Edinburgh Buses.

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Edinburgh Buses

This database consists of two tables: stops and routes


This is a list of areas served by buses. The detail does not really include each actual bus stop - just areas within Edinburgh and whole towns near Edinburgh.

idINTEGERArbitrary value
nameCHAR(30)The name of an area served by at least one bus


A route is the path through town taken by a bus.

numCHAR(5)The number of the bus - as it appears
 on the front of the vehicle. Oddly these numbers often include
companyCHAR(3)Several bus companies operate in Edinburgh. The main one is Lothian Region Transport - LRT
posINTEGERThis indicates the order of the stop
 within the route. Some routes may revisit a stop. Most buses go in both
stopINTEGERThis references the stops table

As different companies use numbers arbitrarily the num and the company are both required to identify a route.


  • This data has been scanned in from the Edinburgh Travelmap published by TRAVELINE, City of Edinburgh Council.

    TRAVELINE is your one-stop information point for details of all local public transport services in Lothian, and complementary facilities provided by The City of Edinburgh Council. To contact TRAVELINE you can phone:
    0800 23 23 23 local calls
    0131 225 38 58 national calls.

  • Many infrequent services have been omitted
  • Many route variations have been ignored. These include peak time limited stop services and truncated services.