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[edit] my daughter has to stay at home watching TV

's Hospital for tests. Check again proved Xiaojiao body does not have any damage,エアフォース1, the couple was relieved,UGG ブーツ. The "wanderers were just intimidated by playing everywhere now." 18, talked about her daughter thing unfortunately falling downstairs River on the phone said, Xiaojiao his second child this year, 3-year-old. The incident occurred around 17:00 the same day, he and his wife took her daughter to the the downstairs plumbing salesroom ready to install tap material,グッチ, spare parts needed in the 6th floor at home,woolrich, the wife will be with Xiaojiao upstairs to fetch. When his wife find accessories ready to go downstairs, my daughter has to stay at home watching TV,peuterey, so the wife to close down the stairs. River said, the wife downstairs less than 10 minutes, you hear the the Pharaoh people call for help, Xiaojiao upstairs before he fell off,woolrich outlet. It turned out that my mother was gone,ヴィトン 財布, Xiaojiao moving ride the bench in front of a window, alone climb the windows fall. Jiang said that all the windows of the home are security fence,グッチ 財布, in recent days because of the high temperatures, so before opening the glass windows to take cool, did not expect to actually plant a security risk. "Fortunately doll downstairs Shuya sticks blocked, on just fall vegetable plot, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous,moncler." Chongqing Evening News reporter scene saw Xiaojiao fall vegetable plot has a radius of more than 30 cm,peuterey outlet, a depth of about 10 centimeters small Taipa block eucalyptus multiple branches broken. "Branches slowed the falling speed, vegetable plot loosened soil also play a buffer role." Said witnesses analysis. Chongqing Evening News chief reporter Xiaxiang Zhou Wanzhou station reporter TRAUMA</p>


  • 18 months from 1 count to 20
  • not just look at the advantages
  • I think dinner should fragrant than usual

[edit] often spent two weeks on

's aunt, Ms. Wang came to the newspaper. Ms. Sun told reporters, who lives in the Development Zone Oriental Ginza district. "The morning of November 2, lengthy as usual carrying a bag to go to school, the results go now not come back." Wang told reporters,mulberry outlet, ocean away from home has been lived in her house. In the evening of November 2 in the cell downstairs lengthy,louboutin pas cher, lengthy grandfather came home from school, the results did not wait until dark to see the ocean figure. Family has found a lengthy students learned that ran to school in the day followed by the students went to a classmate who lives in the district, left alone after dark, and the next morning, the ocean came early to the community and other students went to school together, went to school the door when they leave. Ms. Wang told reporters, ocean away from home before she had inadvertently criticized his one and urge him to do their homework, and one can not play. ■ about academic top "This child is very smart, very sensible at home, academic performance is among the best in the class, but we really do not know the children and old to do so in the end is how to think,abercrombie outlet." The ocean's aunt, Ms. Wang said. In September of this year,louboutin, Yang Yang's mother and aunt because of the ocean away from home, went to the newspaper for help, reported that the issue of the ocean in the next time the home with the help of well-intentioned people. "Is the third time in the last reported running away from home, come back soon and went twice,lancel pas cher, this is the sixth." Haggard Ms. Sun said, shed tears. Ms. Sun introduced, the ocean shortly after the third is to come back to home, and in the morning of Sunday, the fourth time away from home, to the next day back home. Fifth home in the week after Saturday, ran to tell my mother to go to the bookstore to read the results go again a few days did not go home until the fifth day ran to the teacher found him, call Ms. Sun to The lengthy back to the home. Change in the environment in order to let the lengthy, lengthy uncle he received in the past, however, on more than ten days after the uncle who lives in, the lengthy sixth runaways, this walk half a month. ■ guess growing environment or the problem Ms. Sun told reporters ran to one year old when she and her husband divorced, and then she came to Qingdao life from the northeast,hollister, until last year, the ocean was only she received from the northeast Qingdao. Ms. Sun introduced, the lengthy original live together with his father,doudoune moncler, was often home to go to the debt, still living at home, and lengthy with these people to live with. "His father made a wage, often spent two weeks on, he secretly hid dozens of dollars to wait until Yeliang mortgage does not boil when they come up with the hidden money to tell his father, 'Dad, get money buy noodles eat ',lancel. "Ms. Sun talking about the previous life of the ocean, and could not help but shed tears, the child may be too insecure, particularly strong desire for self-protection!" ■ wrenching away from home, often sleeping in the corridor Ms. Sun said the children away from home several times before yourself looking around during the day to eat, find a corridor to sleep at night, and once ran to actually sleep a night on a slide. Lengthy 1.25 meters tall,moncler, lean face, keep the flat head home when on wearing a blue denim jacket, wore a gray checkered sweater, black pants, wearing a blue double star sneakers obvious black birthmark on the left ear . "Your child to go home, my mother would like you, do not leave her mother, okay " Ms. Sun said, crying,abercrombie. Subject to the insider can make contact. ■ psychological experts transform education is the solution the afternoon of the 18th, the reporter contacted the deputy director of the Mental Health Center of Qingdao Guanjun, he told reporters, as the ocean, because of family reasons, he formed a sensitive, lack of security sense of personality, which makes him unable to withstand the criticism of adults more than the average child, and also more likely to choose to escape criticism by. In addition, the ocean's strong sense of independence, "just a few months has run away from home, he has such a way to protest against the criticism, and repeatedly ran away from home also explains the lengthy family he has less attractive. "Wang said, this time, parents should change education, and children do not blindly vindictive to be a battle of wits to come up with a certain amount of time to communicate with their children, and children intercede talk about love, to accept the way children like to communicate with him, let him back in the warmth of the family, this is the solution. (Text / Chart reporter Jing Yi Bao Fuyu)


  • Tianmou will carry $ 2000 and go to the bank to withdraw 98
  • Liming Wu was lying in the attic of the shop
  • The banner signed many secret hemp to support the activities of the message

[edit] Xiao Jun

's agreement": the winning party can be taken away, the other party from out of Lin Min. 5:00 pm on July 1,abercrombie france, Xiao Jun mustered defendant Zhu,louboutin, Chen, Yao Moumou gathered by Chen the the defendant Yumou and Yang (handled separately), holding iron extendable batons, iron section stick,mulberry outlet, wood and other instruments, the defendant Dabin correction about the the defendant Moumou, Zoumou (handled separately), Zhang (handled separately) held steel pipe in the road in the east of the large town of Zhenjiang New Area Sports Park mutual brawl ,moncler. The fighting caused Moumou Zoumou minor injuries, Xiao Jun, Dabin, Zhu Sometimes no,lancel pas cher. After the incident, Yang and other 3 people at large handled separately, and the remaining seven were the police arrested and brought to justice in succession. The court held that the defendant Dabin,louboutin pas cher, Xiao Jun 7 people's behavior constituted a crime of affray. Defendant Dabin, Xiao Jun primary molecules remaining artificially active participants, shall be in accordance with the law in more than three years in prison for 10 years following sentencing. Under 18 years of age when committing the crime the defendant Dabin,hollister shop, Xiao Jun,hollister, Chen, Yao Moumou, should be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. 7 defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty, show repentance,abercrombie outlet, can be given a lighter punishment. The collegial panel considering the circumstances of the whole case, and eventually sentenced to Xiao Jun sentenced to 2 years and 4 months; Dabin three years and three months in prison,abercrombie; remaining five points awarded ranging sentence. The (Xu Jimei Renrong Xing Wan Lingyun)


  • after Wang Ye Moumou snatched the cash
  • to require nurses responsible for the injection of the 21st to the argument
  • it is necessary for the masses

[edit] Taiwan Lottery to provide a copy of this First Lottery.

's United Daily News reported, this is the Taiwan Lottery history, for the first time to raise funds to buy lottery tickets in First brought before the Court,hollister. Come forward to accept the award "winning" in the bank account of nearly 740 million yuan in prize money (after tax),abercrombie, has been frozen by the court,lancel pas cher. The prize money belongs or how to allocate will depend on the court verdict. July 2 powerful color 9.2 billion First opened in Kaohsiung, boss Huang Yushun was inferred that the winners may be nearby employees. Lottery line proprietress said, the rumor of the winners so far have not appeared, she also felt very strange, but have not heard what happens disputes jackpot winners. Lottery institutions in Taiwan Lottery Company noted that the case has entered the judicial process, Taiwan Lottery to comment,mulberry outlet uk. Taiwan Lottery stressed that,moncler, in accordance with the the lottery issued under the relevant provisions of, Duijiang jobs is to "recognize the vouchers do not recognize people,abercrombie outlet, process all legitimate bonuses, no negligence; As for bonuses after winning triggered controversy, Taiwan Lottery static Designate judicial decisions, with the handle,abercrombie. South of the prosecutors before outgoing people because more than 900 million yuan first prize allocation problem disputes, one to get the bonus you deserve, regardless of the risk of identity may therefore exposure complained on the court, and this The prize also been frozen. The more than 900 million yuan, "winning" lottery number It was pointed out that the future go Duijiang Taiwan Lottery for verification of lottery authenticity correct,louboutin pas cher, in accordance with the requirements of the Duijiang people remaining $ 7,mulberry outlet.4 billion in pay after tax remitted to "Winners" under the name of the bank account. However, "winning" award shortly Kaohsiung judiciary received public "occupation" to the court proceedings,abercrombie france, advocates dispute triggered because to raise funds to buy lottery prize distribution, one of the "pay" to sue. Investigative agencies also sent a letter to the Taiwan Lottery, Taiwan Lottery to provide a copy of this First Lottery.


  • I will not get married." Recently
  • and go through the formal transfer procedures. In 2009
  • take a long time

[edit] and have great respect for his character. "At the same time

's deputy police chief discipline Alin thread: "If the police say that's the case, I think is wrong, I apologize to you and his son (female) yesterday morning, Ji Alin also specializes in time the whole process happened to incident to jiangyan,hollister, find the posting and on duty police, police called the "gentle reminder" The fact that the public "see righteousness clever as" discipline Alin in on this father and daughter pay tribute at the same time, and give him a courageous bonus of 2,lancel pas cher,000 yuan. The police attitude allow us to chilling Posted Pig, you lost "said in the post, she is Jiangyan around 19:10 Great Year, she and Dad from Jiangyan urban Yellow River Hotel in front,louboutin, walk north along the sidewalk, across the road, four young men acting suspiciously, a Shorty trailing a tricycle,hollister, while trot, and side slit tricycle behind the canvas with a knife, then put his hand into The car pulled out a wallet and three accomplices rushed out immediately scrape up. "They may be in the spoils, and the whole process was the father and daughter seen clearly. Her father while staring at the thief, took out his cell phone alarm side. Despite the across the road, because there were few pedestrians on the road, opposite the thief soon discovered that the two of them. The that steal Shorty quickly ran the ferocious "doing" asked her father standing in the fast lane across the railing. Her father was ignored each other, but will be about half of the alarm phone into her hands,lancel, and let her continue to alarm. Gas rush defeated anxious Shorty is a punch aimed at her dad, her dad so open, short man pulled out a switchblade, across the railing to her father stabbed to the hand of her father stabbed , the ground drops a lot of blood, Shorty realized that was wrong, quickly and associates take a taxi to escape. 8 minutes later, the police arrived on the scene, and simply asked about the situation, and the father and daughter to the local hospital of Chinese medicine. So that they can not think of the way the police actually good to remind them: and now advocate courageous. "To the front of the hospital, the police called their own,abercrombie, then immediately go into the dressing. Samaritan Fanzao accused and left out in the cold, she was very angry but also frustration, anger: "courageous actually go to the hospital but also their own pay, a concern no, really chilling!" Public Security Bureau long thread "apology" to the reporter saw within a few day, there are 2,500 local Internet users browse the posts, more than 100 people to the thread. Many netizens even behind to post their father. Friends, "monkey Taishan" praised: "pay tribute and deepest condolences to the landlord and the landlord father, I wish good life of peace you are pure man (in fact, the father and daughter)." Said: "freedom network midstream" thread " your father is good, worthy of respect, you should have a father like you proud! convenient when I ask you father drink wine, and have great respect for his character. "At the same time, a lot of friends on the police police that sentence "now do not advocate Samaritan questioned its casual attitude. Reporter noted, very special posts in the thread, the quote: "I Taizhou City Public Security Bureau, deputy director of discipline Alin, is also in charge of the person in charge of the command center (110), I just saw your post, is called a 'ad free man' netizens recommended to me to see the first to pay high tribute to your father! courageous people in our society, deter crime and report illegal or disaster relief, helping the poor are courageous and are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, we must vigorously promote and give recognition to carry forward. Secondly, I apologize to you and his son (female),doudoune moncler! that police say that's the case, I think it is wrong, the country has been courageous advocate throughout the country have set up a Samaritan Foundation, is courageous and advanced individuals in recognition of crime prevention and suppression of crime, relying on the police is not enough, there is a saying 'police force, Minli infinite', that is to say the public security work must closely rely on the masses of the people again, I leave a contact phone or QQ number you can give me, I have a phone with Jiangyan assistant to the mayor, police chief Zhou Ruyong comrades pass, Jiangyan Public Security Bureau to find out as soon as possible We will be verified and processing results communicated to you. "" hurt, though not heavy, the spirit is commendable "Yesterday morning, just visit Ends Posted by father Zhang (not his real name), on his way home in Taizhou city Public Security Bureau. Deputy Secretary to accept discipline Alin reporters. Ji Alin admitted that the special thread indeed he issued. For the police to verify the truth of the matter was in the end did not say "now do not advocate courageous", that is, in the morning he specialized rushed to the incident Jiangyan investigation. After an investigation, Mr. Zhang injured taken to the hospital by police on the way, the police had a gentle reminder to pay attention to their courageous way, significantly disadvantaged in the number and physical, to see justice clever ", Mr. Zhang and his daughter may misunderstood the good intentions of the police. Ji Alin said, the police did not say "now do not advocate Samaritan" This sentence is critical, if you say, make a lot of civic-minded citizens chilling. As for the police to Mr. Zhang quickly left the father and daughter to the hospital,hollister shop, Ji Alin said, after an investigation, the police had position future sent to the police station to be reimbursed the cost of treatment to Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang then may go busy dressing did not hear. Ji Alin final say for sure, after verification,abercrombie, the day of Mr. Zhang's behavior are courageous, yesterday morning, he represents Taizhou police and met. When his courageous bonus gave $ 2,000 to Mr. Zhang, but was the refusal of Mr,mulberry outlet uk. Zhang, Mr. Zhang said his injury is not heavy, and did not spend a lot of medical expenses. "Injury is not heavy, but you courageous spirit is commendable, social need such good citizens with a sense of justice." In his repeated insistence, he took it the bonus. This reporter, Mr Wang


  • the details are learning.
  • MP3 and other things
  • can not the other." Official statement

[edit] are a college freshman living in F2 Building

's dormitory at the same time being thieves. Classmates statistics,グッチ, eight quarters stolen a total of three or four thousand dollars in cash and more than 10 mobile phones and a computer. Students revealed that this event is not the first time. Or from a security net to climb up to "Only the first floor balcony installed anti-theft network,デュベティカ, the thief as long as the climb up to the second floor, you can easily access various quarters." Theft of a mobile phone, classmates complained to reporters that the theft occurs The quarters are on the second floor, from the footprints on the balcony can be judged, the thief may be from the climb up to the second floor of the first floor of the anti-theft network. "When we get up in the morning and found the phone was gone, I asked, only to find that many of my classmates have lost cash or mobile phones." One girl told reporters that some students at 7:00 in the morning, they reported to the police, according to statistics, a total school 8 dorm stolen. A girl is also a lingering fear talking about the event. She told reporters her bed hung a mosquito net, more mosquitoes, the phone on the side of the pillow, I did not expect to the thief turned poke mosquito nets stolen phone, but also the way she hung in the bedside jeans pocket money away. "It should be in the middle of the night,モンクレール, we all slept very heavy when it was stolen girls are up in the morning only to find,ヴィトン 財布," she speculated,アグ. Last month quarters was stolen before it is learned, are a college freshman living in F2 Building, 2nd Floor, "last month, Building D, dormitory stolen anything,woolrich, we have to be vigilant." Dorm girls in the lunch box balcony edge, that the thieves climbed up to hit the lunch boxes will make any noise,デュベティカ ダウン, I did not expect, the thief found a lunch box on the balcony, take away, climbed into quarters,woolrich outlet. However, students also complained to reporters since the school after the occurrence of theft,ヴィトン, there are students living on the second floor to the school safety issues, requiring schools to install anti-theft network on the second floor balcony, but it was delayed until now. "Students to make their own money to install even the results of school or do not agree with." School security section of a responsible person said that they submitted to the school applications and programs, but because the funding is not yet in place,moncler, and so has not been added installed. (Stringing people: Mr. Chan bonus: 100)


  • Wife collect ambiguous SMS to win the case the polygamous husband Mahogany husband
  • 's publishing unit
  • immediately driving the police car drove along the highway north of the Jingkai

[edit] Bian a mother

's Procuratorate approved the arrest. Killed her niece,hollister shop, just because of a bad mood. 9-year-old girl was killed, the the aunt died murderer was a girl named Cocoa, 9-year-old this year. The alarm is she was a pro-aunt Bian. Bian certain police said, the meal at noon that day, she went down to the phone shop to buy a charger, mobile phone shop closed door, so back home, cocoa and seeing a niece lying on the bedroom floor. Also before and after more than 10 minutes. The forensic identification, but was pinch neck caused by mechanical asphyxia death is homicide. This result, Fuyang Police are very shocked. Who, in just 10 minutes, the pain killer of a 9-year old little girl. The police first suspected, is the girl's aunt - Bian certain. Visited the scene investigation, the police found, Bian a mobile phone shop said that, never the day off to get married. Bian a statement,abercrombie, police asked Bian whereabouts of an incident during the places, surveillance video and not shoot her tracks. After a lot of detective work, when to late at night, all the doubts in the case Bian certain point. At 2:00 on the June 28, after several hours of inquiry review, Bianmou Cheng recognize niece is her killed. Cocoa drink impulse stuffed tragedy after the divorce of their parents, she was sentenced to the mother, the mother and daughter lived in the town of Fuyang Wan. The summer holidays, cocoa mother took niece (Bian's daughter) receives a million to live for some time, and cousins ​​for company. According to Bian, a confession,mulberry outlet uk, in the evening of June 26, Bian from Lin'an Wan City to see his daughter. June 27 cocoa on the first day of the summer holidays, Bian a daughter must be followed aunt to go to work, so his mother took cocoa Bian a stay at home to look after her daughter cocoa. The BIAN certain day, she drank 78 bottles and large bottles of beer. Around 14:00, Bian feel a little hot, you want to go to the fan electric fan, cocoa refused. Fans Bian a buy, she joked: "fans are my" cocoa tilted mouth and said: "Why do you come to my house " Two white eyes with each other. Bian a feel niece cocoa this move very disrespectful to her, then walked cocoa around, grabbed her neck with his right hand. Bian a beginning she just wanted to scare cocoa. See cocoa being grabbed, would also like to speak one up Jiujin, they choked force,louboutin, his right arm was struggling the cocoa caught out the bruises and scratches. Two or three minutes later, cocoa the mouth purple not move. Realized Bian a major event. She quickly called the police, call the mother metaphor of a (Bian a mother, the cocoa grandmother) said cocoa die. The metaphor of a rushed, saw granddaughter lying on the ground, already incontinence, how shouting how to shake no response,louboutin pas cher. Bian a side he kept crying, they will cocoa carried down the stairs, stopped a vehicle crossing the car to go to the hospital. In the car,abercrombie outlet, the metaphor of a notice the mother of cocoa. Subsequently, the cocoa dad rushed to the hospital,abercrombie, he is the last to see her daughter,lancel, two months ago. Suspected of intentional homicide arrest "I went to her home when the mood is not good, plus drink a lot of wine, cocoa I say,mulberry outlet, I am reminded of their lifetime encounter, and grew more and more unhappy that they are so do. "Bian a say. The 27-year-old Bian a Fuyang people,hollister, no fixed job. Because often quarrel with the mother-in-law, the second year of marriage they divorced daughter with her. After a divorce in order to find sustenance, she began to drink, and all day indulging in alcohol paralysis, she sometimes drink more than 20 bottles of beer a day. His daughter threw his mother and sister to take care of, until March of this year, she was before her daughter close at hand, so her daughter with a Bian incompatibility. The family said Bian a grumpy guy, a word or a little thing gets angry. Not a good relationship with his mother and sister have no dealings with other relatives. Suspicion of intentional homicide, Bian yesterday Fuyang City People's Procuratorate approved the arrest, the case is still under further review.


  • Liang Guangyi as Jiangmen City
  • Many burglary gang in the village specifically to buy the safe-deposit
  • "This is a heartbreaking case

[edit] there is a two-year-old child's IQ

's wages plus subsistence allowances, nearly 2,000 dollars, a good day! Community workers repeatedly to persuade Wu Shu two children to send to nursing homes, to take a break, but This case is not promised. "They can not own the toilet,グッチ, the cold hot do not know, sent out Who snugly to take care of you,グッチ 財布." This case with two sick child and second son after the death of his wife children, lived together. This is a three bedroom house, although there are two patients paralyzed in bed for many years, but the home is very clean. Reporters to ancient Min,moncler outlet, a 54-year-old and 48-year-old ancient gold into to stay in bed, wearing neat. They are immersed in their own world,エアフォース1, grinned from time to time, the more time looking out the window, sat quietly. Bedside stood a homemade toilet, "They can rub out of bed, but you can not walk, can only crawl,UGG ブーツ, often because no time went to the pants,woolrich outlet." Bath For This case is a physical, but she did not playing timid. "I give a person one day wash was okay." This case very easy, moving 100 kilos of child several times but each time,モンクレール, for a nearly 80-year-old man,アグ, is easier said than done. From born two children no good and mother say a word, "they basically do not understand the thing, said only say simple words,ヴィトン, there is a two-year-old child's IQ, but they know me." At this time, Wu Shu some moist eyes. The reporter asked the ancient Min and ancient Jincheng mother where the two people hesitated for a moment,ヴィトン 財布, eyes turned to Wu Shu. Reporter Qi Fangfang


  • even if this video is "alternative" advertising "Ray-Ban sunglasses concocted
  • intends to marry in the church Sarah
  • false official seal 7 involving 21 bank cards

[edit] old He imagined swallowing go on. Soon

's Court hearing of the case. March 8,モンクレール ダウン, 2011,ヴィトン, the Yinchuan people old any home to a strange man, claiming to spend the night in one night, old Ho Mianshan poor man took him shelter. That night,moncler outlet, the old Ho delicious tastes entertain the man, Jiuhan the occasion, the man said the recent pandemic flu and older how to pay attention to the body,グッチ 財布, saying they took out a bag of drugs to the old Ho, old He imagined swallowing go on. Soon, the old Ho asleep, the man stole two mobile phones, 2,モンクレール,800 yuan in cash and walked away. The same experience with the old Ho,UGG ブーツ, Yuzhong County, the villagers Xu Jinglei, Tianshui public certain people, they are being drugged anesthesia stole property. Police investigation revealed that the suspects were highly similar means, after DNA testing on confirmed cases of the same person as the cigarette butts left at the scene. In March 2011, the police of the now 50-year-old Zhang Yu Ren captured,woolrich. It is understood, Zhang Yu Ren Yuzhong County jobless personnel, during the case, Zhang Yu Ren also account the period April 2009 to March 2011, its own has Lanzhou City Chengguan District, Yuzhong County,エアフォース1, Zhangxian such as committing the crime 15. stealing 500 million yuan of property. Zhang Yu Ren account, he is a treatment for insomnia drug victims anesthesia to commit robbery. December 12, 2011, Lanzhou City Procuratorate on suspicion of robbery,デュベティカ, theft law Zhang Yu Ren prosecution. Court, Zhang Yu Ren said "It's all for the children". He said his son was jailed for a crime he repeatedly committing the crime is the son of the sentence in order to fund-raising visit. In these 15 cases, the victim makes a civil compensation of 2 million yuan, Zhang Yu-jen home already stretched,doudoune moncler, unable to pay. Trial the same day, the court did not in court for sentencing, the case will be scheduled for sentencing.


  • punishable by a fine of 296 million 13 mall
  • looking straight ahead
  • nor seen wounding. But this argument

[edit] bank card crossed 500

I want to be in the Agricultural Bank of China to buy 5 million financial products, bank card crossed 500,000 yuan!" Public Liu said, if she had the day before yesterday to view a power of attorney, and probably still do not know subtract $ 45 million. Yesterday, ABC Tongzhou Branch recognizes that staff acted negligently,doudoune moncler, customers are multi-zoned away the money will be returned as promptly as possible. Upcoming loan,エアフォース1, the day before yesterday, the public Liu to the ABC to view the balance of the deposits of its own bank card, "enlightened, a look surprised, balance less the hundreds of thousands!" Ms. Liu said she remembers card should be 45.4 million yuan deposits, view only to find only 4,モンクレール,000 yuan, "I was kept. Liu many inquiries,デュベティカ, found that its recently signed by the Agricultural Bank of China financial products subscribe / purchase power of attorney "is a problem. Ms Lau said that on December 31 last year, she went to the Tongzhou District, the Agricultural Bank of China the Lianhua branch, to purchase 50,000 yuan financial products. When you fill out a power of attorney, she filled in the amount of field is 5 million, the list came out, I did not look carefully, that definitely planning to go 5 million. Until she found a 450,000 yuan deposit "missing" carefully review the proxy statement of financial products, only to find $ 50 million bank staff printed, I fill in the list above write 50,モンクレール ダウン,000 staff input the time to hit a zero. " Ms. Liu subsequently find the Agricultural Bank of China the Lianhua branch, and I hope the other side will be more than the $ 45 million designated to go return,woolrich. Yesterday,moncler outlet, reporters see Ms Lau power of attorney, consistent with the situation described,woolrich outlet. , ABC Tongzhou Branch said, they have about the incident, acknowledged the department staff negligence, planning to go to the client 50 million,ヴィトン, and expression of regret to the customer,グッチ. At present, the bank has to communicate with the relevant leaders in charge are in accordance with the procedures as quickly as possible, customers are multi-zoned away 45 million return, "within a day or two should be able to run.


  • 'clock in the afternoon to meet in the district where. After that meeting
  • 'clock yesterday morning
  • the female reporter took the opportunity to leave. 11

[edit] 000 yuan.

's Office was informed that the suspected this from the loss of theft of one of the suspects has been arrested, and is the prosecution phase. Yesterday,エアフォース1, the son of Wang Qiang Wang Li told reporters on January 11 this year, his 48-year-old father,デュベティカ, Wang Qiang,woolrich outlet, with 8100 yuan wages, ready to ride back to the University City Station Jiangjin home. The way to the station, a 20-year-old young man dropped a package in front of another 20-year-old man picked up the bag,グッチ 財布, said to Wang Qiang cents. The learned Qiang To back Jiangjin, the man said he is also going to Jiangjin and invited Wang Qiang on a silver coupe. The car just pulled out soon, the man got into packet loss and suspect Wang Qiang, picked up his bag. Wang Qiang,モンクレール ダウン, to prove "innocence" own package to the other view, the view until the other party, so Wang Qiang of the car. In the same instant, Wang Qiang was 8100 yuan bag was gone. He immediately reported the matter to the police. The father came home,アグ, the mood has been good, every day lying in bed and cried. Neighbors tried to comfort him, but he said he wanted to die. "Said Wang Li, the evening of January 17,moncler, his father committed suicide by jumping in his hometown near. Through the police investigation, locked the suspects Liu Hua Ran a Lumou 3 people. February 23,moncler outlet, the police arrested the Liu Hua cyber cafe in Wuxi County. Liu Hua is the the Wuxi County pears Village people,doudoune moncler, 20-year-old,UGG ブーツ, he confessed, and together the two men in the University City adopt packet loss theft a total of six cases of crime, illegal access to more than 20,000 yuan. (Text characters are all a pseudonym)


  • two injured driver Wang
  • only with more than 50 minutes
  • cruelty to animals recidivist." Victimized owners say

[edit] Chen Haolong holding passbook to bank money

's passbook on more than 700 yuan of money saved. Wang Liang account money, but does not recognize the passbook more than 700 yuan. Zhang Jie privately from Chen Haolong (the Wang Liang colleagues), savings account and deduct 670 yuan. The passbook of Chenhao Long Chenhao Long passbook, February 21, 1981 a deposit of 670 yuan. Disputes things very clearly recovered very long process of changes in the purchasing power of the RMB bank staff operational errors Chen Haolong $ 670 freeze 1982-2008 banks ignore things dragged on for 30 years ago, the purchasing power of 670 yuan super ! Bought 5,000 kg of rice or 6700 pounds of apples or 950 pounds of pork, or more than 16,000 eggs ... 30 years ago, who lives in to Shizhu the Chenhao Long, in the county of a bank deposit of $ 670. However, how he would not have thought that in order to remove the money, he spent 30 years, and the Bank of principal and interest only promised to give him 802 yuan. The Shizhu Procuratorate prosecutor handling the case after careful mediation, except deposits of principal and interest, the bank additional compensation Chen Haolong sum compensation. Ultimately, Chenhao Long to get a total of $ 2,アグ,500. The Chen Haolong 70-year-old, live in Shizhu three Dianxiang. 1980, Chen Haolong in the the Shizhu a unit of work,グッチ 財布, monthly salary of 18 yuan. Chen Haolong primarily responsible for the procurement of goods and sales units to more than 1000 yuan as liquidity,デュベティカ. Of December 17 of that year, Chen Haolong handle the demand deposits of a bank in the county business. Account deposits up to 2,000 yuan. Later, Chen Haolong personal savings more than 300 yuan in cash, deposited into this account. In early 1982, the bank's staff Zhang Jie suddenly find Chenhao Long, asked Wang Liang (Chen Haolong colleagues) home address. In the original, because the errors in the work of Zhang Jie, passbook to Wang Liang save a 700 yuan of money. Deduct the money in the from Wang Liang accounts later, they found the money to Wang Liang passbook. Wang Liang does not recognize their own savings account and more than 700 yuan. Zhang Jie, Wang Liang consultation times, no results. A few months later, Chen Haolong holding passbook to bank money, and found that their deposits are frozen. "Passbook 670 yuan. Chenhao Long recalled that this deposit is February 21, 1981 he deposited. The discovered deposits frozen,moncler, Chen Haolong find a bank official. The responsible person in this matter did not know, just tell Chen Haolong $ 670 savings account, he had been removed. Later, Chen Haolong after making inquiries learned that Wang Liang refused to admit their own savings account and more than 700 yuan, Zhang Jie without permission from the savings account of Chen Haolong deduct 670 yuan. "Her what to do so " Chen Haolong very excited. The face of the bank's back from the dead, Chenhao Long felt very helpless, very helpless. However, over the years, Chenhao Long had never given up the deposit back to their own. "This is my money, what do they freeze to freeze " Since to know the truth of the matter, in order to discuss an idea, Chenhao Long countless times to find banks. However, the Bank has not given Chenhao Long a statement. Later, the bank no longer ignore Chenhao Long things, so it dragged on. Over the years, the family and friends tried to persuade Chen Haolong give up. After all, then $ 670, and now has become increasingly worthless. Chen Haolong Although the amount of the deposit is less and less valuable, but the time it takes, the longer he talks about care about the money. "If you do not have a result, I wasted step." 30 years later, he got his money. However, Chen Haolong heart is still not a taste. He said: "30 years ago, 670 yuan is not a small sum to use the money, I can do a lot of things now, I got $ 2,500, which is paying the money to do a thing " 50-year-old Ms. Tam has just retired. She rose to her work in December 1979, has been to work in the railway system. At first, Ms. Tam is a member of a passenger of the train station, 21.5 yuan monthly salary 1982 salary rose to $ 36. "At that time, there is no $ 100 bills, the $ 10 bill is considered bills." Ms Tam said. Liu, 87-year-old grandfather, retired in 1982. "At that time, retirement pay 50 yuan deposit 670 yuan to live frugally in 2023." Liu grandfather before retirement, is a state-owned factory level cadres, he said, 670 yuan at that time, and indeed regarded pen large sums of money. Liu grandfather, recalled that 30 years ago, a pound of rice, a dime a little more than 2 cents a meter is considered a good meter. Miss Tan recalls that time, few people wear shoes generally wear Jiefang Xie or shoes less than 3 yuan. A cotton shirt, probably sold for 10 dollars, this is considered a luxury. At that time, did not have the so-called "brand goods", to buy clothes and a pair of shoes, the most important quality. Pound Apple a dime, an egg 4 cents, pork 7 cents a pound ... "71-year-old Zou mother-in-law when the lifetime housewife Prices were still fresh in my memory. The Zou mother recalled that, at that time, and their family of three spending about $ 40 a month. 2009 Bank only 802 yuan in 2009, Chen Haolong finally getting the chance to recognize the demand of principal and interest: the bank's former head of retirement. Chen Haolong to save yourself 20 years passbook to the bank responsible for the new people, I hope there is a saying,woolrich. However, after six months, the person in charge of the bank transferred. Fortunately, another responsible person to take over bank renovation finished, she will be responsible for the clear up this matter. Chenhao Long waited nearly six months to finally get the a convenient bank's reply: banks do exist in the business of operating mistakes. But banks determined not to admit Chen Haolong frozen deposits, also did not explain why Chen Haolong holding deposits taken no money. The bank eventually given solution is: the amount of principal and current interest totaling 802 yuan paid to Chenhao Long. August 16, 2011, Chen Haolong satisfied with the bank's solution, and to the the Shizhu court proceedings. Require banks to return the deposit principal amount of 670 yuan, and the time to time deposit interest rate and pay interest on deposits. Shizhu court held that Chen Haolong deposit 670 yuan in the bank is a fact, but Chen Haolong unable to produce the deposits banks to freeze, resulting in the evidence that can not be taken out. The court judgments Bank 670 yuan to pay the principal of the Chen Haolong deposit and demand deposit interest rate in accordance with the same period of similar standard, pay Chenhao Long since February 21, 1981 until the deposits of principal and interest to pay off only the interest. Principal plus interest, which is 802 yuan. After the 2011 court decision said the only operator for 30 years at current interest rates, 670 yuan a blink of an eye you run out! Buy a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing or eating a meal,エアフォース1, or 100 pounds of apples, 70 pounds of pork ... February 21, 1981, Chen Haolong in bank deposits of $ 670. 30 years later, he can get the principal and interest in accordance with the demand, how much Bank is calculated: the principal amount of 670 yuan, calculated at the current deposit interest rate, a quarter of current interest. The principal then 670 yuan plus interest on the quarter, multiplied by the then current deposit interest rate, calculated under a quarter of the principal and interest, and so on. This calculation process is very complex, banks are counted out by a professional software. Ultimately, the banks count out the results: 670 yuan deposit, $ 132 after 30 years of interest,グッチ, principal and interest totaling 802 yuan. 670 yuan deposit 30 years of current interest to April 21, 2012, only 132 yuan, Chen Haolong the Shizhu Procuratorate appeal. The the Shizhu Procuratorate prosecutor handling the case timely communication with the court. Forensics after an investigation to find out the truth, prosecutors actively organize parties for mediation. Finally, the two sides decided to no longer accounted for the interest, but in addition to the deposit principal, the bank additional compensation Chenhao Long sum compensation. Ultimately, Chenhao Long to get a total of $ 2,500. (Text characters addition to Chen Haolong outside, are not his real name) after the 2012 Prosecutor coordination Bank Total compensation 2500 yuan 30 years, 670 yuan and can do it Reporters yesterday randomly interviewed several people, get up to the answer is: "670 yuan, can not do anything." According to the price of a supermarket yesterday, we figured, 670 yuan can buy goods broadly: 200 pounds of rice, or 100 kilos of apples, or 100 kilos of eggs, 70 pounds of pork. Purchasing power compared to 30 years ago, dropped a lot. If you buy shoes, clothes, run out of the blink of an eye that is something. Ms. Tam is a people who love to dress up. She recalls the late 1990s, 670 yuan can buy a good suit to her husband. Now,woolrich outlet, if you going to buy myself a brand slightly better clothes, has long been more than 670 yuan. Now a seemingly ordinary short-sleeved, may be more than 1000 yuan. Mr,モンクレール. Zhang in Nanping recently rented set of Liangshiyiting housing at a monthly rent of 800 yuan. "I speak for a long time the price was the price." Mr. Zhang said, now, more than 600 yuan in urban areas has been difficult to rent Bedroom house. Over five pound of eggs. "Said Zou mother-in-law, an egg must register to be about 5 cents. And, with a few cents can buy something, almost difficult to find. Feel money is getting by with. "Zou said her mother, living expenses for him and his wife a month, about 2,500 yuan. 22-year-old Xiao Xiao, just graduated from university to work in advertising in a foreign company planning. He told reporters that during the probationary period, the monthly wage of about 3,moncler outlet,000 yuan. He has just bought a suit, spent 4,000 yuan. Miss Lee to do clerical work in a company, the monthly salary of 3,000 yuan. Sometimes, to buy a little better cosmetics, it is necessary to 2000 yuan. $ 10 at that time, more than $ 100 by the use. "The 80-year-old Tan grandfather did decades carpenter. In 1982 nearly 60 yuan, his monthly wages. Retirement, Tan grandfather monthly pension of 2,600 yuan. This group text / Chongqing Morning News reporter Liubo Tong Xunyuan Ma Desheng intern 王梓 culvert


  • Zhou Department of elderly crime
  • 's Congress Wang
  • through a local travel agency in March of this year

[edit] not very good it "Faced with this challenge

​​suicide. Although the factory is reluctant to respond positively to, and still do not know the truth or not, but irreparable damage is to this stationery factory of temporary workers, a few days so things left over 400 people. Refusal to pay compensation payments for nine-year labor contract, he sprouted between his suicide and the time of the incident: 8 o'clock on the morning of February 18, the site of the incident: work shop tell people: Sun Xiaolian (wife) yesterday afternoon, the deceased Mr. Fan family of four, and relatives crowd, crowded in a rental house located near the stationery factory. The rooms are not some people sitting in a rented outside aisle to discuss the range of funerals. "Corporate disinformation, how could I run with people, and if so, how dare stand here, the face of so many relatives." Mr. Fan's wife, Sun Xiaolian just to see the reporters, they categorically denied the company responsible person "emotional conflicts before jumping off a building. " She introduced her husband to do in the the mold department's enterprise technicians, nearly 4,000 yuan a month,moncler outlet, never Wando since have been working for eight years. However, due to family poverty, until the second half of last year, moved into this rental, a slight improvement in the quality of life. In addition to the couple, below the knee three children live together (the eldest daughter, junior high school had to drop out of school, with workers in Dongguan). The nine-year contract will soon expire, that time with the dry, our home mold factory. "New Year Fan chatted about their work and the nephew said. Sun Xiaolian been am pleased for this thing, her husband has been through a variety of channels, to contact the partners want to stake the plant opened. "He knows, nine years after the expiration of the contract will receive a compensation, money, technology, and no longer need to work for others." Said Sun Xiaolian. But back to the stationery factory, the situation is not like Mr. Fan expected. Not to mention the contract expires lost their jobs, even the promised compensation was rejected. Only life turning point "last straw" was the word veto. As for Mr. Fan hair short why would his wife's sister, said "I want to die to prove, I regret to marry your sister". Sun Xiaolian sister said, is impossible to say "wife ran with others. Her sister also said that whenever Mr. Fan encounter feelings and life issues, this will send text messages to her. She would immediately give him to do the work, let him relax a bit, "boat to cross the bridge. At 7:53 on the 18th, the Sun Xiaolian sister once again received the same text message from Mr. Fan, and did not pay attention, until you learn that he has jumped to his death. "I regret, why not with the departments concerned,ヴィトン 財布, or not, he is so figure out." The result of this matter, she has been very guilty and blame themselves. With a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan expect her departure in condemning the time of the incident: 4 o'clock on the afternoon of February 15, the site of the incident: female workers dormitory tell the people: Xiao Dongzai (deceased husband), as workers woman Tang Xia said , her husband, Mr. Shaw was suffering from the disease, because there is no culture, only to do farm work, in addition to engaging in whatever architectural work. In the wife died enterprise outside his Pengtou tousled hair, wearing a pair of worn shoes, apparently yet to erase the pain of losing his wife. Although poor families, according to his words, but the couple never left more than three months, has been to maintain the family busy. Recall that the couple through thick and thin, he said, in 2002, he and his wife for the livelihood of their families, with the under 10-year-old son went to Xinjiang, a pack rat,doudoune moncler, a picking cotton. Although a substantial income, but can not improve their lives. In 2007, their second child was born, the otherwise tense days were poorer. Adhere to three years, for the sake of the entrance examination of the eldest son, they decided to return home,ヴィトン. Earlier this year, heard a fellow say, a month can earn nearly 3,woolrich,000 yuan to Dongguan to work, to the idea of ​​working in Dongguan Tang Xia. She and her husband convention, back when busy three months after. Mr. Shaw readily accepted because of the three months' wages, enough to change the status quo of their lives, at least the children to study cost is not a problem. February 8 entry, only a few days to jump from a building, and we usually have little quarrel did not know she met up with nothing. "Mr. Shaw said. He explained that on the night of the 15th, ready to fall asleep, I heard a fellow phone came the bad news, he immediately limp,デュベティカ. Shouted a voice: "This Zenong ah ......" Unexpectedly, these words his mother heard, and hurriedly asked: "Why Zenong ah " Mr. Shaw half-day hold back no word for a long time, back to the sentence: "You watch children, a change diapers or something, I go out to look. "Yanba, Mr. Shaw night rushed to Dongguan. As for why Tang Xia to jump off, Mr. Shaw also just heard from the workers there, the foreman scolded her, "do not do it on the roll. Recent progress by jumping event, over 400 people from the factory within four days falls dead, thousands of people old calm was broken immediately,モンクレール ダウン. Tang Xia original and three women workers sharing a dormitory, two of whom have quit their jobs, leave the enterprise. Moreover, the one responsible for the plant recruitment staff, since the jump from a building after a spate of corporate temporary workers to leave, has more than 400 people, not to mention the recruitment. Corporate treatment, not very good it "Faced with this challenge, the staff smiled contemptuously. She introduced, compared to the daily work intensity and wages do not proportional Otherwise, it will not go in a short period of time so many people,グッチ 財布. The staff introduced a work for 10 years, enterprises signed a labor contract indefinitely many people, but most of them senior, every month wages of seventeen thousand eight thousand enviable. "Like us, a month 2000 yuan, as early as you can go, but dry from young to now over 50 years old, have been used to here, with the difficult to leave." He said. The nine-year labor contract, he said: "certainly want compensation, so the provisions of the labor law, not lose how lawyers say businesses and employees on labor law there are misreading indefinite contracts are not" iron rice bowl " workers who take extreme way to solve the problem hurt loved ones harm yourself Guangdong Woking LLP lawyer Liu introduced after the promulgation of the Labor Contract Law, the part of the employer up only 8,9-year labor contract signed, to circumvent the work of 10 years must sign an unlimited labor contract terms and conditions. As labor by both, rescission,デュベティカ ダウン, termination of labor relations, the law is some compensation. If there is no reason to terminate the labor relations, labor party shall allow the employment equivalent to compensation for work two months per year. In disputes which the employer dismissed for no apparent reason, the two sides by the labor arbitration and court proceedings to resolve. Workers can choose to continue to maintain labor relations, and can also choose to ask for payment of compensation to terminate the labor relationship. The reason why there will be jumped to such a situation, enterprises and workers are likely to fall into a misunderstanding of the labor law. First, indefinite labor contracts are not "iron rice bowl", not "tenure" If the employee discipline, criminal,moncler, and the same can be expelled. Second, employees face the wages and other issues are often not resolved through legal channels, but take a radical form of address, not only to yourself but also to their families brought irreparable pain. After the incident, as family members, should judge the employer whether the fault. Theoretically jumped to suicidal behavior, but the enterprise if there is some fault, there is the lure of factors, the employer will have to bear considerable responsibility, but the primary responsibility for the dead themselves. Corresponding evidence such as family members, to a local court, according to the circumstances of the case to judgment. Employer at the same time, such a thing should also reflect on the moral, should give the families a good compensation package for employees' children at least get a good placement.


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[edit] such as Xiaofang

's requirements: Xiaofang like Jiefangbei a hot pot Pavilion. Reporter Tu Jing intern Du Chenjia never been in love "billionaires" to fight the Liberation Monument the marriage ads at 11 am, billboards appear the Bayi Road intersection. This is a 4 m long, 2.5 m high billboard bottom four pulleys, pushed by two. Billboard with a red background, left and right corners of each printed with a big "hi", the middle of the word "marriage" of two huge yellow. Advertising content is very simple, even marriage SKY ,ヴィトン 財布... no one not mentioned in small print on marriage "Male, 42 years old, height is 162cm (never been in love), assets billion basic information, advertising brand right in the middle of the words in large font only Zhenghun conditions: "Xiaofang like a certain hot pot." push billboards up and down two 20-year-old man. Behind, followed by 10 to a waist drum team dressed in pink uniforms. Players, was holding "a certain hot pot Museum, now hit 7.8 fold" billboard signs under the hot pot Pavilion Address. Due to the "massive" billboards attracted everyone stopped to visit, talk: billionaire marriage Was not really yo "Which is the marriage thing, this is clearly advertise to the hot pot shop,moncler outlet!" How can billion millionaires such marriage yo! "...... push billboards young man told reporters that they were hired by the marriage by the price of 200 yuan / day, the task is to push advertising to go around the Liberation Monument". In the face of public marriage to the hot pot shop advertising "talk, they had not made. The reporter asked, marriage whether hot pot shop owner, had been rejected. However, when they leave, one of them mysteriously said that marriage is "hot pot shop owner boss. "Billionaires" explain marriage reason three years ago to eat hot pot at first sight with a question, the reporter called marriage people phone left on billboards. The billboard reads "I am pro-pick, but when the call is connected, the reporter was told that the other side has opened mobile services, calls will be a way to inform the other party of the SMS. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and finally come to the other side of a call back,doudoune moncler. Phone, "billionaire" claiming surnamed Liu, started by selling watermelons, successful businessman engaged in the real estate industry today, but refused to disclose more information to develop their own real estate. Liu flatly denied the questioned public speculation their marriage fondue Pavilion, said the move indeed to find true love, and to explain Why only love the hot pot Museum Xiaofang reason. Liu introduced three years ago, he had to go to the hot pot Museum dinner, met when he was the waiter's Xiaofang. At that time, the gentle, beautiful and generous character Xiaofang he was impressed, he wanted to further her development. Unexpectedly,モンクレール ダウン, Xiaofang had another love, had to give up. Today, his career a modicum of success, began to focus on personal issues, this once again expect to find a girlfriend cf Xiaofang. The hot pot Museum Xiaofang What Findler attendant say several versions in order to find the "billionaires" mouth Xiaofang, reporters came to a hot pot Museum under the billboard. A time when lunch time, the shop four or five dial guests are eating. "Will Xiaofang absent " Did not expect, the reporter a question, actually led to two different answers --- is the shop doorway customer service waiter replied very simply: "She just still just left." asked Xiaofang when to return, she said "do not know, may not come today. The duty is counter attendants clear answer: "Xiaofang today did not come to work." Xiaofang, who is Long look like In the pot shop to do the work Pot Museum waiter who some say Xiaofang the fondue Museum attendant, was neither Xiaofang store attendant nor lobby manager, just to the store to see from time to time; others said Xiaofang relatives of the boss, there is no specific positions ... because the clerk who said not contact Xiaofang ", the reporter failed to see Xiaofang hosting the Games. Looking for someone to play the marriage advertisement cf Xiaofang girlfriend, waiter jokes already heard, but also seen marriage from time to time on the shop, had also made a special trip to come see Xiaofang, but the relationship between marriage and pot shop owner, as well as and the the Xiaofang relationship, they said that does not know the details. After marriage by advertising to find his girlfriend, such as Xiaofang, the hot pot Pavilion whether prosperous business The clerk who laughed language. Hot pot shop owner emphatic "marriage and we are not related to the hot pot Museum general manager, reporters get another version Xiaofang --- she resigned. For the "billionaires" marriage cf. Of the fondue Museum Xiaofang the store surnamed Liu, general manager made it clear that: "marriage and our hot pot Pavilion nothing to do!" Said Liu Xiaofang, formerly the the fondue Museum of welcome, long resigned. The marriage also had nothing to do with hot pot shop --- he is neither hot pot Museum of shareholders, but also non-hot pot shop owner friend, just an ordinary customer. Yesterday morning appeared in the drum team together Jiefangbei the Bayi Road intersection with marriage Billboard, Liu said, the drum team fondue fondue Museum Hall hired as advertising, marriage billboard is not in its columns. Should he (marriage) hire someone specifically go with us. "Liu says. The marriage "billionaire", he did not know, to know that he had a meal to the hot pot Museum. "He used to eat hot pot Pavilion encounter Xiaofang, I liked it, you want to register in our dating platform, but because the information is missing, we had not recorded his information." Liu Jieshao, pot shop a dating platform single customer to make friends with ease. To prevent a married person mixed, participants were asked to provide a full range of personal information. This marriage in the time after dinner want to the platform registration awareness Xiaofang,モンクレール, because there is no provision of identity cards, rejected. "We also do not know whether he is a billionaire." Liu said, the man making billboards cf,woolrich outlet. The Xiaofang marriage thing, he had heard, but because of the other person said "like xxx hot pot Xiaofang, they do not they interference. The public marriage ads in the hype the hot pot Museum While the hot pot Pavilion to a clarifying billionaire marriage relationship, but marriage ads bring significant influence to the hot pot Museum. Yesterday, the reporter on the the 20 marriage Billboard eyewitness random survey shows that: 90% of the people think that the marriage ads real hype for the hot pot Hall, 15 respondents feel that the ad is too vulgar. It is understood that the "billionaires look for his wife to be, such as a hot pot Museum Xiaofang marriage ad from late July appearances Jiefangbei street, also caused hot friends. Users in multiple sites and message that marriage ad ulterior intention of covering up "--- for hot pot Museum speculation. Chongqing shopaholic website, more than 200 users a message,ヴィトン, more than half of the users believe that advertising is hot pot Pavilion hype of the marriage. "Can not figure out why things are vulgar widely disseminated!" The public Wang Ya-Ya very puzzled. She said that, despite the hot pot Museum reaches for propaganda purposes, but she is unlikely to store consumer. Public Tian a bean identity of marriage "billionaire" skeptical that this is a false advertising, the relevant departments should remediation. "This is a 'show', and a planning very low level, vulgar 'show', can only be owned by it to the toilet culture." For a "creative" Chongqing urban percentile advertising company vice president manager Zhou expressed his own views. Municipal says the marriage ads are suspected of violating the law yesterday, regarding the billionaire the mobile advertising streets marriage, the reporter learned from the relevant government departments: The ads are suspected of violating the law, and if found, may be banned. Yesterday, Yuzhong District Municipal Authority staff said regular ads must be approved by the business sector, to verify the content of the survey above is true, if not true, and not allowed to publish. The ad, for example, marriage is a billionaire, marriage information is accurate, etc., are required to verify. Show similar unapproved advertising, suspected illegal. The Yuzhong District Jiefangbei urban management and surveillance brigade expressly,moncler, privately produced billboards, to the authenticity of uncertainty, to advertising to be placed is usually not allowed eyesores, like not approved,デュベティカ, the Audit unauthorized demonstrate in the streets advertising, once discovered, will be directly banned,アグ.


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  • and told The police car is actually a car deck

[edit] we have to bite the bullet

's neighborhood committee Mazhu Ren said Huang Qun branch accounts also home Gaoyao, not local, and the bungalow is also an illegal construction,グッチ, real estate license, water power and livelihood security assistance to work hard to implement. He said that the yellow group sticks more with family neighbor relationship and, therefore streets repeatedly asked for help, they have met all kinds of resistance. "Late last year, we have to bite the bullet, and put forward the application to the electricity sector." Ma Zhuren think,moncler outlet, although there are many restrictions, "residents in our area, or will try helping, not just sit back off. "street vendor with her daughter to each other five years ago daughter abandoned Jiaqu Zhu Xinglong Street Mr. Pang said, all these years, he looked at the yellow group sticks daily day does not shine out, until at 78 when the home by four picking up trash their livelihoods. These days, daughter Ayan has been living with her the tuition and mother and daughter living expenses entirely Huang Qun branch picking up trash proceeds, two people living in poverty unbearable,モンクレール ダウン. "She emigrated to know the whereabouts of the others in the discussion Ayan, Huang Qun sticks out a smothered finally, this is her half-day right sentence. Go out every day, her ragged, the most prominent of which is the body of a black small bag embroidered with Mickey, daughter did not take away the objects inside her Mitzvah documents. 5 years ago, Ayan graduated from the Haizhu District,アグ, a travel post to the neighbors, leaving a "to go to the airport road work", they made no home lived. "At that time, Huang aunt also pleased to four tell people, 'My daughter graduate work'." Neighbors Ying said Tuesday. Miss Deng and other people once thought the Ayan missing, but Ayan back twice: the first time the mother alarm, found by the police,doudoune moncler; second mother was seriously ill from the neighborhood notice. Ayan saying abandon the dependent mother of his 10 years, many of the neighborhood said they did not believe, "may have the inside story. British said Tuesday, Ayan has been very naive, and helped his mother housework. Ms. Deng said, often saw Ayan helped his mother to lift debris, the figure of a street vendor, then she is a little girl in the Grade 1 Longjin Road. "Hidden in the yellow group sticks carry a small a piece of paper, written on her daughter's cell phone number. Reporters try to use the phone to dial the number, the phone can pass, but still no answer. The Street Office staff confirmed that the, Ayan phone number did not change, but has not received home after strangers Tel. Her later years scavengers live tumbledown cottage serious illness five days nobody asked Huang Qun branch live in South Stone Xi Luxi Lane opposite unnumbered ascent of the wall, made of cement bricks, poles and asbestos aboard roof,woolrich outlet, the floor in the room more haphazard mix and match - the construction materials of the house, all she is picking up from the street, collected from daily,UGG ブーツ. Cottage area of ​​about 15 square meters, private room kitchen and toilet shared a room, the toilet is only half the cement wall barrier. The house filled with rubber bottles,グッチ 財布, newspapers, hardware accessories and other debris are picked up from the street, together with the clothes worn by her. The Neighbourhood and said Huang Qun Chi land to build a house husband's family homestead. "After the completion of the" new house does not always pass hydropower. Therefore, yellow group sticks to the corner every day to play well water to meet daily needs,woolrich. Into the night, the moonlight completely unable lighting through the narrow windows, she could only dark action. The neighbor said Huang Qun Chi life has been going on for five or six years. British sister said that two months ago, five days in a row but not the figure of the yellow group sticks, saw the door closed, "My husband and I discuss, feel right, they ventured to go see." British sister found the dim house years, Huang Qun branch is dying to lying on the couch, holding a the altar begging to the ginger vinegar soup. British she said Tuesday, "porridge for her to eat,デュベティカ, she even took a spoon effort, I had a mouth to feed her." "If it was suspicious, love tube big deal, she would have died at home, it may The stink will be found. "British sister lingering fear. Crossed the the serious illness Off, Huang Qun Chi keep their lives, the only remaining weak auditory and language skills.


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