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by the commissioned work

'an Avenue Xidan Commercial Street is a gathering of the city's wedding photography business district,ヴィトン, according to statistics, only four junctions of the the Xidan intersection to West Street, just a few kilometers on both sides, gathered more than 20 wedding photo studio. Gathered in the same industry operators intensified the competition in the same industry, operating through improper means business prejudice to the legitimate interests of consumers events have occurred,アグ, in particular, some enterprises use their own proposed contract terms of format, resulting in an increase in the amount of consumer complaints. Yesterday,ヴィトン 財布, Xicheng business sector convened Xidan Commercial Street studio, wedding photography in series of charges merchants prior agreement, and delete the terms of the final interpretation of businesses all "," photography copyright belongs to the photography company. In addition, in the area wedding photography services industry,アグ, the full implementation of the Beijing wedding photography service contract "model text. Business Review studio three most concentrated "King terms" photography copyright of the photo studio business sector that violate the the contract violations supervision approach this convention 11 6 belongs to exclude consumers that should be enjoy other rights. " Operators to expand their rights,モンクレール, the consumer is unfair,あぐ, unreasonable and bad faith,ルイヴィトン. Wedding photography studio shot for consumers belonging to accept commissioned work. According to the relevant provisions of the Copyright Act, by the commissioned work, ownership of copyright by the principal and the agent through the contract; not clearly stipulated in the contract or no contract,UGG, copyright belongs to the trustee. Reality, the vast majority of consumers are not aware of their own right to convention photos copyright ownership by contract with the studio. 2, interpretation of the photo studio photography Limited Xidan branch to specify the terms of their proposed format, "the reservation form the final interpretation of the Company all Roman style wedding photography Limited own intended Mona Lisa terms of format, marked "interpretation of the Company. The business sector finds, in violation of the above agreement the the contract violations supervision approach 11 fourth, belonging to the exclusion of consumer rights "explained the terms of format. Designated a "deposit" takes reclaim the introduction of the business sector,ugg ブーツ, "studio invariably use the 'deposit' instead of 'deposit' is for a reason. Deposits and deposit a completely different interpretation of the law,モンクレール ダウン, to pay a deposit refund,ugg ブーツ, and pay a deposit consumers have no right to demand the return after a default,モンクレール アウトレット. "Therefore, merchants to specify the behavior of consumers to pay a" deposit "in violation of the" contract violations supervision approach 10, aggravating the responsibility of the consumer.</p>

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instantly killing. After the attack

's door-to-door the Xiangcheng stone Tingzhen Wang,UGG. 10 o'clock in the evening of July 15, Lee sat doorstep tea,ルイヴィトン, the next light, 68-year-old father-in-law Wang reported the newspaper,モンクレール. Suspected the newspaper too loud,ugg ブーツ, Lee impatiently up and turn off the light,モンクレール アウトレット, and the father-in-law but the light turned on, then the two had a heated dispute,ヴィトン 財布, quarrel Lee hit a few,UGG. At 1 o'clock in the morning the next day, Lee grew more and more gas,あぐ, then the germination of the idea of ​​the father-in-law of reprisal,ugg ブーツ. Lee to get up to the upstairs bathroom to come up with a hoe, the father-in-law's room to see the father-in-law lying in bed sleeping,ヴィトン, picked up a hoe struck three or four times towards his head, instantly killing. After the attack,アグ, Lee hoes throw at the scene,アグ, and then directly to shiting police station surrendered.

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to avoid being greater harm.

's a wasteland,UGG, every day there are dozens of people holding a variety of tools, "Taobao". Reporters on the scene, not to see someone dug up ancient coins, but the scene ten trees newly planted trees because of this big excavation behavior has been varying degrees of damage. Recently,ugg ブーツ, work in Minhang District Chengjiang the road an instrument company, Mr. Yao told reporters reflect companies across the wasteland,ugg ブーツ, every day someone in digging treasure ",UGG. "Has continued for three or four days, every day, six or seven points in the morning and in the evening after dark, even dark was also the name of miners lamps digging up treasure." After receiving the report, the reporter arrived at noon on April 20 this The address of the Chengjiang Road 1277 No. wasteland. At the scene, the reporter saw about 40 people in the stones and mounds of bricks kept scarifying, some holding a shovel, some holding a duckbill shovel, even a lot of people holding a metal detector, as Sapper "Minesweeper" wasteland dug up a dozen large and small potholes in ruins, some potholes almost one meter deep. "A few days ago, someone dug up two 1818 silver dollar sold for a few hundred dollars, so these days we have to dig,モンクレール ダウン." And a flushed women excitedly told reporters shovel. Yuehua Jian, the deepest potholes at someone began to stir, we have to rush to go there, there are people holding one hundred dollar bills shouting: "dug up Sell it to me!" But in the end only to find 空欢喜一场the dug not coins, but some tiles. Reporters on the scene stayed for nearly an hour and not see someone dug ancient coins. It is reported,ヴィトン 財布, this piece of wasteland was originally a villa area, not long ago been removed due to municipal planning and remodeling green space, the reporter also the scene saw 11 trees newly planted trees. Under the newly planted trees need to earth, therefore about a week ago have several cars river silt transported to the here is training in the these trees roots. Might someone by chance these new transported to the river silt discovery of ancient coins, which only caused the upsurge of digging up treasure,アグ. "Mr. Yao said. The reporter asked several officers in the field digging up treasure, some nearby machinery factory of odd jobs,モンクレール アウトレット, some rental in the vicinity, as well as heard here the opportunity to make a fortune,ルイヴィトン, came from other places in the car rushed over to dig up treasure. Whether shipped river silt ancient coins The reporter asked several on-site personnel, although they no one dug, but vowed that "and heard someone dug up more than one, but a whole bunch of. But a bystander at the scene said, "I suspect someone deliberately set Bureau deceive people,アグ, ancient coins,ヴィトン, how can there be so easy to be dug." Regardless of whether the sludge possession of ancient coins, so wanton excavation behavior Quedui the wasteland just planted trees 10 trees caused no small damage,モンクレール. The river silt this is the foundation of earth as trees to be shipped now, because this "treasure hunt craze", a lot of earth has been dug potholes, even some trees roots are dug was exposed to the air. Because this piece of wasteland this is the demolition of the villa area, here there are a lot of bricks, excavation convenient, many people these bricks everywhere throw some directly hit the branches. "Argonaut" can properly protect these newly planted trees do, to avoid being greater harm.

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he and his brother very good feeling

'clock on August 26, the car bumps along the way to the Hangxinjing high-speed Fuyang territory. Daning weariness even concentrated, drooping under the eyes, the car away directed at the side guardrail, hit a pole erected at the roadside. Subsequent rollover occurred,アグ, the front severely deformed, Xiao Ning tragic death by the impact,UGG. High-speed traffic police rushed to the persons on board have been out of the car, Xiao Ning systemic blood on the ground. The vehicle has two children, are the children of the two brothers,doudoune moncler, they wept beside the body of Xiao Ning. The Daning stand silent language,UGG, look dignified,ヴィトン. High-speed traffic police asked Daning, the time of the accident, the car who fired. The big brother Xiao Ning opened Ning. "We are very suspect, because of the distortion of the front of the front of the front passenger seat,あぐ, while the driver's seat shell is relatively intact. Addition, the dead Xiao Ning wearing a pair of shorts,ヴィトン 財布, unlike the car looks like,abercrombie france." Police said,モンクレール アウトレット, because there is no direct evidence, and busy handling the accident, was not fine to ask,abercrombie. The four transcripts brother to admit the accident the morning of August 26, the police began to Daning are taking note. He explained in detail what cargo transport, from where to where, when asked younger brother and son to drive rotation is responsible for the Daning said before entering Zhejiang, the car he opened, entered Zhejiang, the car on the other brother opened a. And the fact that, in fact, just the opposite. That afternoon, Xiao Ning wife rushed to the traffic police team. Of his 11-year-old child in the case of a guardian, police transcript. But asked to, the car is who when the child said,ルイヴィトン, the car is the father (Xiao Ning). "My child is not lying." The police later learned that the children sleep in the car before entering Zhejiang, At this time, the car does Xiao Ning opened his impression, the car has been a father to open. The hearts always doubts about the police believed this record, there is no simple. Expand the technical inspection of the scene of the accident, and tune to see along the way monitoring. "In the survey, we noticed a detail, although the monitor not see the man's face, but you can see sitting in the driver's seat in the territory of Zhejiang Expressway,burberry pas cher, a thin man Striped Pajamas, and the time of the incident, The Daning are wearing striped clothing. September 7, police Daning 4th transcripts. Daning finally confessed everything,moncler, said the accident when the car he opened. "This thing, you talk with your family, or for us." Police asked Daning before Daning has been told his family, the car is the younger brother opened. "Give me save face, I have to say." Daning lowered his head. Car accident Why should the responsibility pushed to the brother of the dead car accident, they want to blame the dead brother, like a man "His brother died, I felt so sad. Lied and said his brother opened the car, I was more guilty every lie once, on pain of time." Daning tearfully confessed the reason why you want to compile a lie, think he killed his brother, sorry for his family, but also against my parents, no way to explain to them,ugg ブーツ. "But even worse is that I will go to jail after the accident, so that the whole house would collapse." Daning said, he and his brother very good feeling, though already married, but a brother and parents live under one roof, but also money are divided and do not pay attention to who. Two brothers is the mainstay of the home, they installments last year bought trucks, run with freight expenses at home thanks to the two men ran freight earned. "Now brother left me because of the accident to go to jail, this home is how to do, we also have two children." Caused a traffic accident, the high-speed traffic police in this case is to take legal proceedings, will be transferred to the procuratorate. The family learned that the real cause of the accident, and did not scold Daning hope pleading to the authorities, "Do not go to jail,モンクレール." Daning.

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a huge amount

's Court after hearing the case in court verdicts and sentenced the defendant Chen Qingquan life imprisonment. CC Chan used his position to embezzle 2.13 million yuan of public funds aged 43,モンクレール アウトレット, before catching the tranquility of the Department of City real estate operating companies. According to prosecutor accused, from February 2009 to May 2010,burberry pas cher, Chen Qingquan served tranquility Houses the financial shares cashier positions to facilitate Fractional different means theft,バーバリー, misappropriation of public funds totaling 2.13 million yuan,バーバリー コート. Among them, 19 cash a check "the bulk of the small tail" illegally obtaining 466,000 yuan of public funds for themselves; direct way of cash through cash checks, embezzlement of public funds of 47.3 million yuan,グッチ; directly allocated to their individual accounts through online banking way, embezzlement 120 million appropriation. After the incident, the case shall the money equivalent of 14,air ジョーダン.7 million yuan the CC Chan refused to explain the whereabouts of 199 million yuan (case), resulting in the case most of the case shall so far could not be recovered,バーバリー 財布. Public prosecutor that the defendant Chen Qingquan as national staff, used his position, embezzlement of public funds of 213 million yuan, a huge amount, their behavior should be held criminally responsible embezzlement,abercrombie france. 1.99 million yuan (case) is nowhere to be found in yesterday's court session,abercrombie, in the face of the facts of the crime prosecutor accused the defendant the CC Chan confessed, pleaded guilty in court, but refused to explain the whereabouts of most of the case shall,ルイヴィトン. State Prosecutor concluded that,ルイヴィトン バッグ, after CC Chan in justice, although the ill-gotten 147,000 yuan, but its refusal to explain the whereabouts of 199 million yuan in the case of paragraph cause significant economic losses to the country, should be strictly punished according to law. Court that the defendant CC Chan's behavior constituted a crime of corruption,ヴィトン, the prosecutor accused guilty. Good attitude in view of its justice,ジョーダン, therefore,マーキュリアル, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code,moncler, the court of first instance sentenced the defendant Chen Qingquan life imprisonment.

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the car to be uninterrupted and peers to stay in touch

'an Branch Wei Qu, Zhang police officers introduced,UGG, they rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm,ヴィトン, the suspect has be controlled,abercrombie france, they be taken to the police station, after inquiry, that the suspect,moncler, who just turned 18 years old this year,ugg ブーツ, in the Chang'an District a repeat school reading senior According to his account, a month ago, lost their phones after thinking again buy a cell phone,ugg ブーツ, and then staged the scene in the evening of the 17th. At present, the suspects had been under criminal detention. Zhang police to remind taxi driver out of the bus at night must be more careful,burberry pas cher, first of all, and resolutely put an end to male passengers sitting in the front passenger position,アグ. Secondly,モンクレール ダウン, the car to be uninterrupted and peers to stay in touch,UGG, informed of their location,abercrombie, in order to seek relief in a timely manner when in trouble. Finally,ルイヴィトン, once encountered a problem,モンクレール アウトレット, can be taken through a red light, changing the route,アグ, and deliberately creating roadblocks such acts to the attention of the traffic police,あぐ, out of danger in a timely manner. Driver friends in the car ready to spray device emergency. Our the reporter Zheng Aimei intern Tao Ying

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"Reed said

's congresses Ryu drink broke into Xiangcheng City Experimental Middle School reflects the problem of their child's seat,バーバリー. An hour-long friends known as "the history of urban cattle 'roar brother' because of its crude language, quarreling. On September 7, the reporter conducted an investigation of the incident. Posts: the NPC officials campus "roaring" September 7, river users "Zhoukou 2008 in the big river rivers Forum posting said, around 5:00 pm on September 6, 2011,ルイヴィトン バッグ, the National People's Congress, deputy director of the Office of Xiangcheng City Liu Jianli, because their child seat problem, drunken driving, broke into the campus of Xiangcheng point with the principal Naogua Zi mouth filthy roar. Principals look to his drinking has been Peizhuoxiaolian,マーキュリアル, advised him on the office, he will not,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, and advised him to go back, he is not willing to. Results traumatic students unable to attend class,ジョーダン, teachers unable to office. (Add a comment) posts also accompanied by a period of up to 24 seconds of video, open video a middle-aged man who will not in see if Zezhao "the voice can be heard clearly. Posts and finally said, the only problem (the child because the child seat in the fifth row of eight rows), went to the school to make trouble, this is not demeaning, it is not detrimental to the image of our leading cadres Survey: The parties acknowledge that went to the school to discuss the "saying" the morning of September 8, Reporters telephone contact to the event the parties - the city people's congress deputy director of the Office of Liu Jianli. Liu said, "really matter, I just went to the school to give children a say., Have reached an understanding of himself and the school." According to Liu Jianli speak their own children with high myopia,ルイヴィトン, just want their children forward to sit, but The school has not been resolved, only seek for their children, "saying" to school,abercrombie. He is not a high-ranking official, is an ordinary staff, did not think some things through recorded into "Video" on the "online". News reporters engaged in the Second Experimental Middle School of the hair Xiangcheng,グッチ 財布, Ryu day drunk broke into the school,doudoune moncler, "the tone is very fierce, and not afraid of anyone, until the leadership of the Department of Education and the National People's Congress over corpuscles." Reporter asked Ryu, September 6th should be a normal working day, while working as a cadre casual drinking Ryu this speechless. After the event, Liu Jianli said to have reached an understanding and II, and II principals Guang-Yi Zhang's phone number to a reporter. The reporter called Chang, Zhang refused press interviews to meetings. User: "roaring official" is the official authority to attack users' southern sky, "he said,バーバリー コート," 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the wine should also woke up to a child's seat, and will not so be it,グッチ バッグ. "Friends" morning of the wind,モンクレール アウトレット, "said officials qualities so worrying. Friends, "Reed said,air ジョーダン," The National People's Congress cadres called Xiangcheng the most in the history of cattle 'roar brother', for such a person, no matter the official how big you want all won The friends also said that "growl, in fact,ヴィトン, official authority in the attack. The cadres official,バーバリー 財布, Granville. The official authority Syndrome damage the officials of the image of hurt the masses Heart. '

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but very sensible. Only to the hospital that night

'S nostrils. "Dad, you go to sleep, my sister and me to accompany How about you here." Then Xianxian tucked to my father, my 5-year-old sister to start a game,モンクレール ダウン. Rural Xianxian who lives in Changqing District , like other children, Xianxian before 5 years of age have a warm home. Until two years ago,abercrombie france, his father Don C letter suddenly detected uremia, a turning point in her destiny,burberry pas cher. Xianxian see only a 5-year-old mother to take care of his sister and dad all day, worked hard, they secretly learn from the sweeping, washing dishes, kettle ... a year ago,michael kors outlet store, and Xianxian mother suddenly insane runaways. Xianxian said she did not hate my mother,abercrombie, because my mother was tired . Still Bugeng Shi's sister does not understand, she said her mother bad, regardless of their. Since the mother was gone, the well-intentioned neighbors and villagers often sent Xianxian home eggs and food, Xianxian they imitate adults like boiling water,mulberry outlet uk, cook,louis vuitton outlet store. Xianxian hand grip from reporters, the kind of rough feel painfully can not believe this is a pair of 7-year-old child's hand,louis vuitton outlet online. An emergency department staff told reporters, Xianxian young, but very sensible,mulberry outlet. Only to the hospital that night, quilt cover, Xianxian put their clothes covered sister, he was curled up in a chair,michael kors outlet online; each time instant noodles and sister,louis vuitton outlet, she always let my sister eat,doudoune moncler; indirect heat The water is not careful hot she never Hanteng. "Xianxian, want to go to school do "The reporter asked,モンクレール アウトレット." If you want, but now can not. "Xianxian shook his head. Don Bingde, told reporters: Xianxian told me that she did not go to school,moncler, she was afraid to leave the house I am not in the no mother, she did not want to let the father to leave. "

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The villagers said they sent packing with a sprayer to a mad dog. Subsequently, this mad dog bitten by two dogs after weaving factory in the vicinity of two disappeared. 14 am, the village villagers high prosperity and strength with the 8-year-old son is destined for a new house on the road again ran into this mad dog. High prosperity and strength,moncler, said he was walking his son riding a buggy,アグ, mad dog saw him two men, separated by a distance of ten meters rushed over. Rich and powerful high feeling ran Lai Buji hastened a son into his arm and aloft,burberry pas cher. Mad Dog bite pointed at his right leg two quickly ran to the village,ヴィトン 財布. Reporter saw high Fortune bitten place has begun scarring bite imprint is still visible Several villagers said,モンクレール アウトレット, mad dog bites and then went to the mill village,abercrombie france, a 16-year-old female student with a more than 70-year-old woman. High Fortune mill near the village clinic when he was bitten, he let his son home,モンクレール ダウン, he quickly went to the health center for treatment,モンクレール. High rich and powerful son came home and misses his father, a few minutes later from home run out unexpectedly just get out of the house and ran into this mad dog, arms,ヴィトン, unfortunately,doudoune moncler, is a mad dog scratches,abercrombie. Out strong and prosperous from the health center just to see his son bitten, protective of eager to pick up a piece of brick to the vicious dog and threw it. The be disturbed mad dog turn over toward the rich and powerful high, again to his right knee at the bite Paoyuan. "Biting a villager ran to the Village,あぐ." Said high rich and powerful, mad dog bites in the village,ルイヴィトン, but more than 10 minutes,UGG.

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asked the hospital for compensation

'm medicine injections spend 100,008 million may not line can solve the problem of a small knife three times!" Listen to the doctor is to say, to Tan Lin suddenly happy to say: "Today case geniuses, yo! "immediately commanded by Chiang, Tan Lin went to the hospital to do cervical CR check. The Reporters to see this issued by Liangping Chinese medicine hospital radiology CR inspection report single conclusion: the cervical spine is highly skewed the dehisce bit no obvious abnormalities. Tan and Rich has puzzled As the daughter of cervical abnormalities, why Dr. Jiang also told her to tie a small knife to pay 480 yuan after the surgery Tan and Rich said, acupuncture treatment,abercrombie, her daughter the neck constantly Maoxue, Dr. Jiang boards he helped take a cotton swab to hold down the. "The doctor did not call my hand disinfection did not wear medical gloves. The tie finished pin, Tan Lin shouting headache,グッチ, confusion in the home. July 29, Tan Lin Go Daping Hospital where diagnoses such as intracranial infection. Aug. 22 reversed Liangping County People's Hospital, tragic death on August 30. Of Liangping County People's Hospital, the conclusion is intracranial infection and other illnesses. The deceased husband Tian Huaibin that Tan Lin's death, Dr. Jiang acupuncture treatment disinfection lax relationship, then made to the Chinese medicine hospital Liangping claims 60 million. The deceased's family claims hospital upstairs flakes "venereal the flyers" strange things happened. Tian Huaibin September 1,モンクレール, more than 300 relatives and some members of the public around the courtyard on the first floor of Liangping County Hospital, asked the hospital for compensation, but the hospital did not clearly answer. The deceased's mother Jiangtian Ying told reporters, at 12:00 am, a nurse surnamed Liu at the door of the emergency room on the first floor is granddaughter Oda in the past, she also followed later,モンクレール アウトレット. Nurse Lau Oda said: "Your mother got three to syphilis dead, you gnaw Chinese medicine hospital wrangling it " Oda angrily responded by saying: "You got syphilis!" Said Tian Huaibin, at 2 pm, he seek explanation and daughter Oda is on the first floor in the courtyard of the hospital floor window suddenly floating dozens of leaflets, everyone pick it up to have a look, there are two versions, one version with a large blackbody Print "Mom died three syphilis ( STDs); another version printed in Times New Roman grandparents, parents-in-law,バーバリー コート, I beg you not to trouble, my mother got syphilis,バーバリー 財布, you shameless I also face age you have such a big yo future, how do I face in the world to live. "Immediately, STD flyers attracted the onlookers burst of boos,ヴィトン. Tian Huaibin and daughter Oda ran up to the 6th floor to see, but there is no distribution of flyers figure. Afterwards, their relatives, a total of more than 40 leaflets at the scene picked up some leaflets were seized by other members of the public. Who distributed leaflets family of the deceased have sent leaflets to the police for two versions of the leaflets distributed to the tone of the deceased daughter. Is deceased daughter went to public dissemination of the mother sexually transmitted diseases flyer The investigation that Oda is the only daughter of the deceased Tan Lin, this year it was 13-year-old. Witnesses confirmed that Jiang Tianyuan Hospital upstairs floating leaflets, Oda is on the first floor courtyard simply not on the 6th floor. The relatives of the deceased suspect is the hospital deliberately public dissemination of sexually transmitted diseases flyers insult the dead. In this regard, the hospital for medical education and Chief Xuding Jun said, identified by the relatives of the deceased, 6th Floor inpatient ward, 1 pm,moncler, he was out the camera shooting the scene in the inpatient floor window,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, he did not see the flyer where floating down, and later some flyers affixed to the hospital entrance, only to see. Suspicion for the relatives of the deceased, Xuke Zhang said, do not rule out leaflets to staff, but there is no evidence. He said, but does not rule out the deceased relatives or other family members of patients. Xuke Zhang said, as the hospital to deal specifically with the person in charge of the medical dispute that he absolutely did not instigate the people to distribute leaflets. At present, the relatives of the deceased have sent flyers submitted to the local police, hoping to find out instigator. Lawyers: public patient privacy infringement in the end the Tan Lin venereal Whether she died of what disease Xuke Zhang told reporters,air ジョーダン, can responsibly say that the police have extracted evidence Tan Lin is indeed suffering from syphilis. However, he is not the evidence presented to reporters. The deceased husband Tian Huaibin that tie a small knife disinfection lax, Tan Lin intracranial infection death. Xuke Zhang argued, sexually transmitted diseases may also lead to intracranial infection. Liangping County Health Department has instructed the county Medical Association Organization experts for identification. Xuke Zhang also said that an acupuncture treatment, Dr. Jiang is a Chinese physician, qualified with a small knife,burberry pas cher, is a legitimate medical practice, when an acupuncture treatment for Dr. Jiang unauthorized Please deceased father bare hands to stop bleeding issue with a cotton swab, Xu's argument is that a small knife does not need nurse. He made it clear that the expert conclusions out, if the hospital has the responsibility, according to the law to make reparation. Chongqing Jin Young (Jiangbei) law firm the Pan Xingwang lawyer pointed distributing leaflets to promote the sexually transmitted diseases of the deceased has infringed the right of reputation of the deceased. He believes that once the final verified who distributed the deceased venereal flyers will be liable for damages. Dialogue deceased daughter, "I will not use the computer typing" September 8, Tian Huaibin agree, the reporter interviewed a 13-year-old Oda. Chongqing Business Daily: the afternoon of September 1, where are you Oda: I am in the courtyard of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the first floor. Chongqing Business Daily: you see upstairs floating leaflets Oda: I saw, I also went to the ground to pick up a few. Chongqing Business Daily: flyers in your name in print, you did it Oda: I did not do,マーキュリアル, I still do not use a computer typing ah. Dialogue parties Doctors "I was beaten, did not work yesterday 14:00, the reporter interviewed Dr. Jiang Hao. Chongqing Business Daily: Dr. Jiang Where Hao Jiang: I was beaten, did not work, hiding in a friend's house to recuperate,グッチ バッグ. Chongqing Business Daily: the deceased father had boasted commitment Tan Lin three can help eliminate cervical pain Hao Jiang: I can not say the kind words,ルイヴィトン バッグ. Chongqing Business Daily: Tan Linzha needle, you called her father with a cotton swab with bare hands to stop bleeding Hao Jiang: her neck a little bleeding, I called her father with a cotton swab slightly soiled. Chongqing Business Daily: Do you know the venereal disease flyers who circulated it Hao Jiang: 1 day I left the hospital, do not know who did it. Reporter Xu Shu Wen / Chart

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launched a donation. In fact

's father,グッチ, Chen Shih rights guiltily,モンクレール ダウン, 2007 February, 7-year-old Chen heart walk grandparents found the body side to side, and more and more serious. In the second half of 2009, the West China Hospital diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy. "The doctor told me that the child may gradually paralyzed, even life-threatening." Chen heart in order to cure diseases, they have borrowed more than 40,000 yuan foreign debt. Place to live, "the doctor said, the best way is only through the bone marrow treatment,モンクレール." "This semester, see Chen heart walk indeed die, at home intend to let him study with his parents to work in Guangzhou,バーバリー 財布." Chen heart grandmother Zhang Yongfen said, and stopped for a few days to learn, is planning to go again to persuade teachers and students,ジョーダン. See so enthusiastic students, parents finally assured Chen heart left. Launched the whole school donations naughty students Lu taro original so caring, "Chen heart good grades, so do not read unfortunately If so dropped out of school, maybe one day to cure his illness,ルイヴィトン バッグ, to come back to school on the night." Lin said, the schools within the school in order to help Chen heart continue reading, launched a donation. In fact, the first dorsal Chen heart school the the his playmates yellow literary and Tao Dingjie. Third grade Chen heart walked to fall a half-day get up again,air ジョーダン, we back him back and forth to school. "Yellow literary shyly said. Zhang Yongfen said,バーバリー, the yellow literary and Tao Dingjie Chen heart of the neighbors, the three children grew up together, every day together playing. Chen heart "These dolls are very good, a holiday to be back out playing, never bullied us Chen heart." School less than a mile from home,バーバリー コート, she often let children eat Shuttle Chen heart, "never I did not get that which you want to eat, say eating are her own Chen heart left. "most teacher Lu moved Tao Dingjie. "He has always belonged to the naughty student, very teacher headache,burberry pas cher. When I found out he silently back and another classmate Chen heart a year for a long time,abercrombie france, particularly touched the hearts of students doll are hoping to get the recognition and praise of the teacher,moncler, but he never told anyone,グッチ 財布, including the often criticized his teacher,グッチ バッグ. "According to the Chengdu Business Daily

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's house. Tom Lorenz

's house,バーバリー コート. Tom Lorenz,abercrombie france, Glendale Police said: "His behavior can only be regarded as contempt of public safety,モンクレール, we can see that he was bored,ルイヴィトン." It is reported that,burberry pas cher, Gu Kesang the road as a playground is not only this time,ルイヴィトン バッグ. As early as last December,doudoune moncler, he was claiming the car into park caused the loss of thousands of dollars have been arrested,air ジョーダン. (HAILAN)

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how injured

's fingers wrist snapping the village committee: the victim had mouth bite mediator village party secretary Guo Wenjian introduced, the junk venue is the village collective land rental time has already expired. Mr,louboutin. Lin is not paying rent. Dump its operating unlicensed unlicensed, the case of the illegal business,louboutin pas cher. Garbage dump fire hazard exists. In addition, the heavy pollution, "almost every quarter we are receiving complaints,ugg ブーツ. The implementation of demolitions on the garbage dump, joint law enforcement and their Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, urban management and other departments are legitimate law enforcement. "Demolitions that time I was not present," said Guo Wenjian, according to the staff,アグ, Mr Lam and his wife stepped forward to stop Mr,moncler. Lin wife sit down at the the hook machine's bucket to go inside,ヴィトン. For the two female mediators pull her out, but Mr. Lin wife has to bite the two mediators,UGG, and later two male law enforcement officers in the past only to pull her. As for Mr. Lin wife wrist,burberry pas cher, fingers whether law enforcement officers snapping, they do not know, did not find her injuries. Mr Lim is the incident a few days after the report,モンクレール ダウン, so the hand of his wife,ルイヴィトン, how injured,abercrombie france, need Mr,モンクレール アウトレット. Lin to produce evidence, her injury is caused by identification,モンクレール, we take full responsibility " ,あぐ. Zhongshan City Border Detachment Modaomen the the Water Frontier Police Director-General Lin Hailiang, the current forensic the injury assessment results also did not come out, so the injury is not law conclusions, while the matter is still under investigation.

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leaving 10%. "

'home',バーバリー, and 40% to the delivery cohorts,ルイヴィトン, leaving 10%,モンクレール. "

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the verdict reflects two characteristics

's Court of first instance verdict: The the defendant Chen, Panmou were sentenced to 11 years in prison and four years, and fined two million yuan and 5000 yuan. According to reports, November 26, 2009, Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment according to the students' parents to report a domestic Internet users through the hire outside server start-up "4G new network phone pornographic web sites to attract Internet users to browse and insert advertising illegal profits. After investigation, police Wuxi December 2, 2009 in Guangzhou,モンクレール, the suspect Chen (24 years old, the Department of college students) captured,モンクレール アウトレット. Identified by the court,ルイヴィトン バッグ, Chen profit from April 2009 for the purpose of renting server space abroad to operate the phone pornographic web sites, through QQ and Panmou (24-year-old junior high school education,abercrombie, unemployed) contact,ジョーダン, let it help. November 2009 letting Panmou the site was renamed "4gyt,ルイヴィトン.me". Chen, the site has 570 upload pornographic pictures, pornographic video link 1389 and through advertising to advertisers Alliance & profit 9268 yuan,グッチ バッグ. Pan Mouming known Chen offered pornographic web sites, and still provide the rent. The court held that the the accused Chen, Panmou behavior had constituted the crime of dissemination of obscene profit-making. In the crime,バーバリー, the defendant Chen culprit,モンクレール ダウン, defendant Panmou to their accomplice. January 22,air ジョーダン, 2010, the People's Procuratorate of Wuxi Huishan Huishan District People's Court to prosecute, February 11, Huishan District, Wuxi City People's Court made the decision in accordance with the law, this point Wuxi 12 02 "phone dissemination of pornographic materials case successfully concluded ,バーバリー コート. National "anti-pornography" Office official said today,abercrombie france, Wuxi 12 02 "the phone spread of pornographic materials case investigated and dealt with,ヴィトン, the verdict reflects two characteristics: First,グッチ, the investigation of the cases quickly and decisively; applicable law accurately for minors the healthy growth to provide effective protection.

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leather one to Fang Moumou residence was arrested. Recently

's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution with fraud, a suspect human skin using a variety of means, defrauding three women a total of 27 million yuan,モンクレール. October 2008,burberry pas cher, a suspect human skin, victims and Wang developed into a romantic relationship, subsequently,moncler, the skin of a "do business with the lack of working capital" as an excuse to cheat Wang 199,モンクレール アウトレット,000 yuan,ugg ブーツ; July last year,louboutin pas cher, the skin of a victim Liang Moumou become lovers, and the same excuse to cheat 47,000 yuan Liang Yijun; September the same year, the leather the same means of fraud victims Fang Moumou 29,louboutin,800 yuan, and the end of October,ルイヴィトン, the skin of a ready Fang Moumou Shi cheat again immediately see through,abercrombie france, Fang Moumou alarm,ヴィトン, leather one to Fang Moumou residence was arrested,アグ. Recently,michael kors outlet, Luohu District People's Procuratorate finds a leather defrauding three victims belongings fictional facts and conceal the truth,abercrombie, constitutes fraud,モンクレール ダウン, a huge amount has been made to the Luohu District People's Court for prosecution.

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