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the victim Zhao and her classmates

(Reporter Wang Qiu) in January last year,mulberry outlet uk, the 21-year-old school girls paragraph Xiaoyu admission Zhao female students killed in a hotel,hollister, police gave himself up to the (newspaper on January 3, 2010 report). Yesterday, reporters learned, Duan Xiaoyu suspicion of intentional homicide prosecution prosecution in a court has accepted the case. Paragraph Xiao Yusheng in 1990, was originally the School of Mechanical Engineering,lancel, Beijing University of Science and Technology Industrial Design 0801 students, the victim Zhao and her classmates, only 19 years old when he died. Prosecution to identify the early hours of January 2, 2010,abercrombie, Duan Xiaoyu Xueqing Road, Haidian District, No. 41, seven-day hotel chains layer 428 rooms, with a knife cutting Zhao neck several knife, causing of Zhao the left carotid artery and carotid vein rupture, leading to the death of acute hemorrhagic shock. After the incident,アグ, Duan Xiaoyu surrendered to the public security organs, the Vocab days after their criminal detention. 9 February of the same year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau formally arrested. Prosecutors believe Duan Xiaoyu project without the law of the land, deliberately unlawful deprivation of life, causing death,hollister, the harsh nature of the crime, the circumstances are particularly serious consequences, a great social harm,lancel pas cher, has infringed the penal law,abercrombie france, criminal facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, it should be held criminally responsible for manslaughter. But the indictment did not described on the segment Xiaoyu motive and the reason. The day after the murders took place,mulberry outlet, Beijing University of Science and Technology on the matter issued a public notice, which also did not mention the incident reason. Some media reported that school students said Duan Xiaoyu Zhao has been a very close relationship, same-sex emotional relationships that may exist between the two men, murder does not exclude the consequent,louboutin. Accepted the case in a court case involving personal privacy, will not be a public hearing.</p>

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police said

The American Police said an 73-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his wife, and the two married in just a few weeks. Victim Ruth Henderson lived in Jerome, Pennsylvania, is also a 73-year-old. Relatives at the porch of her home in the body was found. Her chest two gunshot wounds,mulberry outlet uk. Jerome near Somerset Police 3rd arrest her husband William 麦克托尼克,. When he is driving. Local police Pitt Buckley said the couple married just a few weeks time,louboutin pas cher, and have been, respectively,abercrombie, live in their own home,louboutin. Henderson,UGG ブーツ, a daughter, police said, the mother, the time of the incident has already begun to prepare for divorce,abercrombie france. Investigators say 麦克托尼克 therefore become emotional instability,アグ, and threatened to kill his wife and her family,lancel pas cher, said to commit suicide.麦克托尼克 told police a gun case in the back seat of his car, which he used a rifle and revolver,hollister. Police also found a box the other a gun,hollister, the same caliber gun death caused by Henderson. (Xinhua News Agency)

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the direction of the bus reached the green belt

's Hospital of Neurosurgery, saw Mr. Song in a coma undergoing rescue,lancel pas cher. Mr,peuterey. Song's wife heard the news, he rushed to the hospital to accompany her in tears,hollister, told reporters, this year it was 38-year-old husband has car years,louboutin. Day from the Development Zone intend to market Hualing traffic,abercrombie, may feel unwell,mulberry outlet, did not pull the passengers quickly drove intend to find a hospital for treatment. The Chaoyang Hospital near Tilibuzhi With the last bit of energy to the bus less speed, the inertial effects, bus or rushed into the green belt,louboutin pas cher. Bazhou People's Hospital neurosurgeon spit khun introduction, Mr. Song is a sudden left brain blood vessels rupture, causing his right unconscious lead to paralysis, therefore, he did not have the strength to go on the brakes, fortunately, Mr,mulberry outlet uk. Song in the last critical moment,lancel, the direction of the bus reached the green belt, which did not cause injury to other personnel,peuterey outlet. Bazhou People's Hospital of Neurosurgery rescue, the hospital said that it was not life-threatening.

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's "face"

's "face",アグ, reported Qishan and Cui wishful icebreaking save drowning child victims of News,lancel. Zhengding County Committee for Comprehensive Management Office official said in an interview with this reporter,abercrombie france, the comprehensive management departments are stepping up efforts to identify the heroic deeds of the two heroes,hollister, identified after the two heroes and their families in accordance with the relevant procedures The commendation and pension,louboutin.

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​​the scalp, suffered multiple bruising. He told reporters, Xu at 20:30 on the 20th, he and six other students out of the bedroom, the same bedroom, planning to go to photography,louboutin, because graduate students posed for pictures. Near a bakery when they rented out the bedroom far, more than 20 peers red over their hands with swords, iron rods, as well as take-ho, over the hit,UGG ブーツ. "Wang Junpeng Seeing other students ran, this group of people will knock him down, sticks like Yudian Er hit him, he was beaten fainted. When he woke up, the students back to the hospital for treatment. This group of people beat him,hollister, several of his understanding, there are several people in the community that he did not know. Them from fights, and Wang Junpeng together several other students was hit by fists and sticks, but not badly hurt,lancel pas cher, and there is no hospitalization. But there is one student named Cui Zeyu hurt quite heavy, and afterwards admitted to the hospital. Cuize Yu Wang Junpeng's classmate different sleep classmates, Cuize Yu said he was next to the store to buy things, listen to the students ran said Wang Junpeng beaten his past to see that group of people playing a few stick, left arm injured to the hospital After the film, found no fracture but the bone is dislocated. Family are most worried about in the test immediately in the exam, my child was badly beaten! "Wang Junpeng mother said to Wang Junpeng medical treatment, the family has spent four or five thousand dollars, the money is borrowed,moncler, at home by farming a living, suddenly out of the matter, can only borrow money to cure diseases. After the incident, Wang Junpeng Yushu City Secondary School where a teacher did not look over, so she can not accept. "After all, they are the Second, and second, how can a person do not come Should come and see the school sector,abercrombie france, helped solve the case." Said Wang Junpeng mother,doudoune moncler, after the incident, the family members have been reported the matter, the Yushu suburban police station to over time,abercrombie, the case has not been broken. The Yushu City hospital doctor said Wang Junpeng injury is relatively heavy, the head, the eyes are out to bleed just to the hospital, diagnosed with head and face injuries, right upper arm trauma, chest, and back injuries, traumatic ball eyes conjunctival hemorrhage, right The eye is relatively heavy, contusion, also need to observe the treatment for some time. Murderer is retaliation for wounding to to interview Wang Junpeng the relatives and friends said they have brought under control a batterer has been sent to the suburban police station, reporters immediately rushed to a suburban police station, where he met Wang Junpeng's father and several other relatives and friends, they are waiting for the police handling the case, said police are to discuss the matter. In another room, a young man sitting in it. "That's him!" Wang Junpeng a relative said, young man, surnamed Guo, involved in a hit Wang Junpeng. The reporter learned Kwak there he helped Lee fight June 15, Lee hit Wang Junpeng et al, after Lee called the police. June 20, Lee found Kwak some people, said police did not control this thing, and he recruited people to help solve them, they go out and plugging Wang Junpeng et al, results of the Wang Junpeng wounded. Students Diaspora difficult to manage in Yushu City, the guard stopped reporters, said no principals and leadership at home. Reporters from Wang Junpeng the homeroom teacher, it was learned that Wang Junpeng academic middle, before a fight, because they rent to live off campus, the fight things schools do not understand, Moreover, the June 27 immediately in the exam, The students have to leave school. It is understood that Wang Junpeng home not in Yushu, live below the township,peuterey outlet, because elms two did not have a dorm room, he and many other students, renters around the school. Although school teacher to manage accommodation for boarders, but because students live dispersed, the effect of management is not good. Some high school students from the township to age, poor self-control, it is easier to give birth to trouble, and students living together, with a mass in the time of the accident. Currently the case is still further cracked them. Wang Junpeng hospitalized because of injuries, can not participate in the exam this year is still unknown, the current situation in the examination certainly been affected,peuterey. The family hope the police solve the case as soon as possible, to seize the beating mastermind claims.

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's supply of chocolate is poison,mulberry outlet uk. Reporter was informed that morning, the man found guilty of the crime of fabricating terrorist information Chaoyang Court sentenced to a year in prison, suspended for a year in the morning of August 5 last year, the original Sinodis Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. employees Tangmou purchase food from Sinodis Food (Shanghai) Co,peuterey., Ltd,doudoune moncler. was cast because of dissatisfaction with the company and its termination of the labor contract, call the secretary of the general manager of the China World Hotel and Purchasing Department Tel twice, lied to the China World Hotel (Olympic contracted hotels) poison. Tangmou said that the reason for the company to terminate the contract with him,アグ, the company that he held for enterprise development concept is inconsistent with the unit,abercrombie france. But Tangmou think that the reason is not sufficient,lancel, and he was very angry about. Know the company and the Hotel contract to supply the other chocolate retaliation to vent their anger,louboutin pas cher, Tangmou call to the China World Hotel, said chocolate had been poisoned. China World Hotel received a phone call after the alarm, the police rushed to the hotel to investigate verification to issue false information,hollister. The Court held that the Tangmou disregard for the law of the land, deliberately fabricates the China World Hotel, purchased products are poisoning terrorist information, seriously disrupting social order,hollister, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute fabricating terrorist information sins,mulberry outlet. View of Tangmou a first offense, and pleaded guilty in better circumstances, and therefore lighter punishment. (Reporter Zhang Lei)

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the plaintiff

's Court of first instance verdict: dismissed the plaintiff's claim. August 27, Lake West agricultural station refused to accept the judgment of first instance, appeal to the provincial high court. At present, the case is the second instance of them. Shanwei Intermediate People's Court of First Instance that: the case is agriculture-related cases,バーバリー 財布, the plaintiff, sales of substandard fertilizers is true. The defendant administrative penalty and the basis for the plaintiff in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Product Quality Law" in China,woolrich, Guangdong Province to investigate and deal with illegal production and sales of fake and shoddy goods Ordinance relevant provisions of the seizure involved trucks,グッチ, is to carry out its administrative duties,woolrich outlet. The plaintiffs request for revocation of the administrative penalty and request compensation not justified, it is the judgment dismissing the plaintiffs' claims sought to withdraw the decision on administrative punishment and compensation trucks ". Lake West agricultural materials Station: appeal that the trial verdict facts are not clearly identified to the case,デュベティカ ダウン, the the appellant Lufeng Trade and Industry Bureau "fishing law enforcement", "industrial and commercial law enforcement officers and informants Ho clamp collusion false cases evidence" and "illegal deduction of 338 days "and the fact that avoided the error of law,モンクレール, the referee,グッチ 財布, subjective,バーバリー, to completely shield Lufeng Trade and Industry Bureau, according to the law should be revoked,moncler outlet. To this end, the Lake West agricultural materials Station Provincial High Court the verdict revoked, and support the claim in the first instance. On the pleadings,ヴィトン, Lake West agricultural materials Station also listed in detail the evidence to prove that Lufeng industrial and commercial fraud.

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the same site on duty security.

's hand,UGG ブーツ, "he stared at me,louboutin, and also hit a ball with my hand look. Car a men's timely opened juvenile time its get off, "he certainly is now,abercrombie, I remember he looked. Yesterday afternoon,doudoune moncler, the reporter in the 5th line you do not see online hot teenager,hollister. The MTRC said that they had received similar complaints, and have contact with the police station, but more difficult to complete elimination of the subway begging,lancel. The car does not have security of the car is a normal passenger,peuterey outlet, highly mobile, and we do not have the power to limit them,moncler. "Said a staff member of the MTRC,mulberry outlet uk. Subway security sector to recommend passengers, encountered such a situation should immediately call the alarm call,louboutin pas cher, the same site on duty security.

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the work has a great interference claim to Zhang 50

's behavior to his own life,abercrombie, the work has a great interference claim to Zhang 50,lancel,000 yuan in emotional,peuterey, and require an apology and promised not to disturb the lives of the two old. It is understood that the court and obtain Mr,louboutin pas cher. Meng alarm records in the transcript of the trial, Zhang admitted issued over harassment SMS,lancel pas cher. The defendant sent urn said the marriage was over yesterday, Zhang did not appear in court. Zhang's agent, said the plaintiffs said SMS content,mulberry outlet uk, for Zhang's wife, Xiao Meng. Concert tickets and fast food are set to Xiaomeng price of more than 1000 yuan and 200 yuan,louboutin, and not malicious. Casket to Xiaomeng. "The send urn premise is, Xiao Meng and Zhang couple bad relationship, Xiaomeng went to Zhang's trouble-making, said the divorce must give her a house or $ 500,000, and a large crowd humiliated Zhang feeding urn represents the end of their marriage relationship,hollister. "This is just a family dispute." the agent said, Xiaomeng and parents shared a cell phone,mulberry outlet, and parents to work at the same company, and therefore may have misunderstood. Yesterday,abercrombie france, the court is not in court for sentencing.

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who would like to engineering

cold shed these migrant workers are still waiting for their own hard-earned money, wife and children are waiting for us to take the money home New Year that now appears that this year there is no way passed. "working from Daqing the Lindian to Mudanjiang thank King book for the year pay talks made unhappy,lancel pas cher. Mudanjiang City bucket ditch sub-reservoir reinforcement project of more than 90 migrant workers are waiting eagerly for looking forward to that which has already defaulted on half of the 64 million hard-earned money will go to get back to. The 30-year-old Xie Jing excavator driver, he said, "I heard of this project is a national investment projects before the work from Daqing the Lindian to Mudanjiang, who would like to engineering,louboutin pas cher, the money people semi-Road take ran ah "XIE Jing-book site work six months ago, a division of the money did not get to now, a total of more than 40,000 yuan owed wages,moncler, fees. Another to my home ground,mulberry outlet, the whole family depend on me to work to earn this money, and outside there is a large sum of money, the child was only 5 years old, my white busy year, this how we live ah " pull transported sand bucket ditch sub-reservoir reinforcement project Li Jun (a pseudonym) told reporters that the construction unit owed his gravel of nearly 7 million, these sand are to credit in the battlefield,peuterey, and now the battlefield every day to discuss gravel me money, I side to hide the account side of Tao Zhang ah! "reporter recently learned in Mudanjiang City Water Authority, bucket ditch sub-reservoir reinforcement project is really a national investment project, the construction unit of Mudanjiang City Doo ditch sub reservoir reinforcement project construction management at the construction unit for construction of Heilongjiang positive industry Co., Ltd., supervision units for hydraulic engineering supervision company in Heilongjiang Province. Officially started construction works on May 1, 2009, the Heilongjiang Zhengye construction cable companies to appoint Ng Kwong Hing construction management for the project leader. The construction unit insufficient technical strength,louboutin, weak construction capacity,mulberry outlet uk, combined with project funds are often misappropriated, caused by the progress of the project has been slow. October 15, 2009, the person in charge of the construction unit Ng Kwong Hing unauthorized interception fund of $ 28 million for projects, full suspension caused by the project on October 25, the project can not be completed on schedule,abercrombie france. According to preliminary statistics, the construction unit Waiqian migrant workers fee of 283,800 yuan and 323,hollister,200 yuan, material and other costs, a total of 607,000 yuan. Mudanjiang Municipal Water Authority staff briefed reporters on the bucket ditch sub reservoir has completed works for projects have construction units to finance the construction unit construction schedule in full,lancel, but the construction unit management subjective intent, causing the migrant workers payment default fact. Work stoppage, the construction of Heilongjiang positive industry Limited and its charge of construction Ng Kwong Hing always take a negative evasive attitude, many consultations to no avail. Migrant workers on behalf of migrant workers fees for the person in charge of the construction unit Ng Kwong Hing fraud case report, the public security organs have been on file for investigation, being arrested Ng Kwong Hing. The reporters also learned that the Mudanjiang City Water Authority to reimburse them pay talks migrant workers 500 yuan per person toll most of the migrant workers return home to wait for the case to a satisfactory solution.

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a pseudonym

's prison salvation Text / Zou Zhiyuan kill the father of "The Outsiders" suffering from mental and psychological double torment in prison, after prison guards were repeated grooming, he came to understand that family education misconduct, is to produce "Beauty sub important reason. On the afternoon of January 22, 2010, a young man to teach came Henan Zhoukou prison, Prison Education Branch police found Dong Yusheng said, "I was asked the father to pay back the money. See the look of confusion in Dong Yusheng, he warned that: "I was the class champion (a pseudonym), the younger son, he is now serving a sentence in the eleventh district supervisor told me that his father wrote by many to take care of him in prison grave kindness can not repay,グッチ, overindulgences also want me to come back from Xinjiang gratitude, he now only I have a son. "class champion three years ago, in fact, there is a big son, but" there is really no way ", November 2007 month to kill him. After the death of the eldest son, the village people are sensational firecrackers, the villagers also composed of a group of hundreds of petitions to the City of Henan Province People's Court, requested the court to see the champion in the class "people from harm,モンクレール, severing sake , dealt with leniently. The court listened to ascertain the facts, the trial according to law on the basis of public opinion, the only class champion sentenced to three years imprisonment. "This is a deliberate murder lightest judgment," the trial of the case, the judge emotion. Havoc on neighbors in the eyes of Xiangcheng Rong village of villagers in the town of South Dayton, the 59-year-old old class really is a nice guy, just a good person who is not a good newspaper, "the enemy must be past life reincarnation became his son", so the whole family by the son of the flesh and spirit, the double and indecent articles. Called "enemy" Ban Dong Son (a pseudonym) and father, before his death from a decline of a good reputation, and all day doing regular jobs, troublemaker, Chihepiaodu rampant village. The age of 20, and the Ban Dong Son and a neighbors due to a bit of trivia altercation in the night to set fire to people haystack. The angry father fight son, to leave son turned to the ground. Old class is really no way this Outsiders. Send he wanted his son to join the army, the forces of the "melting pot" Lian Lian, but did not suffer avenues had to prop a relative to find a job in Beijing, a community security. Before long, the the of Ban Dong Son with a workers in Beijing, Liaoning girl good on. Daughter-in-law is a good girl, hard working, sensible,woolrich outlet, the couple married, had a little grandson, built a two-story home, but for the Outsiders abuses, our life is really good. "Old class once short good times are very sorry. But did not last long, the novelty of marriage is over, Ban Dong Son relapse, alcoholism cause trouble, beaten by neighbors to take liberties with women, his wife learned very shocked back to Liaoning maiden gone. No wife of Ban Dong Son, forcing his father to the daughter-in-law persuaded back in Liaoning. Old father of three went to Liaoning, but the broken heart and the daughter-in-law bent to divorce. Ban Dong Son cursed father incompetent old fool useless, depriving me do not have a wife. " Since then, Ban Dong Son intensified, villagers often burned Chaiduo fun, watching the "smoke signals" Chaiduo leapt, he danced, overjoyed. Old class can not go to the neighbors,アグ, compensation for losses. The idle very boring Ban Dong Son began hitting, first playing his neighbors dislike change playing family, father, mother, sister eaten after a few losses, even octogenarian grandmother was his beaten his childhood, as the grandson is really no way for the elderly darling, burst into tears and ran away from home to seek refuge with her parents nephew live. Really can not think of a good way to deal Outsiders Nusha Outsiders class champion, nearly sixty years he simply Out of sight out of mind, to go into exile wage Bihuo go. The lawless Ban Dong Son made contrary to the justice of human relations, even during the father working animals as acts: their own mother unconscious raped. Married sister heard the cry of the mother, outraged, returned to her family, pointing to his brother nose cursed. The the Ban Dong Son animal big, almost strangled the sister, took the opportunity to insult his sister in a coma. November 2007, working outside of class champion received the phone from his wife: "You come back, the whole family ashamed to live!" Old class Laoleizongheng: "God, what have I done evil, actually gave birth to such a beast,バーバリー 財布! "not wash your dirty linen in public, the class championship home think not report his wife and daughter, but strictly not these human relations scandal rumor. In addition, he really can not think of a good way. The only illusions son from this convergence behavior, repented. The Ban Dong Son frenzied did not father looked down, after a drunken actually an insult to his own mother in front of his father's face, anger towering old class Outsiders neck and strangled him with a rope bridle. The the son looked motionless, class champion grief, ask corpse crying, he can not imagine how even in this life will kill, kill,moncler outlet, or their son. He also felt a burst easily the scourge the whole family Niexu "dead, we at least can live a calm day. Panic in the class championship and an old wife pulled the bodies of his son the crop land far away from home, too late buried hurriedly fled home. November 8,バーバリー, 2007, city police received a report in the the powerful police investigation pressure class champion confessed to the police homicide after considering the victim's own fault class champion was sentenced to three years, and escorted to Henan Province Zhoukou prison. Educational malpractice as a typical case of domestic violence crime, Zhoukou prison crime of domestic violence causes research group of class champion kill child case causes many investigations. The group members confused class champion still confuse son metamorphosis of the main reason, he insisted that his family "not very indulge him", "not how spoiled",ヴィトン 財布, but the son childhood temper Lai, a cry to no end did not , and everyone will be used to down him. "The Dong Son hours and the village children play 'kiln' (a popular Zhoukou rural children in several small pits dug in the ground, used to the game of marbles), once raining outside play fails, he Then play have to be digging in the house, his mother does not agree, he went down vicious cry, I had no choice but according to the class champion said children gradually become Shuiyibuer. To fifteen or sixteen, East sub all day and a group of punks play together, and often sly hands and feet of the girls, not class champion had to "pay" for kids to get into trouble: pay in compensation some money tomorrow to the village o-apology. "Could not understand the child's uncle, said to me, this playing out! So I took his beat up a meal, bamboo discount, spoil the child. Said sticks following sticks these children useless, I can What way "filed past, class champions look of chagrin. Through the study of the criminal cases in more than 30 cases of domestic violence, Henan Zhoukou prison warden Xie Xi-Liang family education misconduct resulting in "The Outsiders" The most important reason. Zhoukou rural stations in prison, many villagers no difference between raising children and raising animals, focusing on the children to feed and clothe, lack of ethics, social virtue and spiritual discipline, intentionally or unintentionally, many parents of children inculcate violence first, the supremacy abandoned if the shelter shoe money first outlook on life, Xiaoyi, traditional virtues such as honesty, ethics,woolrich, children in this environment, imperceptibly, the growth process of moral education blank an evil temptation soils, it breeds violence and crime. Prison Redeemer July 15, 2008, the class champion was sent to Henan Zhoukou prison, his mood is very heavy. The prison walls grid let him fear, afraid to have high blood pressure, heart disease, he could not come out alive,デュベティカ. Family happened to make him ashamed, that never ever can not be looked up in front of people. Home over the age of 80-year-old mother fell ill in bed wife unattended lost their parents, the young grandson nobody discipline, extreme ideological pressure he attempted suicide. The Education Supervisor District Supervisor Mayor Wang Quanping about his state of mind, start psychological intervention and resolve repeatedly psychological counseling. Education Branch police Dong Yusheng learned distress class champion life imprisonment without any daily necessities, took out 100 yuan to purchase the necessities of life for him. Prison consider the class championship body sick, after going into prison education, he was assigned to the Lao disease guilty of the prison area. The vice supervisor Mayor Li Shijie so guilty for his condition, doctors developed a health-care programs, to ensure that the class championship in prison-induced hypertension, heart disease. Grandson learned class champion afford school, launched Supervisor District police donated money and goods, and conducted several home visits in prison and village committees to help the elderly, sick and children are effectively resettlement care. "My son must have some degree of mental illness, I do not got to him, should he be sent to prison." Experienced many psychological counseling class champion now finally understand the world there is a disease called "mental illness", and his son may be suffering from a serious mental illness. (From "Law and Life" semimonthly the second half of April)

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but about ten days before the incident

's brother-in-law Zhang red over the wall into the to Lu Niuwa home March 30,グッチ 財布, saw off the windows of a reinforced security net, before entering to Lu Niuwa home. Search around in the bottom of the stairs,moncler outlet, in the bathroom and found the four bodies of the deceased was wrapped in bedding. "Probably around March 15, I play a wife phone went dead. Later I am dedicated to his Murakami went to Lu Niuwa, he was either not access it either evasive, just do not say the whereabouts of my daughter-in-law,ヴィトン. I always suspected that is not his to harm hid,バーバリー. "said Zhang red. After committing the crime still mahjong Lu Niuwa next door neighbors and villagers said,ヴィトン 財布, other day can Lu Niuwa to see. "He and his wife lived upstairs, usually when they went upstairs loud we can hear very clearly, but about ten days before the incident, the movement has not been heard,モンクレール." According to other villagers, In mid-March, when they can see the play mahjong of Lu Niuwa in the village and people, who did not know he had committed homicide, but also the bodies of the dead hidden in the bathroom of their own. Xingping City Public Security Bureau police handling the case told reporters after the incident,バーバリー 財布, Lu Niuwa did not rush to flight, and as usual doing his fruits agency business, but in a few days before the incident,doudoune moncler, he suddenly disappeared from the village of. Police later means of according Jizhen, eventually locking his locations and arrested him,アグ. As for Lu Niuwa Murder, and from what motives to kill his stepdaughter,デュベティカ ダウン, sister-in-law and niece What to write in his suicide note The police are under investigation. At present, Lu Niuwa, has been under criminal detention. Newspaper Xianyang reporters Station Hotline:

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teachers driven

dancing" followed by children, teachers driven,moncler, nursing homes, adding many lively. Chen Guiying elderly bedside hundredth birthday just over ten days ago,デュベティカ ダウン, decked out the origami gift to her children,ヴィトン 財布. The mere mention of the children to her birthday,デュベティカ, the elderly smiling eyes narrowed in a seam. "One came in here,doudoune moncler, you can feel a vigor blowing,アグ, young and old,グッチ 財布, have been successful with music mode,woolrich." The Wuchang District Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs Division is responsible for the research endowment two decades, much appreciated innocence Court,ヴィトン. Luo teach speaking,バーバリー 財布, Wuhan University, director of the Institute for Social Research also believes that the the innocence Court created a natural "together we learned" mode, so that the elderly in a lonely nursing homes also felt the warmth of the family. According to the Hubei Daily "

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Hemou short of more than 50

​​2007, Hemou friend Ms. Zhang borrowed 150,000 yuan, has not issued IOUs. In February 2008, Hemou married and the very fact that the original loan did not change due to changes in their relationship and the nature,モンクレール. The very fact that the $ 150,000 is their own personal property before marriage,doudoune moncler, has been Hemou restitution,moncler. On March 31,woolrich, 2009, Hemou issued to Ms. Zhang IOU commitment to be repaid on 31 December of the same year. Since then, Hemou breadwinner while,バーバリー, gradually returned the very fact that nearly 10 million. But last October, two because of emotional discord and divorce, this time, Hemou short of more than 50,000 yuan and not also on. Found Hemou do not intend to continue to pay back the money, the very fact that the prosecution to the court, Hemou to pay debts and pay interest at 4,000 yuan. Hemou argued themselves and the very fact that the couple was originally,バーバリー 財布, the marriage decoration housing money he and Ms. Zhang also told he borrowed 30,000 yuan,グッチ, he does not owe these after balancing, the very fact that money,デュベティカ ダウン. [Saying] The court held that the Hemou premarital borrow Miss Xiang Zhang, the two sides that form a creditor-debtor relationship, the money does not belong to the couple's joint debt, Hemou should be agreed upon to fulfill the repayment obligations. Now Hemou not scheduled repayment,ヴィトン, while outstanding borrowings, payment of interest in accordance with the bank deposit rate for the same period. For the Hemou excuse,ナイキ シューズ, because it did not provide evidence to the court inadmissible. (The Longfei Xixiao Wu)

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home staff

's work,デュベティカ ダウン, life trajectory,モンクレール, and learned that Zhang has a pseudonym Chen is now with the identity of the successful businessman. November 14, arresting police Zhang, a number of companies, residence,ヴィトン, vehicle,ヴィトン 財布, home staff,ナイキ シューズ, as well as the whereabouts of the secret surveillance. Xu 17:50 the same day,グッチ 財布, police arrest in a district of Zhengzhou,woolrich, decisive Zhang arrest,デュベティカ. Justice has long arms,woolrich outlet. Absconding for nearly 17 years,アグ, he was arrested.

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more users admiration to assist in the rescue

' Guangzhou love card community "Guangdong forum posts" at 13:40 on the 23rd distributed in 8:30 that morning, he was driving through the A-line within the loop Heep Woh Primary sections , they found a man lying in the middle lane on the middle of the road, a white Beverly car parked in front of the man in front of the man lying locations,バーバリー. "Beverly car that is not all of a sudden stop, but slowly opened to the man in front, came to a halt." Friends "Guangzhou" to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that he saw this scene, her car parked on the roadside, and then get off stepped forward to observe the situation. "Guangzhou" pictures, the man was wearing a white shirt and gray trousers, the back of a shoulder bag, short hair, blood flowing from the head, blood has red asphalt pavement. "Guangzhou" to the presence of Beverly driver learned that the driver witnessed the man injured lying on the ground, jumped from a van, but the station van did not stop, but accelerated gone. Beverly driver was afraid the man was behind the cars rolling,moncler, simply stopped in front of fell to the ground man, move the back of the car have to bypass the man lying lane, the injured man thus avoiding suffered RCC. "I carefully looked at the table Beverly car no obvious signs of the impact the car looks Beverly car not a car accident." Guangzhou ", said Beverly drivers do not seem to panic, and also tried in the field intercept the passing vehicles to stop the car and help rescue, "I have seen some recent reports, that this sometimes help may also be suspected perpetrators,バーバリー 財布." Guangzhou ", said he immediately called 110 alarm. In this case, the injured man, although seriously injured, but still fell to the ground and struggled. Soon, the police and ambulances rushed to the scene, the doctors rescued the injured man was sent to hospital, the police asked the two drivers, followed by police to a nearby police station for further inquiries please two drivers. Rescue vehicle owners have to worry about will be "framed" If your presence, I really have to worry about such a thing happen, will be 'flexion',moncler outlet, said to be the perpetrators. "During the police inquiry, Beverly drivers to Guangzhou said. "Guangzhou" told reporters that although he had not witnessed the injured man down the inner loop process, but his think Beverly driver move the injured man to get treatment and avoid further injury, so he decided to help this man as card, and it posted online. Subsequently, the "Guangzhou" friends, friends Guangzhou spikelet "this matter should be released on Sina microblogging, including the famous host Chen Yang, a number of users have reproduced. Why this man lying on the ground in the inner ring road users injured curious, more users admiration to assist in the rescue, said the two drivers. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Liang reported: at 15:00 on the 23rd, the inner loop lying man died. Guangzhou Traffic Police Department said police have received a report intervene in the event there are many doubts to be investigated. Renowned lawyer Zhu Yongping said, from a legal perspective, the car owners to stop to save people are courageous, the Government should reward. Guangzhou Traffic Police Department said the police have taken over the case, are speeding up the processing. Not see the car occurred due to video surveillance video,doudoune moncler, the man how to fall, accident or intentionally dropped, are not yet known. Fall off after the vehicle hit the man, then his injury is due to fall from, or have been injured in the car, but also to be investigated. Police will be based on the survey results, announced to the media and the public. The renowned Guangzhou lawyer Zhu Yongping interpretation of the incident from a legal perspective. He said that the car owners regardless of personal safety and vehicle dangerous to stop on the road to rescue and protect the scene, "very great", is a courageous act, the government should reward,ヴィトン 財布. As for the car owners stopped to rescue and protect the site led to traffic jams in its wake, saving lives, the resulting loss in law has a "disclaimer" responsibility. Stopped in front of the car led to the back of the car rear-end, count as a traffic accident Zhu Yongping said, can not be regarded as a traffic accident, that the damage in the process protect the site, the front and rear vehicle should Disclaimer. Thus the loss to the owners to bring traffic bailout fund should be used to compensate countries for both vehicles should be protected. Zhu Yongping said that, in the event,グッチ, if the car owner did not stop, but run over, certainly liable. This is to be divided into two cases look, if you see a run over is the "intentional" harm; If you do not see, that is the "fault" damage (on the road should see, due to negligence did not see is the "fault") ,デュベティカ, both to be held legally responsible. To see and did not see the judge, according to the testimony of the parties, as well as other circumstantial evidence, such as skid marks, witness testimony, video surveillance, and technical appraisal etc.. Zhu Yongping also stated that the matter is society as a whole "courageous discussion has begun to have a positive effect. He suggested that the law should be courageous connotation expand. The traditional sense of the courageous fight against the criminals, and given it new meaning now should be legal level,グッチ 財布, that is to rescue people in dangerous conditions, including notifying the police, and protect the scene as well as rescue,ナイキ シューズ.

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about 9 am that day

'clock yesterday afternoon,doudoune moncler, the cordon has been removed, the scene is still the police on duty to prevent onlookers personnel near. According to nearby residents,ヴィトン, about 9 am that day, a man fled to the roof,グッチ 財布, allegedly as a result no escape,アグ, fled to jump from the roof and killed on the spot,デュベティカ ダウン. While a man was arrested in his sleep. According to reports, jumping from a man about 30 years old, wearing a shirt and trousers. Police: suspects jumped to escape was killed It is reported that the afternoon of April 7, the report said the victim Mr. Lee, Xili, Nanshan District Public highest garden downstairs silver white Wuling van parked in stolen,woolrich. After receiving the report, the police quickly set up a task force to investigate. After careful investigation, the initial lock Ryu (male, 36 years old, two car theft suspects Jiangsu), Zhengmou Long (Male, aged 31, from Henan Province),モンクレール. Yesterday morning, the police task force to the in Baoan Xixiang Chuk Kok Village of the 4th floor of a rental arrest suspects. Police arrest suspects in the house Zhengmou Long,ナイキ シューズ, rented houses outside the platform on the other man jumped to his escape. The police along the escape direction look and found the man down on the lower floor of the building rented. 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene, confirmed that the man had died. After verification, the dead man, the case of another suspect Liu. Under questioning,デュベティカ, the suspect Zhengmou Long confessed to the crime that its common with Ryu car theft,グッチ.

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Wazuma V8 is for sale on the luxury website "James list"

's most expensive quad bike can be described as "noble descent",バーバリー, it is a collection of the world's top automotive manufacturers accessories in one,バーバリー 財布. Reported that this called Wazuma V8 motorcycle designed by French motorcycle manufacturer Raza Gonzalez (Lazareth). Wazuma V8 look sharp, modern full. In power systems,モンクレール, its Raza Gonzalez with a Ferrari 250 horsepower engine and six-speed gearbox of the BMW M3. The whole body weighs only 650 kilograms,moncler outlet, Wazuma V8's top speed of 241 km,moncler. To cope with such a strong power system, Wazuma V8 also uses the the the famous Italian brake system supplier Bulun Bo brakes and EMC specially designed shock absorber suspension system. In addition,woolrich, 18-inch wheels, Racing slick tires the special and BMW the handlebar also let Wazuma V8 racing noble temperament is more significant,ヴィトン. ● small link will only be running on the track, Wazuma V8 is for sale on the luxury website "James list" (James List). Goods sold on this website are all expensive, patronize website customers are also billionaires. Spokesman Raza Gonzalez said, this quad bike initial design concept is simple and absolutely bold,デュベティカ ダウン. However, it is disappointing that the famous door and the price is high,グッチ 財布, Wazuma V8 was only running on the track,デュベティカ, unable to open out as a real transport. Compile / reporter Wang Jin Yu Li Shi Xiang

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etc. to help Guangyuan

', and the case as "Summer Battle breakthroughs in key cases. Yuanba Public Security Bureau set up by the the Secretary chaired, deputy head of the deputy director in charge, and from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Economic Investigation, Narcotics, each police station dispatched elite police force composed of 35 "7.26 tax evasion and highway tolls project group "in full swing detective work. The two-pronged careful investigation task force police Bingfenlianglu, and northern Sichuan Expressway Management Office vehicles all the way out of the station records to analyze judged; suspicious vehicle near the highway all the way to troubleshoot. Of painstaking work, the task force police soon found: Since May of this year, every night from 20:00 to 4:00 the next day, have an extra-wide black unlicensed cars from South Station,woolrich outlet, Guangyuan highway lane Chong Kong. According to the time and frequency of its appearance, the investigators analyzed the vehicle most likely is trading highway toll cards gangs are using the tools of crime. In the same time, another road police combined with the "police and pro-activity carry out visits Mopai, a clue pooled to the task force. One clue aroused great concern of the police task force, a report from the masses: Zhaohua highway near the exit, often during the day and have a blue parking unlicensed tipper vans, missing one night. Police task force that the vehicle line track is very suspicious, immediately brought into focus the scope of monitoring. Have mastered a lot of clues, investigators reconvene case analysis, analysis of the facts of the case, clearly the direction and scope of the investigation: First, the traffic police, the police station and highway toll stations close collaboration, to monitor the two suspect vehicles further master the law of its activities; timely investigation of the true identity of the suspects and the suspect vehicle information; classification combing all kinds of information and maximize the conversion of fixed suspects irrefutable evidence, grasping for the implementation of catch a basis. Clear work thinking detective work, intense but orderly manner in full swing again. Span whose case area, the police task force has rushed 7 times in Pakistan, South River, Hanzhong, wangcang investigation and evidence collection, provides strong support for the next review. The targeted closing net arrest After a lot of painstaking work, the case made a major breakthrough. The task force detailed grasp of the criminal gangs staff characteristics, modus operandi and modus law: There are members of the gang of 2-3 people, all male, Guangyuan locals with skilled driving skills and become familiar with the Guangyuan and the surrounding area highway access. 1-2 people responsible for driving the blue unlicensed dump truck station Taoka, to sell the station's long-distance truck drivers in Guangyuan,woolrich, another person driving the Black unlicensed cars station Taoka card to dump trucks to help its next station, South Station,バーバリー, Guangyuan, extra-wide lane Chong Kong outbound. Through comprehensive analysis, the task force focus on arresting the ripe the net immediately with the relevant departments to formulate arrest program. Continuous Dunshou more than 20 days later, in the evening of 25 July 2011, investigators finally found the target in the highway zhaohua toll station boot area. When the suspect Luodeng Jiang (male, 39 years old, Guangyuan state area), He Maolin (male, 45 years old, Guangyuan state area), Zhou Bing (male, 34 years old, Guangyuan state area) trio implementation of transactions in the highway Zhaohua, investigators caught him on the spot, the scene and seized two fake license plates, highway toll card four tools of crime and ill-gotten gains to buy JAC sedan seized from the suspect others, as well as undelivered the toll station large truck access card. Cases involving Pakistan and, the Guangyuan six counties of the task force also seized from the suspect they implemented tax evasion and the books of the toll revenue, the above detailed records of its modus Views, license plate number of large trucks involved in the case, drivers telephone and other information for the The case review of the public security organs to provide strong evidence,ナイキ シューズ. Books records and three suspects confessed: Since January 2009, they take a long-distance carrier material trucks making and hanging fake license plate, not listed exchange access cards, etc. to help Guangyuan, Pakistan and nationality large trucks wantonly steal escape highway tolls, a total of more than 400 cases of crime, and to obtain illegal profits of more than 60 million, which Luo Dengqiang for profit of more than 50 million, He Maolin for profit of 600 million yuan, and Zhou Bing for profit some one thousand,モンクレール. According to the suspects confessed, the ad hoc police involved to participate in tax evasion toll bar, Guangyuan cities vehicle involved in the six counties of more than 170 vehicles suspected of crimes owners, pilots each of the more than 200 people to carry out the review, have been verified involved vehicles,グッチ 財布, more than 130 vehicles, involving nearly 400 million. 7.26 tax evasion and highway tolls detective work of the ad hoc initial victory. Continuous fighting to recover of tax evasion toll more than 150 million, according to the task force leader, the Guangyuan Yuanba Public Security Bureau director Liu Fei, urban levels of public security organs, the provincial highway monitoring settlement center, Kawakita high-speed toll auditing department close cooperation, which lasted nearly two months,デュベティカ, this gang of tax evasion and highway tolls has been successfully destroyed, captured, all key members of the 3, 2, seizure perpetrator trucks, two cars, two false number plate, activities for committing the crime of making false license plate letters, numbers several. So far, cracked a total of 37 involved in the case of the big cases of tax evasion and highway tolls, and a total of 42 people arrested the suspect,アグ, in which four people were arrested and released on bail 36 people,ヴィトン, administrative penalties, the recovery of tax evasion and the high-speed Highway toll of more than 150 million,moncler.

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