Try ' OR ''=' for user name and password.

How to exploit the SQL Injection Attack

Exploiting an SQL Inject attack involves solving a puzzle that is a cross between Hangman and 20 Questions. It needs a little understanding of SQL and a great deal of cunning.

Try your Hacking skills against this test system. It takes you through the exploit step-by-step.

The SQL Injection attack allows external users to read details from the database. In a well designed system this will only include data that is available to the public anyway. In a poorly designed system this may allow external users to discover other users' passwords.

If you find a user name/password pair you can log into the bragging forum and post a message.

Try these steps:

In which we explain how to identify a web site that may be vulnerable to an SQL Injection attack.
Causes and Cures for SQL Injection Vulnerability
Explains the programming error that gives rise to the problem.
Exploit: Gain unauthorized Access
In which we explain how to get past a login screen without knowing a user name or a password.
Exploit: Find a password.
In which we explain how to discover the password for a user if you know the name of the password table and a user account.
Exploit: Find a user account.
In which we explain how to discover the user names in the password table given that we know the name of the password table.
Exploit: Find the names of the tables.
In which we discover the names of the tables available for viewing. this might include the name of the password table.

WARNING: In many countries (including UK) it is illegal to use this attack. I've set up a vulnerable test system here so that you can have a go. I promise not to prosecute.