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Interactive SQL tutorial, learn about: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Mimer, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Access.
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==Tutorial Section==
Consult the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
;0) [[SELECT basics]]:Some simple queries to get you started
;1) [[SELECT from BBC Tutorial|SELECT from BBC]]:In which we query the BBC country profile table.
== Getting started ==
;2) [[More practice with SELECT|SELECT from Nobel]]:Additional practice of the basic features using a table of Nobel Prize winners.
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Configuration_settings Configuration settings list]
;3) [[SELECT in SELECT|SELECT in SELECT tutorial]]:    In which we form queries using other queries.
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:FAQ MediaWiki FAQ]
;4) [[SUM and COUNT]]:   In which we apply aggregate functions. [more the same]
* [https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/mediawiki-announce MediaWiki release mailing list]
;5) [[The JOIN operation|JOIN]]:    In which we join two tables; ttms and country. [previously music tutorial]
;6) [[More JOIN operations]]:    In which we join actors to movies in the Movie Database.
;7) [[Using Null]]:    In which we look at teachers in departments. [previously Scottish Paliament]
;8) [[Self join]]:    In which we join Edinburgh bus routes to Edinburgh bus routes.
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==Reference Section: how to...==
:    How to read the data from a database.
;2) CREATE and DROP:
:    How to create tables, indexes, views and other things. How to get rid of them.
:   How to put records into a table, change them and how to take them out again.
;4) DATE and TIME
:   How to work with dates; adding, subtracting and formatting.
;5) Functions
:    How to use string functions, logical functions and mathematical functions.
;6) Users
:    How to create users, GRANT and DENY access, get at other peoples tables. How to find processes and kill them.
;7) Meta Data
:    How to find out what tables and columns exist. How to count and limit the rows return.
==SQL Resources==
;SQL User Manuals:   [ Mimer | MySQL | Oracle | SQL Server | Access | DB2 | Sybase | Postgres | SQLite ]
:Online copies of implementation specific user manuals.
;Starting SQL:    [ MySQL | Oracle | SQL Server | DB2 | Postgres | Ingres ]
:    How to connect to the server and execute SQL statements.
;Programming with SQL:    [ SQL in perl on the Web | SQL from Java ]
;SQL standard:    [ SQL92 BNF ]
;Error Messages
:    Some error messages from SQL engines

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MediaWiki has been successfully installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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