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Interactive SQL tutorial, learn about: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Mimer, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Access.

Tutorial Section

0) SELECT basics
Some simple queries to get you started
1) SELECT from BBC
In which we query the BBC country profile table.
2) SELECT from Nobel
Additional practice of the basic features using a table of Nobel Prize winners.
3) SELECT in SELECT tutorial
In which we form queries using other queries.
4) SUM and COUNT
In which we apply aggregate functions. [more the same]
In which we join two tables; ttms and country. [previously music tutorial]
6) More JOIN operations
In which we join actors to movies in the Movie Database.
7) Using Null
In which we look at teachers in departments. [previously Scottish Paliament]
8) Self join
In which we join Edinburgh bus routes to Edinburgh bus routes.

Reference Section: how to...

How to read the data from a database.
How to create tables, indexes, views and other things. How to get rid of them.
How to put records into a table, change them and how to take them out again.
4) DATE and TIME
How to work with dates; adding, subtracting and formatting.
5) Functions
How to use string functions, logical functions and mathematical functions.
6) Users
How to create users, GRANT and DENY access, get at other peoples tables. How to find processes and kill them.
7) Meta Data
How to find out what tables and columns exist. How to count and limit the rows return.

SQL Resources

SQL User Manuals
[ Mimer | MySQL | Oracle | SQL Server | Access | DB2 | Sybase | Postgres | SQLite ]
Online copies of implementation specific user manuals.
Starting SQL
[ MySQL | Oracle | SQL Server | DB2 | Postgres | Ingres ]
How to connect to the server and execute SQL statements.
Programming with SQL
[ SQL in perl on the Web | SQL from Java ]
SQL standard
[ SQL92 BNF ]
Error Messages
Some error messages from SQL engines