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Interpol's fight against human trafficking

Think of Interpol, the world's largest policing agency,Beats by dre, and you think secrets, spies and high security,Billiga Monster. But deep inside Interpol's Lyon headquarters, the staff is dealing with real human suffering. CNN was allowed to spend a few days inside the world's largest international police organization and get an inside look at the group's battle against human trafficking. CNN's Richard Quest reports,Monster Beats. (More reports about Interpol)

Rod Stewart Driven To Tears Following Celtic Upsetting Barce

Wednesday’s unbelievable upset by Celtic over Barcelona was one which people will not soon forget,nike shox, and fans at Celtic Park were treated to one of the club’s biggest wins in history,nike air max. So what happens when an upset like that occurs? Well, die-hard fans sometimes will shed tears of joy, and Rod Stewart was one of those fans. Check out Rod getting emotional following his beloved club’s win,billige nike shox.


Yankees Pitcher Ivan Nova Will Come to Your Bar Mitzvah

Thanks to a site called Thuzio,nike sko, anybody willing to dish out an X amount of dollars can do a various amount of activities with some of the world&#8217,air max;s ‘top athletes.’ For a cool $4,000, Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova will come to your bar mitzvah, wedding, or anniversary party!

This is like the make-a-wish foundation for adults. Only it doesn’t necessarily involve kids that have been through a traumatic experience or are ill,billiga nike shox.  Or maybe it’s more like some weird legal form of washed up/in need of ego-boost and/or money athlete prostitution. After all, Thuzio does give you the option of making a ‘custom request.’

If having a Yankees pitcher at your bar mitzvah isn’t your thing, you could always challenge competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi to a duck liver mousse eating contest at Plein Sud in TriBeCa!

[Eye on Baseball]

Chiefs Fan Served Poop Cookies Mocking Team at Tailgate [Pic

It’s been a tough year in Kansas City, and one fan decided to express their feelings for the team by making an interesting dish at a tailgate,Beats By Dr Dre. Cookies that look like piles of poop were passed out on top of a Chiefs logo.

Via a picture that has since been deleted from @NAWTADIGM‘s Twitter account comes the most accurate portrayal of this season for the Chiefs. What these cookies tasted like &#8211,Beats Sverige; or if anyone actually ate one – has yet to be determined,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, but they did look incredibly realistic (of dog poop, at least).

[Kissing Suzy Kolber]


Shrimp exports to West tied to bonded labor

Editor's Note: Anti-trafficking expert Siddharth Kara is the author of “Bonded Labor: Tackling the System of Slavery in South Asia,” providing the first comprehensive overview of bonded labor in South Asia.

In the third chapter of my new book on bonded labour, I explore the shrimp industry of Bangladesh. Chingri (shrimp) harvesting provides a highly illustrative case study of the very powerful ways in which environmental change can directly contribute to human trafficking, debt bondage, and forced labor exploitation, especially in the far reaches of the developing world.

To research the shrimp industry of Bangladesh requires a journey to the cyclone-wracked southwestern reaches of the country.

Here, one finds four stages to Bangladesh’s shrimp industry supply chain: 1 shrimp fry (baby shrimp) collection, shrimp farming, the distribution to processors, and shrimp processing. Each one of these stages is tainted by some form of severe labor exploitation.

Bangladesh’s shrimp industry is relatively new, and the recent shift from traditional agriculture to shrimp aquaculture in southwestern Bangladesh is primarily a result of climate change.

Beginning in the 1990s, farmers began to notice more and more saline shrimp in their irrigation channels, primarily due to rising sea levels.

Bangladesh is within close proximity of several multi-billion-dollar shrimp exporting nations such as Thailand, India, and Vietnam, so landowners quickly did the math and realized that low-intensity saline shrimp would generate far more profit than rice or potatoes ever would.

They rapidly transformed the area from freshwater agriculture to saline aquaculture. Now there are more than 170,000 hectares of saline shrimp farms (ghers) along the southwestern coast of Bangladesh (and more than 400,000 hectares of freshwater ghers further north). Nothing else can grow here, and no animals can graze.

“Our children have no vegetables to eat, no fresh water, and no milk,” a shrimp farmer named Aziz told me. “It is terrible here, but we have no choice. We are lucky to have this gher; otherwise what would we do?”

Aziz was a former agricultural bonded laborer who managed to transition to bonded labor for shrimp farming.

Hundreds of thousands of other farmers were forcibly displaced by the shrimp farms, because shrimp harvesting requires vastly fewer people than agricultural crops. Many of these peasants were trafficked to India and Southeast Asia for labor exploitation.

Those that remain eke out a destitute existence of bondage.

Children are also heavily exploited by the shrimp sector of Bangladesh. Thousands of children wade into the muddy, parasite-infested rivers near the Sundarban mangrove forests to catch baby shrimp in small blue nets.

As one of these children named Mohammed explained: “None of us are in school. I wish I could be in school, but I must do this work or else we cannot earn enough money…This entire area is for shrimp farming, so there is no other work for us.”

Once caught, the baby shrimp spend three to four months growing into full-grown shrimp in farms like Aziz’s,nike shox, after which they are distributed to processors who de-scale, de-vein, and/or behead them before freezing them for export.

Almost all shrimp exports from Bangladesh are bound for the U.S., the EU, and Japan. This processor stage is rumored to be replete with forced labor,billige nike sko, but I had little success in accessing the plants as I was angrily turned away at gunpoint from all of them except one.

By my calculation, roughly one out of every 57 shrimp consumed around the world are tainted by forced labor, bonded labor,billige nike free, or child labor from Bangladesh alone.

As the average U.S. citizen consumes approximately two kilograms of shrimp per year, this means that each American eats roughly one to three pieces of tainted shrimp each year, just from Bangladesh.

While a low cost of production in countries like Bangladesh has helped shrimp become the top seafood commodity in the world, it is vital to remember that as with so many other commodities sourced from the developing world, this same low cost of production is a direct function of immeasurable human exploitation and environmental harm.

Read more about bonded labor in Asia.

Price training hard for Thompson showdown

Price-Thompson is LIVE on Wealth TV and on February 23

Famed British promoter Frank Maloney says David Price and his trainer Franny Smith are two of the best professionals he has ever worked with. The British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion faces world ranked American Tony Thompson at Liverpool’s Echo Arena on February 23rd in a 12 round international heavyweight contest that can be seen on Wealth TV and

Despite training for four twelve-round contests last year, 6ft 8in Price (15-0) took just a week off following November’s win over Matt Skelton. Maloney said, “David and Franny are a dream team and stayed in the gym over Christmas and New Year. After the Skelton fight they asked if the Thompson fight could be delayed until March to allow David a longer rest. We tried to switch the date, but the venue had no available dates and there were no complaints from them. They just said ‘okay,’ and got on with it like the true professionals that they are. Some fighters you have to be calling up and checking what they are doing, but I can rest knowing David is doing everything correct.”

Price, 29, is now ranked 9th in world by the WBC and rapidly closing in on the heavyweight divisions big guns,billige nike free, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko.

Southpaw Thompson (36-3) brings a wealth of experience and has knocked out 24 of his opponents. Two of his defeats came against Wladimir Klitschko in world titles challenges. Back in July 2008 he lost in 11 rounds and earlier this year was beaten in six. Thompson is ranked 10th in the IBF world rankings.

In the chief supporting bout, another Liverpool boxer Kevin Satchell (9-0) will defend his British and Commonwealth flyweight titles against Belfast’s Luke Wilton (13-2-1),nike air max.

Top British light-welterweight contender Adil Anwar (18-1) will box a ten rounder against a selected opponent.

There will be a press conference in Liverpool next week to announce other boxers on the bill including another British championship contest.

Price-Thompson can be seen on WealthTV nationally on Verizon FiOS TV channel 169 and 669 in HD, AT&T U-Verse TV channels 470 and 1470 in HD, along with over 100 cable systems across the country as well as on line viewing on numerous connected devices and via www.wealthtv,billige nike

January 3rd, 2013

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IBF Purse Bid Results

There were two purse bids held at IBF Headquarters today:

Alejandro Lopez vs. Jhonatan Romero for the vacant IBF jr. featherweight championship was won by Sampson Boxing with a bid of $132,000. Gary Shaw Productions bid $122,200. The split is 50% to 50%.

Johnriel Casimero’s mandatory defense of his IBF jr. flyweight world championship against Luis Rios was also won by Sampson Boxing with a bid of $132,000. Promociones Y Eventos Del Istmo bid $95,nike air max,000,billiga nike free. The split is 75% to 25% in favor of the champion.

The promoter has 90 days to put the fight on,nike shox.

January 2nd, 2013

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Packers DuJuan Harris turns ultimate test drive into wild ri

GREEN BAY, Wis.—When Packers running backs coach Alex Van Pelt was informed by the personnel department that he had a new guy to train, he didn’t think much of it.

Not until he actually met him face-to ... well, chin-to-forehead.


Van Pelt,nike shox, an NFL quarterback for 11 seasons, is 6-1. The shortest backs in his meeting room are 6-feet tall. So, when 5-7, 203-pound DuJuan Harris walked in, Van Pelt thought, “This is different.”

“They just told me, ‘You have a new guy named DuJuan, and he’ll be in there today,’ ” Van Pelt said. “He was just different than other body types we’ve had, which is good. Once he stepped on the practice field that first week, it was, ‘OK, I see something to him.’ He’s a talented runner.”

Harris has come out of practically nowhere—a job selling cars at a Jacksonville, Fla., Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge dealership to be precise—to become the lead back in the Packers’ post-season offense. When the Packers face the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night in a divisional playoff game, Harris will be an integral part of the offense.

He jumped ahead of Alex Green, Ryan Grant and James Starks in a little more than a month since joining the team’s practice squad on Oct. 24. Harris originally was signed as protection after Cedric Benson suffered a Lisfranc fracture in his foot, but when Starks went out with a knee injury, Grant was signed and Harris was elevated to the 53-man roster.

In the 5 1/2 weeks he was on the practice squad, Harris opened eyes serving both as a look-team cornerback for the offense during walk-throughs and a running back for the defense during the full practice. With his Rubik’s Cube body frame, stylish dreadlocks and bouncy competitiveness, Harris quickly became a favorite among his teammates.

“He’s kind of a Transformer,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “There’s more than meets the eye with DuJuan. He’s a very tough guy. He’s got great athleticism, agility; he makes some great jump cuts. ... He’s done some nice things for us.

“You have to give him a lot of credit. He’s learned the offense the last few weeks and studied, obviously, and the package for him is just going to continue to grow.”

Harris made his debut at home against Detroit, getting the ball on his first play from scrimmage because coach Mike McCarthy wanted to get a look at him the week before against Minnesota but never found the right place to insert him.

A Lambeau Field crowd was witness to Harris’ explosiveness when, after taking the handoff from Rodgers, Harris burst through the line for an 11-yard gain. He finished with 31 yards on seven carries, including a 14-yard touchdown run that put his tremendous leg strength on display during his first Lambeau Leap.

Harris continued to have an impact in victories over Tennessee and Chicago, busting loose for 70 yards rushing and 17 yards receiving in a season-ending loss to the Vikings. He followed that performance with 100 total yards and a touchdown in a wild-card rematch with Minnesota.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve just been trying to help the team win,” Harris said. “Even when I was on the practice squad, I was trying to give them a real look. My mindset hasn’t changed.”

Harris has come a long way since joining the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent out of Troy. He spent most of 2011 on the Jaguars’ practice squad, working his way onto the 53-man roster late in the year and rushing nine times for 42 yards.

But the Jaguars cut him at the end of training camp and Pittsburgh, who claimed him on waivers, cut him four days after that. He was unemployed until Packers pro personnel director Eliot Wolf called him and offered him a job on the practice squad.

Harris had just begun selling cars, but his employer, who hired other NFL players in the past, understood.

Upon arriving in Green Bay, Harris received intensive one-on-one tutoring from Van Pelt. The two basically started out the way the other backs had in training camp and went over everything from how the holes in the line are numbered to which calls mean the play is going right and which mean it is going left.

“He’s been sharp in the meetings,” Van Pelt said. “There’s common mistakes in the system that a new guy will make, just little wrinkles here and there. He’s not a repeat offender, which is what you’re looking for. He’s learning. Once you correct it, it’s usually cleaned up for that week’s game until there’s another wrinkle.”

Pass protection has been the hardest thing for Harris to learn, but he's a willing blocker. In the wild-card game, he began catching check-down passes from Rodgers and turning them into substantial gains.

The Packers are hoping this aspect of his game will help them attack the open zones in Cover-2 defenses,billige nike sko, although the 49ers don’t play the traditional Tampa-2 and won’t be as susceptible to those routes. Harris is likely to split time with Starks, who is expected to make his return this weekend. Harris will get first crack, and if he's effective, could render the other backs unnecessary.

Regardless of what happens Saturday night, Harris knows one thing is for sure: He’s going back to selling cars when the season is over. They’ve been doing good business there recently, and he is determined to sell his first. He isn’t one to give up easily.

“I just got off the phone with them—they just told me they sold 10 cars,” Harris said. “That’s live. That is live,nike air max. Why not be a part of that?”

Police Report Details Chilling Final Moments Of Jovan Belche

The Kansas City Police Department has released their report following the tragic murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins, and it contains chilling details about Belcher’s actions leading up to the incident, and his final moments in front of Kansas City Chiefs personnel. From the Kansas City Star:

Less than two months ago, Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher sent a foreboding text message to a secret girlfriend, expressing turmoil and frustration with his longtime girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins.

In the message, Belcher said he “would shoot” Perkins “if she didn’t leave him alone,” according to police reports obtained by The Star. At the time, the secret girlfriend thought Belcher was joking.

The report also states that Belcher told his secret girlfriend that Perkins “knew exactly how to press his buttons and make him angry” and had “threatened to take all his money and his child if they split up.” Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepard, moved in with the couple to help repair their relationship, just two weeks before the shooting. Then, on December 1st, Shepard heard the two arguing, but didn’t get involved (Perkins had previously accused her of “interfering” in their confrontations). She only responded when she heard gunshots. Police later determined that Belcher hit Perkins’ front side ten times, and five more times in her back — a bullet that made its way to the basement indicates she was also shot while on the floor.

A distraught Belcher hopped in his Bentley and drove to the Chiefs facility. An eyewitness recounts Belcher’s exchange with GM Scott Pioli:

“I’m sorry Scott, I’ve done a bad thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk with Gibbs and Romeo. You know that I’ve been having some major problems at home and with my girlfriend. I need help! I wasn’t able to get enough help. I appreciate everything you all have done for me with trying to help … but it wasn’t enough. I have hurt my girl already and I can&#8217,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre;t go back now.”

Pioli immediately summoned Crennel, who pleaded with Belcher as police arrived on the scene: “You’re taking the easy way out!”

Belcher glanced at an approaching police officer , then knelt behind a minivan, made the sign of the cross on his chest with his left hand and fired a bullet into his head above his right ear,Monster Beats. After the gunshot, Crennel slumped, dropped his hands and turned away from Belcher.

Many witnesses, including Crennel, say the problems between Perkins and Belcher stemmed from money issues — Perkins hoped that being with an NFL player would provide for a better life &#8212,Beats By Dr Dre; but Crennel stated that Belcher was “smart with his money and didn’t live outside his means”.

via Kansas City Star, ESPN, TMZ


Heat open win over Lakers with four, count em, dunks - NBA -

By now you know the finish: Heat 99,nike air max, Lakers 90.

Welcome back to reality. Thanks for giving it a run, Kobe & Co.

Still you got a feeling early,nike sko, very early, that LA, despite playing better in the previous week, was going to struggle to stretch its modest two-game winning streak into three.

Why's that?

We give you exhibits 1, 2,billige nike sko, 3 … and 4.

That's the Heat's first four, count 'em, baskets on Thursday night off dunks, three via steals.

Experts warn of Google Apps phishing threat

Security experts are warning users to be vigilant following the discovery of a new phishing operation which targets Google Apps.

Researchers at Sophos said that the attack poses as a Google log-in screen and is hosted on what appears to be a compromised page within the Ethiopean Red Cross site.

According to Sophos, the attack arrives in the target's inbox as an unsolicited note about a supposed order,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre. The message asks the user to log into what they claim is a Google Docs hosted document in order to review an invoice.

When the user clicks on the link, however, they are redirected to a phishing site designed to resemble the Google Docs log-in screen. The page then asks the user to enter log-in credentials which are presumably harvested by attacker to perform account hijackings.

What is most peculiar about the attack, however, is its choice of host domain. Researchers believe that the phishing page is the result of a breach on the Ethiopian Red Cross website.

"At first glance, you might imagine you are logging into Google Docs to see the content from the email's sender - but a closer examination of the URL bar reveals that this isn't Google at all that you're visiting, but instead a phishing page hidden away on the Ethiopian Red Cross Society's website," Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley wrote in a blog post.

"Of course, you shouldn't enter your credentials on the page - as they are likely to end up in the hands of cybercriminals,Beats by dre."

The sites of government agencies,Beats By Dr Dre, nonprofits and educational institutions have in the past been popular targets for breaches which can lead to the uploading of phishing pages. Users are advised to avoid clicking links in unsolicited email messages and check the URL address of any page which asks for log-in credentials.

J.J. Watt Brings Some Holiday Cheer To The Children Of Newto

J.J. Watt has 20,Beats Sverige.5 sacks this season and is just two sacks shy of the NFL’s single-season sack record held by Michael Strahan, but maybe his most important play happened earlier this week.  J.J. Tweeted out the below photo of himself lining up against some children with the words “Our new friends from Newtown, CT.”  Watt appeared to be doing what he could to bring a little peace and happiness to the people who were touched by the senseless school shooting in their town just weeks prior. Watt explained to the USA TODAY: “I just wanted to give them a normal day.&#8221,Billiga Monster;

Our new friends from Newtown, CT.…

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) December 28, 2012

This isn’t the first time J,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre.J. Watt has done his part to remember the fallen victims, as earlier in the year he paid tribute by writing the town’s name on his game gloves.

Amazon Web Services apologises for Christmas outage

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has apologised for an outage that occurred over Christmas that left several major web firms,Billiga Monster, such as Netflix, without service on Christmas eve.

Amazon blamed human error for the outage,Beats Sverige, explaining in a detailed blog on Monday that it was caused when a portion of its Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service was accidentally deleted.

"The data was deleted by a maintenance process that was inadvertently run against the production ELB state data," it said.

"This process was run by one of a very small number of developers who have access to this production environment. Unfortunately, the developer did not realise the mistake at the time."

As a result it took longer than expected for staff to identify the cause of the issues and resolve it. Amazon finally implemented the fix before lunch on Christmas Day. This led to an apology from AWS for the incident.

"We know how critical our services are to our customers' businesses, and we know this disruption came at an inopportune time for some of our customers," it said.

"We will do everything we can to learn from this event and use it to drive further improvement in the ELB service."

Netflix was one firms affected by the outage. In a blog post its cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft said the firm was now considering how to ensure it would be able to cope with any similar incidents in the future, given its reliance on cloud tools to run its movie services.

"Netflix is designed to handle failure of all or part of a single availability zone in a region as we run across three zones and operate with no loss of functionality on two,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre. We are working on ways of extending our resiliency to handle partial or complete regional outages," he wrote.

He noted, though, that while "Christmas Eve is traditionally a slow Netflix night as many members celebrate with families" the length of the delay did impact its customers.

"We see significantly higher usage on Christmas Day and increased streaming rates continue until customers go back to work or school."

The incident is yet another timely reminder of the potential pitfalls of moving to a fully-hosted cloud environment as many IT managers reassess their infrastructure and IT costs for the year ahead.

Mariusz Wach update

By Malte Müller-Michaelis

Polish heavyweight Mariusz Wach has formally requested the opening of the B sample of the anti-doping test taken from him at his world title fight against WBA / WBO / IBF / IBO champion Wladimir Klitschko on November 10th in Hamburg, Germany. Wach had admitted PED abuse in an interview published in Polish newspaper Gazeta Krakowska after testing positive for anabolic steroids. The German boxing commission (Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer – BDB) suspended “The Viking” for 12 months and imposed a fine of 5,113.- Euros. Although Wach’s team had initially decided not to challenge the A sample they now obviously changed their minds and asked for the B sample to be checked,Billiga Monster.

“Of course, it is their right to do so,” said BDB President Thomas Puetz according to German boxing website “That’s why they take A and B samples. The only stipulation is that the delinquent has to carry the costs of the procedure,Beats By Dr Dre. If the B sample shows the same result as the A sample the suspension and the fine will be confirmed,Monster Beats.”

January 24th, 2013

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Matt Barnes suspended Clipper gets one game for run-in with

forward has been suspended one game without pay for striking Greg Stiemsma of the Minnesota Timberwolves in the neck,Beats by dre, NBA Executive Vice President,Monster Beats, Basketball Operations Stu Jackson was announced Friday,Beats By Dr Dre.

The occurred with 8:26 remaining in the second quarter of the Clippers’ 96-90 victory Wednesday in Minneapolis,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre.

Barnes will serve his suspension Friday night when the Clippers visit the Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre,Beats Sverige.

Bitcasa cloud storage launches to general availability

Cloud storage provider Bitcasa has finally launched to general availability, having been in beta testing for nearly eight months.

The service offers unlimited cloud storage via its Infinite Drive product,nike sko, normally for $99 (£63.22) per year, or $10 (£6.38) per month. However, the company is now offering the first year of storage for $69 (£44.06) until March 2013 via its blog.

At the same time as coming out of beta, Bitcasa also launched new iOS and Mac apps, having already launched clients for Android in January and Windows 8 in November,nike shox. For platforms that do not have a compatible app yet, the service is also available through the browser.

“Bitcasa simplifies storage with the Infinite Drive, which works like a magic external hard drive that never crashes or runs out of space,” the company said in a statement,billige nike free.

“Everything becomes instantly available across all devices regardless of device capacity or file formats. In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side,nike air max, which means that unlike other services, Bitcasa employees cannot access any data for any reason.”

The announcement comes just four days after the organisation updated its web access interface, which the company called “a big first step before we turn the Bitcasa web experience into a fully featured media player,billige nike sko, file viewer, and web-based file manager”.

The service is available to the general public immediately via Bitcasa’s website.

Microsoft’s Child Of The 90′s Ad Punches Nostalgia In The

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer debuted in the 90′s and it is that same era the parent company is using in an attempt to revive the buzz around what is pretty much the first web browser,nike air max.

Sure, if you are as seasoned as I am you recall days of dialing into a BBS and hoping call waiting didn’t come through, because that meant your line was dead and your mother and aunt would be tying up the line for the next two hours. Oddly enough, your mother always thought it was your &#8220,nike shox;computering” that ran up the phone bills. Okay, it&#8217,nike free;s not odd,billige nike shox. Your calls were local. Sorry Dad, you were duped.

In any case,nike sko, Microsoft released this awesome ad campaign for Internet Explorer that caters to the 90′s. If you watch this and don’t get a bit nostalgic, I want to know why in the comments.

Opscode Chef cooks up Facebook automation

Facebook has deployed Opscode Chef to automate configuration and management within its web-tier infrastructure.

The social networking behemoth will use the automation services provider’s Private Chef on-premise automation product to help with the day-to-day running of the site.

Explaining why Chef was chosen over competitor systems, Jay Wampold, vice president of marketing at Opscode, told Cloud Pro: “Facebook is probably one of the largest infrastructures on the planet and scale matters to them, but there were three dimensions of scale in particular that were important when they made the decision about what automation platform they were going to use.

“The first was the raw number of clients that can be managed and automated using Chef. The second was the volume of configurations that can be stored and managed and the third was the ability through role-based access control to propagate and manage what users across your infrastructure have access to which components of the architecture and who can manage that.”

Additionally, Facebook did not want to change its workflow to conform to an automation tool,Monster Beats, Wampold said.

“One of the inherent benefits of our primitive-based architecture is our Chef bends to a customer’s workflow,” he said.

Christopher Brown, CTO of Opscode, added: “These are guys with a lot of technical savvy [who knew they] could staff a team to build an automation system like Chef themselves.

“But they are also smart enough to know that they would have to continue to support that kind of thing over time, [which is why they chose to outsource].”

As well as having the scalability and flexibility Facebook required, Brown also claimed the two organisations “shared a lot of the same design ideas” and that,Beats by dre, over time, they would likely be moving in the same direction anyway.

While the introduction of Chef into Facebook’s systems is a major boon for both companies, it is not one that will be immediately apparent to users,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre.

“Enabling Facebook’s scale is something that most users will not directly see, but obviously the better it scales the fewer failure cases you have around standard usage as well,” said Brown.

In addition to announcing Facebook as a new client, Opscode is also unveiling the latest iteration of its automation suite, Chef 11.

“Facebook actually had a role in the timing and some of the development of Chef 11 ... which was rebuilt from the ground up,” said Wampold.

“It was accelerated by the needs of Facebook, but through Hosted Chef, our software-as-a-service platform, even in the workloads we were seeing a year ago we were already seeing things we were going to want to address for greater scale on our own,” said Brown,Billiga Monster.

The back end server has been replaced with Erlang, rather than Ruby, and it now uses a PostgreSQL database. This, Brown claims, makes it both more secure and easier to install for its enterprise customers.

The rollout of Chef on Facebook’s servers has been completed, although it will continue to grow as the service grows, and Chef 11 is available as a free download now,Beats Sverige.

Vodafone and BAE Systems team up to tackle mobile security t

BAE Systems and Vodafone have teamed up to tackle the growing scourge of cyber threats to businesses in a five-year deal that will also see the launch of new security products.

The deal will begin with Vodafone's tablet and smartphone security solutions with BAE Systems offering the carrier's new cloud-based mobile security solution, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager.

Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager is a cloud-based mobile security solution designed to work across all networks and blocking malicious content.

The service offers companies several security features including the ability to scan traffic to and from a company's mobile devices,nike shox.

BAE Systems said the product would first be offered to Vodafone's 1,500 global enterprise customers when it's made available in spring 2013.

Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao,billige nike sko, said the deal is starting with mobile as it is one of the key security challenges businesses.

"As a new generation of mobile-centric security risks begins to emerge, our customers are looking for our help to protect their businesses,billige nike free," said Colao.

"Our partnership with BAE Systems will strengthen further our commitment to meet our customers' increasingly complex cyber security needs."

In the future the partnership will also see the two research new security products for business in growing areas,billige nike shox, like interconnected devices using machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

BAE Systems chief executive officer, Ian King said the joint research deal will help businesses future-proof themselves against hackers.

"These technologies are subject to the vulnerabilities of cyber space and we can provide the mobile marketplace with protection against today's threats and the advanced threats of the future."

Vodafone has also become BAE Systems' preferred global supplier of mobile communications in all territories excluding the US. This will include 35,000 employees in the UK.

The deal's announcement follows on from BAE Systems' previous warning that most businesses are still failing to properly address the issue of cyber security.

Speaking to&nbsp,nike air max;V3 in an exclusive interview, BAE Systems Detica head of cyber security services, Tom Burton, warned that companies' strategies for dealing with cyber attacks are too knee jerk, with most alerting the hackers they are on to them too early.

Burton warned that companies must instead invest more heavily in network monitoring technologies that will let the spot and deal with cyber threats in a more covert manner.

Heroku confirms three-year slide in Bamboo stack performance

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider Heroku has admitted apps running on its Bamboo stack have experienced a steady degradation in service over the past three years.

The admission by the company’s general manager,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, Oren Teich, comes in response to a blog post from one of its biggest customers, Rap Genius.

Developers at Rap Genius accused Heroku of having “quietly redesigned its routing system [in 2010] and the change – nowhere documented, nowhere instrumented – radically degraded throughput on the platform.

“Dollar for dollar a dyno (virtualised Ubuntu server) became worth a fraction of its former self,” the post continued.

Rap Genius claimed the switch from intelligent load distribution to random load distribution had caused the degradation,Beats By Dr Dre.

In response, Teich said: “In short,Beats by dre, Ruby on Rails apps running on Bamboo have experienced a degradation in performance over the past 3 years as we have scaled.

“We failed to explain how our product works. We failed to help our customers scale. We failed our community at large,Beats Sverige. I want to personally apologise, and commit to resolving this issue.”

Teich said Heroku would be posting an in-depth technical review at some point today and would generally be working towards increasing customer understanding of how Bamboo works.

While some users said they appreciated Heroku’s honesty, Teich was criticised for not adding “fixing the problem” to the list of actions it would take.

Commenter Abe Burnett said: “I appreciate that you're taking responsibility and not shifting blame. Yet, the RapGenius story raises some serious concerns about the viability of Heroku as a platform for large-scale applications.

“Better, more accurate communication is important,Billiga Monster, absolutely; but so is ensuring that the underlying service problems are addressed.”

Chivas USA coach Finances are driving force behind roster m

Chivas USA coach José Luis Sanchéz Solá has denied that his club’s roster moves have been motivated by a preference for players with Latin American heritage, despite appearances.

Over the past month, Chivas USA has parted ways with nine players, six of whom lacked Latino background. Several were dealt in trades for which Chivas received little in return,Beats by dre. All four of the club’s signings this year have been players with Hispanic heritage.

"The case is that this team has a budget gap of more than $1 million, so we have to fix it. It is rude and even racist to talk about 'Anglos' or 'Latinos,’ ” Sanchéz Solá told

“This team is building an identity for the 12 million fans that we can reach here in Los Angeles, and that is what we are doing. Even more, that is what the league wants us to do, because if they disagree with us they wouldn't let us do it.”

He said the departures of players like Shalrie Joseph, Nick LaBrocca, Ben Zemanski, Casey Townsend and James Riley, “was a matter or budget. They wanted either long contracts, contract extensions or guarantees that the team can't give right now."

Several non-Latin players remain on Chivas’ roster,Beats By Dr Dre, including goalkeeper Dan Kennedy, forward Tristan Bowen and defenders Bobby Burling, Rauwshan McKenzie and Ante Jazic, who is Canadian.

Sanchéz Solá has hinted several times that heritage does matter, however,Beats Sverige. After taking the job in early December, he said, “We need to win games because we have won very little and we need to bring Mexican players, Chivas (de Guadalajara) players, make them believe (in Chivas USA) and bring that, that in the last eight, nine years, Chivas USA has not been able to do.”

He told last month, “I could name 15 Mexican-American players off the top of my head who have played for other teams but have never played for Chivas USA,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre. This is a real tragedy. It is like having daughters, not knowing where they sleep and when you find them,Monster Beats, they have each had three children and you think to yourself, ‘How did this happen?’ ”

British firms' security undermined by 70 percent plummet in

The UK is facing a prolonged skills crisis for security professionals because businesses have ignored the need for established career paths, according to Ernst & Young.

The number of graduates interested in a career in cyber security has plummeted over the past decade, Mark Brown, director of information security at Ernst & Young told V3.

"If you go back to 1998 there were 32,000 graduates a year in computing, maths, engineering, the traditional entry points for a career in information security,nike shox," Brown said,billige nike free.

"By 2010 that figure was reduced to 7,000 people,nike free, a 70 percent drop on graduates entering the industry."

Brown said the lack of interest is largely due to the way businesses have marginalised cyber security, seeing it as something to be outsourced to another company rather than dealt with internally.

"People don't see information security as a career point,nike sko, why is that? Offshoring. Since the mid-90s a lot of the work information security is doing has been outsourced to companies like IBM,nike air max. That results in a derogation of interest in the skill set, as people don't recognise it as a career," said Brown.

"What we now need to do as a nation is to readdress that skill perception. It's going to take 10 to 20 years to repair the skills perception, right through from 10 year olds at schools."

The warning of a 20 year wait for enough security professionals was recently outlined by the National Audit Office (NAO) in a report into the government's Cyber Strategy.

</p> Previous 1 2 Next

Amazon pushes for cloud dominance; will ICANN give in

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has many roles; coordination of Internet Protocol address space and the management of the Top-Level Domain (TLD) name space amongst them. If one application that falls within the latter remit gets the go ahead, ICANN might yet end up being best known as the organisation that sold the cloud to Amazon. 

Methinks I had better explain...

For the longest time there were precious few TLDs to choose from, and if you were after a snappy generic dotcom for your business then, frankly, you were likely to be out of luck. The pot of available .com and domains has long since been the domain, if you will excuse the pun, of, erm, the punster, the hyphenator and the creative genius.

The problem not being made any easier when you take into account cybersquatters, by which I include those who have registered trademarks and company names in an attempt to make a few quid, as well as the numerous domain name companies who bulk buy everything and anything that may make a profit when resold.

In response,nike shox, ICANN came up with the idea of generic TLDs (gTLDs) which would open up the availability pool. Some gTLDs have been around forever such as .biz (created in 2001) for business use, but newer ideas such as .xxx (created in 2011) for the sex industry have taken off more recently.

There are more than 1000 gTLDs currently in the process of being considered, with applications being taken by interested parties which want to 'operate' them,nike free. One of the more contentious is the .cloud domain. It is up to ICANN to determine who is best suited to manage these new gTLDs, and that's where both Amazon, and my objections, come in to play.

Most importantly, for me at any rate, is the impression of ownership that managing the proposed .cloud domain brings with it: no one company owns the cloud, and that includes the really big players such as Amazon. Yet ownership of the domain registry could, by association and to the uninformed, imply ownership of the cloud.

I'm not against the idea of a .cloud gTLD though, don't get me wrong. Actually I think it is a great idea in order to identify those people providing cloud-based services. It would certainly help to clarify services in the cloud, which the good old dotcom doesn't allow for. But for it to succeed I think it has to be delivered as an 'unrestricted' registry in the same way that the dotcom registry is.

Ownership of the domain registry could, by association and to the uninformed, imply ownership of the cloud

Amazon isn't alone in apparently thinking differently,nike air max, Symantec has also applied to operate the .cloud gTLD registry. But I am a bit worried that Amazon specifically wants, if the original application is anything to go by, to operate .cloud in a closed manner. Amazon states it will "strictly control the use of .cloud domains" and the application goes on to talk about a "single entity registry" and one with "all domains registered to Amazon". Yep, that's right, only Amazon interests could be represented by a .cloud domain.

Now, quite apart from the anti-competitive aspect of making .cloud a 'closed' gTLD that is managed by one of the big players within the cloud industry, an aspect which could well be seen as illegal as far as European legislation is concerned, there are broader issues at stake. I'm no lawyer, thank goodness, but I imagine that Amazon has some good ones that think any such legislation wouldn't apply to them,billige nike shox. But what does apply to them is that creating in what is effect a monopoly on the .cloud is simply unfair. 

Hopefully ICANN will see sense and reject any applications for a closed registry,billige nike free, let's hope so as time has just about run out to complain to them about it. As Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud industry Forum (CIF) points out "the window for public comments and objections to the granting of closed registry applications is open to the 5th March and a more formal approach for industry bodies such as the CIF to put in a Community Objection is open until the following week.” "I would recommend you get writing your own comments and objections with immediate effect.

Burton may be doing this, however, having navigated the somewhat confusing route to determine how to go about doing this I eventually discovered that it would cost a filing fee of €5,000 - so I won't be following the CIF's lead. However, there is a forum where anyone can comment; it's worth leaving your two penn'orth.

Looks like we all just have to sit back and hope that sanity prevails..."

Maryland Kid Hits Wild Over-The-Head Buzzer Beater in Church

Maryland freshman Matt DeMember hit a ridiculous shot for his church league team last Saturday. With time running out, Matt, 14, launched an over-the-head 3-pointer and sunk it, nothing but net. Even the kids on the other team put their hands up in celebration. And just like that an overnight YouTube sensation was born.

The New York Daily News caught up with Matt and his family to talk about the now incredible overhead heave:

&#8220,nike sko;The crowd was yelling, ‘Shoot! Shoot!’” his mom, Diane DeMember,billige nike free, told the Daily News. “So he said, ‘Well, I’m going to shoot it.”

“I didn&#8217,billige nike sko;t have time to turn around, so I just kind of threw it up,” Matt,billige nike shox, 14, added.

“They couldn’t believe that I made it,” Matt said of his opponents. “They said, ‘That’s the most amazing shot I’ve ever seen.’&#8221,nike free;

“He’s kind of the master of this stuff. He’s always winning little contests, like, if you can make a shot from half court you get five bucks or a Starbucks card,” Diane DeMember said.

One thing did get lost in all the hoopla: “Our team actually lost the game,” Diane DeMember said. “But you would you never know from the response on the video.”

[Bob's Blitz]

Overzealous 49ers Fan Needs a Hobby, Threatens to Kill Kicke

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you find yourself with nothing better to do than threaten kickers with death on the interwebs,nike free. He’s a kicker, man,billige nike sko. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what one 49ers fan decided to tweet to kicker David Akers,nike sko, who&#8217,nike shox;s missed 10 of 35 field goals this season.

The kicker retweeted it before disabling his account:


Then the culprit apparently had a moment of spiritual enlightenment wherein he recanted: Finally, he pulled the now-classic stunt employed by irresponsible tweeters worldwide and blamed interweb bandits: Nice try, wiseguy,nike air max, but your legacy is cemented as that of the dude who bothered to threaten a kicker. [CSNBayArea, Sacramento Bee]

Rams Punter Johnny Hekker Asks For ‘Challenges’ On Twitter

Rams punter Johnny Hekker is quite the interesting character. Here is the former Oregon State player who was signed by the Rams undrafted in 2012,billige nike sko. Hekker recently got bored and challenged his Twitter followers to send him ‘challenges’ to take on. I didn&#8217,nike air max;t know much about the young man,nike shox, but between the below Jello-O incident and reading his Reddit IAMa (which was entitled,”I am Johnny Hekker, Ginger rookie punter for the St,nike sko. Louis Rams. AMA”), I will be paying closer attention moving forward.

Tweet me a challenge to do today and I’ll try and post a pic of me doing it! If your challenge beats me I’ll post a fail pic.

— Johnny Hekker (@JHekker) March 14,billige nike free, 2013

First came the Cinnamon challenge: Next came snorting some Jell-O:

Now that I have done some crazy challenges I may start thinking of a weekly challenge and issuing it to my followers for them to conquer.

— Johnny Hekker (@JHekker) March 16, 2013


If you want to get to Johnny a bit better make sure to check out the highlights from his recent Reddit IAmA::

[TwitVid, H/T SB Nation]

Adrian Wilson Diapers for Kyle Arringtons No. 24 - NFL - Sp

Safety Adrian Wilson always wore No,nike free. 24 with the Arizona Cardinals and now he wants that number with the New England Patriots, the team he signed with this week.

Problem is that cornerback Kyle Arrington already has that number. So Wilson came up with a creative bartering idea: a year’s supply of Pampers to Arrington,nike sko, who recently became a first-time father, in exchange for No,billige nike free. 24.

On Friday, Wilson () tweeted this photo and message to Arrington, proving he was serious about the offer,nike shox.

<p>@ about to ship these @ out to you bro.

— Adrian Wilson (@adrian_wilson24) </p>

@ about to ship these @ out to you bro,nike air max.

No word yet on whether Arrington (), who re-signed with the Patriots last week, found the offer too good to refuse.


A Video Plea To Trade Pau Gasol… Soundtrack By Sarah McLach

Things are not going as planned this season for the Los Angeles Lakers,Beats Sverige, and fans are none too pleased,Beats By Dr Dre. The Lakeshow have managed a paltry 15-18 record even with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash,Monster Beats. While we believe that it is easily no one player which is the root of the problem,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, this plea to have Gasol fired is pretty phenomenal. The icing on the cake is the Sarah McLachlan soundtrack,Beats by dre.

[Deadspin via BallerBall]

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