SQL with PDO

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PHP, PDO and MySQL Hello world

This tutorial takes you through building a web page to show details from database tables.

You will need to have access to a machine with the LAMP stack - Napier students can use inf08104 or socweb8.napier.ac.uk

Exploring the world database with scott

  • Connect to the database scott on inf08104
  • Run and SQL SELECT statement using PDO
  • Output each row in a while loop

Connect to your own database

  • Find out your password
  • Download a database http://sqlzoo.net/world.sql
  • Import your database into MySQL
  • Change something about the world
  • Update your php to look at your own copy of the world database

Look at one movie from the movie database

  • Download the movie database from http://sqlzoo.net/moviesm.sql
  • Find the id of "Toy Story"
  • Write a PHP query to look up that movie and show details

Use a parameter in your movie query

  • Change toystory.php so it takes a CGI variable
  • Visit the page with the CGI variable set
  • Make up an index page with links to the best movies ever

Show more details of each movie

  • Examine the tables movie, casting and actor
  • Use a JOIN to include the director
  • Write a second query to get the cast list