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the police identified

's Office announced, the police identified, so this year at 20:30 on July 16,abercrombie, Fu Case of not obtaining a driving license,moncler outlet, drunken driving a white "Changan Star van in Zhengzhou collided with the Ying River Road intersection with the electric car ride Ryu Qinling Road, Zhongyuan District,louis vuitton outlet, causing Ryu to their injured niece Mengmou,air jordan femme, Fu driving escape. Fu Fled the Qinling Road Gang hill intersection,abercrombie france, turn pedestrians Ryu knocked down, continue after the escape. In Qinling Road and the Jianshe Road intersection 100 meters south when he first pedestrians Wang knocked down,moncler, and then collided with an electric tricycle, causing the car Shaomou, Dimou Fu women two injured,doudoune moncler. Subsequently, Fu Driving broke through the Qinling Road and Jianshe Road intersection south 100 meters west of the sidewalk, being here the construction of a father and son duo, Zhang Wang, Gemou, five people injured. After the incident,モンクレール アウトレット, Fu Gave himself up. Currently,abercrombie, in Fu 11 people Lianzhuang the rescue of three people died, three were less seriously injured victims were cured, five seriously injured people are still in hospital for treatment,louis vuitton, one of whom is still in a coma,abercrombie pas cher. Fu Legal chief of the Department of Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District Urban Administration Bureau, was seconded to the Central Plains area information digital integrated command center in April 2007. July 17, 2009 under criminal detention on suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means,mulberry sale.</p>

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uncooked rice boiled cooked rice

's story exodus ended. Whatever it takes, we gave the young couple a real blessing. Today, around us, more and more, "Allison began marital tug of war: one side is the parents, while a lover - my marriage in the end who call the shots Square: Love Me, Love My full "marriage is the combination of the two families" has always been the essence of Chinese-style marriage. Parents,louis vuitton outlet, help their children choose marriage object, the formation of new families, they are duty-bound. But in the majority of young people,abercrombie, the object of marriage and over a lifetime, rather than over a lifetime and parents I want is love,モンクレール アウトレット, nothing to do with all the money status, how objects may be selected according to the wishes of their parents Against: poor and lowly misery and the cases in which the hero, Xiaowen also comes from a wealthy family, her boyfriend has been playing the "casual". Xiaowen despite the objections of family and friends, and eventually the organization of the nuclear family with her boyfriend. Open seven things everything to spend the woman's money, and soon, the marriage came to an end. Chiang Wu Wuxi green maple Health Counseling Center psychologists, counselors, modern people have feelings to the life you want to be better, and have economic security and hope more sweet emotion. In fact, contentment, this truth as it applies to marriage. Mid-Autumn Festival, a happy reunion. But for the Jiangyin two families, the Mid-Autumn Festival this year was exceptionally cold and incomplete. Things but also from talking about my marriage, who call the shots ": a rich girl fall in love with a mature male, was the parents objected quietly registration of marriage and love. Upon learning of the parents, the daughter sued for divorce, the day of the court hearing, however, the small husband and wife for love playing the elopement. Thus, Jiangyin City People's Court, in accordance with the law, the starting divorce case withdrawal treatment. Edition of the 22-year-old author Zhang Xing Wei Ju Min Xiao Road Ruoyu truth rich girl mature 33-year-old male, 24-year-old Allison is a rich girl, uncle's friend Wen Hao met a gathering of junior year. Wen Hao gentle, humorous conversation, to let Qingdouchukai Allison at first sight. At that time, Allison was only 22 years old, 33-year-old Wen Hao. Into the community for a long time, Wen Hao see more beautiful,moncler outlet, although single side nor the lack of a woman. Accustomed to seeing Yongzhisufen, pure, lovely, beautiful and lively Allison let Wen Hao can not help being tempted, plus on Allison's enthusiasm and initiative, and the two quickly fell in love. College, Allison around also no shortage of suitors,air jordan pas cher, but she only fond Wen Hao, and has been through the network video and mobile phone text messages, to maintain a relationship with Wen Hao. Wen Hao in age than Allison 11-year-old, there is no fixed job, but Allison do not mind,abercrombie france, she is always immersed in their own fairy-tale love inside. The only regret is that Allison's sweet romance only quietly. This scene, the parents love her parents desperately against the helpless pretend to break up a pretense in June of this year, Allison graduated from college and returned to his home Jiangyin. The family make up help her introduce object. Today is the son of the boss, just returned from abroad,piumini moncler; tomorrow is another son of leadership, just graduated from school; acquired civil servants,mulberry outlet uk, a talented; and hospital doctors, promising ... start, Allison also with the parents to have seen twelve blind date,louis vuitton, the total came back all kinds of reasons to reject the other,mulberry sale. However, with more and more blind date, Allison know that romance can no longer hide the truth and do not go on, so lay it to the parents to come clean. Allison's parents learned that the baby daughter, actually,air jordan femme, and a love than her 11-year-old unemployed man, immediately fly into a rage. The parents even find the home of Wen Hao clear to Wen Hao's parents do not allow Xu Wenhao and Allison met and Allison in the house, sent up and began to read. Allison know confrontational with parents will only make things worse, so pretended to agree and cultural Hao broke up when re-starting the previous good girl. Parents see her daughter for a month did not go out to see Wen Hao, and agreed to a blind date, and finally relax vigilance, no longer a person to be looked at Allison. Daughter secretly collar to permit parents Kukuxiangbi marriage Allison surface obey the wishes of the parents, but the bones still in love with Wen Hao, the day that can not be met, the two only by phone and SMS romantic ways. One day while the parents do not pay attention to Jia Jia, Wen Hao secretly holding a booklet for the marriage registration. Allison was naive enough to think that, as long as they receive a certificate, uncooked rice boiled cooked rice, even future parents, parents can only accept. The licensing Allison did not reveal any signs of marriage, still living with their parents, to legitimate small couples only weekend secretly dating. Confidential work even if the two are very tight, the paper eventually can not hold fire, licensing news or spread like wildfire, the parents learned that married the daughter of a message, in any case can not accept this kind of "idle, not thinking motivated, "the son-in-law,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, forcing Allison to the divorce court. This scene, her pursuit of the feelings of divorce cases in court the day his wife both private run in August this year, the the Allison to Jiangyin Court filed divorce proceedings. After the judge accepted the case, numerous experiences of finding the plaintiff Allison and defendant Wen Hao talk, but every time Allison by their parents to the court, in addition to that to get a divorce, could not say what grounds, it seems that there are a lot of unspoken difficulties; while the defendant Wen Hao said his true love Allison, do not want to divorce. Soon, a dramatic scene: September 17, when the court hearing, the court turned empty. After that until the judge contacted the plaintiff Allison's parents, the Allison cultural Hao has eloped, so the court case in accordance with the law the withdrawal of treatment. Withdrawal judge persuasion Allison's parents, modern society advocating freedom of marriage, should respect the choice of the daughter, even if that daughter is the impulse to make the choice whether you are happy, that marriage should be her own bear. At the same time, as the daughter should also take into account the concerns of the parents, calmly talk about it with their parents, elope such extreme behavior can not solve practical problems, and also live up to the grace of parenting.

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Female students willing candidates A company suspected that

',mulberry sale

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I will resign from the Teaching and Research Department

' sense of responsibility and strict control of every aspect of the teaching management,abercrombie france, to prevent such incidents happen again. Wang Hongtao on his blog yesterday published a letter of apology,abercrombie, the letter first to admit "plagiarism facts",moncler outlet, and said: "After the incident, the reputation of the school had a very negative impact,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, it makes me deep remorse In this regard,mulberry sale, I am willing to assume corresponding responsibilities. later,piumini moncler, I will resign from the Teaching and Research Department, deputy director of the duties of the (presiding), at the same time, to accept the punishment of schools and colleges. "the event playback Jan,ナイキ ジョーダン. 11,lancel pas cher, Tongji University public courses The final exam "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought,air jordan pas cher, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents" came to an end,mulberry outlet uk, there are students exposed to "The examination of the papers on the Internet can find exactly the same as long as the input and the content of the examination in Baidu related keywords ,moncler, the second search result is! "Sure enough, the Internet can easily search to this examination paper, not only questions, as well as a detailed reference answer. The page is displayed from other colleges and universities in the city, this original papers,air jordan femme.

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not high Qingsong. Since then

'clock, Guangshui Lee Dianxiang Macheng village Lu sub Bay, more than 50-year-old villager hear his name out of the toilet, he suddenly saw a fire. Original superfamily villagers Lu fire! He hastened to cry. Because of the fire burning in the roof of the third floor,moncler outlet, the villagers rushed to the scene and quickly knocked on the door, but no one answered, so the alarm. Has police and firefighters rushed to the break-ins: I saw 59-year-old Lu after ultra-and 54-year-old wife Zhu Shenxia down in a pool of blood, a 2-year-old boy fell to the side, 3 per capita has died. Who is under the murderous The Guangshui police quickly set up a task force investigation visited the night. Police speculated that the killer turned the walls around 10:30 that night about burglary, arson and burning of houses after the killings,piumini moncler. The scene to identify an initial suspect hit the train suicide by night investigation,abercrombie pas cher, police initially identified the, Lo Ka former son-in-law, Taiping a very the villagers high chomchon high Qingsong suspect, because of his marital problems and grudges with the Lu family's third daughter, also repeatedly violent clashes. After the incident, the high the Ching Chung whereabouts unknown. Yesterday morning, get a special class police: more than 4:00 minutes, a man hit by train committed suicide in the Jingguang railway widely salicylaldehyde Walled segment. This will be high Qingsong it Police to bring its pro-brother to identify. 7:20, arrived at the scene, I saw a headless body of a man lying on the railway side. "Is he." Wipe tears,mulberry outlet uk, he turned to see the deceased's brother when high Qingsong feature a finger stubby. According to the villagers said, the high Qingsong few words, usually working in Wuhan. A week ago, he went home to four acres of rice harvest by more than half. The police extracted scene samples sent to the Provincial Public Security Bureau identified to determine the identity of the suspect,ナイキ ジョーダン. The DNA identification son illegitimate court admissible judgment of divorce yesterday afternoon, 26-year-old Lu three sitting on the doorstep, she was the third daughter of the deceased Lu after ultra Zhu Shenxia,abercrombie, ​​the mother of 2-year-old deceased Xiaowen Administrative. The LU Three, in September 2006, was introduced, with her high Qingsong acquaintance. The two married in a month. Married 8 months, son Xiaowen Administrative born. According to police reports, when health care workers joked child born eight months,モンクレール アウトレット, not high Qingsong. Since then, in the Cold War and the altercation between husband and wife get through the year. After the Spring Festival this year, Lu 3 holds her son back to her parents. Qingsong and their brother came to pick her up to go home, the LU three that the two sides have been impossible to live together, so high Qingsong Gao said: "You can hold his son back, but I will not go home." So wonderful reflection of a small text governance. On March 17 this year, two high Qingsong brother and big sister came to the Lu family, was the only wife's parents home,lancel pas cher, 3 siblings will be the conclusion of a DNA paternity test to throw on the table and yells, injuring two elderly people. The original, the high Qingsong with small text governance to Wuhan to do a paternity test,mulberry sale, the result is a small text governance non biological. Lu three rushing home to divorce court,abercrombie france. July 20, Guangshui Court permitted divorce, finds Xiaowen political non-high Qingsong own judgment the LU three child-rearing, and 30,000 yuan compensation for high Qingsong,abercrombie france. August 2, high Qingsong and family once again came to the Lu family beg for compensation, the former father-in-law labeled fracture and traumatic brain injury (slight) and internal bleeding,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販. Lu, two contradictions also increasingly intensified, until tragedy. Yesterday, the Guangshui police said prima facie the modus murderer high Qingsong, arson hit by train suicide. Police have several pieces of evidence sent to the Provincial Public Security Bureau identified. Reporter Wang Gong Shang special correspondent Mei Ying Hua

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at 5 o'clock in the morning

'clock in the morning lights time, Mr. Cheng urinate go to the the guard office inside the lounge, but then came a cry, and with him the night shift colleagues: "You doing! "So, from a group of masked robbers car,doudoune moncler, they quickly put a knife to the neck of the security, hijack him. Mr. Cheng is the sound,air jordan femme, the results found by the robbers. A 20-year-old skinny robbers only 1.6 meters, holding a long knife plunged into the guard room from the window, will become Mr. uniforms. "You are working, we will not hurt you, do not move." Robbers tied with cable ties the hands of Mr,air jordan pas cher. Cheng and colleagues, and paper blocked their mouth, blocking their eyes with a transparent plastic. In addition, the robbers did not hurt their meaning. Soon, the robbers began to split up, "You two stayed in the two of us up." Yesterday, Mr. Cheng recalled to reporters. Stole 60 million in cash into the manager room yesterday, Chen told reporters the high abundance Wood in charge of production analysis, at least six people involved in committing the crime. Chen said, the robbers arrive he and two other executives accommodation office 3rd floor, he has also fed puppy barking, but a short while, barking disappeared,abercrombie france. And so he was about to come out of their room located inside the three layers of the five robbers broke into the house,moncler outlet, his uniform, and ordered him to pay. "I'm just a working, do not have the money." Chen beginning also stall the robbers, but one of the robbers immediately after hearing this in the hands of long knives Kanxiang Chen facial Fortunately, glasses obscured He was not seriously injured. Afterwards, Chen cheek temple at sewing 6-pin, 2 needle above the lips side seam. Wood, chairman of robbers subsequently stole more than 60 million of the money on Chen bedrooms black travel bag, then they control to door high abundance Mr. Lu, and Chen's wife, Mr. Lu to buy their own business the first piece of Japan Table robbers stole. The robbers car to escape, just However, more than 5:00. "At least six robbers." Chen told reporters. Analysis the masked gunmen intercom practices professional recidivist robbers suddenly to high abundance Wood, chairman of Mr. Lu did not, as usual, at 5 o'clock in the morning,mulberry outlet uk, to the factory next to the long queue of primary school exercise. The beginning, the robbers did not choose to enter from the main entrance of the office building, but from the back door to enter. Yesterday, when the reporter arrived at the scene and found the leftmost column of the premises security doors have been welded out. According to security into Mr. analysis, robbers should be combustion of oxygen and acetylene welding out the column and then reach in and open the security door. "Originally, they would like to weld out the entire security doors." Reporter found open 3rd floor security door,mulberry sale, the robbers is also followed suit. Their methods of crime is very professional. "Mr,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販. Lu said, five robbers attacked him in addition to one person only 1 meter 6 relatively thin, and the four others have one meter over 7, it is tall and slim. Among them, three people armed with machetes, the other two were holding rifles and pistols. In addition, the robbers also utilized a walkie-talkie. While listening to the native dialect of the robbers do not understand, but he was sure the robbers in his room in the the intercom downstairs guard room, his communication, Mr. Chen said. Security into the President says, although the robbers methods of crime is very professional, but still left out of the bag. In front of the main door, they left accidentally lost a box of cartridges, the police have been to the factory that this is genuine, and in the course of the attack, although the robbers have been masked, but did not wear gloves. Guess why direct rushed into the room manager The factory suspected "ghost" lead the way in the right side of the building back door, and this has a camera can record the robbers are the clues. But I do not know the robbers have been found, Mr. Lu said, the robbers in the evacuation, but also specifically to the first floor office of the two hosts also be taken away, one of the hosts on the storage is the company's surveillance video, they also No matter which save video, you are taken away. "Mr. Lu said, the visible robbers well aware of the factory environment. He felt even more strange, 3rd floor, has a total of eight rooms, three of which are the couple's bedroom he and Chen,モンクレール アウトレット. The robber happens only kick three door they live, "how they know so much about our arrangements " So, Mr. Lu guess might be inside the factory perpetrator. From the day before yesterday, the plant began to organize the employees enrolled fingerprints and other basic information to cooperate with the police investigation,ナイキ ジョーダン. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Huang Jiang Branch, received a report on the early morning of October 30, the council leadership attaches great importance to organize a large number of police with the City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade task force composed. Currently, the case is still detected them. Calls for an early payment of wages and salaries robbers stole more than 60 million means the high abundance Wood more than 200 employees wages in October to suspend get our hands through the bank. Mr. Lu said, the last weekend of each month, are the plant to the payment of wages to employees when employees can directly from the factory to get cash. Security into Mr. confirmed, since its entry in 2004 the plant had been receiving cash wages. The wages Why can not hit the employees of the bank card on it Mr. Lu explained, due to the type of work restrictions, factory workers, lower education level,abercrombie, less likely to use the cash machine, and taking into account the long time the team needed to be placed in the employees to the bank to withdraw money, and sometimes have to leave, so as the convenience of staff, they have been taken in the form of cash. Yesterday, reporters reach the high abundance Wood, the plant is still accounting of wages and salaries in October,lancel pas cher, and the hands will be distributed to employees today.

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the reporter learned from his mouth

'clock yesterday, reporters rushed to the train station in Shijiazhuang. The maternal have peace childbirth, train station arrangements to rest in the mother-child waiting room. This sensational train station childbirth event "to attract the attention of all passengers, the crowds leaving women somewhat shy, she was sitting on the ground weakly, head deeply buried in her arms,doudoune moncler, perhaps the language barrier sake, for around crowd being, she did not speak, just head back to the smiling face. Her eyes from time to time to move to the next to the stroller, the car stood the newborn wrapped tightly. "Unharmed child's body, everything is normal, there should be no environmental impact by midwife." The staff side of the train station to take care of the maternal side briefed reporters said: "twenty minutes of the production process can be described as near misses, in this environment under so smoothly gave birth to a healthy baby is really lucky. "■ pregnant women, reversing the way labor reporter noted, maternal wearing Cuyi cloth clothing, dress casual, messy hair, his face wearing a thick layer of grime from her face is difficult to distinguish age. Her husband, a migrant workers attire of the young man, always standing beside her, he's back with a strap tied around the size of a two years old child, holding his clothes on the ground as well as the size of a four-year-old child. The couple do not know the words to exchange with people listening. Husband barely able to speak a few words of Mandarin, the reporter learned from his mouth, he called Jili Seoul ghost, wife Jiao black also each, both are 25-year-old, from Butuo County, Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a rural, newborn The baby had their third child,moncler outlet. According to Ji force Seoul ghost, he and fellow villagers has been working in a brick kiln in Yantai, Shandong Province, intends to go home, they did not suffer directly from Yantai home train forced to detour Shijiazhuang. The afternoon of the 16th, the Jili Seoul ghost one and two fellow 14 from Yantai to set foot on the train to stone,mulberry outlet uk, Shijiazhuang Railway Station and arrive at 6:00 on the 17th, you want to take the K117 train to return home in the afternoon. Waiting process, wife black what each suddenly give birth, caught by surprise, the only means of toilets midwife. ■ husband insisted alone midwife the station staff Chujiu Peng, around 10:30 yesterday, the third waiting room tellers Cai Lijuan duty wicket. "Some people have a baby in the toilet!" Rapid staff came to the railway station reporting a female passenger. Wonderstruck Cai Lijuan side greeting colleagues, he ran to the toilet,モンクレール アウトレット. At this point, all women in the toilets intently watching a closed pit-bit, which came maternal groan of pain inside only Jili Seoul ghost alone midwife wife. Cai Lijuan kindness Jili Seoul ghost obstinately refused. Chu Jiupeng and other staff rushed to the scene after another. How to knock on the door, how to persuade, the Jili Seoul ghost refused to open the door, do not accept any help, insisted in place their own midwife. Acute heart Chujiu Peng call the 120 emergency telephone. "At that time, the only thing we can do is wait anxiously awaiting that of a baby crying, crying sound come sooner, the more heralded mother and peace!" Pit bit maternal cry cry cry of pain, the pit bit between outside The staff anxiously circling helplessly. Finally, the "wow" a cry to let the solidification air instantly loose. Baby hold out, looks mother and fairly safe,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販! All long sigh of relief. ■ The couple refused 120 ambulance 120 medical staff rushed to quickly lead to the washroom, health care workers wishing mother and taken to hospital, the the Jili Seoul ghost couple refused,abercrombie. "Do not accept your money." The commitment of health care workers still can not change the idea of ​​the couple. No way the medical staff want to do the baby with the necessary care, and are still being refused. Medical staff followed the mother and she ended up in the mother-child waiting room, walking and doing the work, stubborn guitar force Seoul ghost himself with toilet paper that point the baby's body to wipe clean, has always refused to give the baby medical staff,mulberry sale. Helpless, and medical personnel to the couple left baby special parcel sub left. ■ passengers sent cotton-padded jacket, cash in the mother-child waiting room, the reporter saw the baby's body wrapped in a thick cotton jacket. "This is the kind lady who gave an infant." Chujiu Peng pointed to sitting in a corner with the child's mother. The lady wishes destined Dingzhou, mother and son waiting room waiting to see this scene. She told reporters, to see the birth of the baby wrapped thin, put their children a spare cotton jacket gave the baby against the cold. Mother and son waiting room, the the Jili Seoul ghost couple felt a deep sense of warmth from well-intentioned people. Someone pour hot water, as well as the human side to a bowl of hot instant noodles, and a mouth to feed into the mother's mouth. The train station staff told reporters that the expression to the mother and child care, a lot of passengers, some donated some money, some bought food, are all looking forward to both mother and child health. Noon yesterday, the station staff for the baby and bought a brand-new service of keeping warm. ■ train companions have childbirth time for his wife's labor, Jili Seoul ghost mentally prepared, but no prevention to the road, feels somewhat surprised. The Jili Seoul ghost said, at their home in rural areas,moncler, many families attended are their own children,air jordan pas cher, and therefore have accumulated some experience of midwifery, he already had two deliveries experience. Learned from Jili Seoul ghost mouth, at 3:00 on the 17th or so, on a train from Yantai to stone a hometown with their peers is also a temporary labor, delivery people is her husband, two in the toilet of the train successfully gave birth to a baby. ■ Butuo County Civil Affairs Bureau, a message of thanks to the good-hearted people Jili Dole ghost couple in the provincial capital of the train station temporary childbirth onward spread to their home Butuo County. Call with reporters yesterday afternoon, Butuo County Civil Affairs Bureau, I urge the newspaper to convey their gratitude to Shijiazhuang Railway Station and all well-meaning people. Bureau staff said,ナイキ ジョーダン, minorities enjoy special family planning policy, its counties,abercrombie france, for example, rural Yi women can birth to three tire. For a long time, due to traffic, economic conditions and other customary reasons, in the county's rural towns, a lot of people do not want to go to the hospital to give birth the Old Law midwife generally. To change this situation,piumini moncler, the state has adopted a series of measures to encourage people to dispense medical expenses, including hospitalization fertility. 15:10 yesterday, Shijiazhuang Railway Station Gu Jinjun staff Jili Seoul ghost couple delegation of 14 people to send the train home. Prior to departure, the staff money its buy a lot of food to prepare for the road to fill their stomachs.

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ran close to home the farms

's brother,ナイキ ジョーダン, Shi Zhimin live with their parents, in his opinion, before the mother left home as usual: on Saturday she was out very early,abercrombie, about 11:30 from the outside coming home for dinner, eating the rest for an hour and then went out,air jordan femme. "from the computer to identify the photos of a mother that was mother to leave the house wearing a coat photo outside covered with a green background with small floral vest: "She stands 145 cm, slightly bent back." Shi Zhimin memories of that evening, he found that the mother was not home for dinner as before, ran close to home the farms, the mother usually where the workers, but said she never been. He returned to the the district chess room, did not find her. Has been found on Sunday morning, a sleepless night, he again came to the farms and chess room, and have yet to find the mother. With his brother, he gave all the relatives fight to the phone, answered and said, "have never been. Dai Yuhong 62-year-old. Seems in the son,abercrombie france, the mother usually is occasionally grumble angry walk around outside, get some fresh air on the back,lancel pas cher. But this time the mother and not with anyone dispute, so the family was very sudden. At the same time to the local police station, Shi Kemin help to the users in the online posting. Set, according to the website forum posts once Reply directly help Shi Kemin Even though I did way will the front, many users find the mother,air jordan pas cher, but still reply to the post,モンクレール アウトレット. Users more familiar with Shi Kemin then recommended to his post,piumini moncler, modify, increase photos and mothers lost features, so you can promote "human flesh search", you better help him find her. Reporters learned that they did not go to the hospital to find, so stay with Shi Kemin has gone to two hospitals near the emergency room, asked recently whether treated over unknown injuries,moncler, the doctor said no,doudoune moncler. "Also did not find it Pay attention to my home Zhongyuan Road Yin road, I go back and called my mother,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販. Your own careful body. Think of your mother is normal to want to go but there has been no opportunity to go to the place " Greetings to friends and provided selfless help, grateful to Shi Kemin. As of press time the reporters, looking continues, "human flesh search" posts,mulberry sale, although not by the administrator Sticky, but has been nearly 600 users time and time again Reply front, continued to maintain the top position in the forum.

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the and municipal pipes

'clock, of Nanning New Rd Jianzheng Commercial Plaza multiple door was blocked. It began is the the Jianzheng Commercial Plaza boss Zengmou. Had promised to build a 9-story building on the Yao village,, Nanning Xixiangtang, five villagers, but so far have not been completed,abercrombie france. According to the villagers,abercrombie, Zengmou in May 2006, leased a piece of land on Yao village for construction Jianzheng Business Square, for a term of 20 years,air jordan pas cher. In accordance with the contract, Zengmou Square building, a 9-storey complex area of ​​approximately 15,mulberry sale,000 square meters, as villagers of fixed assets. In the lease term Zengmou have the right to use the building. Since signing the contract and, three years later,mulberry outlet uk, this nine-story building or a castle in the air. July 31, villagers build building with Zengmou on consultations, but failed to reach a consensus after villagers decided the plugging Jianzheng Business Square multiple export. 8 o'clock on the morning of August 1, the reporter found that the Commercial Plaza Jianzheng at least four doors were blocked by cement bricks. The door has villagers guarded, was to cement brick demolition go, but by villagers to stop. Plaza shops and some have been open for business, but wants to come, some shops closed the door. Whole grocer empty. A business households, blocked the door, shop no one to patronize,moncler outlet, which caused them no small loss. Other business operators said that the villagers just plaza boss in dispute, should not be blocking its own way to harm the interests of business operators. The morning vegetable market in the Plaza business households,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, had to go to the street stall. The Commercial Plaza Jianzheng responsible said, May 22, 2006, April 5, 2007, they have received on the Yao village group reported that construction materials. June 5, 2007, on the Yao village five groups submitted the approval application form to the Nanning Municipal Planning Bureau. New Rd, the the Luban Road road network adjustment, the processing time is delayed. May 8, 2009, Nanning Planning Bureau in principle agreed to the construction of the nine-story building "design, but the construction of the land for the project involving municipal pipes (drainage), the and municipal pipes (drainage) program is designed to process, the need handle Gongchengbaojian formalities to be the end, the program determined before Click architectural scheme. This official said: "Obviously, '9 storey building 'could not be built,ナイキ ジョーダン, not what we do not want to build, but because of objective causes of the House or not able to build on this matter, we have also been lost, it is very wronged. "scheduled to be built as well as the construction period,air jordan femme, due to urban development planning needs to lead the nine-story building" construction plan failed to put into practice, is a result of "force majeure". It is understood that, on June 5 this year, the Planning Bureau in Nanning Nanning Municipal Government submitted the "instructions" adjusted on Yao village group of industrial land, the proposed replacement of the actual land on Yao village group industrial land area two options. Land replacement may arise, the Commercial Plaza Jianzheng responsible person said that they will continue to fulfill the contract, the construction of the "nine-storey building in the new land, but the specific operating procedures as well as the details needed in accordance with the actual situation consultation and communication. On Yao village committee official told reporters, this nine-story building is not yet built, the objective reasons, but also there are the Commercial Plaza Jianzheng subjective side of reason, such as "dilatory". Because the needs of the urban planning and building a "nine-story building,moncler," the possibility has been relatively small,doudoune moncler, so the villagers think Zengmou breached the contract first, then put forward the "unilateral termination of the contract requirements, shorten the lease, to raise the rent". At 11:30 on August 1, events for Dumen,モンクレール アウトレット,, Nanning Xixiangtang, the person in charge of multiple departments came to the village committee to coordinate treatment on Yao, Zengmou, as well as a number of villagers attended the coordination meeting. Coordination meeting, the parties could not agree on the convention next week consultation. 15:30 the same day, the containment built the fence the political commercial plaza multiple door is removed.

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in the face of the evidence

'clock on the March 2,abercrombie france, the two men with the tools to be bought in advance, for theft and Zhang Guoxiang (handled separately) came together Hunan century love. Stolen laptop, cigarettes, and $ 10,000 in cash, a metal box caused starts the attention, this tin trunk, filled with 1177 jade. Holding jade, went to the pawn shop asked true and false "when we do not know jade is true or false,piumini moncler, stolen bag filled with full-court,moncler, Chen Wei said, the next day, he took a jade bracelets to the pawnshop. would like to ask is true or false,lancel pas cher, pawnbroker did not say so,air jordan pas cher, only to say bad identify,ナイキ ジョーダン. The until rightful owners report, media reports, before we know the value of these jade million. "I usually petty theft, and I did not expect to steal such a precious thing, about the price, I was scared." After a discussion of a few people decided to not to sell things by Zhang Wenwu jar filled, buried in Xiangxiang home vegetable. Zhang Wenwu also pick a few pieces of jade jewelry to give my sister, "afraid of scaring her when I said the flea market to buy fakes, worth a few bucks." Court retracted, said they had not been to the site yesterday. The court, in the face of the evidence, Chen Wei expressed willingness to plead guilty, and Zhang Wenwu a court retracted, that they simply have not been to the scene, was not involved in the theft. "Said Chen Wei Touledongxi put my loyalty for friends to help him I did not participate in the theft, he wronged me." Chen Wei played that night did not call you "The judge asked Zhang took Chen Wei transcripts Chiang, Chen Wei transcripts clearly remember the night,モンクレール アウトレット, the after Chen Wei probe wind repeatedly phoned Zhang Wenwu to its upstairs of stealing. There are phone records as evidence,mulberry sale. Hit,doudoune moncler, but just chatting, early in the morning a few points hit, I was in the cards, we often call each other to chat. "Starts the sophistry. "He was stealing,air jordan femme, and still have time to chat with you!" The judge said. Starts the how weak, only dare whispered, "I do not know, anyway, I did not steal." Although Zhang Wenwu been quibble, refused to admit the crime, the procuratorial organs to produce the transcripts, live pictures, the testimony of witnesses and surveillance video evidence is ironclad,mulberry outlet uk. In view of Chen Wei's a good attitude, the court in accordance with the law of Zhang Wenwu and Chen Wei made the decision,abercrombie.

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cut done to me." Suddenly

this group of people must be a problem". "Chasing -" Lei Qinghui decisive orders quickly jumped into the patrol car, accompanied by four members of the rapid chase after 600 meters, Leiqing Hui and others near Hengshan Avenue gear factory stopped the taxi,moncler outlet. "We Hengshan Public Security Bureau, inspected in accordance with the law,air jordan pas cher!" Lei Qinghui young taxi Liangmingshenfen and stopped in front of the car with the body. "Who cares what the public security bureau, cut done to me." Suddenly, a taxi gangsters side yelling,mulberry outlet uk, side to come up with a machete out of the vehicle,UGG ブーツ, knife and toward Leiqing Hui cut to. Waving machetes, Lei Qinghui resist with batons. At this time, the car, the other four criminals come up with machetes, clamored out of the taxi, brandished a knife toward Lei Qinghui cut to. See the situation is critical,moncler, the police Chen Changping decisive fired warning shots, five criminals quickly fled the police in pursuit. Lei Qinghui with teammates split up to hunt down criminals. Soon, he found a teammate in the 30 meters in front of the checkpoint at the roadside confrontation with two knife-wielding thugs, then stepped forward to support. Lei Qinghui toward teammates, Taiwan unlicensed Jeep off-road vehicles hit to catch up to him, Lei Qinghui was knocked to the ground,abercrombie. No other Leiqing Hui got up and ran a few steps, the gangsters drive him heavily knocked to the ground again,モンクレール アウトレット. Immediately, the car five thugs wielding machetes to toward Lei Qinghui cut over. Lei Qinghui strong enough to stand up side Yizhengciyan Liangmingshenfen,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, side buckled. Criminals relied on numerous series in Lei Qinghui head,mulberry sale, back, waist, elbow, leg joints and other parts cut 12 knife, then fled in panic. Lei Qinghui down in a pool of blood, but still a strong will to support own phone command and dispatch team players captured three criminals. Near Hengshan County Deputy Magistrate, Public Security Bureau Chen Junhua,abercrombie france, political commissar ERSITY on hearing the news, led more than 60 police reinforcements arrived, of these gangsters expand rounded up. To 6:00 in the morning on September 1, 16 criminals were arrested, police also seized 15 machetes. Original,air jordan femme, this gang of criminals are Hengdong, four of them on the evening of August 30, a fight in of Hengshan a skating rink eat the loss, in the early morning of September 1,ナイキ ジョーダン, mustered a gang of accomplices to the Hengshan revenge. Correspondent SOUTH -

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in accordance with the law arrest

's Procuratorate on suspicion of embezzlement of public funds placed on file for investigation, criminal detention on July 15, was released on bail on July 21,UGG ブーツ; Shangzhou District Government Procurement Center deputy director Wang Peng Jian, on suspicion of taking bribes in July this year, 22 May Shangluo Municipal People's Procuratorate criminal detention, August 4 arrested according to law; the Shangzhou Tourism Development Secretary Yang Sanshe,moncler, he served as the area Young oblique town party secretary in March 2006 for the Town,lancel pas cher, organize the masses of cadres in Shanghai and Shaanxi highway within the control lines, planting walnut trees, and fraudulent claims for compensation of 96,air jordan femme,000 yuan of national key projects, on August 27 this year, Shangzhou District People's Procuratorate on file for investigation on suspicion of embezzlement,mulberry sale, the same day under criminal detention, Sept,モンクレール アウトレット. 8,ナイキ ジョーダン, in accordance with the law arrest; Shangzhou School District principals Tian Jianping,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, on suspicion of taking bribes on September 30 this year,doudoune moncler, the the the Shangluo City People's Procuratorate decided under criminal detention,abercrombie france. It is understood that these four cases since the urban levels of the prosecution investigation,piumini moncler, Shangzhou district government leaders attach great importance to procuratorial organs repeatedly asked to increase case investigation and punishment according to law, and do discovery with emphasis on the law and discipline violations , investigated and dealt with,mulberry outlet uk, and will not be tolerated soft. At the same time, it is required to investigate and deal with cases such as strengthening cadres disciplined style of education typical textbook, warning of the cadres and clean and honest administration.

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the second student in the campus across the street

's ears and head injuries heavier, be treated in hospital,abercrombie." Children in the school playground playing the people school personnel Ampang father told reporters arrangements END children hospitalized children classmates that he learned that the situation at that time. "A child's classmates said, when my son back to school in the afternoon to take the transcripts, walking down the playground,doudoune moncler, there is a group of people rushed to hit with picks, was hit in the head of my son, the child fainted ...... Later, several students came Lycra, this group of people has also been wounded, according to the child's classmates said,mulberry outlet uk, some gang beatings and bringing peace to people of the same session, students outside the school. "no reason to be hit possible with Quanjia about Ampang father told reporters that his son is the school's sports students,abercrombie france, usually in addition to the extra-curricular training. And the children are very honest, not whom to start a feud. This time lying on the bed the Ampang, told reporters after the end of the test, he went out for dinner and classmates contradictions of his classmates and another reversal students in the hotel, when he came forward Lycra. Is he suspected that he might be beaten this thing. Several involved in batterer has been police control Subsequently, the reporter went to the Changchun City No. 72 Middle School. Marina street, the reporter saw the school gates locked and the building no student,air jordan pas cher. Nearby residents told reporters,mulberry sale, only three days of the students in this class, the first, the second student in the campus across the street, the parents said,moncler, Ampang is here, wounded. Subsequently, the reporters came across the road from the campus. Reporter identified himself at the door,ナイキ ジョーダン, and looking for responsible people to understand the situation,air jordan femme. Staff within the school, but school is a closed-end management refused reporters enter. At that moment, one claiming to be a school teacher you want to enter the school, but also by the staff refused. Saying the closed-end management of the school,UGG ブーツ, the parents questioned: "Why so many off-campus access to, and with picks " See can not enter the school, the reporter contacted Ampang class teacher Li. Li told reporters that he was not at the scene. Later learned, he and his students to Ampang to the hospital, and advance medical expenses, the other is not clear. Yesterday afternoon,モンクレール アウトレット, the reporter learned from the public security organs the matter police in the investigation,piumini moncler, there are several involved in batterers have been controlled. At present, the matter is still under investigation.

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727 Terminal near the site

'clock in the afternoon, a road called seen Tingting,ナイキ ジョーダン, help, Mr,doudoune moncler. Yin finally found a the 727 terminus near haystack Tingting. Yin said, 727 Terminal near the site, overgrown with weeds, was the daughter voice crying,abercrombie, "full body bitten package, has also been frozen in the middle of the night not. Yin said,モンクレール アウトレット, because too much of Tingting homework,UGG ブーツ, rarely let Tingting go out, let alone social experience. This time, Tingting father, but not after a loss,moncler, till the terminus. She did not dare to strangers for help, had to hide in a haystack, keep a full 18 hours. [Expert opinion] Wuluo Road Primary School Principal Li Tianshun that many parents teach children to say,abercrombie france, "If you wandered off to stay put so I came to,piumini moncler," In fact,air jordan pas cher, this practice is wrong, should teach children to seek help kids total one day to live independently, and as early as possible the ability to cultivate children 'solo',mulberry sale. Xinxin Educational Counseling Center Dean Lee Zhoushuizi overprotective parents Tingting lost the trust of strangers. "If this insecurity continues,mulberry outlet uk, also have an impact on the subsequent psychological growth",ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, "As children grow up, parents want to go back, love too much, it becomes a poison."

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15 Alarm

'Get out, the hotel does not accept the take-away,モンクレール!'" Said Zhao Bing, the man would suddenly got up and kick his feet, he instinctively takeaway of the hands to the front of a block, results takeaway sprinkle in the body of the man. The Zhao soldiers rushed out bad, turned to run, "the man shouted to the outside thirty-four security stopped me,mulberry outlet, and then I was pulled Hotel backdoor beaten meal." Zhao Bing then call to the brother-in-law Chen Qun (a pseudonym ) for help, Chen Qun and six friends immediately came to the rescue,mulberry outlet uk. "We saved the people, ready to discuss that and hotel results out of the more than a dozen security guards in front of the hotel, holding a steel pipe, machete, ax, chasing our fight." Said Chen Qun,ジョーダン, they were single Li Bo, then quickly ran back to The he worked Moonlight City Ballroom quarters hiding. Dozen people armed smashing store knives to injure moonlight City ballroom meter long lanes are only separated by a treaty with the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Chen Qun,アグ, about half an hour, three or four wearing a hotel uniform security led dozens of young men rushed to the ballroom, breaking open the iron gate,グッチ, smashed a pulpy computer,スパイク サッカー, boxes, tables and chairs in the bar. Hunan the guy Zhang Ming (a pseudonym) was in the ballroom of the cafeteria watching TV, he said, "only to hear the 'bang' heard, flung open the door a dozen people rushed in, telling anyone to play, and just knocked down." 5 ballroom canteen staff, have varying degrees of harm, Zhang Ming injured heaviest,モンクレール ダウン, and his right hand was interrupted, back cut knife,burberry. Zhang Ming, since I do not know why suddenly be hit. Moonlight City ballroom opposite the shop of Mr. Sun witnessed ballroom smashed, he saw at least a dozen people holding steel pipes and machetes, knives burst into the ballroom. Between the the alley number of shops in the Shop main ballroom and hotel confirmation noon the same day, "a lot of people rushed into the ballroom from the Burj Al Arab Hotel fight." Hotel denied security fight Reporter see in the Moonlight City Ballroom, ballroom iron gate is split a big hole in the door over and over broken glass, the glass on the first floor balcony door was smashed. Ballroom of a staff member said, the owner of the discotheque is consultation on the matter and the Burj Al Arab Hotel, he also said, the ballroom and the hotel has not previously occurred entanglements. Burj Al Arab Hotel,abercrombie france, a manager surnamed Chen said her yesterday at noon in the hall duty, some people do not see the lobby conflict, she also denied that the hotel security went to his office smashing shop beating. Changping Public Security Bureau official said,ヴィトン, 13:15 Alarm, the police rushed to the scene, but fighting the crowds have been scattered,moncler, and the scene found three injured more serious. Changping police case to investigate the matter, and said that the particular circumstances of the case disclose.

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lying in bed

married for several years,グッチ, he has been gambling, has been lost, owe an ass not clear the debt. Who lives in Fenggang Yantian Southern Village, a 35-year-old Liu Jie (pseudonym) at 19:30 on Saturday, because of dissatisfaction with the husband gambling contrast altercation,ルイヴィトン, and then,アグ ブーツ, in a fit of pique,ヴィトン バッグ, the dose of rat poison himself. Out of danger thanks to the rescue in time, she was in a coma for nearly three hours before. Yesterday the reporter went to the Guangji hospital, lying in bed, Liu Jie sallow complexion, lips white, the atmosphere is still relatively weak,ヴィトン. Liu Jie told reporters, the day of the incident, after dinner, because of some of the trivia of life triggered a quarrel with her husband, Old Wu, and later the more noisy and more powerful, he angrily took out rat poison at home, mixed in the soup and drank it,スパイク サッカー. Upon seeing the Old Wu, trying to help her pull the throat, but her tight-lipped,バーバリー コート, refusing to rescue lost consciousness, the results did not take long passed,グッチ バッグ. Old Wu was terrified, but I am striving for dead hoping to get relief, no matter how he blocked to no avail. Speaking of which, Liu Jie tears welling, no expression on her face, however, quite obviously desperate,モンクレール. Afterwards,ヴィトン 財布, Old Wu dial 120, emergency personnel rushed to the scene and rushed to hospital. Guangji Hospital Emergency Center doctors, Liu Jie admission has been unconscious, and body chills, accompanied by convulsions,air ジョーダン. The medical staff its rapidly induce vomiting,グッチ 財布, gastric lavage, catharsis and a series of rescue Currently she has been out of danger, but still need to stay in hospital for observation.

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's license

's license,ルイヴィトン, of which 74 The driver was sentenced to life driving ban,グッチ 財布. It is understood that the 74 drivers caused a traffic accident traffic accident court sentenced Escape,ヴィトン, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, will be lifelong driving ban,アグ ブーツ, can not re-obtain a driver's license,ジョーダン. Driving license is revoked, takes two years to pass the exam to apply for to receive,グッチ, that is at least two years can not drive,アディダス サッカー, and the life-long driving ban for life can not be re-obtain a driver's license,ナイキ ジョーダン, it means that this life can not be driving a motorcycle, car motor vehicle,モンクレール アウトレット. It is reported that the 177 was revoked driver's license drivers,air ジョーダン, most of the drivers driving experience in more than three years,モンクレール, the traffic safety of older drivers who can not be taken lightly,ナイキ サッカー!

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it caused the widespread concern

's most cattle exam Shandong Qufu institutions recruitment written test exam even answer users hengxinlaw Qufu City, Shandong recruitment examination paper on education and health institutions even printed answer "posts,michael kors outlet, and still post attached to institutions issued by the Leading Group Office of the city's institutions to recruit recruitment written test case description. " According to users hengxinlaw broke the news, Qufu 2010 education, health and public institutions audition to be held on August 14 to apply for education, health unit candidates found the answer at the back of the pen on the printed answer turned out to get the papers ready to answer . Inquiries from reporters Qufu City Personnel Bureau website to see, of Qufu City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued on July 24 2010, Qufu institutions to recruit staff general rules ", described in the pamphlets written examination taken closed book,air jordan, all posts candidates the content of the examination of the unified exam, uniform marking system of education and health systems examination content with other 市直 institutions,louboutin. The Personnel Bureau Website paste note that the questions reporters in Qufu Municipal Personnel Bureau website to see more than 19:00, the end of the examination day,バーバリー, the site of the institutions to recruit Fact Sheets life system by a foreign institution. The note said,モンクレール ダウン, the institutions recruit,hollister france, the first instance from the registration and qualification to the written test preparatory work in strict accordance with the City to recruit leadership team and superior the recruitment work discipline requirements strictly, did not appear any illegal operations phenomenon. In order to ensure a fair, impartial examination,moncler, the written questions discretionary institutional life system of professional examinations in the field, the education system teaching posts and health systems staff positions part questions printed reference to answer detailed questions life system institutions. Confidentiality of the relevant provisions in accordance with the papers, we do not have the right before the exam questions check, check, after the discovery of the problem until the start of the examination. They are through to the responsibility of the relevant channels investigated papers life system institutions. Apologize for the inconvenience caused to the candidates. So rest assured that the majority of students and parents, the next step, they will be in accordance with the requirements of the Leading Group of Qufu recruit and higher Personnel Testing,グッチ, to take effective measures, open, fair, impartial and properly handle relevant issues, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of candidates ,abercrombie. Qufu is studying a solution how to solve the SMS notification yesterday afternoon, the reporter linked to Qufu aspects of informed sources, the source said, they have made on the official website of Qufu City Personnel Fact Sheets for the recruitment exam answer regarding this discretionary field written questions recruit professional examination bodies responsible for the various departments of Qufu until the opening test just seen the questions, some questions with answers only to find the opening test was caused due to the mistakes of the examination bodies this incident, and with the the Qufu city government and there is no relationship. The source also said that an account for the majority of candidates, parents and the community, the the Qufu city government is investigated through the channels the responsibility of papers life system, and at the same time held an emergency meeting to discuss the solution of this incident will be held on the evening. Once the solution is finalized, Qufu City departments will be notified by SMS, etc. candidates and made public on the official website. As of press time half past nine last night, reporters, Qufu an emergency meeting on the recruitment events still in progress, there is no research worked out the solution. Some users posting hope to retake Qufu institutions to recruit pen test Jingxian answer,burberry, this exposure upon users, it caused the widespread concern, a lot of friends through the network of their own views and opinions, many netizens proposed hope that the re-examination. Users "jiujiu1202010" (published August 14): Qufu City, Shandong Province, and institutions to recruit, the education system and health systems examination questions and answers on the exam the same time, 100 points 43 minutes of questions printed papers reference answers! Joke, Who is to blame Who will repay these candidates a fair competitive environment A friends "hengxinlaw" (August 15): to participate in the Qufu Teachers Health and institutions unified exam, I felt the feeling of being toyed with,モンクレール. Netizen "joke" (August 15): exam answers exam chaos into a group, open candidates joke! Questions and low quality, hard back exam result out of this trouble! You say who is not angry,mulberry outlet uk, relationships Candidates fate,doudoune moncler, even so! Strongly urge the re-examination. (Source: Shandong Business Daily reporter Li Hongyan Zhangheng)

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