SQL with PHP

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PHP and MySQL at the Movies

This tutorial takes you through building a web site to show details of Movies held in a database.

School of computing students at Edinburgh Napier University can complete this tutorial using the server socwebtech1.napier.ac.uk other students will need access to a server set up the database first.

Setting up a server from Amazon

  • Choose a server and fire it up
  • Connect to your server with putty
    • Convert pem to ppk with puttygen
    • Connect with putty
  • Install apache, mysql and php
    • Check each of these is running
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Exploring the movie database

  • Download and install the database, set up users
  • Examine the tables
  • Some queries on movie, actor and casting


  • Hello world with php
    • Calculations
    • Debugging
  • Connect to a database and run a simple query
  • Connect to a database and get a list of results
  • Create the actor page
  • Create the movie page
  • Creating links