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yr subject winner
1960 Chemistry Willard F. Libby
1960 Literature Saint-John Perse
1960 Medicine Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet
1960 Medicine Peter Medawar

nobel Nobel Laureates

We continue practicing simple SQL queries on a single table.

This tutorial is concerned with a table of Nobel prize winners:

nobel(yr, subject, winner)


Using the SELECT statement.

Change the query shown so that it displays Nobel prizes for 1950.

SELECT yr, subject, winner
  FROM nobel
 WHERE yr = 1960
SELECT yr, subject, winner
  FROM nobel
 WHERE yr = 1950

Show who won the 1962 prize for Literature.

SELECT winner
  FROM nobel
 WHERE yr = 1960
   AND subject = 'Physics'
SELECT winner
  FROM nobel
 WHERE yr = 1962
   AND subject = 'Literature'

Show the year and subject that won 'Albert Einstein' his prize.

SELECT yr, subject
FROM nobel
WHERE winner = 'Albert Einstein'

Give the name of the 'Peace' winners since the year 2000, including 2000.

SELECT winner
FROM nobel
WHERE subject = 'Peace'
AND yr >= 2000

Show all details (yr, subject, winner) of the Literature prize winners for 1980 to 1989 inclusive.

SELECT yr,subject,winner
FROM nobel
WHERE subject = 'Literature'
AND yr BETWEEN 1980 AND 1989

Show all details of the presidential winners:

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Jimmy Carter
 WHERE yr = 1970
  AND subject IN ('Cookery',
 WHERE winner IN ('Theodore Roosevelt', 
                  'Woodrow Wilson', 
                  'Jed Bartlet', 
                  'Jimmy Carter')

Show the winners with first name John

SELECT winner FROM nobel
  WHERE winner LIKE 'John %'

Show the Physics winners for 1980 together with the Chemistry winners for 1984.

FROM nobel
WHERE (subject='physics' AND yr=1980) OR
      (subject='chemistry' AND yr=1984)

Show the winners for 1980 excluding the Chemistry and Medicine

FROM nobel
WHERE yr=1980 AND
  subject NOT IN ('Chemistry','Medicine')

Show who won a 'Medicine' prize in an early year (before 1910) together with winners of a 'Literature' prize in a later year (after 2004)

FROM nobel 
WHERE (subject='Physics' and yr <1990) OR
      (subject='Literature' AND yr>=2004)