highway from Zhongshan to Jiangmen direction of travel,hollister, the line at the exit to the highway off the coast of rear-end collisions,burberry, one being implemented sweeper,mulberry outlet, road sweeping job buses out of control outside the rollover on the hard shoulder,air jordan. Passengers reflected bus front parts before the incident was in gambling, they suspected driver inattention led to accidents,louboutin. At present,air jordan pas cher, the cause of the accident is under further investigation,mulberry outlet uk.


  • 100 Poor cost would be 500. "the other said
  • their village and the school is very poor
  • especially the achievements and performance of poor students

she said

's primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, primary, kindergarten number of security guards shall not be less than 2, the secondary school shall not be less than 4. Each campus security Kong will also be equipped with three equipment police Fork, batons, pepper, water, to enhance campus protection capability. 7, the reporter found that, due to various public schools in varying degrees to improve the security level, a number of private schools and kindergartens can only "self-reliance." Status quo private schools can only be self-reliant "break" into the more than ten meters was only stopped by the 8 o'clock on the 7th, the reporter went to Nanchang Magi Middle School, the school doors locked at this time, but next to a small door open. When reporters through a small door into the campus, there is no blocking. Until more than ten meters away,burberry soldes, have an aunt convey indoor came out and asked the reporter's identity. 15 am, the reporter went to Nanchang radius of kindergarten, the park has not yet been equipped with security,burberry. The official said that the the kindergarten parents pick card production picked up the child, parents must enable the card to. "Although not equipped with security,michael kors outlet, but in this way we can well protect the children's safety is of the park,doudoune moncler." Part of the private schools have begun to employ a security interview, the reporter also found that some of the private schools have been or are about to start hiring security. The teacher being allowed in Nanchang fifth high school, the reporter happened to met a teacher from school to go out, I saw the school security The teacher stopped, detailed registration. It is understood that the school has been equipped with a security, a critical review of the staff will be out of school. "Especially recently, we examined more strict." Said the security guard said. And in the Nanchang Xihu bilingual kindergarten, the reporter saw the entrance of the park have a swipe card reader, children and parents want into the park, you must swipe. Next to a security guard, responsible for defending duties. The security, told reporters, 6th came to the park to work with him also Xihu District, Nanchang with security personnel. Nanchang leafy Nursery principal also told reporters that the hospital is planning to hire security. But,moncler, she said, this is quite upset. "I'm not on the security be assured that I recognize all the parents of every child in the park since kindergarten enrolled fewer security may not do better than me." According to the 2009 Nanchang Statistical Yearbook, the city's total 65 private primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, 371. To release nervous expenditure, it is difficult to pay the costs of security the afternoon of the 7th, the reporter learned from the Nanchang City Security Services Corporation, compared to the status quo of the public schools have to hire security,louboutin pas cher, private primary and secondary schools, kindergartens employ security number is very small. "Although the relevant government departments require Nanchang all primary and secondary schools, kindergartens employ security guards, but we as a business can not be mandatory for primary and secondary schools, kindergartens employ." Recently, Nanchang require all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should be equipped with security, security costs will be at all levels the financial settlement,sac lancel, but private schools shall be self-financing. This has led to a number of private schools only "self-reliance", resulting in the situation of security and public schools are different ". Interview, Nanchang, a kindergarten principal told reporters, because only more than 20 children in the kindergarten, meager earnings each year, if the employ security, the cost will be a lot of expenses. The principal said, simply locked the door tightly against strangers enter is enough security,mulberry outlet uk. Saying public, private schools should sound security organizations, security and stability of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education Office of the person in charge of an interview, said the provincial education department on campus security to make a specific deployment, but these deployments, and no separate public schools and private schools, specifically as involving security personnel, funds, and governments at all levels should coordinate and solve problems,air jordan. Nanchang City Department of Education Office of the comprehensive management of the person concerned said that the security of the private schools should be based on "who organized and who is responsible for" principles. Reporter's notes student security should not be "public and private, are different," Social Security is the most important personal safety, most people worried and worried the children's safety. Whether public schools students, private school students are children, one little life such as flowers, since it is the same life,lancel, private school children should be entitled to the equal right to security. Therefore, the government in this regard is not there should be considered Have the level of tuition, school rankings, and life is priceless comparable. For a long time, due to a variety of reasons, the government in many aspects of the purposes of the public schools and private schools "distinction" policy. From the the current practical point of view, the security personnel with technology to prevent the equipment, and many other security, private schools significantly worse than public schools. While this gap with the schools emphasis varies, but the Government has put in uneven or at least one of the reasons. There is also a key issue for many parents in an interview with reporters rest assured that the campus security upgrades at the same time, they also express worry about it: these measures are good, but the long-term stick it ■ reporter Luo Yanyan, yellow trail, interns Xie Xinping Text / Figure


  • 4th floor
  • Shan-US visit relatives. 10
  • 's job must be full batch change

and toxins

's posture. Source: CCTV news channel incident at that time, villagers Tang Shenglan (sound) is near the tea-picking,doudoune moncler, suddenly heard in the distance the cries for help of the neighbors Tan Bin Rong,air jordan pas cher, then quickly called neighbor Tanbi Ping (sound) ran to the rescue. Tanbi Ping recalled,michael kors outlet, when a group of wasp is crazy siege Tan Bin Rong mother and Tan Bin Rong systemic lot of wasp, head, body covered with a stinger. Yaoyao body Tan Bin Rong clothes tightly wrapped, did not have a wasp. Tangsheng Lan said, was wasp siege Tan Bin Jung in Panic off their own clothes off, kept in the body of the son Yaoyao him tightly wrap Yaoyao no wasp sting. See Tang Shenglan,burberry, and Tan Biping came, Tan Bin Rong told them "Hurry save my child", Tang Shenglan and Tan Biping took away her child. Available when the duo again as people rushed to the scene to rescue Tan Bin Rong, Tan Bin Wing has maintained a posture of embrace but has no breathing. [Tips] case of wasp attacks how do encounter wasp attacks,hollister, the best way to protect head and neck with clothing, to reverse escape or place to get on the ground, do not hand driven, otherwise it will lead to more attacks. If accidentally wasp stings, look at whether the stinger is still in the wound,lancel, it is generally a small group capsule material is exposed at the injury swollen, about 1 to 2 mm,moncler, available needle or tweezers to pick out (do not squeeze the wound to prevent the remaining toxins into the body). Then with ammonia, soda water or urine smear wound, and toxins,hollister france, and can be painted iodine disinfection. Severe pain by taking analgesics towel soaked with cold water on the wound sentenced to relieve swelling and pain,air jordan. Found in patients with breathing difficulties, deepening voice, a breathy, immediately rushed to the hospital,louboutin.


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  • a Cadillac car window has been removed
  • Youth intimidate the sister refund overcharging un

deeply moved so Erweilaoren.

's history of the United States Code,hollister, the village chief, said Han Meiying old people only low households,lancel pas cher, does not comply with the conditions of entering the nursing home,ugg ブーツ, coupled with a bit of Luo bean farm nursing home is also full,abercrombie, so Han Meiying paralysis,hollister france, her sister every day over to take care of,hollister outlet, sometimes not, he is responsible to send more rice to the elderly to eat,moncler. Sister Han Shu Yao poor family to take care of my sister is very difficult, and he hoped that the Government can help the sisters,moncler outlet, let them ride out the storm. Hainan Red Cross in early November after receiving telephone assistance to Romania bean farm to visit the elderly, living assistance for the elderly for gold in the understanding of the situation,mercurial, and on the afternoon of November 11, 3000 yuan living assistance and condolences goods sent to the hands of the elderly, deeply moved so Erweilaoren,moncler.


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  • 2011 18 hours 30 minutes ink ink has become an angel." friends
  • the boy was burned with a lighter hand

Daniel Poon yuan by the 14 Zikao course

's English-Chinese bilingual dictionary to come up from the front of the car baskets, read aloud together . PAN Yong-yuan,doudoune moncler, now aged 42, has been entirely self-study to get a diploma Self specialist and undergraduate English majors,sac lancel, his next target is the advanced interpretation. In 1996, Pan Yong Yuan and his wife came from Yangzhou Baoying Nanjing, start a business of waste collection. Pan Yong Yuan "naughty" son, still in his home on the first grade. Poor grades incredible, especially English. "Speaking of his son's achievements at that time, Daniel Poon yuan shook his head. Thus, the 2000 Pan Yong yuan would do a decision: he wants to learn English with son, his own actions inspire his son to learn well. After some English books at the Xinhua Bookstore study, Pan Yong Yuan decided to start from the simplest "Self". Just open from Zikao book when, a little Mongolian. "Since the first two days of that year drop out of school due to poverty the home farm, Pan Yong yuan had never climbed over English books. I heard that the Oxford Dictionary is "the most authoritative English dictionary, Pan Yong yuan would have a bite, spent 88 yuan to buy a. 88, 1/10 of the of Daniel Poon January revenue. Not only that, Pan Yong Yuan also received a broken video machines and VCD players,air jordan, home sounds English spoken with their own waste collection. However, the efforts of the Pan Yong yuan and not how much the effectiveness of three consecutive years, his comprehensive English it did not pass, even once, had only a 20-plus. The fourth Pan Yong yuan discouraged,hollister france, and hung his head before sitting tricycle. "Now that you have paid the money, reported the name, or to fight it. Maybe 3 times can pass it." Who often sell scrap heard his hesitation and advised him to his Granny a. Listened to Granny's, Daniel Poon yuan wet eyes, immediately rushed to the examination room,burberry soldes, the time from the start of the examination have five minutes. Next,mulberry outlet, Daniel Poon exam of "irresistible force" in December 2007, he finally got the of Nanjing Normal Zikao undergraduate English major academic certificates. Seven years, Daniel Poon yuan by the 14 Zikao course, residents in the district, is an explosive news. The news reached the ears of his son, the "father" of the incentive, the son of Daniel Poon $ "not to be outdone, was admitted to a local a good high school. "Maybe I can use English to change their lives." Said Daniel Poon element, since he became a college student,lancel, the district to take the initiative to look for waste collection obviously more, he felt that this must be their own "improve the quality of the "cause. Encouragement of the residents who, Daniel Poon decided to continue the examination of the translation level of professional qualification exams the senior interpreters admitted after examination,hollister, if possible,moncler, he would like to re-test the the English professional job graduate. As for the later, Daniel Poon want to change and English,air jordan pas cher, If it does not work. Correspondent Gu Xia Yun newspaper reporter Xu Yuan Park


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  • wearing a red T-shirt An Enyang have rushed over. Hear the call of
  • Wang Danke Internet sales is just a way

late". Forthright brother borrowed 500 yuan to him

late". Forthright brother borrowed 500 yuan to him, "I was taking a taxi only know Zhu Big Brother, did not think he was so willing to help me." Yesterday, recalling the scene 10 years ago, Zhou An endless emotion. In 2000, Zhou safety alone from the country came to a strange Changsha battles. A chance opportunity, he take a taxi know Zhu Ousu. The enthusiastic of Zhu Ousu of see his desperate search for their jobs, to introduce him to the Xiang-Yun own taxi company. The week An open taxi for more than a month in a traffic accident lost money, wallet suddenly bottomed out. At this time, the house phone, so he went to Shenzhen to find work. However, he did not even pinch tolls can not afford to pay. "I have no acquaintance in Changsha, in addition to Zhu Big Brother." So, he bite the bullet and opening Zhu Ousu borrow money,hollister. Zhu Big Brother apart from anything else gave him 500 yuan,lancel pas cher. Who knows, the money borrowed is 10 years. An inability to repay by 10 years arrived in Shenzhen,lancel, the first two years, from the Colombian security and when,hollister outlet. But, unfortunately, come again: the car was stolen. The compensation companies everywhere to borrow money,moncler outlet, he was heavily in debt. And Zhu Ousu, already for the phone number. Although not pay the money, but the weekly safety secretly resolved: got to find the opportunity to pay back the money! Zhu Big Brother to me sentient beings, I must not be faithless nonsense! "In 2006, to start a company in Shenzhen salesman, life gradually with improvement. Earlier this year, the company sent him to the office in Hunan. "Opportunity finally came!" The week An Xinxi not promoted redesignated, but opportunities to Changsha repay Shane The city is looking for benefactors to the end to pay back the money the evening of March 9,abercrombie, the first time back in 10 years the Changsha security of weeks can not wait to start looking for a benefactor. His night on a taxi and went straight to the residence of the Mawangdui near Zhu Ousu. However, 10 years ago, the alley is now a well-beyond recognition, and he could not find how Big Brother Zhu residence. The return trip, he was depressed and the brother chatted about the awful feelings hidden by years of zealous brother suggested that he call up the taxi company. Sometime when He to find Xiang Yun taxi company, he was told the Zhu Ousu already Go ryujo companies work,moncler. Some search brings weekly safety still disappointed: Zhu Ousu has not where, Long Xiang companies file on him has been recorded, but it is not at liberty to publish their personal information. Desperation week Ann had daily by radio stations, the city is looking for benefactors,ugg ブーツ. Yesterday, in a five-star hotel when the driver Zhu Ousu phone rang. "Zhu big brother,hollister france, 10 years, you will also remember that I owe you " Phone, Zhou An grateful to the buried Cangzaixinli 10 years, all fell out. "To be honest, I really think that the money will never come back." That week security has been looking for him to pay back the money, Zhu Ousu very unexpected, he wants the weeks the security you let money things, pay back the money thing, the feelings of the first a. "Money must also I have not money, is the kindness is Lutheran,mercurial!" Zhou said Ann Xinyi changed his life, he passed to take this Lutheran more like him, people who need help.


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  • "I am waiting for you in heaven forever love you

after a bone marrow transplant

's parents face if also been hung long lost smile, "and just hospitalized completely different mood , more comfortable. "need a week to do the review in May this year, Union Hospital,louboutin pas cher, had a number of media communications Lu if Clear condition for Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the more difficult to treat. Yesterday,michael kors outlet, Lu if clear the head doctor paragraph Minghui introduced, after a bone marrow transplant, Lu if clear condition complete remission, but needed time to observe a complete cure, generally within five years without recurrence, may declare cure. Paragraph Minghui, Lu if clear daily needs injections, and a week to do a review,air jordan, because this time the possibility of a variety of complications, also need six months to a year of close follow-up. "Rougeau said her mental condition is acceptable,air jordan pas cher, but the physical remains poor, should not go more places to rest. ■ Interrupted treatment cost details recently released by the end of May this year, the micro-Bardon the angel investment Xue Manzi and iKang,hollister france, CEO Zhang Ligang the Joint Youth Development Foundation, the Sina microblogging charity platform, initiated if Ching Lu donations. Yesterday, the Youth Development Foundation staff, said Lu if clear course of treatment, has been made to the hospital pay 500,000 yuan, "This 500 000 did not spent some returned." The staff member said, at this stage of treatment details will be publicized on the Internet,doudoune moncler, accept everyone supervision, Lu if clear follow-up treatment costs will also be paid from donations. ■ site is not used to not sleep in bed yesterday afternoon, caring people Ms. Lee bought a birthday cake. Lu if clear hand-cut the birthday cake, and give to everyone. She said, this cake to celebrate her "rebirth". Since there are many considerations in terms of diet, if Ching Lu can not eat the cake. "Chocolate, strawberry mousse,louboutin, there cream ..." She carefully counting the number of layers of the cake, these delicious memories with eyes, her friends stared at the cake into the mouth, "and this time did not gnaw eaten,mulberry outlet uk. "and finally could not resist, she carefully licking a cream. The rental cottages Bedroom, Lu if clear has its own "small world" did not sleep well last night,sac lancel, so long been in the hospital, do not sleep beds in feel are not used to. "" If you do not have everyone's support and help, I might not survive to,moncler. "Lu said if clear, her heart will always remember this gratitude.


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  • Zhang Min finally safe return to the shore

there is a lot of blood next time I looked upstairs

'clock yesterday morning, a more than 30-year-old man falls dead in the hotel. 10 am, reporters rushed to the scene, The Yuda Palace of Simon martial law has been a few of the hotel security. In the group of security behind him, half a dozen security holding a length of 78 meters white banner Simon obscured Yuda tight,lancel. Police standing next to the banner. The reporter approached to asked Simon why not by standing in the doorway of security does not explain why, just let reporters get out of. "Has for a long time, that person is upstairs fell, to spot his death. Onlookers he whispered, when he came here, the police have not rushed upstairs that had fallen to then head south, head next to a bloodstain. Not suicide,abercrombie, he said he did not know. Nearby residents said the dead may Yuda staff at the scene, the reporter saw Simon back in Yuda a household,ugg ブーツ. When a reporter asked why the tenants reporter pulled side whispered, 8:20, she came down to do something in the vicinity, 8:40 back, to see a man in Yuda West door lying on the floor. "Head wrestling deformation, there is a lot of blood next time I looked upstairs,mercurial, so it is more than 20 multi-storey several windows open a newspaper publisher Members confirmed the tenants say, he said, which man wearing gray clothes, as in the end fall from hotel several floor, he is also not clear. According to local residents,hollister, the deceased may be is Yuda employees. Found the man upstairs fall, near public dialed 110 and 120.8,moncler outlet, 48,hollister outlet, received the Hospital of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City, 120 command center command emergency department personnel rushed to the scene. According to the emergency department of the City Hospital, Dr. Chang said, they did not even arrive at the scene after the rescue left. "Because we saw the dead, then brains was hurled out. As for the man in the end is a fall from a few, we do not know." Reporter interviewed by hotel security knocked to the ground at the scene, the reporter saw sitting on the roadside on the steps of the capital of a media reporter ZHOU Xiaobo. Yuda Palace staff, he said, after receiving the clue 9:00, he rushed to the scene, ready to see the man was hurled several wearing blue uniforms and security clothes stopped. Security guard asked me a chest with the 'of Yuda Palace' brand doing Newspaper reporter came to interview, who knows the man and it's right toward my chest hammer the punch I say you Pingsha beating, have something good to say. voice just export that security kick me kick down toward me Henti helpless I quickly dialed 110,hollister. ZHOU Xiaobo,moncler. 11:20 yesterday, the deceased's father, my aunt came to the scene to see son have died after two men burst into tears. For the death of the son, the father was heartbroken, unable to be interviewed. The ambulance driver was later rushed to a 120, the deceased father of Zhengzhou City, a hospital staff,lancel pas cher. Subsequently, a police survey the scene introduced a preliminary understanding of the man jumped Yuda Palace, 35th Floor. "After an investigation, initially determined that the Department of the death of the man committed suicide, The Yuda Palace staff said they do not know the man. Currently, the identity of the man, the reasons for suicide, we're further investigation."


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  • Xiaopeng once came to Xiaotao class

children to travel

's parents, the police several students criticized education. Originally, living in a district Zhao Luquan City home because of their busy work and her husband often nobody, Ms Zhao Gesanchaiwu to come back to see, do not want to accidentally happen,lancel. In early August of this year, Ms Zhao returned home and found the original red diamond cigarettes on the table without a trace, Ms,moncler. Zhao also thought he was in the wrong place did not care,hollister france. Two days later, on Zhuangchigui above commemorative coins worth $ 100 were missing, Ms. Zhao carefully check the doors and windows of the home, found intact and has not been broken,air jordan pas cher. These things go Ms. Zhao feel somehow. At 6:00 on August 30, the travel of Ms. Zhao returned home and found the children to buy the $ 800 handheld computer has disappeared, which under Ms. Zhao really anxious, baffled, then call 110. Luquan City Public Security Bureau Development Zone Alarm Interpol squadron of police rushed to the crime scene of Ms,air jordan. Zhao family, the crime means general burglaries, first of all is is no Qiaodao traces, then there are theft of small items, valuable bulky items did not move. Police analysis of the perpetrators may be family members of Ms. Zhao,michael kors outlet, Ms. Zhao husband Zhejiang, children to travel, and did not come back, whomever it At this point, the police asked a "key to your home Diuguo " Ms. Zhao suddenly remembered a few days ago the family did lose a key. Police to determine the incidence may be associated with the key, and the thief may be committing the crime again, decided in Ms. Zhao neighborhood Dunshou. September 10, Dunshou Liu police officers found of thirty-four teenage pupils carrying a bag to Ms. Zhao doorstep, East see the West look, a primary school student pulled out a key to open the door of Ms. Zhao entered the room. Liu police officers and two patrol members immediately stepped forward to ask them. Originally, during the summer several children in the house of Ms. Zhao picked up a key, the naughty child a try with a key,burberry soldes, and went on Ms. Zhao home locks. Later, several children frequently into Ms. Zhao at home watching TV, playing. After the case was cracked,louboutin, police of these parents of several students called the vice squad, criticism and education of children, so that parents negative good oversight responsibilities, and compensation for Ms,hollister. Zhao lost items,mulberry outlet uk.


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quickly let him hit it off with Koharu

'nan small town, the suspects were detained in Shishou City Detention Center,abercrombie, embroidered Lin Avenue North head but feel the the usual general atmosphere - the number sent in advance of each meal prison number. There are several "palace" experience "sophisticate" began to speculate: Today, some people to be executed out! Sure enough, the cell door of a prison number "bam" slamming open, to several guards police and uniformed, heavily armed bailiffs appeared at the door. Liu Zeng Hua out! "Several detainees shoot straight look poly to the No. handcuffed and shackled in the middle of Liu Zenghua body. Liu was only 35 years old Zeng Hua, the body was shaking a bit. The the sinful drug lords arrested after knowing relying on their own cleverness, with little knowledge of the law, since the greater part of my arrest, "on-line" and "offline" as long as it does not account died without a check against the law he is also helpless in Jingzhou City Intermediate People's Court of First Instance, the Provincial Higher People's Court upheld the court, he refused confessed drug trafficking facts to "Confession". He thoroughly understand: no straw to last a life insurance! Liu Zenghua bailiff with a prison number. Not too much expression on his face, heavy footsteps, looked straight ahead and just after the women's prison number when he was crooked overdone look at a glance. He does not know their accomplices Syscom was sentenced to life in prison after being held inside. The Judge Liu Zenghua read the final judgment of the Provincial High Court and the Supreme People's Court, the death penalty approved by a written decision, the last words left to relatives to ask Liu Zenghua the presence or absence of a suicide note. Liu Zeng Hua pick up a pen to write a suicide note to his younger brother, persuaded her brother to a good man,moncler outlet, in their own lessons, do not violate the law. Half an hour later, Liu had escorted Shangxing car, Jingzhou City, heading for one hundred kilometers away, was executed. Justice gunfire sounded, a sinful life ends. Liu Zeng Hua death may not know, the days of the death penalty for him, for Shishou refreshed several firsts: the Shishou Jianshiyilai cracked with the largest series of drug trafficking cases; Liu Shi Zeng Hua is also the first since the liberation of cracked the whole story serious drug trafficking case behind the story the police quietly stick to outwit the cunning drug lords 8:00 the evening of 24 May 2007, 18 hours guesthouse a Hunan Anxiang County bound for drug trafficking was executed criminals ... Hubei Shishou City bus into the station, a buxom young woman wearing gold and silver out of the station, the fire in some looked after on a taxi. Taxi open to Pacific Square, Western Avenue near the hotel stopped down, a young woman jumped out of the car, but she did not rush into the hotel, but hid opposite a shop around to spy for a long time,moncler, no see anomalies before entered the hotel. Accommodation on the register, she left "Chen Lee" name. Room key to get No. 505, her long sigh of relief. This is Chen Li in the past two months the fifth to the first stone, and every time she had to live in this hotel, but those Shishou investment business, visiting relatives, tourism, and every time she came here all on tenterhooks a sense of guilt, despite every swear "This is the last huge lure of money, however, each time she did not realize their own" vows ". Chen Li into the room soon, there are several Jingzhuang the guy next door quietly admitted to No. 506 rooms, they Shishou Municipal Public Security Bureau Narcotics Brigade Commander Yang Chengjun Instructor Xiadeng Ke, deputy head of the Xia Tiehu the Interpol brigade Jizhen police Geng Air embankments to the police station for a long time together instructors paragraph wave. Their task is to of Chen Li secret next room monitoring, arresting their joints. To this day, the police have been ready for a long time,hollister outlet. Earlier, the anti-drug brigade police conducted a thorough investigation of the the captured drug and scattered traffickers confessed the clues carefully combed, called "Hua Hua" suspects surfaced. Through the months of secret investigation, police learned a lot of valuable clues. "Wah Wah" real name LIU Zeng Hua, aged 33, is the city for a long time together embankment countryman 1996 Nanhai City, Guangdong Province, the Intermediate People's Court sentenced to seven years in prison for robbery, during which his new wife divorced him. Liu in Guangzhou some entertainment venues in 2004 to act as a "hatchet man",hollister, "minion", and from time to time between Guangzhou and Shishou the end of 2006, Liu in Guangdong,lancel pas cher, met a young woman at her door, despite family strongly opposed to married and Liu . Her name is Xie Qing, only 19 years old, the Songzi people. Xie Qing's feelings, Liu had deeply moved, he bullied Xie Qing love with Canada, at least a month to give her 5,000 yuan for playing cards gambling, or buy "lottery", which also reflects the other hand Liu income is unusual,lancel. The further secret tracking, anti-drug brigade police found Liu Zenghua on May 6 that year, two of the 15th Pacific Square, this hotel, each carrying a shoe box inside, but came out empty-handed, which he approached all a foreign woman named Chen Li. Two joints, Chen Lee will soon Zucheng taxis leave Shishou. Police identified by analyzing their drugs at the time of the transaction. Zhou Baojun, deputy director of the police to fight the snake fight seven inches, be sure to close the net when they are dealing drugs, obtain irrefutable evidence! According to the Chen Lee to Shishou the time pattern, police May 24 Chen Lee may again come Shishou, after some arrangement, began to secretly monitor cue, Chen Li appeared as scheduled. Free arouse his suspicions, the police without going to stick to the room 18 hours. Yang Chengjun at 12 o'clock on May 25th, squatting in the 506 room suddenly received the emergency signal issued by the Narcotics Brigade chief Xiadeng Ke waiting outside the hotel and female police officers to "clean up" in a hotel hallway. "Target". I saw a stocky young man riding a motorcycle with a young woman came to the hotel, furtive deep into a 505 room, young men it is nicknamed "China and China's Liu Zeng Hua. In fact, Liu Zeng Hua previous day evening we received Chen Lee's phone, but he is in no hurry to go to the connector, but to take a taxi to a big circle around in a hotel near see no abnormality was assured to leave, natural, monitor the Xia Dengke outside the hotel did not disturb him. Xie Qing, Liu had also sent a Chinese wife then to the bank to check the the Chen Lee money has indeed Daozhang only completely assured. But the cunning Liu Zenghua still drag He believes that the safest time until late the next day at noon. The Liu Zenghua a drilling Room 505 Yang Chengjun they led the police controlling the door. After a quarter of an hour, 505-room door open, police were in a rush, Bangdayaoyuan Liu Zenghua, seeing this attempt struggling, however, soon to be police uniforms. Chen Li despair run to the window and, in the hands of a few paper-packed thrown out from the 5th floor, also attempted to jump from a building, Yang Chengjun jumps on her uniform. Waiting downstairs Xiadeng Ke rushed to pick up the paper covered open and found a few pieces of lingerie are wrapped heroin. Police said: the with Liu Zenghua portable electronic scale weight of 609 grams. Subsequently, the police rushed to the Liu Zenghua rental places and Pacific Square district, and seized 46.5 grams of heroin in their room. Heart last line of defense is greed destroyed the female tour guide as "love" on the drug boat despair Chen Li meritorious service in order to mitigate the offense, peremptorily children account of the facts of the crime: since March of that year, five times instigated by others to come to stone first, to buy drugs from Liu Zenghua hand a total of 2609 grams. Lee account, she really Ming Jiaoling group, was born in 1974 in the village, Enshi, Tujia, junior middle school education, before the incident the Gezhouba, Jingzhou and Zhangjiajie, Hunan and other places when the tour guides of the past 10 years. Syscom off the walls behind bars breathed a daze, recalling their own reasons to commit crimes, often outside their window facing the chant, Syscom had two men did not knot once married woman tears Flows: I'm so confused, for the so-called 'love', I have come this far. "Syscom home in the mountains of western Hubei, in her very hour, and my father demolition of a mountain residual arm, the mother is also due to rheumatism lead half paralysis, only sister and almost blind, hope all their faith in her. The parents are not good temper, often large sesame trivial bickering. Looked at the smell of gunpowder filled the house, Syscom gradually move to leave the mountains to the idea of ​​life outside. 1994, Hunan Longshan County, a young man called Tai Lung (a pseudonym) came the Syscom home nearby quarry workers, sturdy young man of stature, simple and honest character soon the 20-year-old Syscom Qingdouchukai,hollister france. Soon, young men and women to break through the restricted area to live together. Initially Syscom also want to pick up a marriage license and Tai Lung, but the big dragon "prove bad fight between Hunan and Hubei provinces" refused. One year after the birth of their daughter. However, Syscom "marriage" large dragon are not happy, the the Langkawi parents temper is not good, and often quarrel made him upset, Langkawi poverty made him helpless, especially patriarchal thought his daughter is not cold not hot. Finally daughter birthday day, the great dragon suddenly left her and her daughter, not the audio. "Husband" vote with their feet, Syscom can only be both a mom and as a father, alone assume the burden of raising her daughter. 3-year-old daughter in 1998, Syscom child entrusted to parental care, Yichang City, came to work in a supermarket, a shopping guide and became a brand milk. Yichang near Syscom, with its own intelligent minds, sweet mouth, shopping guide milk sales actually exceeded some of the old shopping guide. The success of the business so that she saw their talents,ugg ブーツ, Since then, she has worked in several travel agencies and became a tour guide. In 2004, Syscom in Zhangjiajie with another travel agency when the young men guided the Tigers (a pseudonym) to establish a relationship. Although they also did not get a marriage license, but the longed-for love Syscom identified the Tigers is her lifelong reliable. A year later, their daughter was born. Tigers do not like a big dragon the patriarchal mother and daughter, his love for me. Watching the Tigers on his daughter's love, Syscom really moved, but every time when she and more homesick eldest daughter. Out of the home, she also Huijia see monthly living expenses of 500 yuan to his daughter she never daughter pick out too, did not tell the Tigers hometown and a child, and finally one day she summon the courage to previous happened to tell the Tigers, waiting for his answer,moncler. I did not expect the Tigers silent a long time, it was not to allow her to pick up the child out, but if two people want to make more money to buy a house, then again two daughters to live with. The Syscom eyes moist, that moment, she felt the happiest person in the world. At this point, however, the Tigers father suffering from tuberculosis, treatment to the large amount of money. Looking at all day sighing Tigers Syscom heart pulling up: Is this how to make money The Syscom rack their brains to get rich doorways after the Spring Festival in 2007, when Liu Hubei Zenghua appeared in Zhangjiajie changed the life of Syscom. Xie Qing, Liu was China with his wife, in fact, not to travel to Zhangjiajie, restless, he quickly and Zhangjiajie a drug trafficker named Xiaochun hooked up. Liu Zenghua out of jail in Guangdong suffering from drug, in order to raise drug trafficking raising suck, "business" is growing. The Shishou Police investigation needs to be borne, he went to the Xiangxi find sales channels, common interests, quickly let him hit it off with Koharu: the drug by Liu Zenghua from Guangzhou organization back Shishou Shishou send people to accept the goods "by the late autumn. Identify "to accept the goods" candidates, Xiaochun Liu Zenghua to "inspect" the Tigers pull Shangliaozeichuan, the turn turn transporting narcotics task of candidates locked Syscom, lure Syscom drug, until she was on the addiction showdown. Syscom know that drug trafficking is behead to make a living, the life and death quit. The the cunning multiterminal the late autumn early to see the the Ling group of mind, enlighten Road: "This is a windfall to make a living, or you made money you can buy a house, to the elderly, medical treatment, which is a kind of love return it ! mention you're so smart, no one doubts you, you weigh. "It should be said, they indeed remarks caught Syscom heart, her heart last line of defense soon greed destroyed, and finally the first first, second ... in the path of evil, her deeper and deeper. "Guangzhou - the first stone - Zhangjiajie" drug chain, Syscom side, Hunan, Hubei, drug trafficking plays an important role, since March 2007, has five times instructed to come to Shishou from Liu Zenghua hand to buy drugs a total of 2609 g .


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the uncle feel some ominous. Xiaojun father told him

's Court hearing of the case. Throughout the course of the trial, stood in the dock, regret the Mo and mother from the beginning to cry to the tail, and his father also choked several times, not their own. Beach found on the body of the little boy early in the morning of July 2 this year, Wuyuan Town, Lao Chen to the beach, morning exercises,doudoune moncler, suddenly found Wanghailou near the sea, floating on a small boy's body, a girl of two or three-year-old belly wrapped in gauze. The Ch'en immediately reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene,burberry soldes, forensic identification, the boy alive drowning death of abdominal wound surgical wound. According to the surgical wound, police visited the sea salt within each hospital. Qinshan Town hospital, they finally found the little boy's medical records: a small boy named Xiao-Jun, only 2 years old this year. Contact stay in the medical records, police removed find Wenyou couple working on a construction site. "My son, my mother I'm sorry you!" Looked at the photo of the police in the hands of the little boy's mother could not hold back the emotions of the heart. The couple soon confessed the truth of the matter. Son surgery wound infection after parents anxious to sea salt to work but no Naima a couple has more than ten years. In May 2007, gave birth to them in sea salt Xiaojun. Since then, the pretty little hometown in Chongqing were returned to custody. In March this year, in the home of his son suddenly born disease, the couple quickly back home, and their children to do the surgery at a local hospital. In order to facilitate the care of the children, the couple the child received the sea salt, I did not expect that, pretty little wounds have not healed a long time, wound infection, pus, inflammation internal organs also start. Named Ma couples around the doctor with his son, and finally went to the Shanghai Children's Hospital, spent tens of thousands of dollars of medical expenses, but her condition did not improve. The doctor told them, Xiaojun was not impossible to cure, but the disease is more complex, the need for a comprehensive understanding of the situation, in particular the need to provide them with surgery in Chongqing, the description of the hospital surgical situations. The boy's father could not provide relevant materials,sac lancel, 2-year-old Xiao-Jun is just learning to talk, do not describe your body feels, so the treatment is delayed. Superstitious parents heartless throwing child into the sea July 1, the couple came back from the Shanghai Children's Hospital with his son, watching the young son so painful, and nowhere to get consultation and treatment, so the initiation let the children die quickly. less painful thoughts. The named Ma hometown kind of superstition: the child died where he died dun ghost should be thrown into the sea, let it shall not be able to bounce back, or "ghost" will come back to find their parents. So named Ma couples take their children to the beach. Watching the arms of the child, the couple was silent for a long time, finally, pretty little by his father thrown into the vast sea ... back to rental housing is 12 o'clock at night, pretty little uncle is waiting for them,air jordan pas cher. See only the couple moved back, red eyes pretty little mother kept wiping her tears, the uncle feel some ominous. Xiaojun father told him, Xiao-Jun has died in Shanghai, the hospital will handle his body. Uncle, I believe this statement, and also in accordance with the habits of the home,air jordan, Xiaojun clothing and so on,hollister, went out to throw away. However, a few days later, named Ma and his wife Tanmou by the police to find,mulberry outlet. July 21, named Ma couples Haiyan County People's Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of intentional homicide. The father in court they begin belated "confession" the day before yesterday morning, when Tanmou bailiff to bring the dock, the young mother has his head down, has been sobbing softly. The reporter saw very swollen, her eyes red from crying. When the prosecutor described pretty little to be found when the horrors of Tanmou finally irrepressible sad crying out loud. Until the end of the trial, Tanmou in tears, and even several outbursts of emotion speechless,burberry. "We violated the law, they should accept legal education and punishment." Trial carried out to the last part, named Ma with a trembling left hand, a pre-prepared paper from his pocket, which is written in advance "repentance." Named Ma, choking back tears, read out the contents of the above, "despair", "sad", the word "pressure" so often from his mouth to say, has repeatedly stated that his repentant mood. When read how Xiaojun thrown into the sea,lancel, named Ma shed tears. In this way, the father trembling voice, off to finish this on repentance. Reporter saw the gallery sat several relatives of the defendant, to see named Ma and look Tanmou'd rather die in the court, they also started to cry. Although the couple has been emphasized bear to see a child suffer this cruel start, but their behavior has violated the relevant laws. Ultimately, the result of intentional homicide, the father of the child named Ma was sentenced to three years in prison; mother Tanmou was sentenced to two years in prison,moncler, suspended for two years and six months.


  • 30-year-old
  • but also spend money
  • and even physicians consistently interrogation spoken during pressed the woman

and they desire to buy this PR campaign is complete

's ordering. Inexperienced is too early in the end good and similar bad purchase products kickbacks, the inexperienced students involved into the feast PR,abercrombie, what should not The restaurant owner said, from their point of view, rebates blending class cadre is normal behavior. Find ordering decisions critical squad or life members of the class, and they desire to buy this PR campaign is complete,moncler outlet, businesses think that this is the most effective method. However, many people are not in favor of doing so, a parents said, is a party to the Pure Land school students have little social habits, began to engage in the community that a greedy little cheap in school, that school is not simply ,lancel. They want their children to spend time and effort in school learning knowledge skills, and other aspects of the contact less. "The students each syndicates dozens of dollars,hollister, should kickbacks too authentic." To Mr. Lui think the public, the rebate amount is not high, do not constitute legal problems, but the the class cadre the kickbacks behavior of very moral, restaurants should not use the rebate to the "pollution" of these young minds,hollister france. But also the parents that the children in advance contact the social set's nothing wrong,moncler, "anyway, sooner or later encounter similar things, not as good as first learn" I have something to say in advance Sheshi not necessarily a bad thing Pingquan Guang Chongqing Normal University professor, students at the school in addition to knowledge, but also learn when dealing with others, how to deal with people,hollister outlet, therefore, advance to participate in commercial activities, advance inexperienced is not a bad thing. In my disciples, and some very strong expertise, some will be dealing with others to understand interpersonal relationships,lancel pas cher, as well as the disciples both. In the disciples several types, both disciples of the fastest growing. Complete their studies at the same time,moncler, I think that the early contact with the community is a good thing. Such as in this case, the merchant blending class cadre for class cadre is a test - the face of blending, the class cadre how to look, how to deal with how decisions are made, students are exercise. The rebate cadres grew up in the Lei Chongqing University of Arts and how do teachers kickbacks was not an honorable thing, and even can be said is unhealthy practices. This set at such a young age, class cadre who learned after high positions that had won In the company, such a person is bound to eat a rebate of the company, when the officer, who would dare to believe that such a person is able to withstand the temptation The children are the hope of the community,mercurial, its body is not correct, why the future of social positive.


  • reporters repeatedly call Xiao Han phone
  • but especially loved Lee. But two months ago
  • the city has the principle of equality before child policy

the luggage compartment

September 8, Hubei,hollister france, Mr. Jia in the luggage compartment of the bus said Lane sat full two hours. September 8,hollister outlet, Mr,moncler. Jia from Yiwu to the Yuhuan work, day bound for Truman car full of passengers. The driver did not miss this opportunity to discuss with Mr,hollister. Jia received only 50 yuan, 100 yuan fare, arranged a special position to Mr. Jia. However, Mr,hollister. Jia did not expect this special place turned out to be the luggage compartment. Modified, the luggage compartment, separated a space from the car sleeper drill into an opening underneath. Mr. Jia workers eager, had got into the hot and stuffy luggage compartment. The passenger was about to from Daxi under high speed, Taizhou City Transportation Management Inspection Detachment and Dasi traffic police caught a. Transportation Management staff to conduct an inventory of the car number,mercurial, everything is normal. When the traffic police asked the driver to open the luggage compartment examination, the driver Wang undaunted. However, the cunning Wang still very fit to open the side of the luggage compartment,lancel. When we arrived at the other side of the luggage compartment was sealed,ugg ブーツ, and can not be opened. The traffic police are surprised when the luggage compartment suddenly issued a sound,lancel pas cher. Drivers struggling to cope, to open the "authority" even drilled from the bottom of the vehicle, a red in the face,moncler, sweating large living.


  • chemotherapy
  • can not let his old not landed a newborn baby girl in 1996
  • funds invested by the organizers

the old woman did not leave their name on the left

's mother Ms. Cao: A few days ago, with my wife and 6-year-old son to the Jiangning the Hengxi SHITANG Zhuhai play, then the many visitors we two adults together, son and other children with chased We did not care that he has been getting away from the sight of our care. Is between this negligence, the son of slapstick with other children accidentally fall into the lake, watching the lake instant drowned son,mulberry outlet uk, critical juncture, a band than from far, rescue less than ... Granny grandson play (later to find out the incense shop camp communities retired deputy party secretary Hu Suzhen) and,doudoune moncler, immediately leave the young Sun did not have time to take off shoes, struggling to jump into the water to rescue our son,louboutin pas cher. We have seen, has been deep and the shore of the lake in her throat, but see the old lady in one hand and cling to the shore stone along the other hand, is struggling to explore underwater Soon, she touches the son dancing arm, then her struggling son's head from the water hold up! Our son was saved, Hu old's arm was wounded,air jordan pas cher. Everyone cries for help,abercrombie, rushed to the scene, only to hear the old woman scared to say: I know a little about a water-based, and jump off before that the water simply bottomless! After the rescue,moncler, the old woman did not leave their name on the left, later,air jordan, Ms. Cao and her husband are making inquiries, learned that the old man turned out to be the deputy party secretary of the community,hollister france. To express their gratitude, the couple yesterday deliberately wrote a letter of thanks sent to Hong Shop Camp Community,michael kors outlet. Miss Cao recalled, son rescued after they couple clenched Hu Suzhen elderly bedraggled,burberry soldes, please leave your name, old Hu reminded they hastened to appease the frightened child, and did not leave any information. A few days later, Ms. Cao According to the bits of information informed Hu old incense shops in the camp community work, which looking over. "Hu Shuji has been taking the lead in helpfulness, elderly people living alone like a 88-year-old guaranteeing Cao Yuzhen has been of long-term care by herself or social workers." The incumbent Community Director Manin bell told reporters, the Hu Suzhen come condolences frequently visited community 孤老, voluntary participation in community after retirement public security obligations patrol. "She was very good at cultural performances, often singing and dancing in community-based organizations, on behalf of the communities in the Xuanwu District, cultural and sports activities in the various types of awards." Dong-wan Discovery


  • Liu was knocked unconscious
  • 's putting out the fire
  • prepare the New Year

good rectification program.

'clock in the afternoon before, the winner has to Welfare Lottery Center to accept the award. It is reported that the winning Lottery is a 40-year-old Guangdong man of medium build, talk about winning experience, he is very calm: "I Gambling are more than 10 years, and recently with mobile phone betting, I did not expect it in, but winning is not the main purpose, so nothing excited, "he said, he has been working hard in Guangdong Province, now a prize or continue to work,burberry soldes, ready to buy a house in Shenzhen bonus to make his and his family's lives more stable . After The Shenzhen Welfare Lottery Center Yanzhua the safety management and (Reporter Liu Chang correspondent Tang Rui) Shenzhen occurrence of "major scandal" color ball winning data has been tampered with,doudoune moncler, the Welfare Lottery Center has held a number of technical, safety management rectification will. The day before yesterday,mulberry outlet uk, organized by the Centre to convene all the staff safety production and thematic sessions, reflect the production safety work of the center,louboutin pas cher, checks,lancel, and center in the future management of production safety work arrangements,air jordan pas cher. Shenzhen Welfare Lottery Center official said that the "color ball 2,abercrombie,009,066 data tampering case" occurrence,air jordan, exposure to the center in the management of production safety, especially on the shortcomings and inadequacies in the information security management, all staff to the incident lessons, media objective the reported oversight and Lottery netizens criticized for encouragement, lack of deep reflection, the sense of good work to ensure that sales of Lottery Distribution foolproof. He stressed safety management is the central focus in the second half of the year. The center will be the event as an opportunity to conscientiously implement the lottery Ordinance, under the guidance of the higher authorities of the Lottery Center, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau,michael kors outlet, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, to focus on the safety management,hollister, good rectification program.


  • after he went to a candidate
  • because the site is built in along the railway line
  • the mother insisted that a person lives. Past few years the day better

at least looked at the the Traffic Patrol sweating

's most dedicated Traffic Patrol. Users in the posts and said today (20) morning to the southwest hospital to see a doctor, because two cars scraped cause a serious traffic jam on the road, this time to a Qizhemotuo Traffic Patrol,hollister france. He quickly handle scraped the accident, and then began to clear the traffic,sac lancel. A moment later, have been very blocking the road,moncler, the car began to slowly flow up shortly smooth. "These two days the autumn tiger gotta play, the ground surface temperature is above 50 degrees, at least looked at the the Traffic Patrol sweating, users are very touched,air jordan. When road vehicle slowly away, the Traffic Patrol abnormal walking again fueled attention,lancel. See him walk lame lame, only to find that his feet bandaged, very high Jiaozhong,abercrombie. "Swollen feet so much, still sticking to the working,michael kors outlet, netizens heart" admire miserable. " Under this scene with photographs, concurrent to the web,doudoune moncler. Traffic Patrol photo right foot at the ankle tied thick bandages, wearing slippers, the power of the body seems to only rely on the left foot support, the meticulous directing the traffic in the hot sun. As of press dispatch, Two Rivers Forum posting just an hour less than the posts CTR more than 230 times,louboutin, 35 users thread, "to pay tribute to the serious and the performance of their duties Traffic Patrol,burberry!" Friends "angel on earth" message that , moved, deeply moved; admiration and sincere admiration. Let's not boast such a good cop who boast We do not support this Traffic Patrol who espouse


  • which is a large white cat child. Probably because of the fun
  • very naughty. Fighting cartoons may see more of it
  • then vindictive

they told me you can replace the cloth diapers at night

's college graduates signing rate is only 8.45%, declined by more than 50% over the same period last year . The face of the vast army of the unemployed, recent college graduates also have efforts entrepreneurship, and look for a way out,abercrombie. Recently, a users post, said household items ordered on a site, actually graduated from Jinan University Graduate delivery. Information Times reporter to confirm informed that the "highest degree the deliveryman" real for Sun Yat-sen University graduate students intend to change jobs, but because of family problems. "Master door for me to send diapers" I've seen the highest degree deliveryman actually University graduate students to help me feed diapers! "Recently, the reporter to see when browsing the net posts, a netizen so posting introduced to deliveryman she Delivery. According to the poster, she met Master deliveryman is a chance, "I live in Royal Ascot district last year when you always receive publicity, a website selling daily necessities and told me to send the network, saying they are a real home delivery door shop, I tried several times and found really trust, good service attitude, "the poster said," Later, once I bought two packages of diapers to delivery a gentle young man, give money getting goods after he also took the initiative to ask me no cloth diapers or BB creams dedicated, I think they also sell this, but her answer was a surprise. "the poster said, the sending goods lad to her use diapers to the BB to BB coated point dedicated skin cream, lest package too tight skin cover bad, they told me you can replace the cloth diapers at night , diapers is not a panacea diapers BB feelings can not be ignored for adults convenience. "poster is also described in the post, found her and the deliveryman exchange, that he is," I send network, "a manager of the 2008 session of the Master of Jinan University graduates," The deliveryman told me to, 'I send network' earlier graduated he and several brothers established in order to solve the problem of student employment difficulty staff are school juniors and earlier can help them to work as early into the community. "Finally, the poster also said she decided to support their long-term action," I graduated from college ten years, experienced college students favored the changes to everywhere, this group of college students to challenge themselves to look for opportunities, and the service is doing really recommendable. Master can do deliveryman, who graduated calling, to get into the big units college students, I trust a group of down-to-earth people! "netizen praise master's delivery courage is commendable Subsequently, the reporter found that Baidu,lancel pas cher, Google and other search engine search keyword Jinan University deliveryman" keyword, the friends made posts local forum in Guangzhou has been widely reproduced, and the attention of the wide range of local users. The reporter Browse the comments and responses of the netizens to see, a lot of friends who graduate manager delivery personally amazed that even graduates not willing when the deliveryman, not to mention a master's degree graduates, " survival of equality before, the important thing is courage,hollister outlet. admire the courage of the graduate students who, after more than point to go to his website ordering,moncler outlet, support their entrepreneurship. "SouFun Forum netizens message said. "This is not to say hard to find work you graduated from college Even graduate students can grovel when the deliveryman,hollister, university graduates what not to do 'Darlings are' first grassroots work a few years talk about it. "a website forum ID for" Xiguan Providence "netizens message said. In addition, there are users think The delivery graduate can say is "a model for today's college students look for a way out to solve the employment difficulties", "Cantonese proverb says 'not hard to point to a financial world', meaning not through hardships labor will not get the wealth of the world but now graduates, almost a little a little tired of work are not willing to do,hollister, but at the same time complaining that hard to find work and low wages, to look at the Master's own business is not to say personally for customers door-to-door, without any complaints, and we really want to learn he's kind of afraid of hard work in the spirit. "the" cool Guangzhou Forum users such message said. However, the reporter noted that a small number of users,lancel, but also raised the question that the post is in publicity, "I sent the network, posting introduce Master delivery" is also one of the means of propaganda. Support students start advertise suspect,moncler, but the landlord posts. "One anonymous users so leave a message. Users more bluntly, poster and reproduced by the network prop "is to borrow Master speculation delivery to the website," graduate students everywhere, Master delivery too common, but previously there News said a graduate student apply for traffic wardens. The Times Survey Master deliveryman "has going to switch to yesterday, the reporter went to the" delivery network "circulating in the in Tianhe Road office looking network Master delivery members. " A military said, one of the person in charge I do not know the matter, he told reporters that the information exists on the network access, the so-called "Master of Jinan University deliveryman Jinan University graduate and postgraduate students at the Sun Yat-sen University, precisely "Sun Yat-sen University Master deliveryman. A military said, "He is a manager of the company, but because of family and other problems, he has decided to civil service exam is no longer improper 'courier', so he did not want to interview with the media, but without too much fuss, the four of us a founder are college graduate,hollister france. " Four college students hand in entrepreneurship delivery network "According to reports, four founder members are 98 years in Jilin the Beihua University music education major graduate Ajun, 2000 in Jinan University computer science graduate Ah Yu, Amen and Arlene. A Yu said, "The four of us just started are to have a stable job, can be found every day the face of the company trivial things, and the pressure of working for others, there is no passion, planning to venture. After the Spring Festival in 2007, one of the students in Beijing to A Yu introduced Beijing is popular as a "community service" business, to attract advertising to make money by making service information booklet. A military man Beijing students will also being Jilin teaching to A Yu If you plan to open a market of Community Information Service in Guangzhou A military may be responsible for the company's management, computer science graduate Ah Yu The person responsible for the technical work. A Yu 4 people to give up after the investigation of the time, companies, schools and stable work decided to venture engaged in the "Community Service" business. Boss and chief end of last year when the deliveryman customers a simple request,ugg ブーツ, inspired by four people "Community Information Service" expansion "delivery service". A military said, "At the time the customers say whether it can be included with the shipping business, we found a fast delivery service network of supermarkets in Guangzhou vacancies. Then, "I sent the network" created after after discussion. A Yu said, "website has just started to operate delivery volume is not the head of both sites of the four of us, more importantly, the deliveryman, direct contacts and exchanges with customers, so it appears the network called 'the highest degree send the cargo members' Amen. " "I sent the network there are 10 the deliveryman, respectively, in three different fat distribution point, A Yu 4 delivery from time to time, also because of the staff shortage personally. Network had netizens said "I sent the network" multi recruit mentees difficulties to find a job after graduation, Ah Jun told reporters, is not the case, but their website is working with local Guangzhou College Student Union to discuss, for the financial difficulties college students to provide work-study positions. A military said, "in the case of the employment situation is uncertain, college students really through practical experience to know how hard-working".


  • Song Department hooped neck choking to death
  • Li Chunyao his family was not very good
  • Mr. Lee distressed

not attend to help their companions artificial respiration

's clothes to cover his face,burberry soldes, wearing leather shoes. Survey the scene, police speculated that the car hit a the oblique tree, "climb" to the treetops,abercrombie, rolled in the water,moncler, but why will hit a tree temporarily unclear reasons,air jordan. Reporter noted, along rugged dirt roads, sandy land is very soft,doudoune moncler. 8 migrant workers jumping into a river to save up the car 4 a roadside stand migrant workers, said eight workers rescued passengers. When reporters want their photographs, migrant workers busy waved: "Do not shoot me, I reach out and pulled the person is in the water's edge! Them (Xiahe people) go back and change clothes!" Workers surnamed Liu said they were working and heard someone shouting, came to see a man and a woman from the water car windows at ground his head, they immediately jumped into the water to save people. Water depth just arrived thigh stalk, Hedi softer, uneven, they will be sitting in the rear seat of a man and a woman carried to the shore,hollister france, they sat on the banks of the big mouth panting, and said feebly: "front row The front row was fast, fast rescue! "several migrant workers once again the river front seat from the car, pulled out the two men, but they had no breathing. Has been shaking a man and a woman to see the shore was frozen, not attend to help their companions artificial respiration, several migrant workers rushed the two men, but did not make the two resumed breathing. 120 ambulance personnel arrived and after half an hour to rescue failed to save two. Rescue Liu said, the front knocked flat, front driver and passengers caught in a cab, take a great effort and only then they get out. 120 ambulance staff learned that two of the dead were 40-year-old, one of whom was ashore woman's husband. 4 after dinner to play here, whether the driver drinking can not be determined, the need for blood tests. Wheel stuck in the sand fierce fuel door rushed a tree five traffic police brigade police to find identity document and driver's license from the deceased who did not,mulberry outlet uk. Migrant workers involved in the rescue of one surnamed Liu said, he heard a survivors, 4 person car traveling west to see the front seems no way ready to make a U-turn, results drove to the north side of the dirt road sand round subsidence, are not able to move, the driver door suddenly a refueling vehicles to turn,louboutin pas cher, results of losing control of the vehicle,hollister, a hit across the road to the south side of a poplar, then rolled down to the brook in the tree. 19 am yesterday, police said, two survivors intellect has been restored,louboutin, they said, four are in Zhengzhou, then the fact that the fuel door as Mr. Liu said, lost control and caused the accident. F clues provided Mr. Wang


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  • I've spent at the flea market a Bai Yuanchao. goes on counterfeit money
  • the evening of 10 March 2010

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