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he proposed not to go to school. Before this

' burden. The morning of the 22nd, Puzzles until 8:30 to get up, for fear of being late punished by the teacher, he proposed not to go to school. Before this, Chen Youming several brothers and some farm work arrangements Puzzles their respective fields. From the home front after about 1:00, relatives of Chen Youming, Zhang Zhiming,air jordan, accidentally discovered the Puzzles foaming at the mouth down on a bench in the home, the past look carefully,michael kors outlet, Puzzles already breathe for some time. "Such a doll to Zage suicide out of it " Chen Youming baffled. One pair of friends six days after another dead room Puzzles mother is lying on the bed to say a word. Chen Guiming father said that before the incident, their the couple and Puzzles brother Chen night raw working in Menghai received the news, people rush home overnight. Watching his son committed suicide, also not reported to the police the next morning in accordance with local customs, hills carried to the village cremation. "Tomorrow, go to the mountains to his barrier a grave, even if this thing done." Chen Guiming look sad to say. Chen Guiming pointing,air jordan pas cher, the reporter went to Chen Guiming home less than 50 meters away a small cottage, five days ago, the family's only begotten son Chilan also home to commit suicide. "That no one scolded him, I said something told him to work in the fields to Kuaiqukuaihui he angry suicide." The Chilan the father Luo Zhongming said that before the incident on the morning of the 17th, we all have to come down to earth work, the 19-year-old son Chilan say you want to play at home for a while to go, he reprimanded his son a few did not expect his son to set fire to the issuer. After the two conflicts together, no one has worked in the fields, he also let the son went outside the house the way angry, self lying inside the house to sleep,burberry pas cher. "I knelt down and begged him, but he was going to die." Zhou Junying, Luo Zhonghua's mother, said that she worked in the fields alone home by 15:00, I saw his face some exceptions son sitting eaves next motionless. "I asked him not 'medicine' No matter how I begged son 'took the pills say so, we send you to the hospital ' But he is the teeth to say no." Finally,abercrombie france, Zhou Junying sadly kneeling in front of his son: "You do not live and I do not live." But even so, the Chilan is not recognize their own medicine. Zhou Junying got up ready entered the room, sitting on the bench Chilan sudden "thump" sound down on the ground. Although rescue rushed to hospitals in the town, but still could not save Chilan. Doctor identified: Luo Zhonghua the special enemy Ling dose large doses of highly toxic pesticides poisoning. With Chenjia Luojia also did not report to the public security organs, the family Chilan's body will be carried to the back of the mountain and buried. School: lack of family care communication Reporters learned that six days have poisoned himself the Chilan and Puzzles two, before his death is a pair of good friends,louis vuitton outlet, they have studied at Menghai fifth high school,louboutin pas cher. "We are in the afternoon of the 22nd, when the attendance, only to find Puzzles absent all day, after asking the villagers,louboutin, learned that he had committed suicide by taking poison." Menghai fifth middle school principals Wang Zhiwei said. Next morning, Wang Zhiwei also assigned to the Vice-Chancellor and Puzzles of the class teacher Liu Chang United States, to Chenjia visit,lancel. Wang Zhiwei said, the Chilan was once a student of their school, but had graduated two years. "In addition to the occasional truancy, Puzzles kind of obedient students never have not heard of his quarrel with the others." Students of the same village, told reporters Puzzles often play together and three years older than he Chilan. The suicide in Chilan was taking poison, Puzzles emotions has been very depressed, "looking for Big Brother to go" with classmates of the same village said many times you want. The students also said that the suicide the night before, Puzzles solicitation of more than 20 students to see Chilan, but we all have to attend class, and people are buried go for several days, do not need to see that. Early next morning, there are villagers saw the Puzzles alone to the Chilan the cemetery, but come back soon, occurred suicides. "The reason why this event occurred, lack of family kinship care and emotional communication caused." Said Wang Zhiwei, little communication between parents and children in many rural parenting style is too simple and crude, especially after drinking motionless on scolding children phenomenon is more prominent. Same village students reflect Chilan before committing suicide, has also worked with his father fight. Puzzles although before committing suicide, not what people occurred in the conflict, but because their parents are not around all year round, the character inevitably feel lonely, impulsive behavior, following the "Big Brother" away after the suicide of his best friend, make taking poison it is not hard to understand a. If the parents on the side of the timely detection and timely flow of emotions, may be able to avoid this tragedy. Therefore recommended that parents no matter how busy, must strengthen communication and give their children some kinship care. "Said Wang Zhiwei,moncler, through the revelation of this incident, the school will strengthen psychological counseling for students and education, in order to avoid a similar situation again appear. Reporter Dai Zhenhua photo coverage (Spring City Evening News)</p>

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" akin to finding far

​​the calyx Mountain Cao Xiangjiaba double fork Kawamura . September 3, the Sichuan News Network, the Wanyuan Commission reported group Wanyuan TV sent a crack to form a joint interview group, in conjunction with the ginkgo Township Central Primary School principal Gou on military and dual-fork Kawamura branch secretary Wang Guotian climbing wading through the often wild beasts Calyx and snakes infested the mountain, Go Cao Xiangjiaba Primary School interview. From the ginkgo Township farm town to Cao Xiangjiaba Primary, only one of about ten kilometers, along the river carved out of the narrow mountain road, many sections of the edge of the cliff. Reporters, even though the "battle-hardened" to walk in this way can not help but tremble in fear, myth that "一失足成千古恨". According to Gou Yu Jun,lancel pas cher, double fork Kawamura covers an 36 square kilometers and a total of 1400 more than 387 villagers. Blocking traffic, almost isolated. Previous four Sandy Bay Primary School, the Yasuko Ping Primary School,burberry, monuments Ping primary Cao Xiangjiaba Elementary School, in recent years, with the relocation of some villagers, the school gradually merged now only retained Cao Xiangjiaba Primary School, opened preschool ,abercrombie france, the first-year and second-year courses. Xiaoyuan Yi is the principal of the village school, and only one teacher. Old teacher 36 years jealously guarding the podium both classroom the nanny walked at Festival Bay,michael kors outlet, a Bay, another beach after a beach walk more than two hours, finally saw the mountains and nestled at the side of the five-star red flag fluttering,moncler outlet, then is Cao Jinjiaba primary school. Saw a guest from afar,burberry pas cher, Xiao the teacher hurriedly Command the children lined up to salute welcome. The school has a classroom, a kitchen, two student dormitories, the Shaw teacher's office in the back room of the kitchen. Although it looks very simple, but than a few years ago a lot better when schools like farmers pigsty. "School remodeling is not easy, had only 20 per bag of cement shipped to and here labor costs necessary 25 yuan. "Wang Guotian said. Xiao teachers to get the kids back to the classroom learning scoop to poured mountain spring water we drink. The school has only sophomore class, total enrollment of 12 students, the largest 10-year-old students,moncler, the youngest of seven years and a half, three leave did not come to class today, "Shaw told reporters:" akin to finding far, 10 children under the age can not be on the Township Central School student, I only read the second grade, and then go to the center of the school. "According to reports, the village conditions slightly better farmers moved to the mountains outside the residence, leaving the basic number of households with financial difficulties, the children of these families can only choose the nearest school. Despite the small number, the school must also be present to meet the needs of school-age children to school. This semester temporarily not recruit preschool, but soon began this work. Shaw, 57-year-old teacher from the work since 1974, has been teaching in this mountain, both Shawan Ping primary, primary or monuments, both principal and only teacher. His students are basically the children left behind, plus and far from home, so most of them can only live on campus, room and board at school,lancel. "For 36 years, I have school-home addition to teaching but also cooking during the day, at night more shoulder the heavy responsibility of care boarders." Dolls are too small, just started to live on campus are not used to cry and kick To find Grandpa and Grandma, some doll the middle of the night out of bed and from run home, "the Shaw teacher's eyes mist:" I can only hurried outside to hold them back, plenty of mountain leopards, wild boar, and full of cliffs, a supposed to "repeatedly refused transferred out of the opportunity to retiring to worry about successors," for so many years, Xiao teacher taught the students one thousand, now all over the country and learn something every year students return to the two-pronged Kawamura visit Shaw teacher. "Gou in the Army, said. "Mountains out of the doll are simplicity,abercrombie, they did not forget the mountain did not forget my teacher," mentions his students, Xiao teacher very proud of: "the head of my students, and some troops, and some hospital leadership, a months back are seen. "" You're good for dolls, dolls with the Offer shall not forget you. "Shaw said. See that, despite the conditions here are so bad, he did not regret paying all youth in this. Wangguo Tian told reporters, because teaching achievements remarkable teacher Xiao Li commended several times. He had a lot of opportunities transferred out of the mountains, but he was reluctant to expose these children, has always been reluctant to leave. "I am the public teachers, and where are teaching, but which one to pick the stall it " Shaw said, he is the son of the mountains, more than outsiders understand the plight of the Montagnards. "I am most anxious is I do not know the future, which are willing to pick my classes,louis vuitton outlet." There for three years, Xiao teacher in respect of retirement, he is most worried about is that no one is willing to take over his pointer. (End)

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cell phone battery soon no electricity. Yesterday

's impact is so big, but did not think the people of this city is so caring. Their family story of a street, the same day they received more than 100 calls, and some people just asked hastily hung up the phone on their bank account,moncler, and some asked them about his brother's condition. In a phone call to love people, there are a lot of retired elderly. Elderly persons over eighty Also donations the hi E very moved, but she declined the contributions of the elderly. Did not expect to be received so many phone,peuterey outlet, they did not do the appropriate preparation, cell phone battery soon no electricity. Yesterday, the reporter received a call from caring people. Among them, a lady surnamed Shen called, he said, she was asked the company's boss donated two million,peuterey. Ms. Shen told reporters that "reports of the office yesterday, her boss brought it to the day of the Yangcheng Evening News," a three indisputable vitality interpretation of priceless family to see her, just the words "Too bad for the family help them. " Reporters repeatedly asked the boss's name and the name of the company, Ms. Shen said that what also refused to disclose,モンクレール. As of press time yesterday Reporter hi E siblings have received more than 10,バーバリー,000 yuan in cash donations, bank transfer 11 million. Breast cancer patients have come to love hi E said such donations do not like Ms. Shen, whose name she has met many. Yesterday, a lot of public donations directly to the hospital,エアジョーダン, a lot of people are put down money left, they catch up to ask the telephone and name, the other how are reluctant to say,デュベティカ. Contributions there yesterday to a breast cancer patients, she had just experienced the pain of torture, encounter a hi E empathy. This patient has donated $ 100, said, "This money is too little. Hi E hastened to say: "Quite a lot, you can see we have the intention has been great,hollister!", Just finished surgery next spring recovery went very smoothly and has been very clear, and the family dialogue, just The doctor told him he wanted less talk and more rest. The removal of the colon, a period of time, he can not eat normally. Love and warmth that she is no longer strange last night, reporters learned from Guangdong Lions Youth Service Team, they saw the Yangcheng Evening News reported that evening meeting to launch membership donations hi E siblings, just one day time raised two million in donations, they are ready today to the hospital directly help next spring to pay the treatment costs, part of handed hi Ngor hands, as siblings living expenses and these payments. Faced with so many people care and help, hi E and her husband moved. An interview with reporters again, they choked several times. Hi E said, although he was working in Guangzhou for many years,doudoune moncler, but it has been felt nothing culture can not be integrated into the city, and the public from, but this particular experience made her deeply feel the love and warmth of the city, and then no kind of strange feeling before,スパイク サッカー.

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Xiaogang at first day want to buy a package to a friend

'll look for that commitment before 12:00 the next day,moncler outlet, all the returned goods, the conditions of the goods on, Xiaogang compensation fee of 3000 yuan for glass,louis vuitton outlet, and the matter settled, no longer alarmed police. But Xiaogang has not,lancel pas cher, as about and to again later to shop, was arrested. Claiming perpetrator trance smashing shop motive to steal something, Xiaogang at first day want to buy a package to a friend,burberry, but the leather shop was not open the door to own a hurry to go to work, so he had done wrong. Confession in court, Xiaogang said he came to Nanluoguxiang I do not know why, "I saw the store a man waving at me,abercrombie, look provocative, Za Boli go find someone." Xiaogang claiming been trance,burberry pas cher, the spirit of that time because of surgery, and later has been taking a number of drugs, awake at night some home and put a lot of purses, so it appears the scene of the ill-gotten gains. Police evacuation Xiaogang do identify the clinical response to withdrawal syndrome are limited criminal responsibility. Xiaogang 30-year-old,doudoune moncler, his parents are very anxious in the trial, see Xiaogang sometimes answer questions, prosecutors repeatedly want to make the children to explain,michael kors outlet, but hesitantly,abercrombie france. The Xiaogang father Xiaogang was a good child, but the 19-year-old when misguided mental hallucination and subsequent treatment. Xiaogang urge judge leniency, the judge will choose a sentencing date,lancel. Morning News chief correspondent Wang Bin

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the police to the scene of exploration

's hard drive, if it was able to computer hard disk and mail them back to him, he will view them as the "savior" and heavily reward. Jun-An Liu Hunan Institute of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering teacher, who lives in East Lake Road,moncler, Xiangtan City, Hunan Institute of Engineering 7 North Hospital. On the afternoon of October 19, Jun-An Liu out of a meeting and did not return home that night. 18:00 the next day,air jordan pas cher, Jun-An Liu returned home,lancel pas cher, found the door was unlatched, door locks open traces quilt. Jun-An Liu hurried into the house to look and found the home has been a thief turned a desktop computer and a gem ring was gone. Desktop computer's configuration is not high: the display is the Mayan MAYAW900 + model is W9009S power Huntkey power king diamond cool version 2.3, there are two "Seagate serial 500G hard,michael kors outlet. These to sell second-hand computer hardware is only a few hundred dollars, Jun-An Liu, was priceless,burberry pas cher. "All my youth and hard work of the previous decade in there, after two decades of life values ​​need to realize, if the data is lost, my life is ruined,lancel." Jun-An Liu said anxiously. Jun-An Liu introduced the computer hard drive in his ten years through a variety of channels, and even friends abroad to collect and collate the total capacity of about 200G, devoted a lot of effort,air jordan. Which over 1000 professional books, professional manuals at home and abroad, more than 1000 courseware,burberry, professional video, thesis papers, research notes, and some are doing national and provincial projects, now kept in secret research and development stage. The school's computer hard drive storage capacity is too small, the school's computers were also stolen, Jun-An Liu to be gradually transferred to the computer in their own home. Such information has not been backed up, Jun-An Liu bought two 500G hard drive, mended just copy data, the hard disk has not taken down from the computer, the computer is stolen. Discovered the burglary,abercrombie france, Jun-An Liu immediately reported to the police, the police to the scene of exploration, not yet solve the case,louis vuitton outlet. "For me, the value of the computer has gone far beyond its own it and my life has been closely linked with data refresh may be unable to complete in 2035." Jun-An Liu sorrows. Yesterday afternoon, Jun-An Liu made on the Internet a "Notice to thieves book:" Sir Thief, the hard disk back to me, please do not damage my data, if they can return the hard drive ...... "Jun-An Liu computer in your hands Whether you are from where you get the computer to call the newspaper's hotline, can also be hard sent directly to the Hunan Institute of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering teacher Jun-An Liu closing, he thanked. Reporter Li Zhihong

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I know you wronged

's demolition demolition program clearly illegal, unreasonable compensation, they resolutely resist the demolition. The past five months,michael kors outlet, representations, complaints, petitions,louboutin, prosecution, do, do, but still can not change fate,lancel. December 3,burberry pas cher, he received demolitions orders, ordered Dec. 17 to move out, "demolitions to begin so leave a suicide note. In his testament,air jordan, Wang Guodong first parents said: "My dear father and mother, forgive his son's lack of filial piety, maybe I can not accompany the old couple spent a happy old age, but your son is not an embarrassment to you! ...... I will use life defend our dignity, your pride and you must live well. "his son said:" my lovely son, father named you 'awe-inspiring', that is, I hope you can be a righteous man ... ... grow up, you have to learn to do a Dongliangzhicai If you can be an officer, remember not to oppress vulnerable groups! can not lord it over the people head. "Finally,doudoune moncler, his wife said:" The most unworthy is you ...... I no longer reported, hope the afterlife adjourned to the marriage. "Wang Guodong in this suicide note signed his name, date of December 17. The touched users have Zhuantie the support Guodong testament to touch a lot of friends,moncler outlet. Netizens have his microblogging forward. Users have to persuade, and provide the solution also has his lawyers to provide legal advice. 6 at 9 o'clock, Wang Guodong made a micro-Bo: "I just put a door at home with gas welding welded shut. Gasoline ready. Now back hair Bo. Too much of a friend gave me a message. Do blame me not eleven Message I bow to everyone. "microblogging again friends crazy forwarded to 7 at 9 am, has been forwarded 7000 times. Professor Yu Jianrong,louis vuitton outlet, a famous expert on rural issues at 11.00 to 37 distributed micro boan comfort Guodong: "Brothers, do not cry! I know you wronged, you're helpless, you are not satisfied! Brothers, we are with you together, that is, To also fair and equitable. and friends worried alarm to Qingdao "110" on the night of the 6th,abercrombie, Wang Guodong suicide. The local police station, police officers late at night he go to the police station, to know and to do psychological counseling. At 2:00 on the 7th and more, Wang Guodong emotional stability before they let him go home. Mayor to intervene to give up suicidal thoughts 7 pm, microblogging upload to the good news: demolition which the Qingdao Sifang government, received phone calls Qingdao Mayor Xia Geng, mayor of the special reporting requirements to him. Wang Guodong accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, on the evening of the 7th, and again thanks to the concern of friends, said his attitudes have changed over the never saw any hope to slowly see hope: "The mayor intervene, things are toward the good of the person in charge of the demolition to do come looking for me, before the responsible person is always sullen, now take the initiative to shake my hand. "Wang Guodong introduced his wife and parents to know until the morning of the 6th he stay testament to suicide message, the whole family Baotoutongku a "release of repressed emotions both also have very fond memories of feelings, all kinds of things are intertwined. Wang Guodong said, after this thing, let him see the world is more than good, alive or hope,abercrombie france. He also said that he should things progress at any time inform the care of his friends, and he will have to alert everyone, do not learn from him as, "Do not be transferred to the pain of family".

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